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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: More Opportunities

Things are seemingly to be moving in fast motion around me and whizzing past, but I feel like I’m in slow motion, straining to keep up. It is a weird feeling. I know I can keep up and the key is going to be staying on top of everything. I’m sure I can do it.

Weekend Notes

I don’t know if many of you have heard of this or if it is more a Melbourne or Australian thing, but it is a great place to get information on events or places to go.  I have just started writing for them and just had my first article published.  I scpointlonsdale-hpm7810-2wrote it on waterfalls around the back of Lorne, surprisingly it is called Waterfalls Around Lorne. I was there on the weekend and got some great photos of the waterfalls.

They are more a subscription based thing and you subscribe and get emails about what is happening. I think they are hoping to go the wider community. If you want to visit the site, go to Weekend Notes.

Pro Blogger Podcast

The guy behind Pro Blogger and the Digital Photography School is doing some podcasts to help people work out how scpointlonsdale-hpm7850-3to blog. You can find the introduction to it here ProBlogger Podcast: Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging.

Basically he is going to start a challenge for people starting on the 1st of July and will go for 30 days. Might be interesting to see how it goes and if it helps get your blog some more coverage. I am going to try it for my other blog, which I haven’t done anything on for a while. Hopefully I will have the time.

Digital Photography School

I’ve had another article published on the Digital Photography School. It is one that I sort of hinted at recently on Time scpointlonsdale-hpm7925-1Lapse Photography and I have written a tutorial on how I did it for dPs. Here is the link to it, How to Shoot and Process a Time Lapse Movie – Quick Method. It is a very quick way of doing it and I hope those of you that wanted to know how to do it will find it useful.

I also believe that today another tutorial I’ve written is coming out and when I know I will add a link. This one is on Watermarks, quite an extensive tutorial on a number of ways of adding watermarks to your images using Lightroom and Photoshop.  I hope you like it.

It has now been published and  you can find it here, How to Watermark Your Images Using Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

Meeting Up with People

In a couple of weeks I’m really excited that I will be meeting Kaz from daysandmonths. She is coming down to scpointlonsdale-hpm7805-2Melbourne and we are going to go to Apollo Bay for a few days to take some photos. Then we will be back in Melbourne to do some night photography and some other things. I’m sure we are going to run out of time, too much to do, it is going to be great.

Speaking of meeting people, there are plans for a bit of a WordPress Meet Up next year here in Australia, not in Melbourne, but in Sydney. We don’t know when yet, but we are starting the conversation now. One suggestion has been June next year.  This is for anyone who wants to come. Could be a great event. So don’t be shy, start saving and come and meet us.


Today I have some photos that were taken almost three years ago on a couple of trips to Point Lonsdale. Lovely lighthouse there.  I hope you are having a great time, maybe not as busy as mine.  Take care.

Introductions: Walking with a Smacked Pentax

Everyday, I spend a lot of time looking at what people do. I look at blogs constantly, trying to find blogs I can show you, or trying to find what people are doing. It is important to keep up with what people are doing. Today’s Introduction is a blog I’ve been following for a long time and I don’t know why I didn’t think of introducing him earlier. I apologize James for not thinking of you before, but I love the photos you show on your blog Walking with a Smacked Pentax.


His work brings Catherine and Heathcliff to mind, or a 60’s cop on a motorbike. His subject matter has a wonderful air of romance and history. Perhaps I should go to my first question.

I asked James where in the world he was.

I live in a small market town in Yorkshire, England, near the famous Ilkley moor – about 12 miles from Haworth where the Bronte sisters lived and 30 miles from where James Herroit practiced.


There is something quintessentially English about the countryside that he is photographing. Country lanes, stone fences and a sparseness to the landscapes. I love them, and ever since reading Wuthering Heights in high school it is a place I’ve wanted to visit. I would be walking around calling out to Heathcliff.

The second question was how long he had been taking photos and why.

I started taking photos about 40 years ago. My friend was into photography and I was curious. I bought a Praktica slr and started photographing anything I saw. At that time I was living in a small flat but I converted the bathroom into a darkroom and even mixed up my own developer from some recipes I discovered in an old BJP magazine. I even progressed to developing colour using Cibachrome and C41. As I got better I started selling photos to magazines and newspapers and became a freelancer for the local rag. I had a couple of exhibitions and photographed the local bands and even the occasional wedding. It was a nice sideline and eventually I earned enough money to do it full time.

