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Penguins Swimming

In the Deep Blue Aquarium

As I said previously, I went to the Melbourne Aquarium on Friday with Klara.  She has been hassling me to take her for ages.  We caught a tram up Flinders Street to the Aquarium.  For those who have been before, but haven’t been for a while, the entrance is now on Flinders Street. The Aquarium had Penguins at the moment.  I have no idea if they are always there, but there is a massive display of them.  It is one of the first things you see. They are behind glass so photographing something like this can be really hard.  You can end up with lots of reflections trying to take photos through glass like this.  To help avoid it, I put the lens of my camera right up to the glass, that way no reflections could be seen.  The only problem was looking through the camera, I should have changed the focusing as well and taken it off spot focusing. I loved watching them in the water. A fish, I am just going to show the …