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Weekend Wanderings: Sorrento, Summer by the Sea

There was a fairly late start to summer here, we actually thought perhaps it had skipped us this year, not that I minded, it is probably the season I like the least, but alas it has found us and it is making up for lost time. It is going to be very hot today and tomorrow and forever, if you ask me. It has been very hot here the last week or so as well.  I don’t like the heat and it is terrible for photos.

I did get a chance to go to Sorrento and Blairgowrie recently for Social Snappers and the weather, while warm was really perfect for the day.  First we headed to one of the back beaches at Blairgowrie.



There are some small cliffs there and the waves hit them and the water sprays everywhere.  This is a series of photos put together so I could make the wave look much bigger than it actually was.  I think it is about 15 to 18 photos.  Gives it a great effect.


I tried doing this for MM, but in the end decided against it.  I put a ND8 on the lens to slow the shutter speed down so I could get lines instead of the usual water spray.  I like how it looks with a slower shutter speed.  There will be more in the gallery.


After lunch we headed to the bay side of Sorrento to take some photos along a beach.  The water is very different on this side, much calmer, that would be because it is inside the bay as well. The colour of the sky and the colour of the water was just stunning. I think the water was very cold though, judging by the people trying to swim in it.


The clouds in the sky were amazing too, they looked like they had been struck by the soft wind that was blowing.  Perhaps I should have tried some long exposures.


These all say summer and what most people think about when they think of summer in Australia. Though it is rarely this idyllic, it is hot and the sun just burns.  Hats, sunscreen and covering up is what we should be doing. Getting burned is not ideal, beside the pain that comes with it, there is also the added threat of skin cancer every time it happens.  I got burned so many times growing up that I try to minimise it happening now.  Besides, red really isn’t my colour.

I have a map for you, you can see the shape, so the bottom part is what they call the back beach, it can get pretty wild there.  The top part is the bay area, so it is always much calmer there, you don’t get the big waves in that area.

I wouldn’t be going anywhere near the beach today, it is going to be 36°C here today, think I will stay indoors and try to keep myself cool.  I hope the weather is nicer where you are, though I hope people in Queensland weren’t too badly affected by the cyclones that just hit them, thinking of them.  More photos now, enjoy your day.


Weekend Wanderings – Point Lonsdale Through Grad ND Filter

Yesterday morning I got at up 3am to drive down to Point Lonsdale to get the sunrise.  My main reason for going was to try out the Cokin Graduated Neutral Density Filters that Maxwell International Australia have loaned to me to try out.  They have also sent me two extra ones, the grad ND8 and the full ND8, so I thought I could also try some stacking.

We left home at 4.30, my daughter wanted to come too, a chance for a road trip and another chance to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 in the car.  I don’t know why, but she loves listening to music in the car.  So we headed out with Taylor Swift singing in the car and me driving in the dark.  I had thought that we would be too late for the sunrise, and I was right.


I could see it happening as we were driving down, so I stopped in Geelong and took this photo of it over the bay.  It was nice, not a great spectacular one, but I do want to get more of them.

We still had over half an hour to get to Point Lonsdale so I pretty much knew that I had missed the sunrise there.  I need to plan these things better. When google maps tell you that it will take 2 hours to get there, then it is a good idea to remember that and not think you know better.  I also found it so hard to get up that early so I think I am going to start trying to get up earlier each day, and once a week go somewhere to get the sunrise.  I am hoping if I get used to doing it, then I will not have as much trouble doing it.

Part of the reason for going, as I said, was to experiment with the filters I have.  I didn’t experiment with the coloured ones, just the Neutral Density Filters.

The images in the gallery above are all of the same thing, but had different filters, or different combinations of filters.  I have put a caption under each one so you will know what I did for each one. It was good to see how they all work, and I’m still trying to figure out what I am doing.  I did notice that when you stacked the ND8 filters I got some magenta colour casting, but then at the end I tried it again, but closed the eye piece on the camera and I didn’t seem to get much colour casting.

Once I did this I pretty much left the grad ND8 on the camera and just took some photos around the area.  I didn’t move off the jetty as the tide was in and I couldn’t really get down on beach, but I am happy with the images I got.

