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Taking Portraits

It has come to the time where I need to sort out where my photography is going.  I make money from the cycling, but not enough to live on, so I have decided to give something else a go.  I tried to do this quite a few years ago and it never took off.  Perhaps I wasn’t patient enough, then again, I do think I’m a far better photographer today than I was 10 years ago.  I understand more and I have a better understanding of light and how to use it now.

To get people to pay me to take portraits I need a folio of work.  So, I will be taking some photos of people in the next couple of weeks and then working on some advertising and what not.  I did take my first lot of photos the other day.  It was a little boy who is four.  Very cute and fantastic to shoot.  He had no problems with me following him around to take his photo, and even got out his own toy camera to photograph me.  Here are some of the photos that I took.

His sister was home sick and I know she is going to kill me for this, but she is such a beautiful girl and I’ve wanted to photograph her for  a while now.  I managed to get a few shots of her, and while she isn’t at her best, I really don’t think you can tell.

I was really happy with the shoot, though I would like to go back and do her again, one day when she is feeling good.  My daughter is good friends with her and I hope to do some of them both.

Meanwhile, the folio is starting to happen, so I hope the rest falls into place.  Need to get onto the next family to take some photos.

  1. elmediat #

    Effective shots. I really admire how you captured natural emotion & action in this series.

    I thought I would cross the internet dateline and visit you in the past. 🙂
    So many bloggers have interesting early posts from their start up that seldom get visited or commented on, even after they have developed a following over a number of years.

    February 13, 2015
    • Thank you so much, these were taken such a long time ago, I love seeing the again too.
      It is interesting to go back, thank you for doing it.

      February 13, 2015

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