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Weekend Wanderings – Sorrento Beach in Daylight and at Night

This last week I had a great trip down to the coast with a great photography friend. We decided to go and take some photos on the various back beaches at Sorrento.  We did more of the car boot photography, which means driving to the beach, just taking the camera with us, or what we thought we might need and leaving the rest in the car.  I like photographing this way, that way your back isn’t burdened with all your gear, and let’s face it my back doesn’t need that.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-2At the first stop we took some photos from the look out at the top and then we went down to the beach.  The tide was coming in and we couldn’t get too close to the water.  We could see the scene in the above photo, and lots of white fluffy waves were coming in, right up the beach, but just as we noticed it, the battery in my camera died.  I had another one with me, but it was in the car, so my friend got all the photos and I watched her taking them.  I might need to take a little bag with me that has things like spare batteries, lens cleaners, that sort of thing in it.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-4This was another part of the beach.  I have made a lot of the beach images and waves into monochrome images.  I wanted to see how they would turn out.  I have seen some fantastic black and white beach shots and I would like to get better at doing them.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-6Check out this rock, how incredible is it.  I was taking something else, using the rock, but when I got it home all I could see what the animal head.  It was so weird.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-sunset-2There wasn’t a great sunset, but there was some, so I took this shot. I like the light coming through the arch, might have to see if I can repeat this one day, and do different images.

We decided that we really liked this space and that if we were going to take some night shots we would come back here.  We went into Sorrento and went to the Continental Hotel there for dinner.  The staff were nice, but I don’t know why every time I’ve been there we get put into the bit on the side or the front, but right near the front door. We’re usually the only ones in there like there is something wrong with us.  It is not very nice.  Then there is another section, that is warmer, and lots more people are there, but we don’t get to sit in there.  Maybe they can tell the strangers to the area and that is what they do to them. I’m not sure I will go back there.  The menu is pretty limited, and if you are a vegetarian you get one choice and that’s it, so if you don’t like pasta or tomato, then don’t eat there.

beach-sorrento-water-night-stars-2Then after our dinner we headed down to the beach again.  We had hoped the moon would rise and since it had only been a full moon a couple of days beforehand, well we thought it would still be bright enough to get some night moonlight beaches.  The moon didn’t rise and I forget to look to see what time it would, so we had to do what we could with available light.  I love shots like these.  I might have to work on them some more, though if the moon had risen it might have been nicer.

I set my camera up to do some star trails and just let it go taking all the shots I wanted for that.  While it was doing that I helped my friend set up her camera to photograph the milky way.  The expression on her face the first time she did it was fantastic, I imagine much like mine was the first time.  She was really happy to just keep trying things while my camera did it’s thing and took lots and lots of shots.  My camera went on for an hour and when I got home I tried stacking the photos, and it worked, sort of, but I had trouble.  I did a post on it yesterday on my other blog so if you would like to see what I did, here is the link, Trying Things for the First Time.

I have a few more images for you, and will put them into a gallery for you.  It was a great afternoon, no wind and while it did get very cold that evening, we didn’t notice, well until we were going to the car, then we were freezing.  It turned out to be a very cold evening, with frosts.  I love how I don’t feel cold when I am taking photos.  Enjoy your weekend.

Weekend Wanderings – Eureka Skydeck 88

On Friday night I had a chance to go up to the Eureka Skydeck 88 to see the city.  The Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne and they turned floor 88 into an observation deck.  It is a great place to see the city from above and it seems like you are the tallest thing there.  My first reaction when I walked out onto the observation deck and saw the view was “wow”, it was incredible.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-1We got there just before sunset, just in case there was a nice one. There is always a sunset, but whether it looks good or not is another thing.  We had high expectations.  Though we did get rather distracted by trying to get photos that we probably didn’t take in the views as much as we should have.  The observation deck is double glazed, so while you can stop reflections on the first pane of glass it was a lot harder to stop them on the one on the outside.


I do like this one of the city with the afternoon sun shining on it. I live out in that direction, way behind the high rises.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-4Can you see that strange thing on the cloud.  It was the weirdest thing. It isn’t the sun, as the sun was further over on the right.  It was like a cloud rainbow, or something.  So if anyone has any idea what it is and how it happens would love to hear.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-7I have made that sunset look a lot better than it actually was.  Creative license I believe they call it.  It was really a rather pathetic sunset actually.  Just my luck.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-16I loved the view at night, it was stunning.  Though, they were the hardest images to get and I had to spend time on nearly all of them getting rid of reflections.  I took some black cloth with me to help with the reflections, but it didn’t stop them all.  I think if I went back I would try something a little different.  Might have to see if I can try it again.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-19After we left we down to the Flinders Street and tried getting car light trails in front of Flinders Street Station.  It was quite busy and there were lots of cars around.  I have tried doing some stacking with these, gave me lots more lights, something I might have to do some more of.

