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Quiet Thursdays: Taking a Break

It has been a very rewarding week, especially as some things come to a close and new things start. Something that has been going on in my families life hopefully reached closure and with the new magazine starting something new to look forward to. In between all that I’ve also been getting out to take photos, which is always fantastic.

I know I keep going on about them, but I’ve been out with my new Formatt Hitech filters again.  Yesterday for Monochrome Madness I showed you a photo taken in the city last weekend with the Firecrest 16 ND filter, well I have two more photos to show you from that day as well.

I also have a photo from Marysville.  I went there again on Monday and found more waterfalls.  I will do a post on the weekend of my trips there, but I did put a photo up on Social Media, so I thought I would show it to you today as well. It is of the Taggerty Cascade Waterfalls and was taken using the Formatt Hitech ND grad 0.9 filter, though I only used the dark area.

I am going to leave it there today.  It is windy and cloudy here today, so I might sneak out and take some photos of some dead trees.  I hope you get to have a peaceful day as well.

Weekend Wanderings: Photographing Bays in a Bay

Melbourne is in Port Phillip Bay, I’m sure I’ve told you that before.  It is a large bay, and the city itself is around an hour and a half to two hours to the coast.  In some ways we are very protected in our bay.  Though lots of ships do come in and go out through it.  However, because it is so large there are so many different little bays inside the main bay.  Last Tuesday I got to visit two of them, which I was excited about, as it was also the first chance I had to use my new Formatt Hitech Firecrest 16 filter.


The first bay we went to was Davey’s Bay.  There is a little pier there and not much else.  It is quite secluded and very nice. I am glad I went with others as I’m not sure I wouldn’t have found it by myself.

It was a great little spot and perfect to try out the Firecrest 16.  This is  ND Filter, or a Neutral Density filter. The idea of the filter is that it is dark in colour and it stops some of the light going through to the sensor so you can get different exposure times, or rather longer ones.  The darker they are, the longer the exposure.

They are called neutral because they are meant to be neutral in colour, so supposedly they don’t effect the colour of the image when it’s taken.  If you buy cheap ones you will often find they have a colour cast. Though some of the good ones also have them as well, I’ve noticed that my Lee Big Stopper can give a blue cast.

The Firecrest 16 is a 16 stop ND filter, so if my camera says for a normal exposure you will need a shutter speed of 1/250 of a second, then with this filter you could get an exposure of around four minutes.  It means you can get that smooth water and blurry clouds. Most of these images were done with a six minute exposure.

I decided to convert many of the images into monochrome, but to do this I used Silver Efex which is part of the Nik Collection by Google.

I took a lot of images around this area with that filter and got lots of long exposures, before we went to the next bay, Watkins Bay.


This area had a few piers, some good, some not.  The bay was so still here, and there really wasn’t any need for the 16 stop ND Filter.  I think I took one photo with it, but then it was getting too dark and the exposure times were getting too long. I did start using the the new ND graduated filters, but used them as full ones rather than as graduated.

I have a gallery for you now, I really like the effect of the filters, and I will be trying some more this weekend.  I hope you have lots of plans for photos this weekend.

Weekend Wanderings: Early Morning in the City

A couple of weeks ago I joined some other lovely ladies and we spent the morning taking photos along the Yarra River in Melbourne. The river was calm and clear.  It wasn’t mirror like, but still very nice and we managed to get some lovely reflections in the water along with some great colours.  It was a very peaceful morning.

It was meant to be a Social Snappers Event, but many didn’t show up, so here is what they missed.

It is a busy weekend for me, so I am just going to leave you with the photos today.  My weekend includes lots of photography, and I hope you are going to have a similar weekend.

Weekend Wanderings: Autumn Afternoon Along the Yarra River

Autumn has to be one of the most stunning times to see Melbourne.  The weather is often just beautiful, lots of sunny days, cool evenings and mornings.  Then you have the landscape doted with trees changing colours as they get ready for winter. Unlike many other countries, most of our indigenous trees don’t lose their leaves for winter, so we don’t get the vibrant colours that other places get, but it is nice to see some of it.


In the city there are trees everywhere that have been planted and are in the process of changing colours.  Well, they were last weekend when I spent the afternoon doing a One on One Photography session and taking photos along the Yarra River.


The weather was stunning that day, and we haven’t had much weather like it since.  You can see in the sky there that there isn’t a cloud any where.


This was a typical scene, look at the contrast of the autumn trees against the background buildings.


One of the walking bridges over the Yarra River has been converted to a lock bridge and there are hundreds of locks on it.  I thought this one was really interesting.


We headed down to the Seafarers Bridge to see if we could photograph the sunset, and we did. It wasn’t a brilliant sunset, but good enough.


Of course we had to turn around to look back at the city.  This was one of the last images I took. The city lights were coming on and the clouds were moving by.  I should have tried a long exposure, but I didn’t think it was an appropriate thing to do with a student, the excursion was for them not me.

