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Quiet Thursdays: The Macro World

The weather last weekend was shocking, we had lots and lots of rain.  Don’t get me wrong, the rain was good, but not good for taking photos.  After using my macro lens again recently I’ve really got back into  macro and am having a lot fun taking photos with it and then processing them.

I’m trying to keep experimenting on the macro images, like the ones I did for the International Flower and Garden Show.  I am trying to refine it more and work out what I want with them.  I do like where they are going.  I will continue to keep experimenting.

The other day I took the Tamron 150-600mm that I have on loan from Maxwell International Australia back to the Melbourne Zoo and was taking photos.  As we headed to the gorilla enclosure we walked around the corner and there in front of us was Kimya and her baby. She has a name name and is being called Kanzi. She was sitting on a hill eating.  I quickly got some photos then, as I was doing that, she climbed down and within a couple of minutes she was gone. I got a nice image of the new baby, so I thought I would share it with you today.


I will leave you there with the image of mother and daughter. I’m out and about again today.  Some busy days ahead.  Think I will leave next week very free.  I hope you get some quiet time.

Starting the Year as I Plan to Finish

Happy New Year

It is the first of January as this post publishes, and I no doubt will be fast asleep, well I hope I am.

In the last 12 months I have concentrated on learning things and trying some things.  In between I did a few art images. Admittedly the year started badly with a bad back that meant I couldn’t sit for very long and wouldn’t able to spend a lot of time working on images.  As the year progressed I still didn’t do many, but it is something that I want to get back to.  Robyn’s One Four Challenge was great to help me get back into it and realised that perhaps I should be doing more.  So I am hoping to do a lot more of this next year.  It is something I love doing a lot. My back is so much better now and it is much easier to sit for longer periods of time.

I have gone through this blog and the one on my website and found images that I have enjoyed processing.  Some you have seen, some you may not.  Funny when I look at them now, they are nearly all architectural, I had really noticed that before.

Be careful with the celebrations, but I hope you all have a great evening bringing in the new year.

Quiet Thursdays

I really look forward to Thursdays, it means Monochrome Madness is done for another week and I can just relax, or play with some photos on the computer, which is what I have been doing.  Actually I did more of it yesterday.  I like seeing what I can get.


I’m afraid it is not a very exciting image.  It is the doorway to ANZAC House in Collins Street in the city of Melbourne.  I took this image one Sunday during a Social Snappers Photography Excursion.  I do love the opportunities I get to take photos on these excursions.  My photography catalog has grown so much because of them.  I know I go on about them a lot, but I do want them to be successful. Funny how people in Melbourne are so hard to find.

Oh well, back to the image.  I’ve been trying a few things, incorporating some old techniques and then looking at some new ones.  Trying to decide what I want to be important in an image.  I am happy with quite a few aspects, and glad that I finally found some time to try them out.  I know I will have more time in the weeks to come with things winding down for Christmas and January is often a slow time for me.

I have also done a great deal of work on another image for Stacy’s AB Friday, but you will have to wait around 36 hours to see it, and it will be on my other blog.  You will also be able to see most of the entries on Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing, again, you will have to wait for Friday where Stacy is.

I plan on taking it easy for the rest of the day, I hope you can too.

Quiet Thursday’s – AB Fridays

For today’s post I thought I might highlight another challenge that has been going on, some of you know about it, others not, but the challenge is being held over on Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing.  The challenge is called After-Before Friday, the idea being you show a before image and then the after.  The results can be great.  You put the images on your blog, and send them to Stacy where she puts them up in a post on Fridays. I’ve done it a few times, but over on my other blog.  I thought it would be nice to show some support and do it here this time.


This is my before photo, it is one I took last Sunday at the Docklands.  I see this building all the time when I catch the train, and I’ve tried photographing it before, with mixed results.  I love how it sits, the layers of the floors and the vertical lines in the glass.  It is an interesting building.  So I wanted to take some images of it, especially with the crane reflected in the glass, there is always new things going up around Melbourne.

I never have any idea what I will do to an image until I start playing with it. So I started playing and a couple of hours later I had this.


I put in a new sky and gave it some blur.  I tried to bring out the glass in the building.  I darkened parts and lit some up more. I saturated some parts, and desaturated others.  I tried to bring the focus to where I wanted it to be.  I hope you can see the difference, according to my daughter there isn’t much difference.  I like the change, I like how the building comes out.

If you are interested in being involved in Stacy’s challenge, then check out the After-Before Friday Forum where you can find a list of other weeks, and more importantly you can find out how to participate and what you need to do.  I hope you will read them better than me, sorry Stacy, I should have read it more closely.