The Eureka Skydeck 88 is a great place to see Melbourne from above, you get 360 degree views all around the city and out to the bay.  The floor is shaped oddly so you can see different things in different places.  I would like to go back sometime and try some different things, as I said, maybe plan what I want to take more.  Really on Friday night I was just seeing what I could do.

I have a gallery for you today.  I have a Social Snappers Excursion planned for this afternoon for the Melbourne Zoo.  The forecast isn’t looking good, so I don’t know how how we will go.  Could be fun.  Have a great Sunday.


Weekend Wanderings – Looking for the Stars at Aireys Inlet

Searching for the Milky Way and places to photograph it have become a bit of an obsession for me, I think.  I have been out to take photos of it with John Holding a couple of times, and we had scheduled a trip down to Sorrento, but he saw the images I had taken at Aireys Inlet and expressed an interest. I didn’t mind going back, so on Monday we went there to see what we could find.


The plan was to get there earlier, check some places out around the lighthouse, photograph the sunset, have some dinner some where and then back to do the milky way.  After looking around the lighthouse, we went down to the beach.  The wind was really strong and I was trying to get the sand flying over the beach.  You can see it so easily with your eyes, but it is so hard to capture it with your camera. We also photographed the waves as they crashed in.  I was using my 80-200mm 2.8 lens to photograph these.


The sunset looked so promising.  We had gone back down to the beach to get the sunset.  It was an okay sunset, but it was what was happening behind that got the best images.


It was so pink.  I loved it.  I should have taken a lot more images from here.  The cloud cover was larger and the colours were so intense.  I can’t wait to get some filters to try doing this more.  I had change my lens back to the 24-70mm, though when I put the Cokin Neutral Density filter on to slow the water down, I noticed I couldn’t use 24mm, I had to zoom out until you couldn’t see the filter ring, which is a bit annoying.  So, yes, we did photograph water as well, then it was off to dinner. There aren’t a lot of places to eat in Aireys Inlet, but the local pub, The Aireys Pub, was friendly and the meals were really nice.


Then back to the beach for the milky way.  There was some cloud initially, but we didn’t let it bother us.  We took some on the bit of beach we had been to earlier.  I changed my lens again to the 14-24mm to take the milky way.  I can’t believe I went out in one day and used three different lenses, that must be a record for me.  It is something I need to get better at doing, changing my lens and not being lazy.


This one was taken at the bottom of the lighthouse, something John really wanted to try. So I thought I would give it a go too.  Looking straight up the side of the lighthouse to the milky way.


Though, I think this may have been my favourite in the end.  I love the way the milky appears to be coming out the top of the light house.  I do love it when you go out to take photos and have a great time and get some great photos.

I am looking forward to seeing John’s photos and we decided that we would link to one anothers blogs today, so you could see them as well, his blog is John Holding.  If you are interested in Astrophotography John did an up for discussion post on it a couple of weeks ago, Up for Discussion – Astrophotography.  I am going to put more photos in a gallery now.  I hope you enjoy my trip to Aireys Inlet, and plan on some doing some wandering yourself this weekend. It is getting too late to do the milky way, but the full moon is next week, so I have started planning trips around it.



Weekend Wanderings – Chasing the Moon

Yesterday afternoon I took off with some friends down to Sorrento and to the back beach there.  The plan was to take some photos of the beach before sunset, then photograph the sunset, go out for dinner, then come back to photograph the moon and get some shots of the beach in moonlight.  All day, before we left it would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain again.  We went anyway, hoping it would be okay.


The first part worked out fine, we got to the beach and took photos of the rocks.  The surf was wild, and some parts of the rocks where the waves were hitting them were pretty amazing.  Well good for Australia.  I loved the way the afternoon sun was hitting this rock.


We sort of got a sunset.  It rained a bit at the start and there was the promise of something brilliant, but it really didn’t amount to much.  I am showing you this image because it did rain and I think this effect is from water on the end of my lens. I’ve never seen anything like it before.  I had my camera set up to take a photo every 10 seconds.  I was going to see if I could do a time lapse series, but I don’t think I got enough images, and the rain did spoil some of them.


