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Weekend Wanderings: Autumn Afternoon Along the Yarra River

Autumn has to be one of the most stunning times to see Melbourne.  The weather is often just beautiful, lots of sunny days, cool evenings and mornings.  Then you have the landscape doted with trees changing colours as they get ready for winter. Unlike many other countries, most of our indigenous trees don’t lose their leaves for winter, so we don’t get the vibrant colours that other places get, but it is nice to see some of it.


In the city there are trees everywhere that have been planted and are in the process of changing colours.  Well, they were last weekend when I spent the afternoon doing a One on One Photography session and taking photos along the Yarra River.


The weather was stunning that day, and we haven’t had much weather like it since.  You can see in the sky there that there isn’t a cloud any where.


This was a typical scene, look at the contrast of the autumn trees against the background buildings.


One of the walking bridges over the Yarra River has been converted to a lock bridge and there are hundreds of locks on it.  I thought this one was really interesting.


We headed down to the Seafarers Bridge to see if we could photograph the sunset, and we did. It wasn’t a brilliant sunset, but good enough.


Of course we had to turn around to look back at the city.  This was one of the last images I took. The city lights were coming on and the clouds were moving by.  I should have tried a long exposure, but I didn’t think it was an appropriate thing to do with a student, the excursion was for them not me.

I had a lovely afternoon and think I got some wonderful photos to show how beautiful Melbourne can be in autumn.  I am fairly certain my student also got some great photos, some very similar to mine as well.

I hope your weekend is going well. It is Mothers Day here in Australia and I’m hoping my daughters are going to do french toast with strawberries for breakfast, but who knows.  I hope you have a lovely Sunday, we will be staying it, the weather is going to be horrible.

Weekend Wanderings: Photos Along the Bay

Melbourne was settled inside Port Phillip Bay, and many suburbs are on beaches, but because they are in the bay there aren’t big waves.  The other afternoon I went to Seaford and then Mordialloc, two suburbs on the bay, to take photos. It is an area I am not familiar with and when a friend suggested going down there I thought why not. We were met by another friend as well.  Always nice going out with friends to take photos.


We started at Seaford pier.  It was a lovely afternoon, not a cloud in the sky, a little windy, a bit chilly, but perfect for autumn. The water was a gorgeous aqua colour and so clear you could see through it, though I did a long exposure here and got that flat/smooth look on the water.


There were a couple of fisherman out on the pier and they were very chatty and we were having great fun talking to them.  It was pretty funny. They kindly let us take photos of them.


Once we were done there we headed down to the Mordialloc marina and looked around at the boats.  The sun was starting to set, but with almost no clouds we knew we wouldn’t get a brilliant sunset.  Still there was a golden glow.


The sun set, as you can see lots of orange, not much of anything else.  It was nice, but it could have been a lot better.  I don’t know why I never seem to get all the clouds.


So with not much colour in the sky it was all about the foreground and what we could do with it.  The above image was processed in Photomatix Pro and is a HDR and then I have done a lot more processing to it.  It wasn’t a long exposure, as in I didn’t use a filter, but it was a 5 image bracketed shot and those were all used in the HDR.

For those that don’t know bracketed shots are where you take a series of images at different exposure levels. With 5, one image is the correct exposure, two are under exposed, one more than the other and the last two are over exposed, one at one stop over and the other one at two stops over.

It was a lovely evening for taking photos anyway.  Though one of us, not me, didn’t come prepared for how cold it got and she was regretting not bringing a coat.  Not pointing the finger at any one.

I am going to leave with a gallery now.  I hope your Saturday is good and you have lots of things planned.  I will be off to meet a new person for a one on one photography session in the city today.

Weekend Wanderings: More Early Mornings at Banyule Flats

Recently I went back to Banyule Flats to try and get some more early sunrise shots.  It wasn’t the best morning for a sunrise, but I still had fun there.  We got to see some white faced herons sitting on some fence posts near us.

I hope you don’t get sick of the places, but I have to keep taking photos down there as I try to get the best shots for the book on the area.

As I am writing this I am trying to get photos of the lunar eclipse, so I am going to make this a quick one today. I am catching up with a friend tomorrow morning.  I don’t get to see her very often and then we are going to go and play with the macro lens.  The autumn colours are all appearing so it will be nice to get some of that.

It will be Easter Sunday, make sure you don’t get too sick on the chocolate eggs.  Have a great day.  Here are the photos.

Weekend Wanderings: Christmas in Melbourne

The other night I had a Social Snappers Excursion in the city and part of the reason for it was to photograph the Christmas decorations and lights into the city. Everything is up now in the city of Melbourne, and it is almost the same as it was last year, and the year before.  It was a little disappointing.  Last year I was given the job of photographing the display for the City of Melbourne, and this year, they said they would contact me, but I never heard from them, and perhaps it is because nearly everything was the same.


The Elves look the same in the City Square, but the tree doesn’t look quite as good, it was nice, but it wasn’t the same as it was in previous years.  We came back when it was dark and I got no inspiration at all, I didn’t even take a photo. There was no maze for the kids, and not even sure if they had activities for them.  Compared to previous years it was a bit boring.


We tried to get the sunset alone the river with the mistletoe bridge in the foreground, It wasn’t much of a sunset, but I’m okay with it.  I did enhance the sunset quite a bit.


One of the things I do like is how I don’t have to worry about getting images for the council, so I can play, I like that.  I’ve been trying to think of different ways of getting images of the Christmas lights and such.


