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Weekend Wanderings – Chasing the Moon

Yesterday afternoon I took off with some friends down to Sorrento and to the back beach there.  The plan was to take some photos of the beach before sunset, then photograph the sunset, go out for dinner, then come back to photograph the moon and get some shots of the beach in moonlight.  All day, before we left it would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain again.  We went anyway, hoping it would be okay.


The first part worked out fine, we got to the beach and took photos of the rocks.  The surf was wild, and some parts of the rocks where the waves were hitting them were pretty amazing.  Well good for Australia.  I loved the way the afternoon sun was hitting this rock.


We sort of got a sunset.  It rained a bit at the start and there was the promise of something brilliant, but it really didn’t amount to much.  I am showing you this image because it did rain and I think this effect is from water on the end of my lens. I’ve never seen anything like it before.  I had my camera set up to take a photo every 10 seconds.  I was going to see if I could do a time lapse series, but I don’t think I got enough images, and the rain did spoil some of them.


While we were having dinner we could see that the moon had risen and that it looked wonderful in the sky.  We could see the light from it reflecting on the water in the bay.  After dinner we just went across the road to take some photos of it.  I think this was the clearest image I got all night.


Then the clouds rolled in, and we could see where it was a lot of the time, but we couldn’t see it.

stpaul-beach-moonlight-rain-moonWe went down to the beach, but this was the best I got.  It was raining a lot, I couldn’t get my camera to focus, and I was yelling a lot.  I was so angry with the weather.  It has been so frustrating this winter with all the rain we have had.  I am so sick of it, some rain is nice, but not constantly.  I expect it to be cold, but seriously this is ridiculous.

We went home and I didn’t get some of the shots I wanted, but it was a lovely part on of the beach and I think we will go there again some time.  Of course as we were on the freeway coming home the clouds parted and there was the moon for all to see.  I thought I would take some when I got home, just out my front door.  Of course, by the time I got home and got the camera ready the clouds were covering it again.  I did wait a little while and I managed to get some.

I forgot to mention that part of the reason I was keen to get the moon was because I had borrowed a Sigma 150-500mm lens from a friend to take photos with.  Oh well, you can’t have everything, I’m sure the rain will stop and I will get to take some photos of the moon and the beach on other trips. Here is a gallery with some images, sorry, lots of the moon.


The Milky Way and Other Business

This was at the start, still lots of cloud around.

This was at the start, still lots of cloud around.

Having a catch up day for news and things has been great and for the time being I think I am going to keep doing it, if you don’t mind.  So today I thought I have some more things to tell you and I also wanted to show you the photos I took last night of the Milky Way.

Milky Way

Last night I went down to Flinders with John to take photos of the stars, as I said.  John has a lot more experience at doing this and so I learned a lot going there with him.  We have been trying to go for a few weeks, but every time we have organised a night it has been overcast, or raining.  We have had so many grey days this winter.  Yesterday was very overcast here all day, but we’ve noticed that the sky often clears as the sun goes down, so we decided we would go anyway and see what we got.

Looking straight up.

Looking straight up.

At first there was still quite a bit of cloud cover but after a while they went away and we managed to get some great shots of the milky way.  I don’t know when John is going to post his, but keep an eye out on his blog for some soon, I’m sure.

New Themes

As most of you now realise, I have changed my theme.  I went with the theme Linen, though I almost asked for my money back as I really didn’t like the sidebar on the right, which is how the theme is meant to be.  I was given some CSS code and that got my sidebar on the left and I couldn’t be happier.  It has been great hearing how much you all like it, and how you find it easier to read now.  So thank you for all your support.  It is important to me that you like it as well, this blog is meant for you too.

The clouds had almost disappeared.

The clouds had almost disappeared.


You all know about my website, I’m sure, Leanne Cole – Fine Art Photograher, and how I have been working on it as well.  I did tell you about the blog that is now on it, the one I call the News Blog, but it is taking on a life of its own, and those of you that have been to see it will have noticed that.  I decided that this blog has certain things for certain days and my ability to teach some things, or tell you were a little out of my hands.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love how this blog is and where it is going, but sometimes I don’t want to wait until Friday to tell you something.

Almost perfect.

Almost perfect.

With the News Blog I can make announcements straight away, but one thing I realised I could also do, is give advice on different things, or tips.  So over the last week when I been doing small posts on how to do some things, like mini tutorials.  I wrote one on how I photograph a sunset or sunrise, I did one on communicating to people while taking their photo, and yesterday I did one on conceptual photography and my understanding of it.  I call them Tips and I hope that people will find them useful.  I will do more as I go.

