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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Catching Up

Slowly but surely I am starting to catch up with everything.  Things are starting to take shape and I can start planning some new things.


The Newsletter finally went out yesterday.  Sorry, it took me so long to get it out.  I will make sure that doesn’t happen again. I had problems with my computer and I couldn’t do any tutorials, but hopefully that will be fixed for next time.

Online Classes

I just want to mention them again as I have just had one person sign up, so it reminded me that others might be interested.  They are a great way to get individual tuition.  I charge $350 for five claripponleal-20131011-8938sses and they last for an hour to two hours, depending on how we go.  We can look at camera skills or photo editing.  It will really be directed by you.


I have decided to start writing some better articles for the Up for Discussion posts.  I want to get better at writing and I need to experiment with you guys, so I am hoping to start writing better articles on photography for you.  It is a direction that I think I would really like to go.  Especially since teaching is so much harder than I thought it would be.  So look out, hoping to do my first this Friday, one on Tripods.

Social Snappers

I’m also thinking about making some changes to Social Snappers and perhaps expanding it to something else as well.  I have been trying to advertise it  here in Melbourne, but it has been great, people are looking at the excursions but not doing them.  I enjoy them so much so I want to see what I can dripponleal-20131011-8846o to get more people to come to them.

I also want to start offering some Social Snapper one off classes, like teaching night photography in the city, or doing a class down the coast on photographing the milky way.  Doing editing classes.  Make it a more complete thing, rather than just going out and taking photos, but offering more as well.

I will announce more soon.

Trip to the USA

ripponleal-20131011-8917No more word yet, it looks likely I will be there early in September.  I don’t know what it will be like there. I suspect I will miss the fall colours, too soon, but we can hope for a mild summer and an early Autumn.


Today I went back into the archives to look for photos.  I found some that I remember taking, it was of Ripponlea.  I loved going there, it is such a beautiful building, but it is the gardens that are lovely.

I’m off now, I will be out getting more photos today.  I feel like I am doing it all the time at the moment, it is wonderful.  I hope you have a good day.


Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Getting Things Done

Today I wanted to talk more about what I need to get done, as really the new year has been slow and I need to start getting on with things.  Time seems to be getting away from me, so I do have to be stricter with myself.  I need to stop wasting time on other things. The things I am trying to get organised the most are the classes, so much of my time has been spent getting those ready to start advertisig.

Classes in the Mallee

I really want to get going with classes.  I have classes in the Mallee organised for the long weekend in March, the 7th, 8th and 9th of March.  I am going to be teaching more about organising your photos and some basic editing using Lightroom.  We will go and take photos first though, that is always fun.  I am going to be doing this class twice, in Swan Hill on the 7th and then in Hopetoun on the 9th.  I need to get some posters done and will work on those this week.

For those that missed the Getting your Camera off Auto, I am running that class again in Hopetoun on the 8th.shepparton-country-dookie-paddocks-135

If you are interested in doing any of these classes please let me know.

Classes in the City

I am still trying to organise a place to teach editing here in Melbourne.  At this stage I am looking at classes in or around Heidelberg.  I want to start doing teaching classes in Photo editing and would like to do both Lightroom and Photoshop.  At this stage I am looking at 4 week courses, and they would be one night a week, well one night for Lightroom and another for Photoshop.  At this stage I am thinking the cost will be $260 for the 4 week course and their will be a maximum of 10 people per class.  People will need to bring their laptops and have the software on them.  I am hoping that won’t be a problem, most people seem to have laptops these days, and that is what they work on.

I also want to see if I can take peoplescyarra-2243 through more beginners things with Photoshop.  I found when I was learning that there were lots of classes for beginners and not a lot for beyond that, if any, so I had to learn on my own.  I want to be able to offer people that option of having somewhere else to go to learn beyond the basics.  I feel like my tagline should be “what I don’t know,  I know how to find out”.

Again if you are interested in doing one of these, please let me know.

Classes Online

Another option is running classes online.  I could do something on Google+ with a small number of people, maybe 8, where I can show you how to do things on my computer and you can see what can be done, ask me questions that sort of thing.  I haven’t really looked into this, but if people are interested, I would love to hear from you.


It is coming together, and while I had hoped it would be out this week, next week is looking more of a reality. I hope you don’t mind.

If you missed the posts about the Newsletter, and would like to get it from me, it is free, then send me an email.

Social Snappers

The first Social Snappers Photography Excursions for Women is coming up and if you want to participate in them, then take a look at the site and pick your excursions.


scyarra-HDR2A friend is on holidays at the moment and we have lots of plans for photos, so on top of organising all this I have a lot of trips to plan and do.  It’s going to be quite amazing.  My friend knows lots of places I’ve never been too before, so I am going to be learning about lots of new places.  It is going to be really exciting I think, I can’t wait.  Lots of long exposures too.

