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Looking at the ANZ Building on a Quiet Thursday

Today I thought looking at the ANZ Building on a Quiet Thursday seemed like a good idea.  This building is one that anyone who loves Melbourne will know and love.  For a relatively modern building the architecture is really outstanding and I wish more buildings could be built here that considered where they are and how they influence their environment.



This is an image I took from the top of the Myer building through a glass window.  It is a fairly typical view of the Melbourne skyline, well one from here.  The ANZ building is the second tallest in this image.  The gothic looking one and it is brown.  I love the shapes and lines in it.  It is a very distinctive building and one I’ve been chasing and trying to get an image of for a while now.

Recently when I was in the city for a Social Snappers Photography Excursion we were near this building, so I took a little detour.  It wasn’t where I thought it would be, and I can’t believe I have walked past it a couple of times and not realised. I didn’t miss it this time, and I took some photos of it and the other day decided to play with it. I was really glad that I had taken my 14-24mm lens with me, it was perfect for this shot with the Nikon D800.  I was going to do it for the post on the city in Weekend Wanderings, but I knew I wanted to do more with this one.


So the other day I started playing.  I haven’t down a brilliant job with it, but I am happy with how it is has come out.  Of course I replaced the sky and played with the lighting in the image.  I did have the whole building, from the road all the way up to the top, but in the end cropped it a bit, got rid of the road at the bottom with the parked cars, and other buildings at the side and behind.  I think it seems to be standing tall now and is quite dominant.  I am quite happy with it.

I hope you having an easy day.  The weather here has been more rain, but the sun is starting to peek out, so hopefully off to the coast to try out the filters more this afternoon.  Have a peaceful day.


Quiet Thursday’s – Laurent Building

Every time I walk past this building I think of Harry Potter.  I can’t explain it, whether it is the curve on the corner, or the fact that it is at the entrance of a lane. I took this photo during a Social Snappers excursion, and we stayed here for a while as we took lots of photos from different places.


I know a lot of you have already seen this image.  I’ve had it on Facebook, Google+ and Flickr, so I thought it might be time to show it here.

I like how the image has come out, and it was one of the first that I did in this sort of style.  I quite like it, but wished I’d used a tripod, which I didn’t have with me.  I feel like I’m always saying I will have to go back and do it again, and I am sure that for many of them I will, at some point.  I don’t know about this one, if it would be worth it or not. Listen to me, I’m rambling, sorry.

I will just leave it there today, take care and I hope you have a quiet day too.

Quiet Thursdays – Moon Gazing

There was another full moon last weekend, and I kept seeing everywhere that it was a super moon.  I have no idea, I’m afraid, I know when the full moons are, but not when they are super or not.  I have heard when the next Blood Moon is, but that is about it.  I need to find out how others find out this information.

August Full Moon

I took this photo of the moon out my front door.  It isn’t anything special, just a photo of the moon. I really want to be able to get good photos of the moon before the blood moon so when it happens, I will know what I am doing.  That is important.  I know the moon is the moon, and nearly all the images look the same, but still.

I did this, as I said, out my front door.  I used the D800 with a Sigma 150-500mm lens, though I also had the camera set on DX mode, or crop mode.  I did still have to crop the image more in post production, but not a lot.   I used ISO 320, f/10 with a shutter speed of 1/200, though I was using AP and the camera set the shutter speed.

I am using the new editor that WordPress have and I have to say I don’t really like it.  It is so tiny, I can’t read what I am writing.  It is one thing I really dislike about WordPress, and that is the changes they make with no consultation.  Apparently you can still use the old editor, but it is a round about way to get to it, but guess that is what we will all have to do.  I miss the word count, so I hope I haven’t talked too much.

I hope you have a peaceful day today.

Murders with Some Drama

Well, not real murders of course.  I have been back to Heidelberg Theatre Company to photograph rehearsals for a new play they are doing.  The director is Paul King, and for those that have been following me for a long time will remember that I have worked with Paul before and I photographed his play Summer of the Seventeenth Dolls around 2 years ago.  He has asked me to come back and do the same thing for his latest production, Little Murders.

I stole this from the website, I’m sure Paul won’t mind.  This is what the play is about.  Little Murders is a pitch-black comedy about an everyday dysfunctional American family trying to survive in the urban jungle of late 1960s New York. This is a city where random shootings, garbage strikes, air pollution, power failures and obscene phone calls are the norm. When daughter Patsy brings her new boyfriend home to this embattled atmosphere to introduce him to the family, his passivity in the face of danger leads to more conflict – and comedy. The play was written by Jules Feiffer.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9569It was nice being back and seeing a cast make it’s way through the dialogue and trying to work out where they were going to go or move.  The director trying to keep his head as a million ideas are thrown at him.  This was taken at the beginning, I think it was the first time they were doing this scene, so Paul was talking to them about what he wanted.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9612Sometimes the director just has to get up there and talk to them as well.  Help explain what he wants them to do.  You will notice with most of these images the actors have their noses in their scripts for most of it.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9563One of the things that I also enjoy is watching the set come together.  Slowly over the next few weeks this will evolve into a lounge room with a dining room up the back.  Walls will appear, some will have windows in them.  The furniture will change. By the time the play starts it will look like a real room,

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9614One of the things I was really excited about when it came to taking photos was getting to see how the Nikon D800 would handle the crap lighting in a theatre.  When I’ve photographed plays before I had my D300s, and while it was a good camera, it was terrible at low light and the noise in the images was shocking.  I have to say the D800 handled it like a trouper.  It was so good.  I hardly had to do anything to them to get rid of any noise.  I started at ISO4000, but ended up at ISO2000.  Now that I have seen the images, I will probably do things a little different next time.  The above image stood out so much when I started going through.  It was so crisp and sharp, I had a look and saw that I had taken it with the 50mm.  I think I love how that lens takes photos.  It is fast becoming my new favourite lens, well for some things.  Maybe I need to consider getting the 35mm.

