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Introductions: Margaret Preston

It has been a while since  I did a non photography introduction and while I was searching for someone for today I came across Margaret Preston’s work. She was a prolific painter and printmaker here in Australia. Most Australian artists know who she was and I thought maybe I could tell you about her as well. Looking back on artists like Preston can help with our photography. They saw the world in a unique way and it is good to explore that when we are taking our own images. We can see the possibilities and how anything is possible. I mainly know her because of her linocuts. Though, I didn’t really realize that she did a lot of landscape paintings and prints as well. Here is a little information about her from Wikipedia: Margaret Rose Preston (29 April 1875 – 28 May 1963) was an Australian artist. She was known during the 1920s to 1940s for her modernist works as a painter and printmaker and for introducing Aboriginal motifs into contemporary art. If you click …


Introductions: Marian Drew

For a while I have been thinking about showcasing today’s artist and I have decided it is now time. Her name is Marian Drew and she is an Australian Artist who uses photography as her medium. I was very privileged in 2008 to have an exhibition in the same gallery as her. It was really amazing and she was a lovely person. I am sure you are going to love her work. This was one of the pieces that Marian was showing during that show. It was a new direction for her, well I thought so as her previous work had been quite different. This is the exhibition information that went with the work. EXHIBITION INFO Illuminated Landscapes is an exhibition of photographs that graph the light trajectories of human scale and duration in the landscape. Drawing and photography, meet in the open air, a sketch of the hand with the process of camera obscura, working in concert to explore landscape as an exchange between culturally constructed ideas and the apparatus of perception . Using …


Introductions: View from a French Hillside

Today’s Introduction is new to me, but as soon as she was recommended to me I knew I had to introduce her to you. Her name is Jane Morley and is the person behind the blog View from a French Hillside. What a blog, I love still life photography and I think hers has so many great examples of it. It is also French and I think you will agree with me that a lot of the work has a definite French style to them. Her work as a softness that goes with the composition and they remind me of beautiful old masters paintings.  How many of us search for the perfect flowers to photograph when one falling apart could also be beautiful in its deconstruction. I asked Jane where in the world she was. I live on top of a beautiful hill in South Western France, surrounded by fields and vineyards. What we expect the French countryside to be like. It is beautiful with the colours of what looks like dew and mist. Hay …


Influencing Me: Imogen Cunningham

For this week I’ve been searching the internet for some early female photographers. Last time I showed one many of you said that you would like me to do this again.  So the search began. I looked at a few photographers, but then I saw one photo of a still life plant and that was it. The photographer for today is Imogen Cunningham, she was born in 1883 and died in 1976, a wife and mother, yet could still do photography.  An inspiration to me and to all women I think.  I like it when women do have those restrictions of children and a home that they push through it and find a way to pursue their passion. Especially for her, well in the times that she was doing photography. I am sure you all get what I mean. Simply stunning, if you ask me. It is so much like what I like doing. I got a macro lens so I could start doing this sort of photography. She did this when her children were small and …


Quiet Thursdays: Eating Cupcakes

Isn’t that what you do after you photograph them? I’ve been out all day, going to new places and taking photos.  Both places I went to were fantastic and I am looking forward to looking at the photos, hopefully I got some good ones. The other day I tried some new things with the macro lens.  Something that I might try doing more of, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed doing it.  So today, I thought I might share with you some of the photos I was taking.  I tried photographing some jewellery that I had, see how I would go photographing it.  Then I saw a website for cupcakes and thought how bad the photos were for the wonderful cakes they were making, and thought I could do better, so I got my daughter to get me some cupcakes for me to photograph. Here is a gallery with some of the jewellery imgaes and the cupcakes.  We did eat them after the photos and they were very nice.


Quiet Thursday – Story Prompt

Today I have another photo as a prompt for you, well for those of you that want to write that is.  I went for something different and I hope it makes sense. I tried to set up something to photograph.  I used to do this sort of thing all the time, but I’m not sure I am very good at it, but I don’t mind this. So the prompt, this is different to what I usually do, in that this time, I have instructions. This photo is the end of the story, and you have to write what lead to this. As usual leave links to your stories and poems in the comments section for other people to enjoy.  If you missed the last one and didn’t get to read what others wrote, here is the link to that post, Quiet Thursday – Up in the Air.


Introductions – Benjamin Rowe @ Aperture64

Today’s introduction is someone that has been a tremendous help to me over time and has often given me advice about some thing, especially macro photography, or more how to do it without a macro lens.  His name is Benjamin Rowe and his blog is Aperture64 Photography. When you go to his blog it isn’t surprising to see a lot of macro images on it.  He has a great way of getting them and doing them without a macro lens and, as I said, I have learned a lot from him. I really like the softness of them. As usual, I asked Ben why he takes photos. I believe in a way I take photos because I am not very good at writing creatively. For me photography is a way to communicate feelings, emotions and ideas that I can’t communicate in other ways. The other reason I take photos is because I actually find it quite relaxing. I predominantly take landscapes and still life photos and spend a lot of time doing this solo with my …