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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Catching Up

Slowly but surely I am starting to catch up with everything.  Things are starting to take shape and I can start planning some new things.


The Newsletter finally went out yesterday.  Sorry, it took me so long to get it out.  I will make sure that doesn’t happen again. I had problems with my computer and I couldn’t do any tutorials, but hopefully that will be fixed for next time.

Online Classes

I just want to mention them again as I have just had one person sign up, so it reminded me that others might be interested.  They are a great way to get individual tuition.  I charge $350 for five claripponleal-20131011-8938sses and they last for an hour to two hours, depending on how we go.  We can look at camera skills or photo editing.  It will really be directed by you.


I have decided to start writing some better articles for the Up for Discussion posts.  I want to get better at writing and I need to experiment with you guys, so I am hoping to start writing better articles on photography for you.  It is a direction that I think I would really like to go.  Especially since teaching is so much harder than I thought it would be.  So look out, hoping to do my first this Friday, one on Tripods.

Social Snappers

I’m also thinking about making some changes to Social Snappers and perhaps expanding it to something else as well.  I have been trying to advertise it  here in Melbourne, but it has been great, people are looking at the excursions but not doing them.  I enjoy them so much so I want to see what I can dripponleal-20131011-8846o to get more people to come to them.

I also want to start offering some Social Snapper one off classes, like teaching night photography in the city, or doing a class down the coast on photographing the milky way.  Doing editing classes.  Make it a more complete thing, rather than just going out and taking photos, but offering more as well.

I will announce more soon.

Trip to the USA

ripponleal-20131011-8917No more word yet, it looks likely I will be there early in September.  I don’t know what it will be like there. I suspect I will miss the fall colours, too soon, but we can hope for a mild summer and an early Autumn.


Today I went back into the archives to look for photos.  I found some that I remember taking, it was of Ripponlea.  I loved going there, it is such a beautiful building, but it is the gardens that are lovely.

I’m off now, I will be out getting more photos today.  I feel like I am doing it all the time at the moment, it is wonderful.  I hope you have a good day.


Tuesdays Bits and Bobs: Sorting Through it All

It has been a complete surprise to me how busy the start of the year has been.  The last couple of years it has been so slow at the start and taken a couple of months to get going, but this year I feel like I have started the year running.  There always seems to be something that needs to be done.  I keep forgetting things I have to do, and then I remember later on.  It does feel like there isn’t enough time in the day.  I just need to start being more productive with my time.  Of course, being busy doesn’t mean I don’t love it.  I do, and most of what I’ve been busy with has to do with taking photos, and there has been a lot of that.


It is coming together.  I have to do some videos for it, well tutorial ones, but should get those done in the next couple of days.  I was having a hard time trying to work out if I should do Lightroom, Photoshop, or Elements, but then decided maybe I can do all three.  If I can work out how to get GIMP onto my new scmont-4869machine, then I might do one for it as well.  I thought I would start with some basic things.  So that should happen soon.

Hopefully it will come out at the end of the week or early next week. Don’t forget if you haven’t signed up for it yet, there is a button in the side panel that allows you to do that.


I think I have found somewhere down here to teach some photo editing classes, I just need to work out when I will start and hopefully find enough people who want to do them as well.  I find it hard to really put myself out there, as it is so difficult to find the people to do scmont-hpm4971bwthese things.  People keep telling me they want to do them, but when push comes to shove and they have to fork out money, you never see them again.  I know that people think I shouldn’t charge money, but it has cost me a lot of money to learn as well, so that doesn’t seem fair either.

Social Snappers

I have been advertising Social Snappers on Melbourne Meetups and I had my first person from there the other day.  It was great having her along and I really hope she decides she wants to come back.

We had our biggest group yet.  We went to Hanging Rock, a rather weird looking rock formation just out of the city. It was a great place for photos, but it was so hot, and I think we all struggled with the heat a bit too.  We did it, and I have the photos to prove it.

The next outing is to Healesville Sanctuary on the first of March. I went there when my girls are little and I remember seeing a great live presentation of the raptors, so I hope they still do that.scmont-hpm4965


I’m off to Wadonga for a couple of days with my daughter.  She has to go up there a two day course.  I don’t know what I will do while she is there, take my camera I think.  If anyone has any great ideas of  what to photograph up there please let me know.

Camera Bags

scmont-4814I got a new bag recently, the LowePro Flip side 15L I think it is.  I think I am in love with this bag.  It can carry enough gear for me to use, that I still have choices.  My tripod, I mean my big tripod will fit on it, and it has a place for a bladder to carry water.  I got a Camel Bak insulted bladder and used it for the first time at Hanging Rock, it was perfect.  You have the end right near  your head so you can just drink anytime you want.  The other thing is that the bag might be heavy, but it doesn’t feel heavy on, it sits really well on my back.

