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UfD: Five Tips for Macro Photographs

When I did my article for the magazine I had planned on adding some tipS on what you can do to macro photographs, but in the end decided I didn’t need them. Still I made the list so I thought I might share it here with you. Five Tips for Macro Photos Using Lightroom 1 – Cropping the Image We are often told not to crop images, that it means the files will be too small, or you limit your choices for prints. I have heard all of these, and to some extent I agree, then again if you have an image and your macro subject is really small in it then why not. I crop nearly all my images, and do it to get the best composition I can. I don’t think I am ever going to enlarge my images so they are enormous, so it is not something that really matters. 2 – Use the Adjustment Brush The adjustment brush in Lightroom really is your friend, and it can be really good for …

Stretching Up

Same Scene Different Composition – Part 1

Today’s image is not a new scene, it is in fact the third time I have used this subject. It is the tower of the Manchester Unity Building.  I try each time I do an image that I took of the tower try something a little different. I wanted to try some new things with it.  I never know what I will end up with when I start processing some images.  I knew with this one that I wanted to draw out the details a lot more.  I think I did that, but then on another level I may have overdone some of the blur. I have called this post part 1 because I am going to work on this image more and you will see a lot more of it.  I think this is going to be my challenge.  I had planned on doing more on it today, but after 4 almost 5 hours my head was getting dizzy.  I think I like the possibilities of this image.  I look forward to doing more work on …


Basic Editing of Images, My Way

It’s Monday and time for another tutorial.  I have decided today to do some basics.  I don’t know how much you all know, most of you will know this, but I know there are some of you out there that have no idea, so today is for you. I am also going to use different software, it is the software I started with.  One of the good things about this software is that it is free, and you can just download it from the internet.  It is called GIMP and it is available from here for windows.  Someone asked me in my class if it was any good if it was free.  Well yes it is good.  The reason it is free is because it started on Linux and is part of a whole software development thing that they have going on.  Developers all around the world work on it.  There is a lot of free software for Linux, it is fantastic. So back to GIMP, here is what it looks like when it is opened. …