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Is Painting Like Reading a Book?

This morning I was trying to work out what it is that stops me from painting, I have talked about it before, but I realised that I do the same thing with books.  I think a book will be interesting, but I am always hesitant to start.  I delay it, what if I don’t like it and am totally disappointed with the story.  That happens, it happens a lot.  I also know, that once I make a start and force myself to begin, that it will be hard going and that I have to keep going until I reach that point where the book is interesting enough that I can’t put it down and I want to continue reading till the end.  There are those books that it doesn’t matter how many times I pick it up to read I just can’t get into it, until eventually I just stop picking it up.

So I suppose I think painting is the same.  It takes me ages to start and then I have trouble going back to painting until it reaches a point where I just can’t stop painting until it finished.  So to start I need canvas’s to be made up and prepared.

The the planning starts, what am I going to paint.  I showed some ideas in my last post.  I went through lots of things before I settle on what to paint.

I narrowed it down, and whilst I haven’t used any of these, doesn’t mean I won’t one day.  I really like some of the ideas behind some of these.

The first coat of paint has been applied, so I don’t have to start on a blank white canvas.  I thought I would give them all a brown coat.  Once the paint was dry and decided on what images I am going to use, they were put on to the canvas’s.  

Then it is time to actually start painting.  I just need to fill it in so that I can do some more to the background.

They don’t look great at this stage, but a start is a start and I have to keep picking up the brush until I get hooked and need to keep painting.

I am glad I have started and am looking forward to the paint drying and adding more.

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