While we were having dinner we could see that the moon had risen and that it looked wonderful in the sky.  We could see the light from it reflecting on the water in the bay.  After dinner we just went across the road to take some photos of it.  I think this was the clearest image I got all night.


Then the clouds rolled in, and we could see where it was a lot of the time, but we couldn’t see it.

stpaul-beach-moonlight-rain-moonWe went down to the beach, but this was the best I got.  It was raining a lot, I couldn’t get my camera to focus, and I was yelling a lot.  I was so angry with the weather.  It has been so frustrating this winter with all the rain we have had.  I am so sick of it, some rain is nice, but not constantly.  I expect it to be cold, but seriously this is ridiculous.

We went home and I didn’t get some of the shots I wanted, but it was a lovely part on of the beach and I think we will go there again some time.  Of course as we were on the freeway coming home the clouds parted and there was the moon for all to see.  I thought I would take some when I got home, just out my front door.  Of course, by the time I got home and got the camera ready the clouds were covering it again.  I did wait a little while and I managed to get some.

I forgot to mention that part of the reason I was keen to get the moon was because I had borrowed a Sigma 150-500mm lens from a friend to take photos with.  Oh well, you can’t have everything, I’m sure the rain will stop and I will get to take some photos of the moon and the beach on other trips. Here is a gallery with some images, sorry, lots of the moon.


Weekend Wanderings – Teaching Around Heidelberg

This last week I had another opportunity to meet someone who I only knew through the blogging world.  Julie is from New Zealand and while she was over here for a holiday she did a One on One Photography session with me. Normally I do these in the city, but she was more interested in doing landscapes and farming sort of things, so I suggested we do the session in the parks and gardens around Heidelberg, basically around where I live. One of the great things about these sessions can be that I also get to take photos as well.


We had the perfect day, almost, anyway.  The sun came out the first time in a long time.  I took her to many of the places that I showed you in photographs the week before, but this time, the sun was shining.  It was a beautiful autumn/winter day.


I was showing her where my image for Monochrome Madness had been taken, and I decided to take another photo as it seemed different again with the blue sky and the sun creating shadows.


I love the way the sun comes through the bare trees in winter.  It is so warm and inviting.  The sun is always warm here.  I lived through a Danish winter once, and while the grey days were a bit depressing after awhile, what I remember the most is the sun coming out and I looked for a wall so it could warm me, but it wasn’t warm. It was so strange.


We went to the waterfall that I have discovered and took some photos of it.  We didn’t have tripods, so it was hard to get that soft look that you can get with running water, but there was a branch across the path so I rested my camera on that to see what I could get, and I have to say, I’m not unhappy with the shot.


This windmill is right around the back next to the Yarra River. I don’t know what it pumps water for, or if it still pumps water.  This is part of the park that I don’t really like going into by myself.  There have been reports of women being grabbed and such, so a place to be wary of.  It is sad that such a beautiful place has become a place to fear.

You can see from the sky that the weather was changing.  I had planned it so we would see if we could get a sunset over Banyule Flats, but unfortunately the clouds rolled in and there was no chance of it.  I don’t think Julie minded.  We got to see some beautiful birds, two black swans were hanging around us.  Then, what we thought were a flock of cockies flying over, turned out to be a flock of Herons.  We were serenaded all around by the Kookaburras.  Still can’t believe they want to build a freeway through this area.


I did go out last night, I could see there was going to be a chance of a sunset, so I made my husband come out with me.  It was almost over by the time we got there, but I did get this.  So I am so sorry Julie, that you didn’t get an image like this.  It was so wonderful meeting you the other day and hanging out with you.  I hope you learned some new things with your camera.

I have more photos, don’t I always.  Here is a gallery for you.  I hope you have been getting out and taking some photos.  I feel like my weekend is full of it.  I have been taking so many and am looking forward to going somewhere new this morning for more photos.


Weekend Wanderings – Melbourne from across the Bay

Many years ago I saw something while I was in Williamstown and I tried taking a photo of it.  I was so excited, but after I got the film back the image was out of focus, I should’ve used a tripod.  So I have been trying to get that image again and last night I had my chance.

LeanneCole-melbourne-williamstown-20140531-9797The image I had got previously was one at sunset and the sunset was reflected in all the buildings in the city.  We pretty much knew we wouldn’t get a good sunset, the forecast for today was all about rain, so there wouldn’t be one really, and we were right.  There was a little colour, but not enough really.