At that time I was living with a crazy woman, and one day she accused me of having an affair (I wasn’t) but in a jealous rage she poured boiling water all over my negatives and slides and destroyed all my work. I didn’t pick a camera up again for 20 years.

About 5 years ago a mate of mine rang me and asked if I wanted to buy his old camera – a Pentax K10D. I was uncomfortable with the idea but he persuaded me to try it and I have been hooked ever since.

Why do I take them?

For the 20 years that I didn’t have a camera I felt something was missing from my life – and I didn’t know what it was. Getting behind a camera again just opens your eyes, you see the world differently – clearer. The day I took the Pentax out changed me. It felt ‘right’ to be behind a camera again and I felt almost ‘healed’. It just felt so natural.


The colours and things he finds to photograph where he is are wonderful, there is a great sense of mood in his images. The clouds fit perfectly with how I think the Moors would be.

I asked about inspiration.

These days I take nothing but landscapes. I am surrounded by the moors. I love them, they are wild, bleak, beautiful and even haunted. They are very special and many of them contain traces of our prehistoric ancestors with strange rock carvings, stone circles and burial mounds. I love exploring and photographing these. I can spend a full day on the moors and not see a soul.


I think how James just described the Moors is far better than what I could say and when you look at his images you see the wild, the bleak, the beautiful and the haunted. Perfect description.

Then there is the question asking if there was anything special about the way he worked.

I have recently been asked to provide the photographs for a book on the Mythic landscape which a local author (and very good friend of mine) is writing.


What would an introduction be from me if I didn’t’ show some winter shots. You all know how much I love photos of snow. I don’t think I really realized that it would snow there and these images were a treat to find on his blog.

The last question, as always, concerned gear.

I have no interest in photographic gear one bit, and I don’t know one camera from another these day. I sold the Pentax a year ago as it was just too heavy (try lugging it on a 30 mile walk with 2 extra lenses and a backpack). I chose a Nikon D3200 as it is much smaller and lighter. I have a 70-300 but have never even taken it out of the box yet. I have a tripod but never use it, and I don’t use filters either. Everything is done with the kit lens – although I would like a super-wide angle – maybe a 12 – 16 mm.

I use Lightroom for cataloging and do almost no post-processing.

I would like to thank James for giving me permission to feature him and his work here on my blog. I would invite you all to go and take a look at Walking with a Smacked Pentax. I have put some of my favourite images from his blog into a gallery for you now, I’m sure you will find lots and lots more great one on his blog or his website, James Elkington Photography.

Weekend Wanderings: Night Skies Along the Coast

This last week there have been lots and lots of reports of the Aurora Australis, our version of the northern lights. Ours are red and greenl, though I wouldn’t know. I’ve never seen it regardless of two trips to the coast, it was too overcast. There was always clouds around the horizon.

First I wanted to show you some photos that were taken during my Astrophotography class. We went to Sorrento to do them. We have some cloud, but overall it wasn’t too bad. We certainly got to see the milky way. Here are the photos from that evening.

My first attempt at trying to get the Aurora was in Sorrento. We couldn’t see it but I still took some photos. I love how you can see everything and the photos look like they were taken during the day, but it was dark. You can see the stars in the sky.

I’m down at Jan Juc at the moment and the other night we went out to see if we could see the aurora, and still nothing, too many clouds. We even got up early the next morning, and nothing, again clouds. What is it with the clouds? We did go and take some photos, first at a beach here at Jan Juc, then Bells Beach and a bit further along to Southside Beach. Again, some great photos, I think, of the milky way.

It hasn’t been a total waste of a weekend, and I’ve certainly enjoyed it. Got lots of photos today and lots of exercise, we walked about eight kilometres, I blame Chris, from sv-takeiteasy, it was all her idea and now I’m really tired. I hope you have had a productive weekend.

Weekend Wanderings: Hanging Around Pearse Road Beach in Blairgowrie

A couple of weekends ago I spent the weekend in Sorrento and Blairgowrie taking photos around the beaches. It was great weather for the weekend and we managed to get to a few beaches. One we seemed to spend a lot of time at was Pearse Road Beach. It has some strange shelf type things in the water and we thought they would be great for some long exposures.

When we got there we realized the tide was coming in and we couldn’t do a lot. We ended up heading up the cliff and doing some shots looking down at the water and the rocks below  We also hung around for the sunset.

