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Another long exposure of a pier at Shelly Beach near Sorrento.

Something for Friday

It is another wet day here in Melbourne. A good day to stay home and write. I have more articles to write for Digital Photography School and I’ve been asked to write a post for someone else, which is always nice. I may have mentioned that already. Speaking of Digital Photography School another one of my articles was published today: 10 Tips for Better Landscape Photography Please take a look and share it on your social media, that would be great. It seems we live in a world of share share now. Everyone is sharing on Social Media. It is wonderful looking at amazing photos. I get so many ideas. Today I have some more photos for you that have been on, you guessed it, my Social Media sites, many Instagram and Flickr. I will write captions for them so you can see where they were. I hope the weather is nice where you are.


Introductions: Margaret Preston

It has been a while since  I did a non photography introduction and while I was searching for someone for today I came across Margaret Preston’s work. She was a prolific painter and printmaker here in Australia. Most Australian artists know who she was and I thought maybe I could tell you about her as well. Looking back on artists like Preston can help with our photography. They saw the world in a unique way and it is good to explore that when we are taking our own images. We can see the possibilities and how anything is possible. I mainly know her because of her linocuts. Though, I didn’t really realize that she did a lot of landscape paintings and prints as well. Here is a little information about her from Wikipedia: Margaret Rose Preston (29 April 1875 – 28 May 1963) was an Australian artist. She was known during the 1920s to 1940s for her modernist works as a painter and printmaker and for introducing Aboriginal motifs into contemporary art. If you click …


Weekend Wanderings: The Side of a Mountain Near Castlemaine

Travelling back from the Mallee recently I stopped off near Castlemaine, I told you about it a couple days ago,and how I caught up with Bev from FOZZIE.M. She took me for a drive to a local mountain and we stopped at some of the places for photos. It was foggy and I love it when it is like that. You can get some great photos with it. The area we went to, for me, is really what I think the Australian bush is really like. The fog helps create some atmosphere in it as well. A bare tree in the fog is even better. What Bev wanted to show me were the rocks up there. They are big and really dominate the landscape. They are also very odd, and I think Bev loves them. They are also very strange the way they just sit there and the shapes of them. Quite intriguing. There are also some wonderful trees with amazing textures on the bark. The fog makes the environment very damp so the grain of …


Influencing Me: Joel Tjintjelaar

If you love architectural photography then you will, I’m sure, know about Joel Tjintjelaar.  He is like a guru when it comes to architecture and long exposures. I know many of you already know his work and those that don’t will fall in love in love with it.  His work is something I aspire to be able to do and I plan work thinking of how he executes it. Shame he is in another country to me. There is a rawness to his images, they are devoid of distractions. When you look at his work there are lessons to be learned on what you should include and what you shouldn’t include. The work is about shape and form, and you look at the structure of the building. It is like an architects vision of what they thought the building would look like. His work is predominantly black and white. It strips away more of the distractions. It helps make the buildings beautiful, but also very simple, if that is the right way of putting it. Though …


Weekend Wanderings: Cape Otway Lighthouse

It is hard to visit Apollo Bay and not take a trip to Cape Otway Lighthouse. At first Karen and I were disappointed with the weather as it was raining on and off, but once we got there we realized the white buildings were going to be set off really well against the dark brooding sky. The lighthouse is the hero there, but unlike other lighthouses I really didn’t want to take photos of it up close. I like the surroundings it was set in and with the wet weather it really set it off. If you have paid all the money to go in you should go up the lighthouse. It is quite amazing what you can see from it. There is the long path to it and one of the volunteers as they finish their shift in the top. They turned on the light for us, though it is no long used, there is a newer smaller light in front of the old lighthouse now. It was quite amazing watching the storm out at …


Introductions – Jeff Sinon

The person I would like to introduce you to today is someone I don’t really know, but would really like to.  Kaz from Days and Months has been telling me about some of the photographers she really enjoys and Jeff Sinon, and his blog Jeff Sinon Photography was one of them.  I was blown away when I saw his blog and knew that I had to seek permission so I could shoe you his work, though I am pretty sure many of you already know him. I could tell he photographed an area that was nothing like where I lived, so he told me he lives in the lakes region of New Hampshire. “Putting me a short drive from both the seacoast and the mountains. Most of my photography is focused on New Hampshire with some time in Maine as well.” One of the things that really get to you first is the colour, or the colours in his work, they are very warm.  There is something very inviting about them.  So different to my own work …


Influencing Me – J.M.W. Turner

In my own art practice lately I’ve noticed that I have been doing a lot more landscape images than ever before.  Landscape images were something I detested doing, I wouldn’t plan trips where that is what I would have to take, but slowly over time that has changed.  I think one of the greatest landscape artists of all time was Joseph Mallord William Turner. He was a painter that did the most amazing landscapes. I have seen a couple of his paintings and the thing that I remember the most about them was the incredible detail in some of them, but also the emotion that came from them.  His work was hard to walk about from. Turner was born in 1775, but the date of his birth is unknown, and this is what Wikipedia had to say about him: Joseph Mallord William Turner (baptised 14 May 1775 – 19 December 1851) was a British Romantic landscape painter water-colourist printmaker. Turner was considered a controversial figure in his day, but is now regarded as the artist who elevated landscape painting to …