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Weekend Wanderings: Top of Mount Alexander

Sometimes when you go to places you just have to look, and this is one of those places that is all about looking. You can walk around all over the place and just take in the views. Again it was Bev from FOZZIE.M that showed me around. I had a lot of fun on top of this mountain and I laughed a lot. She was good fun to go out with. Thanks Bev. I’m not going to talk much, but I have written small descriptions with each image to help explain what they were or were of. Here is a gallery for you. I hope your weekend goes well.


Weekend Wanderings: Cape Schanck at Sunrise

Cape Schanck is one of those places I’ve been to many times, but never first thing in the morning. About six weeks ago I spent the weekend in Sorrento with Chris and on the first morning we were there we got up very early and headed to Cape Schanck. As I said I’d never been there at that time before and one of the things we should have done was got there a lot earlier. The sky was bright red as we were racing down all the steps to get near Pulpit Rock, but by the time we got there it really was too late. A lot of the colour had gone, it was a big lesson, and the next morning we went out we made sure we got there an hour earlier. The other problem was that the cliffs hide much of the sunrise, so you have to wait awhile for the sun to come up. Still it wasn’t all bad. The water was good and Pulpit Rock is always a treat. It would have been …


Quiet Thursday: Taking it Easy

The weather looked like it could be a total washout this week for my trip to Apollo Bay with Karen from daysandmonths, but we have been very lucky. It has been overcast and there has been rain, but there has been some lovely light too. I hope Karen is enjoying herself and getting some great photos. I know I am, on both counts, and have loved being here with her. It isn’t the only place I’ve been this week and I have some photos for you now of one or two other places.  I told you I was going into the country areas on Friday with Chris and Chris, and it was another one of those days, first we saw fog, then it rained, then from no where the sun came out. It was great.  No idea where we ended up, but they were nice.  Hopefully we can find them again. These two images were taken on that day and I have processed them. I did a couple of photos last night from yesterday. The first image …


Weekend Wanderings: Hanging Around Pearse Road Beach in Blairgowrie

A couple of weekends ago I spent the weekend in Sorrento and Blairgowrie taking photos around the beaches. It was great weather for the weekend and we managed to get to a few beaches. One we seemed to spend a lot of time at was Pearse Road Beach. It has some strange shelf type things in the water and we thought they would be great for some long exposures. When we got there we realized the tide was coming in and we couldn’t do a lot. We ended up heading up the cliff and doing some shots looking down at the water and the rocks below  We also hung around for the sunset. The next afternoon we looked at the tide charts and headed back there, but got there before the tide came in, so low tide. We still missed low tide, but got to see the shelf things, or rocks again.  We also did more photos from the cliff.  We didn’t do sunset here this time. You will have to wait for another post …


Weekend Wanderings: Melbourne Bridges at Night

A couple of weeks ago I was given an opportunity to take some photos along the river at night. We started at Docklands and found a great place to take some photos of the Bolte Bridge. I’ve never been that close to it before.  We then wandered back and took photos at various places along the river till we got to Flinders Street Station. It was here that we said good bye and caught trains home. I do love taking photos of the river at night, the best time. I am thinking of organizing a group outing to do it. This morning I’m going out to take more photos in and near central Victoria. It should be a great morning/day for photography. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting to get back to this place for while, but you will have to wait to find out where I’ve gone. There might be hints on Instagram. Here is a gallery of images for you to see. I hope your weekend is going well.


Quiet Thursdays: Trips Away

Last weekend I was able to get away for the weekend and take some photos down at the coast.  I think for the two days I was there we got two sunrises and two sunsets.  Not all great, but the sunrise on the last morning was spectacular and the best.  It was a great weekend, and we made use of all the time we had there, but it was exhausting.  We left on Sunday feeling very worn out. We did a lot of down hill walking and up hill. The beach can be hard for that. Before I show you the photos I thought I might ask you want you wanted for tomorrow’s Up for Discussion.  I had a couple of ideas, one was to look at the new version of Photoshop and see what’s different or what they’ve changed. The other option was to do a tutorial on how to do Black and White images.  I need to know fairly soon what you want. Today I have some photos that have been up on …


Weekend Wanderings: Autumn Afternoon Along the Yarra River

Autumn has to be one of the most stunning times to see Melbourne.  The weather is often just beautiful, lots of sunny days, cool evenings and mornings.  Then you have the landscape doted with trees changing colours as they get ready for winter. Unlike many other countries, most of our indigenous trees don’t lose their leaves for winter, so we don’t get the vibrant colours that other places get, but it is nice to see some of it. In the city there are trees everywhere that have been planted and are in the process of changing colours.  Well, they were last weekend when I spent the afternoon doing a One on One Photography session and taking photos along the Yarra River. The weather was stunning that day, and we haven’t had much weather like it since.  You can see in the sky there that there isn’t a cloud any where. This was a typical scene, look at the contrast of the autumn trees against the background buildings. One of the walking bridges over the Yarra River has …