The next AB Friday is tomorrow, well it is Friday here, and if you want to see what is happening you can go to Stacy’s blog, Visual Venturing.  For now the link is just to her blog, but as soon as I know it is published on Friday I will change the link. Here is the link to the actual page, After-Before Friday Week 27

Thanks Stacy for another great challenge.


Up for Discussion – Architectural Photography

My turn this week.  I have been trying to work out all week what I would discuss with you, I mean what could I possibly talk about?  I went through lots of ideas, copyright, critiquing images, something about blogging, and then I remembered my friend from a week ago telling me how she didn’t know how to photograph architecture.  So here we are on a Friday and I thought I would tell you something about photographing architecture, well I hope I can.

Architectural Photographyscchambers-5hpm7601-5

This has been my favourite type of photography, but for the last year I haven’t been doing a lot of it.  I think the new camera and learning to use my lenses in different ways has been partly responsible for that, but just recently, and with some reminders from other people, I’ve decided I should get back into it.

There are lots of different ways of photographing architecture.  Open any newspaper and you will see lots of pages of images of houses for sale and the real estate images.  Real estate images are about getting images of houses that are representations of what is there.  They try to show a house at its best to help sell it.  There isn’t a lot of scope for doing anything different.

Nothing wrong with that sort of photography, it just isn’t something that I have been interested in.  I like to do something different with my architectural images. I am more into fine art images of scmu2-4hpm2487-7-3architecture.  I like to try and get some mood or drama into an image.

When I look at buildings I like to find old ones, and ones that have some sort of character. Not that it is a hard and fast rule, I do occasionally find newer buildings that I also find interesting. When I am out and about I will photograph everything and anything that I think might be interesting.  It is rare when I am out taking photos that I find something straight away that I know I will want to do more processing too.

I don’t have particular angles that I go for.  I try everything.  I might show you one image, of a building, but I might have taken about 50 images of that same building.  When I have a building in front of me I try every angle I can think of.  I will photograph it from across the road, right in front of it.  I will try to the right, to the left.  I will try photographing the whole building.

LeanneCole-inverleighhotel-20130924-5936_4hpm-3Once I have all the angles for the whole building then I start looking for details.  Buildings are something that I have that I have always enjoyed looking at the details of, though I haven’t tended to look at really small parts, but rather parts that I think will tell part of the story.

When I get an opportunity I do like doing the inside of buildings as well.  Especially older buildings that have been, either kept in their original state, or restored to it.  I find those sorts of buildings have more of a story and you can get more from them.

I know a lot of photographers who do architecture will spend a lot of time taking photos in different light, use their tripod, or use tilt-shift lenses, but I don’t do any of that.  I will use the tripod for indoors, and only use it outdoors if the lighting is bad and I can’t get shots with low ISO.

For me the magic starts to happen when I get home and put the photos on the computer.  I never really know which one I will work on.  I go through the sccity-3hpm0031-2images and mark my favourites and then one will often stand out and I begin.  I try not to have any preconceived idea of what the final image will look like.  I have found in the past that I usually just end up disappointed when that happens. So I just go for it, try things, delete, or go back, go forward and I just keep going until I think I am happy with an image.

When I work on images I’m not always trying to get a true or accurate image of the building.  I try to provoke something more like, I don’t quite know, a feeling, maybe or drama, I have always like the idea of putting some theatre into my images.  I like to give the building a story I suppose.

I like to change the lighting, manipulate it, and put the focus where I want it to be.  It is a hard thing to describe, it is just something I do.  I know that doesn’t help, but when you don’t have a client and are just doing it for yourself, it means that you can do whatever you like to the image.  Experimentation is the key and just trying things.  I will often replace the sky to get the one I want, and I do a lot more manipulation as well.  It is my image and I will do what I want, I will try everything, delete most, but keep going.

So that is basically how I do architecture.  There is no real plan or goals, I just shoot and work with what I have.

laurent-melbourne-littlecollins-building-monochromeI have some videos that I have done over on my other blog if you are interested in looking at how I do them.  They are sped up, but give you an idea of what I do.  Here are the links,

The Before, then the After, and some of the Inbetween

The Old Shearing Shed in Woomelang

Taking a Look at Another Image While Being Processed

I might try doing some more too on just a straight image process.

I think that about rounds it up on how I go about photographing architecture, I hope it gave you some idea of what I do.

Guest Posting

I am always open to having people guest post, so if you are interested, then send me an email, my contact are here.  The discussion needs to be about photography, or blogging.  I don’t mind it being about blogging, but obviously being a photography blog, photography is best.  You can go through the archives to see what has already been done, and maybe you can give a different point of view to that.

If you are interested, then please send me an email and I will send you the guidelines. Please take note that I don’t pay people to guest post and I want accept posts that are advertising of any sort.



