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The View from the Winery

Taking Lunch in the Park

It was back home and back to reality this afternoon.  The weekend of taking photos is over and now I have to work my way through what I got.  I took lots of images, though having said that the weather wasn’t fantastic so I had to make the weather work for me.  It is interesting, but we can talk about that another day. Today I had lunch with my clients and we went to the Winery, Clyde Park at Bannockburn.  The views were worth the visit, though there was more to it than that.  Actually one of my clients asked me not to tell you about it because she doesn’t want it to be popular. To see more photos and read about the winery continue reading here.

Wine and Grapes - Reworked

Traditional Being ReWorked

Last night I stayed up late to work on an image to show today.  I knew that I wasn’t going to have much time to do it today as I was off to the city this morning with Klara.  We went on a tour of the Melbourne Town Hall and then off to the Aquarium.  I really wanted to do the tour and the bribe to get Klara to go was the Aquarium.  I am hoping that I might be allowed to get back into the Town Hall to take some shots.  So I found an image I could use that I could rework for todays post. This image was first shown to you in March in a post called Processes and Traditions.  This was when I wasn’t doing so great with the HDR processing and was still finding my way around the software.  I have learned a thing or two since then. As I said, last night I worked on an image.  I was worried that when I looked at it today that it …