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Quiet Thursday’s: Tea and Packing Up

Today is going to be a busy day, ahead of an even busier weekend. I’m off to Jan Juc for the weekend with Chris from sv-takeiteasy. We have star trails, long exposures, and well lots of photos to take. We are going to try going further and seeing what we can get. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. It should be good though. Lots of photos. I’m hoping we can get back to the lighthouse at Airey’s Inlet as well.

I haven’t been putting up a lot of photos on Social Media this week. I got distracted trying to get my computer fixed, which it seems to be now. I turned it off last night and this morning it turned back on no problems.  I still have the high resolution that I was meant to get with my monitor, so all good really. Good to get the computer all going properly.

For the photos today I am going to show you one I did do and put up.


I spent quite a bit of time on this image.There were so many reflections in the window and it was hard. Of course it isn’t really this dark, but I wanted to concentrate on all the cakes. I haven’t done an image like this for a long time, and it was good to just play and see what I could get. I think I spent all morning on it.

Of course, what would the Tea Rooms window be without all the cakes. So I apologize if this makes you hungry. I do love photographing this window. As I said before the reflections were really bad and I took my polarizer with me. I put it on, but I couldn’t really see that it was making any difference to them. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing with it. Hopefully the cakes just stand out.

I’m off, I will leave you with a gallery now. I hope you have a quieter day that I think I’m going to have.

Weekend Wanderings: Walking the Streets of Melbourne

Yesterday morning I got to spend some time with a new client and we walked around the streets of Melbourne to take photos. It was a One on One Photography Session that her husband got for her for her birthday. It was a great morning for taking photos and I certainly enjoyed myself, and I hope my client did as well.


Hopetoun Tea Rooms

I started by taking some photos at Hopetoun Tea Rooms, well in the window. It was nice as it was early and I could just take photos without lots of other people getting in the way.

I got to take some photos of some birds and St Paul’s Cathedral and then I met my client. We went and had a coffee at the new Cafe 1932 at the bottom of the Manchester Unity Building before heading out to take some photos. I loved the Cafe and was delighted to see a couple of my photos up on the walls, ones I had taken of the outside of the building.


Work on what was Australia on Collins

We walked along Collins Street and the shopping area that used to be Australia On Collins seems to have been gutted. It was quite amazing looking into it.  I liked the Keep Out Sign and then the workman standing there.


Over the Rail Bridge and over the River – Flinders Street

We liked this scene. The railway bridge that takes trains from Flinders Street Station to Southern Cross Station.  We kept waiting for trains to go over so we could get them in the photo as well.


Great Chocolate and Lolly Shop, Chocamama

We walked back towards Flinders Street Station, into Degraves Street and just had to stop in at Chocamama, a new shop, definitely new to me. Lots of lollies and chocolates. I was in heaven. I was allowed to take photos and I took quite a few. I also came home with two bags full of goodies, I would certainly recommend the chocolate honeycomb.


National Gallery of Victoria Show – Holden EFIJY

We went to Federation Square to try some Street Photography, but first we got distracted by something inside the National Gallery of Victoria.  There is a special show on, we didn’t look at the show, but look at that car. It was fantastic. We took lots of photos of it. It was very shiny with lots of reflections and that made it so hard to photograph.


Street Portraits

I was surprised to find myself doing some street photography and with people. I know, I am surprised with myself as well. I was amazed with how much I enjoyed it as well. I tried to take photos of people taking photos which was funny. I did have a chef in a restaurant who spotted I was trying to take his photo and he just turned and smiled.

Hosier Lane was great for the street photography, though I have to say it was disappointing with the graffiti now. Not much imaginative stuff there and just taggers really. I thought it was really boring.  Shame considering what it used to be like.

I had a great time, and I hope my client did as well. The weather wasn’t too bad, though it was a bit chilly in places.

I have a gallery for you now and have included places I hope. I can’t say where everywhere is as some we really shouldn’t have been taking photos in some of them.  I hope you have a great start to your weekend, I think it’s meant to be sunny here this weekend, perfect.

Christmas in a Tea Room

Today I have another Christmas photo for you.  I hope you aren’t sick of them yet.  There is just one image today, it is from one of my favourite places in the city, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade.  The front window is always full of really yummy looking cakes and other treats.

Tea Rooms WindowI haven’t seen it looking this good for a long time.  It was so full of great treats and really colourful.  I have taken many images of this window over the years.  It is hard to do.  You can’t do it without reflections, and more importantly it is also hard to do it without a whole heap of people standing in front of it.  I did have to wait for some people to move.

The Hopetoun Tea Rooms have been operating for as long as the Block Arcade has been open.  I think the only time it has closed has been when there was a fire or something.  I looked up their website, they have one, but for a historical place, they had no history.  Quite disappointing.

The window is all done up for Christmas.  I think it looks festive, how about you?

Tea Rooms with some FrostingThis is the same image, but I added some frosting around the edges.  I like the effect of the white, makes me think of snow and white Christmas’s.

A fair amount of work has gone into this image.  It began as a 3 image HDR processed in Photomatix Pro.  I added a few different layers of detail, and I added some blur.  I also tried to bring out the clarity more.  Interesting process, I have really used it on something like this before.  I also added some soft focus in Color Efex.

Hopefully tonight I will be able to get out and get some photos of Christmas lights, if I can stay awake that long.


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