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One Tree Hill - Silver Efex

ReWorking a Tree in a Field

Someone recently stated that a lot of people doing digital images go way too far, of course they were nice enough to say I wasn’t one of them, but I feel I should confess that I have been in the past, take a look at this image. At the time I did this, I thought it was great.  I even had it printed and put it into a show last year.  This image was featured in a blog post in June 2011. It is an interesting post, it was at a time when I felt I didn’t know enough about Photoshop and I was trying to teach myself how to use it.  I think I’ve come a long way since then. When I read the comment about digital images, I thought it would be fun to go right back and see what it would look like now if I was doing it.  Would I change much, or would I leave it pretty much as it was. This time it was opened in Camera Raw and …

Sunset at Shepparton

Nice Skies

I’m back from the Christmas Carnivals, feeling very tired and not looking forward to going to Geelong for the bay crits, but that could just be because I’m tired. Last night in Shepparton the sky was looking amazing at sunset.  I tried to see if I could get some images to do a HDR image. I don’t think it works, but it is all I have for today.  It was worth a shot.  The sky does have the weird colour, and I like the colours on the velodrome.  Not really sure about the rest.  Perhaps wasn’t worth doing.

Black and White Version

Day 30 – Photo-Vember Ends

It is the last day of the month and I guess the last day of my challenge.  I thought, instead of finding some new photos to post, I was thinking a recap might be nicer.  Actually, I thought I would post some photos again, the ones I loved.  I am going to do five of them.  You can agree or disagree with my choices.  It is all so subjective, and I do love hearing what you all think. My first favourite: This was a surprise for me, if you remember, I didn’t know I had this one until I went looking for it.  It was posted on Day 8. There is that lovely coloured water again.  This morning was so surreal to me.  This is from Day 13. I quite liked the treatment of this.  I enjoyed playing with one image and changing it several ways.  I should try and do that more.  This was from Day 19. Photographing the BMX was fantastic and I just love the photos I got from it.  Really want …

Getting More Air

Day 22 – Some BMX Racing Photos

So, if you have been reading my blog, then you know that I have been to Shepparton for the State Open Titles for BMX.  It was a great day.  The skies were very overcast in the morning and slowly during the morning they cleared and we got some very blue skies.  Perfect weather for taking photos. You can see what the sky was like from this one.  This photo is of the AA boys, they were crazy, and so much fun to photograph.  They were the only ones that did the really big jumps.  Would have been great to have got a lot more of them.  These sort of shots remind me of the movie “ET”. I tried to get more shots this time than I did at Knox with more riders in the air.  This is half the race going over the jumps here. This the second last straight before the finish, they just seem to bounce up and down all the way along.  Quite amazing to watch. And more boys getting air, I …

Abandoned - 2

Day 19 – Three Different Versions

I did this the other day, on Day 17, but this time, I have tried to transform the images so they are all very different.  I have the original as it was taken.  The only thing changed is how dark or light it is. This house isn’t new to my blog, I posted it back in June in a post called Away Again.  It was taken while I was riding on the back of the motorbike.  I would really like to go back and take some photos of it again, when the light is better, and when I have time to actually stop.  I love old houses like this.  There is something strange about how quickly a house begins to decay after the occupants leave. I have done some colour burning with this one.  I love how dead grass gets some colour when you do this.  There is a lot of contrast.  Though I’m not sure this technique would work for everything. Now in black and white.  I don’t know, I think I like the …