LeanneCole-htclittlemurders-20140526-9656I forgot how much fun rehearsals can be.  There is a lot to laugh about, especially as some things are done over and over.  You do sit there and just laugh.  Sometimes I get so caught up in what is happening on the set that I forget to take photos.

Paul wants me to continue going back to get photos of the play.  At this stage I’m not sure whether I will do posts on it every week or every second.  I will try and include information about photographing the play and how I do it, where I can.  Here is a gallery with some of the images I got.

Weekend Wanderings – Early Morning at Docklands

The other day a friend and I decided we would go into the city this morning and take photos.  When we decided to go, we had no idea that it would rain.  We had been told that rain was forecast, but you know how it is, it has meant to rain the last couple of days and we got nothing.  It was true this morning, and it rained a lot overnight. In the end we decided to try Docklands and see what it would be like.

LeanneCole-docklands-20140216-9342It was early when we got there and there was no one around.  Not surprising I suppose for a Sunday morning.  The weather was shocking, but no one was complaining.  It was nice to get some rain, and nice not to see the sun shining, and to see clouds.  It was a very grey morning.

LeanneCole-docklands-20140216-9320It was great to walk around and take photos before everything started.  I know it is something that I will want to do again.  It was so peaceful.

LeanneCole-docklands-20140216-9347A friend asked me on Facebook if I was going to do more of our street art, and I thought that I would see what I could find today, and I found these guys, but as I was photographing them the rain really started coming down, so I ran for it.

I used the Nikon D800 for all the photos and today I had the 14-24mm on the camera. I didn’t want to change lenses as I didn’t want the inside of the camera to get wet.  I think they were all taken with an ISO of 500, and the aperture was f/7.1.

I got some great shots for my art work, and think you will see some of these images again.  Here is a gallery for you to enjoy, well I hope you do.  Enjoy your Sunday.

Weekend Wanderings – Arcade Hopping

Most of you know that I am trying to get my  One on One Photography Lessons/Tours off the ground, and get them more well known.  Part of what I need is some great photos of the City of Melbourne.  So you can expect that over the next few weeks there are going to be lots of photos of Melbourne.  I am hoping to go into the city a lot more to see what else I can capture.

The other day my photography friend and I headed into the city with the idea of seeing what we could photograph between Flinders Street and the Bourke Street Mall. In the end we didn’t go any further than Little Collins Street, but we did see some lovely things in between.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9094I discovered new things, like the arcade that is below the Nicholas Building is actually called Cathedral Arcade.  It makes so much sense, with St Paul’s Cathedral across the road, and then these lovely Cathedral ceilings.  It is a shame it isn’t kept to look as grand though.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9103I photographed arcades and walkways that I hadn’t really bothered about before.  The most unfortunate thing was that it was around lunchtime and there were far too many people around, and it was so hard to get great photos without people in them.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9106We also took some photos from the street.  They weren’t nearly as nice, as look at the sky.  It isn’t overcast though, well, maybe a little, but most of the white is actually smoke.  Melbourne has been covered in a smoke haze for days.  We have had far too many fires around the state.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9110I wanted to get this image of The Block Arcade.  I tried to do a similar one before Christmas but there were decorations everywhere and a table for gift wrapping.  This time there were too many people.  I might have to work on finding a time to get this when there is no one around.  I love how the full frame of the D800 and the 14-24mm can give you so much detail.  I love that you can see the how the right angled arcade does actually look.

LeanneCole-city-20140213-9105Another thing that I think about often when I see many of our buildings is how they could belong in a Harry Potter movie.  The shape of building on the corner of another walkway.  Beautiful lines.  It is the same with the light fixtures in Centre Place, they are amazing, I have photos of those in the gallery for you.

I am hoping to start exploring the other end of the city a lot more too.  There are so many places to go and visit, take photos of.  Buildings hidden away that I know nothing about, but I want to know.  I hope you don’t get sick of my exploring.  I just want to be able to give people who want to do a  One on One Photography Lessons/Tours with me a fantastic experience.

Here is the gallery for you.

Different Angles on a Bluestone

When I got my new camera a few months ago, I think many of you will remember how much fun I was having with the 14-24mm lens on the full framed Nikon D800.  I have shown you some of the photos that I took of the bluestone building that belongs to Deaf Children Australia.  It is fantastic to have a building like this to go to and take photos of anytime I like really.


One of the things that is fantastic about that lens is that it allows you to get angles that wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.  Though not with the photo above, this is a fairly standard image.  I have played with it some.  Trying to make the image look like it was older, or maybe just playing.

They want me to tell you about a DVD that they have produced, it is called “Behind the Bluestone” and is full of footage from the school and stories by people who went there.  It is very inexpensive at $15 and a great way to support Deaf Children Australia.  If you are interested in purchasing it then you should go to this link, click here.

I believe more restoration work will beginning soon, so it will be good to see more happening there. Don’t forget you can also donate money to Deaf Children Australia and there is a donate button on their website.

I am going to put in a small gallery with some other images, one of them is a tree, but if you look carefully you can see the children at the school have hung hands in the tree.  You can also see some of the angles I was talking about.  I also love how much of a room you can fit into an image with the lens, the room being what was the girls dormitory now the boardroom.


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