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Trying to Make Decisions

I want to enter a competition, the image has to be about water, so I have put some of my favourite images here and I need you to help me.  I can only enter one.There are quite a few to pick from, but I would really appreciate you giving me you choice, what would your choose?

So, click on the image you lick and press like for that one.  Thanks

Also, I have added a new page up the top for my workshops, I’m not quite ready to start running them, but if you are interested in doing some with me, keep an eye out.

Nice Skies

I’m back from the Christmas Carnivals, feeling very tired and not looking forward to going to Geelong for the bay crits, but that could just be because I’m tired.

Last night in Shepparton the sky was looking amazing at sunset.  I tried to see if I could get some images to do a HDR image.

I don’t think it works, but it is all I have for today.  It was worth a shot.  The sky does have the weird colour, and I like the colours on the velodrome.  Not really sure about the rest.  Perhaps wasn’t worth doing.

More on the old Abattoirs

Here is a front image of the Abattoirs.  You can tell looking at it that it hasn’t been used for a long time.  I suppose it stopped being used when the local butcher in the town shut up shop and I have no idea when that was.

This is a black and white image, but I found it easier to scan the images as if they were colour negatives, meant there was one less step in the process.  I suppose it adds a new step to make it completely black and white, but I quite like the sepia haze that the scanner gives it.  Makes it warmer or something.

This is the side of it.  Fence has fallen down and rubbish everywhere.  I would have thought that it hasn’t been in use for 20 or 30 years, prior to the photo being taken, which I think I said was taken in 1997.  The whole thing is gone now.  It is very hard to find even where it was.

I am away again, I’m writing this from Bendigo, here for the Christmas carnivals and in about 3 hours I will be heading off to Shepparton.  I love catching up with everyone at these events, but I don’t think I enjoy photographing them as much.  It is hard work and I just know that all the kids will steal the photos from my website for facebook, not pay for them and then I make no money and will be out of pocket because I have also had to pay for accommodation.  This is me whinging.  Not sure there is anything to do about it, but think it is time to get my workshops up and running.

Back home tomorrow, I need to get out and take some photos, perhaps around the city some more.

I have one day, usually a Sunday where I post some floral sort of shots, and I post food type things, when I can, on a Wednesday, so I’ve been thinking that maybe I should have a day for the archives.  Not sure which one yet, perhaps a Thursday or a Friday, maybe both sometimes.  What do you think?

Finding Old Images

These silos are just around the corner from my house.  They have been standing there for, I don’t know how long and they would have to be the most photographed landmark here.  If you tell people the road I live on and they know it, then they will know the silos.  They are hard to photograph because you can no longer just walk in there to take photos, not that you ever could, but I got permission to this time.  I don’t know when these were taken, but probably around 1997, 1998.

I have been trying to get permission to go back and take more photos, especially over a longer period of time, so I can capture different skies and conditions.  The land is owned by a government body, Parks Victoria, (which in theory means it belongs to us all), but they agist the land to the Riding for the Disabled, I think, so it is treated like private land and there are electric fences and padlocks everywhere.  I will have to keep trying.

This wasn’t the only time I took photos of the silos.  I did it another time, but as yet haven’t found those negatives.  I was never really happy with the images I got.  I always thought they just looked boring, but it is amazing what you can do with Photoshop.

I added a bit of sepia to this one.  I think it warms the image up.  Again, these photos were taken with Ilford HP5, which helps explain the graininess of them.  I didn’t photoshop this one so well, but trees are hard.

You can see from this image that they are on the side of a hill and they are looking over the suburb I live in.  It is like they are guarding and keeping an eye on what is going on.

You can tell I have edited it.  In the original image the silos blended in too much with the background, so I tried to make them stand out more.

It is interesting going through my old negatives and looking at what photos I have taken.  Some I had completely forgotten about.   Some I couldn’t wait to see again.  It is also like taking them all over again, only this time I can make the changes to them that was beyond my abilities in the darkroom back then.  Looking forward to seeing what else I can do.

From the Archives

The following image is the reason why I wanted to get a scanner.

I took this image in 1997.  It is on Ilford HP5 black and white film.  I think, if I remember correctly, HP5 is ISO400, I should look it up.  Okay, just did and it is.

I had a dark room set up in my laundry about this time and this is one image that I spent a great deal of time on.  I knew that the sky could be darker.  I tried every trick I knew to make it happen in the darkroom and couldn’t.  I even went to see this woman I knew and she tried to help me to get the sky darker and the rest lighter.  Can I just say, after I don’t know how many sheets of photographic paper, I never got the photo that I wanted.  I might still have all those attempts here somewhere.

If you read the post from Christmas then you know I got a scanner.  I have been going through my negatives and I found these ones for the old Abattoirs.  I knew I had to do this one.  This is the one image that I always wondered if I could make better in Photoshop.  Would I be able to do to it what I couldn’t in the darkroom?

I don’t know about you, but I am so happy with the image above.  I love how it has turned out.  I probably should have shown you the before image, but oh well, just take my word that this one is heaps better.  It didn’t even take me too long.

One of the problems I’ve found with the scanner is the graininess of the images.  I had forgotten how grainy film could be, especially once you started using ISO400 and higher.  It took me a few scans to realise that is why they didn’t look as good as I thought they should.

I have lots of photos to scan now and will, from time to time put some up here.  I hope you won’t mind.

Sunflowers in the Window

I bought my daughter some sunflowers.

She was asked recently what her favourite flower was and she said she didn’t know.  She didn’t really know what flowers there were, or what they were called.  I saw these and got them for her, because they are always cheerful.  She gets lots of comments about them.

The problem I had with photographing them was because the sun was behind.  They are sitting on a windowsill in the hospital.  I probably should have moved them.  I might see if I can get some for home and take some photos.  These images are HDR, seems like everything I do right now is.

A close up of one.  It has a yellow centre.  I think you can tell from this one that it is a HDR image.  I like the detail you get with them.  I am looking forward to going out and getting some other images and doing the HDR thing with them.  I suspect that there are also some other things I can do to them as well.  Time will tell.

Merry Christmas – 2011

I really want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I hope you are all with loved ones and enjoying your day. My camera is packed away and today, for us, is about creating memories.

I got a new toy for Christmas, a scanner that can scan negatives.  Looking forward to trying it out and showing you some old photos.  I have scanned a couple, I tried to find some old Christmas photos but there are way to many negatives.  I found a couple of photos of my girls when they were little.

The negatives have marks on them and looks like they are degrading.  I don’t know why but the top photo has some funny marks on it.

These images were taken about 14 or 15 years ago at Apollo Bay when we were down there for a holiday.  They are almost grown up now, and life is very different.  Sometimes I wonder where those cute little girls went, but then again, they are still some of my very favourite people in the world and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without them.

Hope you have a  great day.