I have been having trouble getting the comments working and have sent an email to support, but so far haven’t heard anything back.  I don’t want comments on everything, but it would be nice to have them just for the blog.  I don’t think I can do likes though, well not at the moment.  Hopefully it will all come together.  If you want some tips on how to do something, let me know, if I can help I will do a post over there on it.

 Photo Walks

Still working on these, and the response has been really positive about them as well.  I want these walks to be social and practical.  While I am the facilitator, I am also a teacher and can help people and give tips on taking photos.  I have been thinking about calling the class the Social Snappers, it is fun and does say what it is about.  I should be ready to start advertising them next week.


I think that is all the news I have for you this week.  Though, please do keep on eye on the News Blog if you want to be kept up to date with what I am doing.  I will put my Milky Way images in a gallery now so you can enjoy them individually and on a dark background, as stars should be seen I think.  For those interested, I’ve added a post on the News Blog with some tips on photographing the milky way.

Weekend Wanderings – Sunrise Over the Flats

Every morning I have been waking up and looking outside for signs of fog, or checking the temperature to see if it is cold enough for a frost.  I haven’t been lucky so far this winter, in fact, there have been no frosts really and only two foggy mornings, and both of those were on days I couldn’t get out. I knew I had to go out this morning as I had a post to do, but I was hoping for something a little exciting, and then when I did my usual checks, I thought, oh no, nothing much this morning.  The I read the weather forecast, early morning storms.  Ha, there were almost no clouds in the sky, a storm was coming, I thought, what are the chances of a great sunrise. I quickly chucked on my gum boots and headed out.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-9463-4hpmIt seemed the chances were very, very good indeed.  I headed down the road to Banyule Flats and headed for the spot I’d recently discovered to see if I could get a good sunrise.  This image was a bit later on, but I wanted to show it first. This is a HDR and I have done some of the treatments to it that I have seen Trey Ratcliff do.  I love the effect, and wanted it to be the first image I showed.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9333This is pretty much how it was when I first got there.  The sun was making an appearance slowly.  There was a slight mist on the water.  I love the way the sunrise is reflected in the water.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9398Then the storm clouds were atarting to come from behind.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9418The water was so still and it was so nice to see the colours and clouds of the sunrise reflected in the water.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9433I thought the sunrise was basically over and then I noticed some colour behind me. I love this tree, it is so gnarly.  You can see the storm approaching here.

I thought the sunrise was over and was getting ready to leave, then I looked back at the swamp.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9463It seems we were getting an encore, a second sunrise.  The new clouds that were approaching put on another show for me.  How lucky was I?

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9485I hadn’t planned on taking any photos here.  I wanted to find somewhere else, but as I was walking past I noticed how incredible the clouds were and I knew that I had to go in and take some photos.  The water was so calm and the reflections just made it so much better.

LeanneCole-banyuleflats-20140525-9550I had really wanted to head down the road to get some other images, but as I was heading back to the car the storm hit and it started raining.  I did see the rainbow in the sky and decided to go and take some photos.  It was starting to rain quite hard when I took these, and it put an end to my adventures in my backyard today.  I will get more images though of other places.

First of all, can I say thank you to everyone on the lovely comments about the new theme for the blog, so glad you like it. The white background seems very popular.  I also like that when you go to the gallery the background is black, so you can see them on both black and white backgrounds.  Speaking of the gallery, I have more images and will put them in there now.  I know some seem similar, but they were all taken at different times.  All the images, bar the HDR at the start, were all processed in Lightroom.

Weekend Wanderings – A Wet City

This morning I went into the city to see a Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. We had decided to go in earlier so I could take a few photos with the Nikon D800 and my 14-24mm lens. It was a wet morning, so my photos are grey and not great, but I did like how low the clouds were.  One of the photos also has me in, see if you can spot me.  You can also see that Christmas decorations are starting to appear.

Weekend Wanderings – Looking Back on a Couple of Other Visits to Lorne

Since yesterday I looked back at Inverleigh and Lorne, I remembered that at around the same time I went to Lorne on couple of mornings, very early, to take some photos of the sunrise.  Of course both mornings the sunrise was not great.  That is one area I very rarely get lucky, sunrises and sunsets.  So you do what you can.

sclorne-5hpm8073-3You can see there were no clouds, so the sun just came up.  Now I have shown these images before, and like yesterday’s post, many of them disappeared, or rather, were deleted from the blog when the upgrade was done (read yesterday’s post).  So as we were looking at Lorne yesterday as well, I thought we could look at it again today, early morning ones.