If I had any problems with it, I think my biggest issue is that there is no where really in it for a wallet and phone.  I don’t always have pockets for those, well I never put my wallet in a pocket, so it would be good to have somewhere for that, and somewhere where it was easy to get to. I sometimes wonder if they think scmont-hpm5038of women when they are designing these things.

Photos Today

Time to leave it for today.  I have some photos for you, they were taken almost three years ago at Montsalvat. I love taking photos of Montsalvat, but I really dislike how much they charge people to take photos there.  You get charged an hourly rate, something like $20 an hour, and then you can’t do anything with the photos.  It is so outrageous.  No where else in Melbourne, not that I have found, will do that.  Anyway, I thought I would show these again.  I hope you are busy too and have lots of photography going on.  I better start working on Monochrome Madness.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Trying to Advertise

The year has well and truly started and I need to get on with things.  Some things are about to start and others have just gone by.


The first newsletter went out last week, and thank you to those that have let me know how they found it, I do appreciate it.  It was a bit light, and I am hoping that I will get more information for it.  I want to do more tutorials in it, have some for Lightroom and maybe some more advanced ones for Photoshop, will have to work on those.  I like the idea of the newsletter being more a learning and information thing.

IMG_20150116_140023If you missed out on the first newsletter, but don’t want to miss out on the next one, there is a button in the sidebar that says Sign up LCP Newsletter, if you click on that it will take you to where you can subscribe to it.

Advertising Social Snappers

The first Social Snappers is coming up this week and I am still trying to get women interested in doing them.  I really am not very good at the whole advertising and marketing thing.  I’m trying a couple of new things, so hopefully something will work.  I really want these to work, I love the idea, and so many people have said they love it too.  The Sunday one seems more popular, but I am hoping the Thursday one just school hours will also be successful.

IMG_20150125_090123This Thursday we are going to the zoo, and then on Sunday we are doing Bourke Street from one end to the other.


I’ve been having lots of fun taking photos mainly with my DSLR, but also with my phone.  Yesterday I went to Flinders and the friend I was with was using her phone to take photos, and I might say having a ball doing it.  I did find her copying what I was doing as well.  She didn’t have Instagram, but I did, so I was having fun trying to get some images for it.

All the images in this post are ones that I have posted on Instagram.  I tend to use only photos that I have taken with my phone for it, since Instagram have the same rules as Facebook and they can use your photos I only use photos that I don’t really care about.  They aren’t always good, but I have a lot of fun doing them.IMG_20150112_161811

I tend to use Instagram only when I go out.  I thought those that follow me would enjoy seeing where I’ve been and get a heads up of what photos might be coming up.

That is about all for this week. As this image publishes I am hoping I will be catching a sunrise over on the Bellarine  Peninsula.  I hope I wake up to my 3am alarm.  I know I will love it, but I am not looking forward to it.

Quiet Thursdays: Catching Up

This Thursday is all about catching up for me and getting things sorted out. I have posters to do for upcoming workshops, and I am putting the final touches on my newsletter, so that will go out later today.  If you want to get the newsletter and haven’t let me yet, I have put a sign up widget in the margin, here on the left.  If you click on that it will take you to a page where you can sign up for it.

I thought today I would show an image that I took with my phone, it is one I took on my birthday, then I played around with it and made it monochrome.  You lose the lovely soft colours of the sky, but I think the monochrome is still very soft.


This is the dome at the top of the Royal Exhibition Building.  I really am going to have to start going in there to take some photos, it seems like this would be a good time of night to do it as well. Soon.

I hope you are having a relaxing day, I feel like I’ve been everywhere, and there is so much to do here, well, back to work I go.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Things are Starting to Happen

It is Tuesday again, and while this is January and not a lot is really happening, I am getting things prepared and some things are changing.  It is a very busy week, so today will be quick.


I have just about done the newsletter, and now that I have all the email addresses entered I can get on with just the newsletter.  It is going to be a brief one the first time I think, but hopefully they will get better as I do more.  I have blairgowrie-pearse-beach-rocks-waves-595added a widget to the side panel and if you click on that you can add your name and email to receive the newsletter.

Social Snappers

I have put up more information for all the Social Snappers excursions this coming term, so you are interested take a look at the site, for the Thursday outings and the Sunday outings. I really hope some of you would love to join me.

 New York

blairgowrie-pearse-beach-rocks-waves-598I have organised my passport, now just waiting for it to arrive, however, there may be some changes to the trip, I can’t say anything yet, but when I know I will let you know.


The new year is here and it is time I started getting serious about the book.  I have to make a time with the council to talk to them about my plans for the book and see if it’s going in the direction that they would be happy with.  So I will start working on that soon.


