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Town Hall - Soft Black and White

Town Hall by Nikon

For today’s post I picked another photo that I took with the Nikon 5100 on Sunday of the Ivanhoe Town Hall.  I was so disappointed with how the sky turned out in the photos. When I was looking through them, there was one that I thought wouldn’t be such a bad image if the sky were better.  It has been overcast and rainy here today, so I took the 5100 outside and took some photos of some clouds.  I picked one image and replaced the sky. There has been quite a bit of processing done to this.  I have tried to enhance the brick detail more.  The lighting has been completely changed as well.  What do you think of the cloudy sky? The original is there on the left.  It’s really washed out and I really don’t like the sky in it.  The clouds and the processing have improved the image so much.  A lot more mood has been put into the image.  The darkening of the bricks has helped give the outside of the …