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Getting More Air

Day 22 – Some BMX Racing Photos

So, if you have been reading my blog, then you know that I have been to Shepparton for the State Open Titles for BMX.  It was a great day.  The skies were very overcast in the morning and slowly during the morning they cleared and we got some very blue skies.  Perfect weather for taking photos. You can see what the sky was like from this one.  This photo is of the AA boys, they were crazy, and so much fun to photograph.  They were the only ones that did the really big jumps.  Would have been great to have got a lot more of them.  These sort of shots remind me of the movie “ET”. I tried to get more shots this time than I did at Knox with more riders in the air.  This is half the race going over the jumps here. This the second last straight before the finish, they just seem to bounce up and down all the way along.  Quite amazing to watch. And more boys getting air, I …

When You Aren’t Prepared

This isn’t a good photo.  Not by far.  It is the type of photo you get when you aren’t prepared. I loved the window frame and the view behind it, but with no tripod, I was limited with how I could take the photo.  I also should have used the flash and bounced some light around inside the house.  I should have also put some more lights on inside to help with the light. It is easy to look at a photo and know that it isn’t good and that it needs something.  Sometimes you have to photograph something a few times before you truly work out what is missing and what you need to do to it. I am hoping I get a chance to go back sometime and do this again.  Perhaps try taking the same image several times at different times of the day.  Maybe put something on the table.  If I get another chance, I will put some photos here.