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A Lily in Black and White

While the Monochrome Madness Challenge has been great in getting me to do more black and white, I have to say I have done some before as well.  Okay not lots, but some.  Recently I was looking through something and I found an image that I had done some time ago, perhaps two years ago, and I had forgotten how much I liked it. I loved how close and person you got with the tip of the lily.  I also really liked how you could see the textures on the flower too.  I just have always really like this composition and making the image black and white really seemed to suit it. I am pretty sure this is the same flower, but from a different angle.  Again the black and white did just suit it.  It is one thing I do like about black and white, the way you just look at shape and texture, even mood. My lilies in the garden are slowly recovering from the hot summer and I hope I will be …

Trumpet Imitation

Wishes and Dreams

The other day I told you that it would be my birthday today, and it still is, so I decided that todays post might be a bit different.  I had planned on starting with the tutorials today, but I couldn’t think of what to do.  I don’t really know what people want to see.  Then I decided to do a post on what photography is to me.  I hope you can handle it. Some time ago I did a post asking what type of photographer are you, and I decided that I wasn’t a technical photographer.  I have thought about that question many times since then.  Recently I was asked what does it mean to be a photographer.  I also said in a post a couple of days ago that I see images everywhere.  I really do, I dream them, I see them walking around, when I am watching TV I see photos on the TV and in my head.  I never stop seeing them.  My head is full of things I want to photograph …

The Twisted Lily - Near the End

My Way of Doing Black Backgrounds

The last few weeks I have done 3 posts with images of Lilies.  If you missed them then the first one was Death Flower, the second was Detail of Death, and the last one was Quick Sunday.  One of the most frequently asked questions I was asked, was how did I get the background so black?  I promised I would do a tutorial on it, and here it is. I started with a image, a new one for this. Here is the image as I first took it.  I am hoping you can see that the background is a motley colour.  I have canvas that I have stretched over frames and painted to use as backdrops,  This one was painted with yellow ochre and  either a dark brown or black.  Sorry, I did it quite a while ago and I don’t remember. I suspect I used raw umber, or maybe burnt Sienna.  I would have to go out to my studio and find out if you really want to know.  I am happy to do a tute …

Lily Standing Tall

Quick Sunday

It has been a very busy day and I am running very behind.  Just a photo today.  This is from the Lily session I did a couple of weeks ago.I’ve been at the theatre all afternoon, the set is finished and I am looking forward to photographing the dress rehearsal tomorrow night.  Though, we have decided you won’t see them until after it opens on Thursday night.  Can I just say the set looks fantastic.