The next afternoon we looked at the tide charts and headed back there, but got there before the tide came in, so low tide. We still missed low tide, but got to see the shelf things, or rocks again.  We also did more photos from the cliff.  We didn’t do sunset here this time. You will have to wait for another post to see those.

I am going to put all the photos into a gallery for you now. I have written under some Friday Evening for the ones taken then, and then Saturday Afternoon for the return trip.

I’m away, I think I told you already, hopefully getting some great photos.  I hope you have some great plans for the weekend as well.

UfD: 10 Non Photography Items That I Find Essential for Excursions

Sometimes I think we get so bogged down with the gear that we don’t always think about the other things we like to take on our excursions and that have become essential. I thought today it might be fun to take a look at the things that I think are just as important to take with me when taking photos.

1 – Good Shoes

I recently got a pair of Merrell Moab hiking boots and I have to say they are the best shoes I’ve ever had for taking photos. I know I can wear them anywhere. They are waterproof, which has proved to be a lucky save on more than one occasion. I can remember going to look at gate in Marysville, putting my foot down, only to discover I marysville-waterfalls-rainforest-2-1028had put it into a large hole full of water. My foot stayed dry, but my new shoe didn’t look so new anymore.

Merrell have also said they will help sponsor me for my trip to the US and will be supplying me with a pair of shoes, so I will be wearing the Moab hiking shoes when I am walking around the USA in September.  Thank you Merrell.

2 – Hiking or Walking Stick

At first I think my friends thought I was crazy when I said I wanted one, then after I got one, they all started wanting them. The stick has stopped me from falling over so many times. Walking through wet slippery rainforests can be treacherous, but the stick has actually helped to stop me from falling. It is also great for balance when walking on rocks.

I got the Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking poles by Black Diamond. You do buy them in pairs, but I wasn’t sure if I would want a pair, so I asked a friend if she was interested and then we went halves. So we got one each. Mine has been used a lot. It is also good for taking the weight off your knees and ankles when walking up and down as well.

3 – Company

When I was doing this list I was heading down the coast with a friend and she reminded me that I like to have IMG_20150123_202311company when I go out and take photos. I couldn’t say that she was wrong. I will go out on my own, but it is so boring that way, and she is right I really do like to have someone with me. Makes the trip a whole lot more enjoyable.

4 – Phone

I could say my phone for safety reasons, but really I like to take my phone so I can take some photos with it for Social Media. I like putting up shots of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I love using Instagram for that too. I think it’s fun.

One thing that these modern phones are also good for is helping or preventing you from getting lost. I love Google Maps, and it has saved me on more than one occasion.

5 – Comfortable Clothes

I guess this goes without saying, but comfortable clothes are a must. I hate being uncomfortable and I don’t think you point-lonsdale-pier-lighthouse-ocean-116can take good photos if you aren’t comfortable. Fashion goes out the window. I like jeans, and vests really. Also, this time of year clothes to keep me warm. In summer short and tops.

6 – Hat and Sunscreen

This one is partly for summer as the sun here is so hot and damaging that a good hat and suncreen are essential. Getting sunburned is not my idea of fun, and help my skin get cancer is not either. I try and wear clothes that will cover me as much as possible and then I put on sunscreen, making sure to note the time so I know when to reapply. The hat is always with me. I need a new one I think for this summer, the one I have now is looking very faded. Still, might get some more summer out of it.

I have a knitted hat for winter. It is one that covers my ears as well. I don’t like the wind blowing around my ears as it point-lonsdale-pier-lighthouse-ocean-117makes me feel dizzy, more so if the wind is really cold. So my hat and gloves are always with me in the winter.

7 – Insect Repellent

Not a big one for winter here, but in summer everywhere you go there is something. Flies, mosquitoes, march flies, etc. I’ve learned the hard way that you have to have good insect repellent, especially for Marsh flies. They hurt when they bite and then they itch, and itch, and itch. It can take a couple of weeks for the itchiness to go away.

8 – Water

I try to always remember water, but at this time of the year I’m not good at it. In the summer absolutely. I have to have water with me. It is hot here in summer and you need to keep yourself hydrated for the heat.point-addis-beach-victoria-australia

9 – Snacks

This is another one I try to remember. So many times when I’m out taking photos I get hungry. Especially if we have hiked to get to where we are. There is nothing worse than having to leave somewhere early because you forgot to pack a snack. It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to be something.