Quiet Thursdays – Robyn’s One Four Challenge

Robyn, from Captivate Me, has started a new challenge and I thought I might participate.  I will do it on this blog this time, but think I will continue it on my other blog after this week.  I think I will also start telling you about other challenges that I might consider doing.

So today, I have the original image for you.


This is an image I took recently at Southern Cross Station on a Sunday afternoon as Social Snappers was finishing an excursion and we were getting ready to get on the train to go home.  I loved the symmetry of where we were, and as we were standing there a train came in and it meant that all the platforms had trains, a full station.  Perfect.

I haven’t done much to this one above, just the usual normal processing.


Here is my first attempt at processing it.  Well doing further processing.  I’ve been trying something and I haven’t quite worked it out, but I’m not too disappointed. I still have three more weeks to work it out.

If you would like to see more, then follow this link ONE FOUR CHALLENGE – NOV WK 1 and look at the pingbacks to see others.  If you would like to participate, then follow the same link to see what you have to do.

Another Bits and Pieces Post

Today I thought I might just talk to you about things that have happened or will be happening.  The post isn’t about anything special, but there are little things I’ve been meaning to tell you about, but haven’t had a chance so I thought Iscartfair-hpm1569-6

would do this today, I hope you don’t mind.


I thought I would start with my website. I decided to give it an overhaul and thought perhaps I would buy a theme for it, so I did lots of searching and kept coming back to one, Photographer Theme by Organic Themes.  Since purchasing it and downloading the theme, then installing it, I have to say it has been very disappointing.  It is nothing like what was advertised and the instructions are not correct.  It tells me to do things and they don’t seem to be options that are available.  I hope there is an out clause, though knowing my luck there won’t be.  They do have a support system and they will be hearing from me a lot.  So keep an eye on it.


Part of the reason for wanting to update my website is because I really want to get into teaching.  Since teaching at Living & Learning Nillumbik I really have discovered how much I love it and how I really want to do more.  I also think if scmallee-hpm8580-9I teach, then I can just take photos of what I want.  I always find it unnerving doing photography for a client.  I don’t mind doing it, but if I could make a career from teaching, then I wouldn’t have to worry about doing that so much.

I will continue doing my short courses at Living & Learning Nillumbik, along with some one off photo walk style ones, but I also want to start doing some of my own.  Planning excursions for people to come out with me to take photos, not so much to teach, but more a social thing.  Of course, if someone has problems I will be there to help them make sure they get images, but if people have no idea what they are doing, then they would need to do my short course first or do a one on one with me.  I know that for many people, they don’t know other people to go out with to take photos, or they can’t think of anywhere to go, so this could be great for people. I do think many women would like this a lot more, safety in numbers so to speak.  I can always make the city, or somewhere like that my central base where we meet.

The One on One Photography Lessons are slowly happening, and I am getting more inquiries all the time.  I do enjoy doing them and love meeting new people.  It is interesting seeing sccity-hpm6648-5what they know and then working out the best way to help them get wonderful images.  I have even had an inquiry from someone on the internet if we could do an online one, and so I am now working out the best way of doing that, and think it could be an interesting approach.  Thanks to Skype I can teach people online.  So online photography courses could be available soon, I hope people will be interested in those.

More recently I have started offering One on One Photo Editing classes as well.  Fantastic way to start to learn, or for people who have some skills but don’t know where to go from there.  I had my first one this last Monday and it was a great success, I think.  The client brought photos that needed to be worked on and we worked out different things in Photoshop that they could use to edit the images.  It was very specific to what her needs were.  She said it was great, and that she is already applying many of those things to the images now.

The next question is can I do it online?  I think the answer has to be yes, there is no reason why I couldn’t do One on One Photo Editing using Skype.  Laura Macky and I skyped each other last week and did a lot of stuff sharing our screens, so I think it is very possible.  So if people are interested they should contact me.

Up for Discussion Posts

scmallee-hpm9256-6I really enjoyed the discussion the other day on colour monitors and there was so much information there for anyone who needs to know about this.  When I started the Up for Discussion Posts I realised that there was the potential there for what happened on Tuesday.  My blog is perfect for that sort of thing and with most of you either experts or beginners, there is no reason why this blog can’t be used to help everyone.  It is definitely something I encourage.  I would love to hear from people who have a problem with something, photography related, that they would like help with.  I have seen it time and time again how generous people can be with their knowledge and how much help they have given me and others.

So if you have something you would like to put up for discussion send me an email and we can talk about it.

I have included images that I have done a lot of processing on.  Though all done in 2012, I don’t think I would change much in them if I did them again.  I will include a gallery of them so you can look at them individually.  I hope you don’t mind the way I put images into the post and then include a gallery.  I put them in the post to break it up a bit.  I know I find lots and lots of writing quite hard to read, but with images in it, well always seems to make it easy.  Weekend coming up, lots of plans, hopefully taking some photos.


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