The lights are on the Melbourne Town Hall again, but they are different lights from last year.  I did really enjoy them this year.  I just set my camera up to take a photo every few seconds, and then I could just watch.  It was a great way of doing the shots.

I took a video with my phone, wasn’t so great, but if you want to see it, here is a link to it, Melbourne town hall Christmas 2014. As I said I did it with my phone, so it isn’t great, but it does give you an idea of that is there.

I have some images for you now, I will put them in a gallery for you.  It was a great night for taking photos, I have to go again on Sunday night with another group of Social Snappers, so it was good that I have been there before, so now I can get a better idea of what we can do in there.  Have Christmas arrived where you are?  I hope you have a good weekend.


Weekend Wanderings – Lake Charm

Yesterday I was in Swan Hill to do a workshop teaching people how to get their cameras off auto.  Afterwards we went out to Lake Charm, which is on the Swan Hill to Kerang road and took photos of the lake around the back.  The back part has lots of dead trees sticking out and all along were some rickety old piers that I assume were there for fishing off.  For me the highlight were all the pelicans.


There were so many of them, but of course as soon as we got close they moved further down.  I wished I had bought the 150-500mm lens with me. It would have been nice to get closer to them.  I do like pelicans.  I put my 80-200mm lens on to get some photos and when they moved away I put the 24-70mm back on.


It was quite an extraordinary place.  I loved all the dead trees.  It would have been good if I could’ve used my ND400 but I left it at home in Melbourne.  I will have to bring it back sometime and go over there again.

It was really windy and the lake was very choppy, and there were even little waves in it.  Once I had changed to the 24-70 lens, of course, the pelicans started flying overhead.  They were trying to fly into the wind, or were enjoying the way the wind just pushed them. I want to get photos so put the 80-200 back on, and of course, they stopped flying, so I had to wait.


Waited I did and then I got what I was waiting for.


At the end of the class a few us decided that it might be worth coming back for the sunset, the sky was looking promising.  Everyone was invited, but only a few could stay.  We decided to head into Kerang to have some dinner at a pub, and then head back for the sunset.  As we were driving to Kerang a dust storm hit us.  I know it isn’t a massive dust storm, but still, I had to get out and take photos of it.  It isn’t something you see a lot.  It was like fog, but brown.



It wasn’t the best Mallee sunset I have ever seen, but it was still pretty good.  We stayed here for about an hour taking photos of it.  It was nice with the lake.  One of the women goes there a lot to take photos.

I am a bit tired, it was a big day yesterday and I have another workshop this afternoon in Hopetoun.  Hopefully it will be just as good, though no reason why it wouldn’t be.  I love being with people who love photography and are keen to learn more.

I have a gallery for you now, but first can I say thank you to those that have sent their MM images in already, I really appreciate it.  Means I can get a lot of done while I still have the internet.  I hope your weekend is going well.

Weekend Wanderings – Getting Dark in the City

Yesterday I was in the city doing some photos with someone.  We started in the late afternoon and took photos until just after 9pm, it was really getting dark in the city then, so I thought I would do some of those photos as my Weekend Wandering post today.


Melbourne Town Hall, it is looking rather ordinary at the moment, but in a month or two I’m sure it will be decorated for Christmas.  I like photographing the same buildings over, they are always different, whether it is the light, or what they have on them.  I would like do a great fine art architectural shot of this building.  I realised yesterday that I will need to use my wide angle, otherwise I can’t fit in the tower.


Stopping at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade is almost something I can’t stop doing.  I didn’t get many photos as by the time we got there they were clearing the window.  I might have to try getting a shot of that one day.  I did ask some questions about the window, so will try some more photos soon.


Can you see the bright lights in the water, something reflecting off the bridge.  It was really strange, but we had fund trying to get photos of it.

These two photos look the same, well they are really. except one has a blue sky and the other one is browner.  Maxwell International Australia has let me keep the filters a little longer so I could experiment a little more.  The sunset we got in the city was terrible, really, not much colour, so I thought it would be interesting to try the tobacco graduated filter.  It really warms the image up.  I have been playing around more and on Tuesday will show more photos and talk about the kit a little more.


We saw the gas going off outside the Casino.  We got there hoping it would happen at 8pm, but then some other people who were there looked it up and said that it wouldn’t be on until 9.  We thought, oh well, and just kept taking photos of other things, and then all of a sudden, on they came.  I hope the people who thought it came on later still saw them.  Unfortunately for us, we didn’t think it was going to happen, and so weren’t really prepared, still we got some shots, I just wish I had got a little more of the reflection.


Then it was time to do some night photos of the city.  I love photographing the city at night.  I love seeing how it looks.  So I love it when people say they want to do it. I especially love doing One on One Photography Lessons for people who want to learn night photography. I don’t know that I will ever tire of it, there are always different places along the river to go.

I am going to leave you with a gallery now, I need to start planning a driving trip today for my daughter to get in some more driving hours, but also so I can go somewhere to try out the filters again.  Have a couple of ideas, but you will have to wait and see.  I hope you have somethings planned for the weekend.  I am back into the city tomorrow for Social Snappers, we are doing architecture along Collins Street, should be great.


Quiet Thursday’s


It has been a very busy week, and well, I’m trying to catch my breath, so today I just have one image for you.  One that I took in Woomelang the night before I left. I used my neutral density filter and the image was a 10 minute exposure.  I love the way the sky went.

I am going to leave it there today.  I hope you are having a good day.



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