Speaking of photos the images today are from two different places and were taken about 3 years or 4 years ago.  I like going through my archives and taking a look at some older images.  Some are of the Yarra River in Warburton and the remaining ones are from Shepparton around the small town of Dookie.  I used to get there a bit for cycling.

I will leave it there now, so remember if you are interested in any of these classes then let me know.

The Usual Friday Bits and Pieces

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6277Giving you a round up of what I have been doing and what I will be doing in the next week or so is something I look forward to now.  I love sharing what I do and with most days taken up with other posts, Friday’s seem to be the only day that I can tell you about this.  I know I push things I’m doing, and I hope you don’t mind. I have had more One on One sessions, and another one coming up, online classes are starting to happen, more photo editing.  I decided to add another day for the Social Snappers as well.  I have a full plate, but I am loving all that is going on.

One on One Photography Sessions

I had another one of these last week with a new client.  It is so wonderful doing these, sharing my knowledge and going out and taking photos with someone.  I was telling a friend the other day that I am a problem solver, I love working out puzzles, and when a new client comes to me I know I am being presented with a new LeanneCole-docklands-20140216-9339challenge.

When people come to me for One on One’s they often have very specific needs, or areas they want to learn, then it is up to me to work out the best way to teach them that or show them how to do what they want.  It is wonderful, I really enjoy that each person wants something different.  If they don’t know, then I have to work out what they need and what they would like to learn.  I have another booked for the coming week, and this will be my first overseas visitor and I am so excited to meet her face to face and to teach her some photography.

One on One Photo Editing

This last week saw me doing another one of these, a new client and a new place.  I have a friend, Teresa,  who has a shop at the moment over in Greensborough and she said I could use her shop for the session.  It worked out really well.  I helped the client with what she wanted to do with her photos.  Again she had specific things that she wanted to use her photos for and I helped her to learn what she needed to do.

LeanneCole-Melbourne-flindersstreet-railbridgeWe might also be running some classes in Eltham, though not really sure yet, and not sure who will be allowed to do them yet.  If you have done one of my classes already then you will probably be given an invitation.

I am offering Online Editing Classes, if people are interested.  Amazing what you can show people using Skype.

Online Photography Classes

I have had my first client, and we have had a couple of sessions on Skype so far.  She seems to be really enjoying it, and like the other individual classes I teach, it is geared to what she wants to learn.  We talk, I show her things, we discuss her photos, the problems she is having, and then I write exercises for her to go out and do. LeanneCole-melbourne-flindersstreet-shopsShe seems to be enjoying it, and I love that I am helping her learn how to become more comfortable with her new camera and lens.

Social Snappers Photography Excursions

These are slowly coming together.  I have excursions for Sundays and Tuesdays in all sorts of places, though might have to change one of them.  When I was in Fitzroy Gardens the other day a woman stopped and asked what we were doing and I started telling her about these.  She sounded so interested and thought they were a great idea.  I think they are.  I know that I much prefer going out with other people to take photos, and I love going to new places.  I really hope I can find lots of other women that feel the same way.  I keep forgetting to tell people that the groups are limited to 8.


Well I entered another one, and the images that are in this post are the ones I entered.  This competition is different to the last one I entered, it is more an art prize. So the aim is to be selected, for the LeanneCole-pinklakes-20140421-6263exhibition, hopefully.  Though it is a top national prize and a lot of people enter.   If I am selected then I will have to get the image printed and framed, ready to be hung in the exhibition.  The exhibition is quite prestigious, so it would be amazing to be accepted for it.

Getting Connected –  Social Media and Branding

I am going to the above event this coming week.  A friend of mine, Christina, who writes a blog called Miss Rosanna, will be talking about social media. She is one of the speakers and I thought it would be great to go and hear her. I have no idea about Marketing and how to get the word out, so at the moment I am trying everything.

I think that is about all the news I have.  It is getting to be busy which is fantastic.  I do love that.  I will put the above images into a gallery for you to enjoy.



Retracing My Steps at Heide

Saturday morning I went back to Heide Museum of Modern Art with two clients.  It started out looking like a promising day, but then the clouds rolled in and the sun was hidden.  It isn’t very often that I am disappointed when this happens, but as we trying to do some landscape type of photography, it meant that the light was too flat.

Reflecting off the Rings of SaturnAs I said the sun did shine a little at first.  I love the way the morning sun is reflecting off the Rings of Saturn by Inge King.  I tried to do more images looking up at the sculpture this time.  Where they have it positioned you are meant to look up at it.  Unfortunately to get the sculpture and the sun I had to dodge trees as well.

