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Weekends Wanderings Around the City

Well not really around the city, but close enough. Last week a friend and I went into the city for the Open House thing and ended up not seeing anything. Not that we minded too much. We walked around the city and down to Southbank and I took some photos of things I’ve some things I’ve never done before. It was great.

It is just a very quick post, I really must apologize, but I spent all day yesterday working on the magazine and trying to get my website set up, which unfortunately it still isn’t. I’m trying to set up a e-commerce thing on it, and I’ve tried two different ones so far, and both have different problems I can’t work out. Hopefully I will have more luck. Doesn’t help that I am coming down with a cold so my head is mush anyway. Having said that, the magazine looks great, and is around 60 pages, so that is really good.

I’m going to leave you with a gallery now, I hope everything your part of the world is good and you are having a better time.  Take care.

Weekend Wanderings: Melbourne Bridges at Night

A couple of weeks ago I was given an opportunity to take some photos along the river at night. We started at Docklands and found a great place to take some photos of the Bolte Bridge. I’ve never been that close to it before.  We then wandered back and took photos at various places along the river till we got to Flinders Street Station. It was here that we said good bye and caught trains home.

I do love taking photos of the river at night, the best time. I am thinking of organizing a group outing to do it.

This morning I’m going out to take more photos in and near central Victoria. It should be a great morning/day for photography. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been wanting to get back to this place for while, but you will have to wait to find out where I’ve gone. There might be hints on Instagram.

Here is a gallery of images for you to see. I hope your weekend is going well.

Weekend Wanderings: Walking the Streets of Melbourne

Yesterday morning I got to spend some time with a new client and we walked around the streets of Melbourne to take photos. It was a One on One Photography Session that her husband got for her for her birthday. It was a great morning for taking photos and I certainly enjoyed myself, and I hope my client did as well.


Hopetoun Tea Rooms

I started by taking some photos at Hopetoun Tea Rooms, well in the window. It was nice as it was early and I could just take photos without lots of other people getting in the way.

I got to take some photos of some birds and St Paul’s Cathedral and then I met my client. We went and had a coffee at the new Cafe 1932 at the bottom of the Manchester Unity Building before heading out to take some photos. I loved the Cafe and was delighted to see a couple of my photos up on the walls, ones I had taken of the outside of the building.


Work on what was Australia on Collins

We walked along Collins Street and the shopping area that used to be Australia On Collins seems to have been gutted. It was quite amazing looking into it.  I liked the Keep Out Sign and then the workman standing there.


Over the Rail Bridge and over the River – Flinders Street

We liked this scene. The railway bridge that takes trains from Flinders Street Station to Southern Cross Station.  We kept waiting for trains to go over so we could get them in the photo as well.


Great Chocolate and Lolly Shop, Chocamama

We walked back towards Flinders Street Station, into Degraves Street and just had to stop in at Chocamama, a new shop, definitely new to me. Lots of lollies and chocolates. I was in heaven. I was allowed to take photos and I took quite a few. I also came home with two bags full of goodies, I would certainly recommend the chocolate honeycomb.


National Gallery of Victoria Show – Holden EFIJY

We went to Federation Square to try some Street Photography, but first we got distracted by something inside the National Gallery of Victoria.  There is a special show on, we didn’t look at the show, but look at that car. It was fantastic. We took lots of photos of it. It was very shiny with lots of reflections and that made it so hard to photograph.


Street Portraits

I was surprised to find myself doing some street photography and with people. I know, I am surprised with myself as well. I was amazed with how much I enjoyed it as well. I tried to take photos of people taking photos which was funny. I did have a chef in a restaurant who spotted I was trying to take his photo and he just turned and smiled.

Hosier Lane was great for the street photography, though I have to say it was disappointing with the graffiti now. Not much imaginative stuff there and just taggers really. I thought it was really boring.  Shame considering what it used to be like.

I had a great time, and I hope my client did as well. The weather wasn’t too bad, though it was a bit chilly in places.

I have a gallery for you now and have included places I hope. I can’t say where everywhere is as some we really shouldn’t have been taking photos in some of them.  I hope you have a great start to your weekend, I think it’s meant to be sunny here this weekend, perfect.

Weekend Wanderings: Beautiful Afternoons Along the Yarra River

A couple of weekends ago I got to spend an afternoon taking photos along the Yarra River in Melbourne. It was a stunning afternoon and one of those perfect winter ones that we look for.  I had a lovely time along there.

I was teaching a One on One Photography Session and the person I was teaching liked photographing bridges and, well, Melbourne has some great ones along the Yarra River.  So there are lots photos of the bridges and from all different angles.

We also did a couple of photos going indoors to look at how to take photos in low light and what you can do to get the best results.  They were inside the Crown Casino complex where it is very flashy, lots of bling.