I am not going to talk too much today, just show some photos and hope you have a great Sunday.  Relaxing one for me I hope, well until the younger daughter wakes up and says “where are we driving too today?”

The photos are from two early, early morning trips, one done in February this year, the other in March.  So it was 3.30am wake up to get to Lorne before 6am.  We photographers can be strange people.  LOL

The Point of Lonsdale

As most of you know I went away last weekend.  I went to Ocean Grove to stay with two friends who I have been helping learn photography, or to take better photos, not that I have to do much now, but I still get asked the odd question.  On the first early morning we went to Point Lonsdale.  I have to confess I love Point Lonsdale and it is fast becoming a favourite place for me to photograph. To the End 1It is the first time I have been back since this jetty was opened and now all the work is done on it.  It does have that new look, but I am sure it will age with the weather.

We were there for sunrise, but it wasn’t much of one, though the clouds got some good colour in them.  It was great to be able to work out onto the jetty and take photos and make the jetty the focus of some photos rather than trying to avoid showing the work being done on it.

Near the end of the post I am going to put a gallery with a number of images.  The images in this part are the reasonable straight images, meaning I have processed them basically, but the ones in the gallery have all been through Color Efex or Silver Efex and have been given treatments with those.

At the End 1The sun had come up a lot more and I was almost at the end here.  I love the light in this image, it could be morning or evening.  I have enhanced it quite a bit.  Behind me, the sky was full of clouds and the light wasn’t so good.

Back to the Point 1This is a image I strived to get for some time, one with the jetty and the lighthouse all in the same compositions.  I know the light house is in the middle, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do this, and perhaps it’s something I will have to go back and try sometime.  I just to play, though I wonder if it wouldn’t be a better image when the sun is going down, it would go down behind the lighthouse somewhere.

Through to the Point 1

I was tying to be more creative with this one, what do you think?  I like the idea of the jetty framing the lighthouse, it almost becomes two images.  The nice clean lines of the jetty, then to the white lighthouse with a stormy sky behind.  You know, I like it.

I have the gallery for you now.

There are some interesting conversions there, take a look and see what you think.

Etsy and Red Bubble

I have been adding more images to both accounts, I hope you will all take a look at them.  I have been trying to work out which ones to put up, but am not quite sure, so if you have any ideas, then let me know.

Here are the links for both

Etsy Shop

Red Bubble

ReWorking the Shearing Shed

Well it isn’t exactly the same shearing shed, I couldn’t work out what the images were, it has been a long time since I first did these images.  The idea should be the same.  Again, as with last weeks rework, I was curious to see how I would do the image now, if it would be different, better or worse.

shearingshed0544-1scThis is the original as I did it some eighteen months prior.  The clouds always got me.  The way they almost move towards you, then the contrast of the rusty tin of the shearing shed.  It isn’t a bad image and has always been one of my favourites from up that way.

So what could I do differently?

Shearing Shed with Rust

This image is taken from further away and you get more of a look at the whole shed and some of the yards around it.  I also like the way the trees frame it.  The rust of the shed fits in with the dry grass at the front of it as well.

If I am to be honest I prefer the second image far more, though I may have been to heavy with some of the processing, but I might have to think about that some more.   The dry grass in the front is great, I do really like that, and it isn’t in the first image.  I think the second image gives more context of its surroundings.

It is nice seeing what changes can be done now.  I will admit, I did rush this a little.  I had planned on doing another image, but it was taking forever and I really didn’t like where it was going, so you got this one instead.  I am not disappointed, and time will tell what I really think of it.

The New Blog and Spam

The new blog has been going for two months now, and I still like how it looks, but not many have changed over to it, and I know many people have been having trouble with it, as far as liking a post or commenting on it.

The reasons for starting the new blog have changed and I see now that I don’t really need it.  I will keep it going though, as long as people are subscribed to it.  Though, I am having a huge problem with spam.

The spam I get from it is unbelievable and I am getting so many comments that are just that, spam.  I am constantly trying to get rid of them.  I don’t know how other people who self host go, but it has really surprised me.  WordPress does a great job of filtering out the spam and it is rare that I get spam in with my comments.

I have also noticed that my spam folder on my site is getting a lot as well.  I used to get, maybe, 15 to 20 spam messages a day, now, sometimes, I am getting over 50.  It is annoying.

I am not really sure what to do with the new one, but if people wanted to change back to Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY at WordPress, I would be grateful.


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