Heide CourtyardThis is the courtyard and main entrance to Heide.  The black building is a new part that was built a few years ago.  It added a whole new gallery onto the building.  Since then they have also redone the cafe area, thought I haven’t been to it yet, hoping I might get a chance this week.  There is an exhibition on at the moment that I want to see, Art by Twilight, the art of Louise Bourgeois.  I have seen a couple of her pieces, but it would be lovely to see a whole show on her.

Side Gate to the Kitchen GardenIn another post I did about Heide someone mentioned that they loved the kitchen garden and had the book on Sunday Reed’s garden.  Sunday Reed is famous for many things, but she is especially famous for her gardens.  Her kitchen garden is still there and is still looked after and maintained.  I don’t know what happens with what is grown in the gardens, though I suspect the cafe gets much of the produce.

I really didn’t take much after this, I found the light just too flat and horrible.  It happens like this.  My clients took some images, but in the end we decided that we wanted breakfast more.

Tamrac’s Aero Speed Pack 75 Dual Access Photo Backpack

I haven’t said much about the bag since getting it for Christmas, but I thought it was time to tell you how much I love this bag.  I have used it on a number of occasions now and I have not been disappointed.  My husband carried it around for me at the Bay Crits.  It wasn’t big enough for all of my stuff, but I carried one camera and the other lived in the Tamrac bag until it was needed.

I use it when I go somewhere like the city.  I want my camera with me, but the reason for the trip may not be photographic.  The camera is easy to get in and out of the bag.  It isn’t a pain to use the bag and it sits very comfortably on my bag.

I can’t recommend it enough.  I am so happy that I found Tamrac, and I want to thank  C.R. Kennedy and Tamrac.

Online Classes

I have put up some more online classes for people wanting to learn Photo Editing.  I am trying to organise times that will be fine for people overseas.

I know a lot of you said that you were interested in learning photo editing from me, so if there are other times you would prefer, then let me know and I will see what I can organise.

The Beginners Basics are still available.  I’ve been getting some good feedback, so that is great to hear.  I am going to be writing some more parts for them as well, more on taking photos in particular circumstances.

I am also wondering if people would be interested in a one off class on HDR images?  Let me know.

Tweaking Photomatix Pro – Mini Tutorial

This last week, I have done quite a bit on HDR software and I know that a lot of you really like Photomatix, and I thought for my tutorial today I would show you some of the tricks that I use to help make sure I get the best possible image.

After opening Photomatix, you select your files, well the bracketed shots that will make your HDR image, in this case there are 3 images.  Now, as I said last week, these images were taken with me holding the camera, and not using a tripod.

After you press OK, this window opens up.  I have unchecked all the boxes, this is to show you what happens if you don’t remove ghosting, or align the images.

You might need to click on this image, and then click on the size so you can see how bad it is. You can see that the images don’t line up and it looks very out of focus.

I got rid of that image, or rather I didn’t save it, and I went back to the start, chose the same three images, then when I got to this window, I checked all the boxes and then pressed OK.

The image has turned out a lot better now and everything seems to line up a lot better.  The Enhancer – Default is where I want the image to be.

I have done all the processing, but there is a grey area in the sky, around where I have circled in red.  If you compare it with the previous image, I have made it better, but it still bothers me and now I have to see what else I can do to make it go away.

One thing I have found that often works is the Smooth Highlights slider, I have circled it above.  I have moved it a long way over, and the sky looks a lot better.  It has worked quite well, or well enough.  Sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes I find that HDR software doesn’t do well around trees.   I have found this with nearly all the software I have tried.  I also think, that the above image really doesn’t need to be processed as a HDR image, but I knew that it was a tricky one, so I used it.

Here is the final image.  I have done nothing else to this image, except for the processing in Photomatix Pro.

I have started playing more with Nik Software’s HDR Efex, but I need to play more and learn its idiosyncrasies before I do a post on it, hopefully it won’t take long.

Don’t forget, if you want to purchase Photomatix Pro use the coupon code LeanneCole15, it is not case sensitive, for your 15% discount.

Face to Face Contact

I had my first class this morning.  It was a great experience.  A fellow blogger from Chicago wanted some help understanding some things I had put in some of my tutorials.  We agreed on a price and then found a time that was right for both of us, turned out to be Sunday afternoon for her and Monday morning for me.  It is a strange concept.  I think I helped her lot.  We used Google+, I showed her my desktop and she showed me hers.  I think I have started something new, well new for me.

It was a good experience, and now that I have the first one done, I might start advertising more.  I have put some information in the pages above, so if you are interested, then please don’t hesitate to email me


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