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Meeting Adjourned

It has been a couple of weeks since my invitation to the Manchester Unity Building, and I can’t get some of the images out of my head.  When we were on the top floor and heading down to the floor below Kia said to me, “you’re going to love this”.  He was so right.  My head spins when I think of this room.

Boardroom The Boardroom is so amazing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod with me, and I couldn’t take the images I really wanted.  I had to turn the ISO up quite a bit, but these images were more exploratory, and when I go back I will be able to get some much better shots.  I think HDR images will work really well in this space as well.  There are lots of dark areas, and other areas that get burned out.  You can’t see the beautiful ceiling rose in this image.

It is such a beautiful room.  I have been in other board rooms, we used to have meetings in the boardroom at the National Gallery of Victoria when I worked there, but none had the detail that this one has.  The table is the main focus, this room though has some many other features.

When I think of photographing this building, I keep thinking of Edward Hopper and his paintings, and I want to bring some of that into these images.  It would be great to find a model to dress in thirties period clothes and place her in these rooms.  Though I have asked for one of the assistants to do it, so will see how it looks first, it might not work.

I do love Edward Hoppers paintings and I don’t mind them influencing my photography at all.  There is a certain feeling about them that I like.  Who knows I might want to start putting people in my photos.

This image has had little done to it, I processed it in camera raw and opened it.  It was quite yellow due to the light, so I added 25% of blue cooling photo filter to tone it down some, and that was about it.  I really like the way the windows reflect in the table.

Short post today, it was my friends birthday to day and we went to Chandon for lunch.  It is always very nice out there, I did take one or two photos, but have had time to look at them yet, so they will have to wait for another day.


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