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Tiffany Window

ReWorking the Great Hall

This image was first done May on a trip to Montsalvat at an Artist Retreat in Eltham, not far from me.  This is the Great Hall.  This image isn’t bad, but I was never really happy with the greyness in the window.  I do like the setting and thought I would use it today to redo. The view out the window is certainly much better in this.  I did reprocess the HDR in Photomatix Pro. I have gotten very used to how that software works and what I can do with it.  I then did some processing with Topaz Adjust 5, really just added some detail, which has made the image more textural. Well, I think it has.  This image was a lot more saturated so I desaturated it a bit.  The image was darkened and the table and floor were lightened so your eye would be drawn to the window and outside. There are aspects of both that I like.  The first one shows more of the room, whereas the second one has more …

The Long Tables

Artists Retreating

If anyone watches “Masterchef” then they might perhaps recognise this place. This is where the final six were chosen.  Twelve of them had to cook inside and they were told their fate in the courtyard. We are, of course, at Montsalvat.  Montsalvat is an artists retreat in Eltham.  Quite an amazing place.  I was there today with a friend.  We had breakfast at the Meeting Pool, the restaurant that is part of the retreat.  After breakfast we collected our camera gear and took off to take photos of the wonderful architecture that can be found here. The architecture here is very eclectic, is that the right word?  For example, when I turned around this is what I was looking at. These are studios and what not for the various artists that work here.  I think some people live there, but I don’t know how many, and I don’t know which parts are residences and which aren’t.  Some of them are falling apart somewhat, whilst others look like they are in very good condition. We didn’t wander …