I had a lovely afternoon and think I got some wonderful photos to show how beautiful Melbourne can be in autumn.  I am fairly certain my student also got some great photos, some very similar to mine as well.

I hope your weekend is going well. It is Mothers Day here in Australia and I’m hoping my daughters are going to do french toast with strawberries for breakfast, but who knows.  I hope you have a lovely Sunday, we will be staying it, the weather is going to be horrible.

Weekend Wanderings: Early Morning Along the Yarra River

This morning, not long after this post publishes I will be in a similar place with lots of other ladies photographing the river and the city over the river.  Mornings in Melbourne can be a great time to get so beautiful photos of the city and if you are lucky get it reflected very nicely in the river.  Unfortunately on this morning the river wasn’t being nice and wasn’t smooth, but we still go some great shots.


This was one of the first shots I took, you can see that with no clouds we weren’t going to get a good sunrise, still the colours were nice.


I know it wasn’t one of those brilliant red sunrises, but the orange and the silhouette or the surrounds is quite good.


The rising sun painting the city with gold, I like it when that happens in the morning.


We headed into the city and played around with the wide angle lens seeing what things up close looked like with it.


It was just before Easter, so I  had some fun taking some photos of the Easter eggs in the shops.


We went for a wander along Collins Street to Southern Cross Station and took photos along the way.

It was a lovely morning for photos and I really enjoyed it.  I am hoping that this morning is just as nice as well, maybe even nicer. It is going to take me a while to respond to comments, but I will get to them when I get home. I hope your morning starts off well and you have a great Sunday.

Up for Discussion: Favourite Places to Take Photos

Can you believe it I’ve had a major computer problem and have to reinstall everything. I downloaded something and got a virus that we could not get rid of, and the only option was to start from scratch.  It is going to take me a couple of days get everything back to normal before I got the bug.  I just hope it is gone now.

So a short post today, and thought we might extend the post I did a few weeks ago where we talked about taking photos in your backyard, or around where you live, but I think we all have places that are not close that we love to go and take photos.I thought we could look at those places that we like to go and take photos, then maybe why.

If I had to tell you the places where I like to go and take photos, I think there would be three. I know these are places that I love planning to go to and finding new places to photograph.

The Mallee

The Mallee

The Mallee

This is the area I’ve been to a lot, and perhaps because I grew up around the area there is a special affinity to the place for me.  I find this once prosperous area fascinating, perhaps because it is such a harsh area environmentally.  The area is having big problems with salt and now the landscape is changing again.  It is quite interesting, though having my mum still up there means I can visit anytime I like, get accommodation and just take photos.

The City

The City

The City

I love going into the city of Melbourne and exploring what is there, taking photos.  It is great photographing the same things over, though they always seem different. Then there are the new discovers when you find some new area that you didn’t realize was there before.  I haven’t explored it nearly enough and I really need to do a lot more.

The Victorian Coast

The Coast

The Coast

The coast along Victoria is quite amazing really.  There are areas where it is really rough and other areas where it is calm and gentle.  The weather can change the mood of the sea and I like that I never know what I will get. There is a real unpredictableness about it.  I know that isn’t a word, but that is what I think.

They are in no particular order, but they are probably my three favourites places away from where I live.  I will travel to them, stay there, do what is necessary to take photos there.

Do you have favourite places that you like to go and take photos of? Why do you like them.

Sorry this is a quick one today, as I said, my computer is starting from scratch and I have a lot of work to do on it.  I also have to spend some time with my mum, she arrived yesterday.  So much to do.  I won’t be going to any of my favourite places today or this weekend.  Here are some photos from those places.

Quiet Thursdays: Taking it Easy

Really that’s what I’ve been doing?  It is a very lazy day for me, I just don’t seem to be able to get myself motivated to do much.  It could be a thinking day, do you have those?  Days where all I want to do is think and work out some stuff.

I have another article for the Digital Photography School being published early next week.  This one is on textures I believe, how to use them.  It is my first attempt at doing a tutorial for them, and it is something I need to work on.  I should be an expert at doing them by the time I am finished.

I have some other things I want to write about, but I need to think about it first.  Have the ideas going around in my head for a while.  Work out what I really want to say, take some notes and then start the writing process.

Today I have a couple of photos that have been on social media and were taken last Saturday at Healesville Sanctuary. I originally did the pelican for MM, but something about it, well, I don’t know.  Then I wondered if it wouldn’t be better in colour!

There is also a redo of the image that I did for last week’s MM.  I thought it was missing something so I’ve tried doing something else to it, I don’t know if you will notice, but I think it looks better now.  I also have one image that I did this morning, which is why this post is late.  I really wanted to try some things on another image.  If you stare at the tops of the buildings the clouds look like they are moving.

My mum is arriving this afternoon, so I’m going to leave it there for now.  I hope you get to have a lazy day as well.


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