We decided it didn’t matter, we can always go back and so the trip would be more of a scouting trip for future photo classes.


We watched as the sun went down and the lights on the city came on.

LeanneCole-melbourne-williamstown-20140531-9884Massive ships went in and out of the Bay, leaving big light trails on our images.

LeanneCole-melbourne-williamstown-20140531-9916For me the magic started after the sun had gone down.  The cloud cover acted like a reflector and light from the city was bounced around everywhere.

I am going to finish here, and leave you with the gallery.  It is raining here, so not much chance of any photography, though I do have a class tonight, night photography in the city, I hope my students remember their umbrellas. After seeing the marks on these images, I better go and clean my sensor before I go out again.


Weekend Wanderings – My Backyard, Banyule Flats

From time to time I get people saying that they don’t think to take photos of where they live.  I have been one of those for a long time, but recently I have been making more of an effort to go out and see what is there.  Well, that’s not true, I have being seeing it for years but not through a camera lens.  So during the week I decided that I am going to try and make one of weekend posts each weekend to be aboutwhere I live, so within a 10 km of my home.  Though more likely a 5 km radius, which is what I refer to when I mean my backyard.  I know there is so much here to photograph, but because I see it all the time I think people may not be interested.


LeanneCole-banyuleflats-7626This last week I’ve been going to Banyule Flats quite a bit.  If you google Banyule Flats you will see where it is and what is there.  I have lots of photos of the same thing really, but taken at different places.  I hope the photos aren’t too repetitive for you.  I just thought it would be interesting to go there at different times to see how it changes.  The photo above was taken early in the morning.  A place I think would be good for a sunrise and that is my next thing to try and get there. On this morning fog had been predicted, but there really wasn’t any.  I should have gone the following morning.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-7634Then I went on Wednesday night, the full moon.  I was curious to see what sort of images I could get using the moon as my light source. This spot I have taken the shot from here is a new one for me this week.  I discovered it when I was taking the first shot.  I usually go to a side bit, but I was thinking when I was there that maybe I could go around more, so I was getting wet walking though low trees and plants on the ground.  I was trying very hard to be careful, and then I found the perfect place.  When I was leaving, I took a slight detour looked up and there was a gate.  Not need to have gone through all the wet stuff afterall.

If you go somewhere like that and there are gates you can go through, then please remember to close them again. If people forget to close them then we might start finding padlocks on them.  I don’t want that.  Where I am the gates are there so you can go in there, but it keeps the dogs out.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-7663Then I walked around to the other side which is the more common side of looking at the swamp.  The moonlight created a lovely image this time.  It wasn’t long after a stunning sunset, so that part of it is still in the sky.  The swamp was so calm.  I like that you can see the stars as well.  I do like the images from this side with the moonlight.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-8143I went back on Thursday night hoping to get a repeat of the sunset that I missed on Wednesday night.  We didn’t get it.  We sort of got nothing.  The conditions were perfect, it was cloudy the forecast was for a great day the next day.  It was very windy though, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it.  But it is literally two minutes drive from my place, so I know I am going to head there for more.  I want to try and see if you can get a good sunset from there.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-8063Also on Thursday, just after I had taken the photos of Briony, we were driving home and talking about Kangaroos and big mobs of them, and Briony said, “look there are a lot”. On part of the road here there are paddocks for horses and cows and in the paddock was a large mob of kangaroos enjoying the morning sun and grazing on the grass.  Unbelievable to me sometimes how close to civilisation they are living.

I don’t know if I told you the story about my husband riding his bike home late one night late and he was coming up the road and he looked beside him and a big kangaroo was alongside of him keeping up with him.  It scared my husband and he stopped, just as well as the kangroo would have knocked him off his bike as he crossed in front of him.  We use to laugh at people who came to Australia that would think they would see Kangaroos jumping down the streets, because it never happens, then again, sometimes it does.  Where I live is not that far from the city, about 15km.  Melbourne is a big city and it stretches out a lot further from us.  I love it that you can see them here.

Friends of Banyule have lots of information about this area.  Don’t forget, I posted about this area once before because they want to destroy this suburban area so they can build yet another unnecessary freeway.

I am going to put the remaining images in a gallery for you.  I hope you enjoyed this look into my backyard and don’t mind that you will see more each weekend.  It will be interesting to see how things change with the seasons as well.  What’s in your backyard?


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