10 – Coffee

My friend also contributed this one. She thinks I always have to have a coffee, and well, let’s face it she was right. I do 20150511_100123_007like to have a coffee at some point. I think stopping for a coffee is a great way of collecting your thoughts. Though, I must say I am very careful about how much I drink. There aren’t always rest stops where we are going, so I always have that in mind too.

So the last few might not have been absolutely necessary, but it was meant to be a fun post. I like doing posts like these and I hope you do too.

What are you essentional non photographic items that you like to take with you? Is your list similar to mine?

The photos for today are all ones you’ve seen before, but they all came to mind when I was writing this post.

Quiet Thursday’s: Tea and Packing Up

Today is going to be a busy day, ahead of an even busier weekend. I’m off to Jan Juc for the weekend with Chris from sv-takeiteasy. We have star trails, long exposures, and well lots of photos to take. We are going to try going further and seeing what we can get. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It should be good though. Lots of photos. I’m hoping we can get back to the lighthouse at Airey’s Inlet as well.

I haven’t been putting up a lot of photos on Social Media this week. I got distracted trying to get my computer fixed, which it seems to be now. I turned it off last night and this morning it turned back on no problems.  I still have the high resolution that I was meant to get with my monitor, so all good really. Good to get the computer all going properly.

For the photos today I am going to show you one I did do and put up.


I spent quite a bit of time on this image.There were so many reflections in the window and it was hard. Of course it isn’t really this dark, but I wanted to concentrate on all the cakes. I haven’t done an image like this for a long time, and it was good to just play and see what I could get. I think I spent all morning on it.

Of course, what would the Tea Rooms window be without all the cakes. So I apologize if this makes you hungry. I do love photographing this window. As I said before the reflections were really bad and I took my polarizer with me. I put it on, but I couldn’t really see that it was making any difference to them. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing with it. Hopefully the cakes just stand out.

I’m off, I will leave you with a gallery now. I hope you have a quieter day that I think I’m going to have.

MM 2-16: Monochrome Madness 2-16

There have been a few emails asking me about the next theme and when it is. Next week is theme week. So I hope you have planned what you are going to do for the letter K. There are so many options and I’ve received quite a few already. I’m still working on mine, but I know I will have something by next week.

So remember for MM 2-17 it is a theme.  Anything starting with the letter K.

Shall we take a look at this week.


I spent a lovely day in the country the other day. I went with a friend and we went to so many places. Initially we kept stopping and we realized we were never going to get anywhere, or least to where we wanted to go. Still, we had fun and we will do this some more. This is the Viaduct bridge for the train in Malmsbury. It is an amazing bridge built around the 1880’s.

Don’t forget all the instructions on how to enter your own images are at the bottom of the post.  If you have entered an image then please remember to check your image in the gallery, scroll down and see if anyone has left you any comments.

Now, Monochrome Madness will continue next week and if you wish to participate and submit an image here is how you do it:-

  • You must email me the image you want to include and if you have a blog or website, or somewhere else, please include the link. My email address is
  • The image size should be low res, so the largest side should be 1000 pixels or less.
  • Please insert either your name or your blogs name in the file name.
  • Remember I am on Australian time, so with GMT I am +11 hours at the moment, I publish my post on Wednesday morning.
  • If you need more help with sending images, and get confused about time zones, etc, well, there is a great website called The World Clock, if you go to that and look at Melbourne time, if it’s before 6pm on Tuesday evening, then you can still send me images.  If it’s after that time, you can send me an image, but it will be set aside for the following week.
  • Remember to include a link to your blog or website.
  • Please remember to resize your images, it is fairly simply, you just need to go into any editing software and usually under Image you will find, resize, scale, or image size, something like that and you can resize your image there. Change the dimensions to pixels and make the longest side 1000 pixels or smaller, hit return, and for most types of software that should change the other side automatically as well. Just remember to save it with a different name so you know it is the smaller version.  If you have any problems, please contact me, I don’t mind helping out.

Please note you don’t have to be a WordPress blogger to be in this challenge, you can have a link to a Facebook page, a Flickr page, anywhere really, or no link.  We just want to encourage people to do monochrome images, just for the madness of it. Just to let you know also, that as soon as the challenge is published, all emails and images you have sent me are deleted from my computer.  I respect your copyright and would never keep any of the images.


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