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Going Back to Take Another Look

Last week I had a meeting with a business advisory service run by my local council, the council part that is great. This part of the council has been great and I have really enjoyed my dealings with them.  At the advisory thing I was reminded of the images I took at the Manchester Unity Building and wondered if I would process them now.  I have learned so much new stuff since I did them, so would I change what I did? This was one of my favourites from that time.  However, looking at it now, I think it is a little oversaturated, and I don’t really like how you can see through the windows so much.  So I wondered, what would I do now. I put covers over the windows, though I am not totally happy with it.  I like the lighting much more and the warm cosy atmosphere.  Putting the covers over the windows gives the room more privacy or something.  It is more closed in.  Though the weather here today is horrible, …

Leanne Cole - Reworked Cathedral Doors

ReWorking the Cathedral Doors

Almost 12 months to the day I went into the city and took some photos with friends and put them up here.  My processing was quite heavy and I thought I might try redoing one. This is the image from 12 months ago. I was never happy with it.  I found it too saturated and perhaps too textural. This was a 3 image HDR, but with the rework I decided to do something different. I put two images together, so the stained glass was from one image and the outside bit from another.  I wanted to make the most of the stained glass, it was very hard to make it stand out more.  Though I think the rework is more successful at that. I darkened the stonework more, and I brightened the stain glass.  In Camera Raw I added more clarity to the stained glass too.  I have done some blurring with the last layer of it quite low with only the glass in the door and the handles not being blurred. That was about …

Leanne Cole - Briony Colour

ReWorking Briony

I took this phtoograph of Briony last year.  It is one of my favourite shots of her, but I was never really happy with the way I processed it, I thought it looked too dark.  As I have been doing quite a few workshops on CreativeLIVE and learning lots of new things, I thought I would have another go at doing this image. I straightened the image, made her hair lighter, which it is naturally, and tried to make sure the face was lighter, or almost the same colour as her hands.  I found in the original that her face too dark, but when I tried to lighten it, I lost the hands, I’ve now worked out how to do one at a time, so happy with that. I think she would be happier with this because her skin is smoother, and I managed to make the bridge of her nose look normal.  She had an accident on her bike a few years ago, landed on her face, lucky she was wearing a helmet, and …

Looking into the City

ReWorking the GPO Clock Tower

There are so many photos that I have done in the past and I often wonder what or how would I do them differently now.  I think when you start taking photos you start out thinking you have to be clever and you take a heap of images that later on you look at and think to yourself, “what was I thinking”.  With processing the same thing happens.  When you begin you get carried away with all that you can do, then slowly you tone down what you do and start to really refine what it is you are trying to do. So on that note, I have lots of photos that I am looking forward to reworking and seeing how I would do them now. This image was taken on the same day as the image from last weeks ReWorked image. It was taken at the top of the City Myer Store.  On the top floor there are windows looking out onto the city.  It is quite a nice height and you can some …


ReWorking the Tower

So it isn’t technically a rework, though it is yet another version of the tower from the Manchester Unity Building.  It has been a long road with this particular image.  Well, long hours.  Here, take a look. There are so many layers that it must be a massive file.  I should take a look to see. Last week when I went back in I took many images of the tower, from different places on the 12th floor and at different angles.  It was another crap day as far as the weather went, and I really didn’t think I was going to get any good images (you can see the original image below).  I felt that to do the tower justice, then I needed to capture the arms as well.  The last image I did, was a little disappointing because you couldn’t really see them.  I tried to emphasise them in this image.  I stretched the bottom out a little. I have spent about 20 hours, give or take one or two, on this image.  I have done …

Reworking old image

ReWorking Something from the Past

Recently I was sent an email from a fellow blogger asking me if I could restore some old images of hers.  I had no idea if I could do them, but I decided that I was up for the challenge and was more than prepared to give it a go.  So Nia, from Nia Simone, Author sent me three images.  So far I have only done one and about two thirds of another one.  I was hoping to get the second one finished today, but my tour of Parliament House took a lot longer and well, I am very late with my post as it is. So here is the image as it was sent to me with part of what I did to it. If you want to see what I did and the full images, please click here.

Re-Working the Man-Shed

Back in July I photograph a family and at the end of the session I took some photos of the dad in his shed where he has all his bikes.  He loves cycling and in his shed he keeps his bikes and does all  his maintenance on them.  I wasn’t totally happy with the images that I got of him in the shed, but today I thought I might try reworking them. This is the black and white version of it.  It isn’t a bad photo, but I wondered what I would do differently now.  I am hoping to be able to photograph an artist in his studio and some of the techniques that I want to use, I thought I might try out here. This is the rework, it is much darker, and while I tried to draw out more the details in the background, it just didn’t seem to work. This colour image was then processed in Silver Efex Pro 2.   It was hard to work out what preset to use, most …