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UfD: Five Tips for Macro Photographs

When I did my article for the magazine I had planned on adding some tipS on what you can do to macro photographs, but in the end decided I didn’t need them. Still I made the list so I thought I might share it here with you. Five Tips for Macro Photos Using Lightroom 1 – Cropping the Image We are often told not to crop images, that it means the files will be too small, or you limit your choices for prints. I have heard all of these, and to some extent I agree, then again if you have an image and your macro subject is really small in it then why not. I crop nearly all my images, and do it to get the best composition I can. I don’t think I am ever going to enlarge my images so they are enormous, so it is not something that really matters. 2 – Use the Adjustment Brush The adjustment brush in Lightroom really is your friend, and it can be really good for …


ReWorking Graffiti

This image was taken over twelve months ago.  I did it as a 3 image HDR in Photomatix.  It was in my early attempts of HDR and it is way to saturated.  The bins blend in too much with the background.  So as I have been going though old HDR’s I thought, I might try doing this one, and another one again. I think this is better, but still not great.  I tried to darken the background a bit, and lighten the bins.  I don’t think it worked.  I do think the colours in this are much nicer and not so bright.  I know a lot of you are going to like the first image more, but think about how over saturated they are.  The colours are not natural, if you can say that about graffiti. I thought this one was also too saturated. So with this one, the colours are not as saturated.  It is a darker image, but not in the mirror, and it is the mirror where you are meant to look. …

Attempt 4

Copy Cat from Ballarat . . .

. . . went to school and got the strap. I don’t remember the rest, but that should give you an idea of what my blog is about today. Since I had a go at trying my own type of instagrams yesterday, I thought I would have another go.  I am trying to copy the instragram technique.  I used the above image as the base image. This was my first attempt.  I tried a bit of this and bit of that, no idea now, to tell the truth, but at the end of the post, I will give you an idea of what I was using. This one is really burnt out, oh that gives me an idea, must write colour burning down. I actually went and did it, so this one I did a colour burn, no a bad effect and one I must remember.  There are so many things on Photoshop, I forget about some at times. This has layers on layers.  The more layers I put on it, the weirder it got, …