Most of the photos are things you’ve seen before, though I did take a couple of photos of Polly Woodside an old sailing ship that people can go on and take a look around.  I hope you don’t mind looking at more photos of Melbourne, I seem to be taking heaps along the river at the moment, what can I say, it has been great weather for it.

I’m just going to leave you with a gallery today. I’m in Sorrento this weekend and not sure how much time I will have to look at comments, but I will do my best to catch up with you all.  I hope you have some great things planned for this weekend. Have a good one.

Quiet Thursday’s: Very Quiet

It’s been a funny week.  I’ve been out taking photos a few times and I’m off to Sorrento for the weekend. Looking forward to spending a bit of time down there and taking photos around there.  I’m also teaching the Astrophotography class on Saturday night, so that should be good. The weather is looking okay, so hopefully we will get some good shots.

I wanted to give you a link as well today, Susan from The Insatiable Traveler asked me if I would give you the following link, The Elusive Desert-Adapted Lions of Namibia and the Man Who Loves Them, as she wants to bring some attention to the desert lions.  I know you will all go and take a look at it for her.

I only have a couple of photos for you today and they are both long exposures and taken on the weekend. The first one was of the Melbourne Star at Docklands.  I wanted to see if I could take a photo using the Firecrest 16 from Formatt Hitech and see what I could get with it.  I wanted to see how the wheel would look with a long exposure.

The second image is from Banyule Flats.  I went there the other morning to do a sunrise shoot.  Unfortunately there was too much cloud to really get a sunrise, but I did notice that the clouds were moving quite fast.  Just before I left I went to a different spot and put the Lee Big Stopper on. It wasn’t too bad, I think I got the clouds going in a good direction.  The time might have been a bit too long, but I’m starting to understand that more.  Trial and error, you have to love it.

I have my meeting today for my book, I’m a bit nervous about it, but I’m sure it will be fine.  I hope you have a productive day.  Take care.

Weekend Wanderings: Morning Along Port Phillip Bay

The other morning a friend and I decided we would go out and take some photos at some bays that I’ve been to lately. We read that the forecast was going to be cloud increasing with showers in the afternoon, so it sounded like a good chance for a sunrise. So at six am my friend picked me up and I have to say I was shocked when I walked outside, it was 3.7ºC, which is 38ºF, really cold, cold for Australia anyway.  I don’t like that cold.


First of all we went to a bay in Beaumaris as we thought it could be a good spot for a sunrise and we weren’t disappointed. The sunrise was also nice, not spectacular, but okay.  There was something there to work with.  I took photos around the piers using my Formatt Hitech and Cokin Filters.


After Beaumaris we headed to Davey’s Bay just past Frankston.  My friend wanted to go there and check it out. It might be nice for a sunrise, but by the time we got there the sun was too high and it was too bright to get any good shots, especially for long exposures.

When we got there there were some Pied Cormorants sitting on the end of the pier sunning themselves. We got as close as we could to them. I put on the Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 lens that Maxwell International Australia have lent me to try out.  I think the shots it took were pretty good.


We had some breakfast in Frankston and then thought we might stop at the Brighton Beach to look at the beach boxes. It is amazing how many people go to them to take photos. It was very hard to get any shots without people in front of them.

I’ve been there once before, but my friend hadn’t been there before. Being there in the morning isn’t a good time to take photos.  The last time I went was in the afternoon, and they weren’t so shaded.  I think these boxes are among the most expensive real estate in Melbourne, if you want to own one you have to fork out a lot of money.

It was a very cold morning with a very icy wind blowing, but the sun was shining.  As we headed home the clouds came rolling in and within an hour or so the rain set in.

I have a gallery for you now, a few more photos from the morning.  It is the start of the weekend here, a long one at that, and weather wise, could be good, maybe some bad.  I hope you have a good weekend planned, maybe lots of photography in there as well.

Quiet Thursdays – Looking at Time

It’s been a productive week and I’ve managed to get quite a few things done.  I’m feeling less stressed which is great, and I’ve been keeping to my plan of working at home on certain days. I can feel myself getting a grip on things.  Now I just need to work on the blog some more and get some more posts done ahead of time.

Last weekend I was in the city taking some photos and some of the shots I really liked.  I haven’t done a lot to many of them, but I did play around with a couple for you for today.  I will do more soon.

Here are the ones I worked on.  The sky was lovely, lots of clouds rushing by, but more on those in a minute.

Speaking of clouds rushing by I decided to have a go at doing some time lapse photography. So I set up my camera to take a series of images over 10 minutes.  When I got home I played around with them and got this short time lapse video.

Then I noticed some clouds reflected in a building and so had to do another one.

Take a look, you might see more moving than you expect.

On Sunday when we went to Cranbourne for Social Snappers again I noticed the clouds and thought, why not do another one.  This one was done over 15 minutes.

They are all very short. They were fun to do, and I love watching how the world rushes past.  I will be out again this morning, all in the schedule.  I hope you have a great time and quiet time today.


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