I have been going out and taking photos every chance I can and it has meant that I haven’t had a lot of time to get on with other things. Tonight I am in Blairgowriblairgowrie-pearse-beach-rocks-waves-597e marvelling over a new beach I found today.  It is amazing, and I think I will need to come back.  I took a few photos, but the tide was sort of rushing at me, so I didn’t hang around for too long, but the photos in this post are from that beach.  A couple of long exposures and some waves shots.

I hope you are busy where you are.


Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: Getting Things Done

Today I wanted to talk more about what I need to get done, as really the new year has been slow and I need to start getting on with things.  Time seems to be getting away from me, so I do have to be stricter with myself.  I need to stop wasting time on other things. The things I am trying to get organised the most are the classes, so much of my time has been spent getting those ready to start advertisig.

Classes in the Mallee

I really want to get going with classes.  I have classes in the Mallee organised for the long weekend in March, the 7th, 8th and 9th of March.  I am going to be teaching more about organising your photos and some basic editing using Lightroom.  We will go and take photos first though, that is always fun.  I am going to be doing this class twice, in Swan Hill on the 7th and then in Hopetoun on the 9th.  I need to get some posters done and will work on those this week.

For those that missed the Getting your Camera off Auto, I am running that class again in Hopetoun on the 8th.shepparton-country-dookie-paddocks-135

If you are interested in doing any of these classes please let me know.

Classes in the City

I am still trying to organise a place to teach editing here in Melbourne.  At this stage I am looking at classes in or around Heidelberg.  I want to start doing teaching classes in Photo editing and would like to do both Lightroom and Photoshop.  At this stage I am looking at 4 week courses, and they would be one night a week, well one night for Lightroom and another for Photoshop.  At this stage I am thinking the cost will be $260 for the 4 week course and their will be a maximum of 10 people per class.  People will need to bring their laptops and have the software on them.  I am hoping that won’t be a problem, most people seem to have laptops these days, and that is what they work on.

I also want to see if I can take peoplescyarra-2243 through more beginners things with Photoshop.  I found when I was learning that there were lots of classes for beginners and not a lot for beyond that, if any, so I had to learn on my own.  I want to be able to offer people that option of having somewhere else to go to learn beyond the basics.  I feel like my tagline should be “what I don’t know,  I know how to find out”.

Again if you are interested in doing one of these, please let me know.

Classes Online

Another option is running classes online.  I could do something on Google+ with a small number of people, maybe 8, where I can show you how to do things on my computer and you can see what can be done, ask me questions that sort of thing.  I haven’t really looked into this, but if people are interested, I would love to hear from you.


It is coming together, and while I had hoped it would be out this week, next week is looking more of a reality. I hope you don’t mind.

If you missed the posts about the Newsletter, and would like to get it from me, it is free, then send me an email.

Social Snappers

The first Social Snappers Photography Excursions for Women is coming up and if you want to participate in them, then take a look at the site and pick your excursions.


scyarra-HDR2A friend is on holidays at the moment and we have lots of plans for photos, so on top of organising all this I have a lot of trips to plan and do.  It’s going to be quite amazing.  My friend knows lots of places I’ve never been too before, so I am going to be learning about lots of new places.  It is going to be really exciting I think, I can’t wait.  Lots of long exposures too.

Speaking of photos the images today are from two different places and were taken about 3 years or 4 years ago.  I like going through my archives and taking a look at some older images.  Some are of the Yarra River in Warburton and the remaining ones are from Shepparton around the small town of Dookie.  I used to get there a bit for cycling.

I will leave it there now, so remember if you are interested in any of these classes then let me know.

Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs: The Year Begins

Last Tuesday I did a big post on what I am hoping to do this year, and really so far, not a lot has happened and nothing much has changed.  I don’t really know what to tell you about this week.


Just a reminder that I am going to start a newsletter.  I am still trying to work out what I will put into the first one, but plans are afoot.  I am hoping to get it out next week.  I am trying to work out how to put a link in the side bar for people to sign up to it, but so far, I am stumped.  So if anyone has done it, please, would love some ideas.  For now I am going to put the contact form at the end of the post for you to fill out.  I know some of you have left messages, and I’m sorry I haven’t responded, but the way they came out was a bit weird.

Monochrome Madness

Just a quick reminder that Monochrome Madness is back this week and you still have time to send in your images.

Wacom Tablets

I am very excited, I have ordered a new Wacom Tablet, the Intuos Pro Medium.  I have had one for a few years now, but a small one, so I thought it would be good to get a bigger one.  I have a brother in law who works in doing special effects for movies, and he suggested the medium.  It will, hopefully, arrive in the next couple of days.

That is about all the news I have really.  I thought I might use some photos that I did about 2 years ago, but I still look at them and love them.  They were of the Council Chambers in the Melbourne Town Hall.

Here is the form if you want to sign up for my Newsletter.


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