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Not Quite on Topic

I have wanted to do another blog for a few days, but with the earthquake in Japan and then the Tsunami, it just didn’t seem appropriate.  I’m glad my friend Jo and her family are all OK and their house has been left undamaged.  Though she did say it was a terrifying experience and it is something that I can’t imagine.  After a lot of what has been happening around the world, it has made me realise that I love living in Melbourne.

Last week I went into the city and walked around some of the arcades.  One of the arcades that I have done artwork from is the Royal Arcade.

Royal Arcade

I have always like the ceiling.  I think I did a lithograph of the it once, when I was still at uni.

Then it was into the new Myer store.  Even from the outside you could see that major changes had happened.

Myer Store Front

Myer Store Front

I tried to photograph the whole front, but the camera on my phone couldn’t cope with it.  I was going to take in my DSLR, but it is heavy and it was raining a little bit, so it stayed at home.

Inside Myer I was amazed, after shopping at Myer for 25 years, I no longer knew my way around, everything was different.  I didn’t even know where the escalators were.  This is the middle of the store, all the escalators surround an open space in the middle.  The massive skylight in the middle gives the store a lot of natural light.

At the bottom there were some really amazing lights hanging down.  I tried to get an image with my phone showing the lights and looking up into the centre.  Not really sure you can see it properly, but it gives you an idea.

I was actually in the city to have lunch and we went to a very nice French restaurant off Flinders Lane.  I tried to get a shot of the inside,but it turned out a bit out of focus.  So sorry, but you can sort of see what the place looks like.

After lunch we were given a liqueur to drink because the man stuffed up my dessert.  It was supposed to be a passionfruit liqueur, I don’t like passionfruit, but this didn’t taste anything like that and was beautiful.  The thing I liked the best were the glasses.

I don’t mind confessing that I am thinking of doing some still life paintings and have been looking for images I can use and thought this one might work, but not so sure.  I also saw a chair in a store that got my attention and think it might be interesting in some way, but not sure how yet.

  1. The new Myer looks fab. When I think of Myer Melbourne I always think of the place we used to go have coffee/tea. Guess that’s a thing of the past now :-(.

    March 19, 2011
    • Why is it a thing of the past, there are new coffee shops there to explore now. We can still do that, but I”m looking forward to afternoon tea at the Windsor.

      March 20, 2011

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