I am going to leave you with the other images today in a gallery.  It is raining here this morning, so no photos today outside, well not now.  I hope you have a good weekend.

Quiet Thursdays – Moonlight in Banyule Flats


I took this shot a while back when I was photographing the moonlight in Banyule Flats.  I love the way the light from the moon shows everything. I was also trying to get the stars.  I thought maybe since I was in a valley that maybe I might be able to get the milky way, but there were too many lights from the city.  Also being a full moon I didn’t like my chances.  I might try again when there is a new moon.

I did play with this a little bit, trying to bring more out of the sky, not sure I succeeded much.  It really isn’t a great photo, but it is a trial for something else.  I think experimenting and trying things is so important, you just never know what might work. That is something about digital that I do love, that you can experiment and not have to worry about wasting film.

If the clouds weren’t there I suspect it would be a very boring image, so in this instance I am glad it was there.

I am leaving it there today, I have been out taking photos all day, so I am a bit tired now, I need to be quiet for a while.


Weekend Wanderings – Looking for the Stars at Aireys Inlet

Searching for the Milky Way and places to photograph it have become a bit of an obsession for me, I think.  I have been out to take photos of it with John Holding a couple of times, and we had scheduled a trip down to Sorrento, but he saw the images I had taken at Aireys Inlet and expressed an interest. I didn’t mind going back, so on Monday we went there to see what we could find.


The plan was to get there earlier, check some places out around the lighthouse, photograph the sunset, have some dinner some where and then back to do the milky way.  After looking around the lighthouse, we went down to the beach.  The wind was really strong and I was trying to get the sand flying over the beach.  You can see it so easily with your eyes, but it is so hard to capture it with your camera. We also photographed the waves as they crashed in.  I was using my 80-200mm 2.8 lens to photograph these.


The sunset looked so promising.  We had gone back down to the beach to get the sunset.  It was an okay sunset, but it was what was happening behind that got the best images.


It was so pink.  I loved it.  I should have taken a lot more images from here.  The cloud cover was larger and the colours were so intense.  I can’t wait to get some filters to try doing this more.  I had change my lens back to the 24-70mm, though when I put the Cokin Neutral Density filter on to slow the water down, I noticed I couldn’t use 24mm, I had to zoom out until you couldn’t see the filter ring, which is a bit annoying.  So, yes, we did photograph water as well, then it was off to dinner. There aren’t a lot of places to eat in Aireys Inlet, but the local pub, The Aireys Pub, was friendly and the meals were really nice.


Then back to the beach for the milky way.  There was some cloud initially, but we didn’t let it bother us.  We took some on the bit of beach we had been to earlier.  I changed my lens again to the 14-24mm to take the milky way.  I can’t believe I went out in one day and used three different lenses, that must be a record for me.  It is something I need to get better at doing, changing my lens and not being lazy.


This one was taken at the bottom of the lighthouse, something John really wanted to try. So I thought I would give it a go too.  Looking straight up the side of the lighthouse to the milky way.


Though, I think this may have been my favourite in the end.  I love the way the milky appears to be coming out the top of the light house.  I do love it when you go out to take photos and have a great time and get some great photos.

I am looking forward to seeing John’s photos and we decided that we would link to one anothers blogs today, so you could see them as well, his blog is John Holding.  If you are interested in Astrophotography John did an up for discussion post on it a couple of weeks ago, Up for Discussion – Astrophotography.  I am going to put more photos in a gallery now.  I hope you enjoy my trip to Aireys Inlet, and plan on some doing some wandering yourself this weekend. It is getting too late to do the milky way, but the full moon is next week, so I have started planning trips around it.



Quiet Thursday – In the Air Again

Different kind of air this time.  Last Saturday night was the new moon here, unfortunately it was also a really bad night, we had lots of rain all day, so it was obvious that it would be too overcast.  I don’t like travelling an hour and half to get nothing, so I stayed home.  On Sunday night, I told my daughter I would take her driving.  We went to Sorrento and I thought if I can get some shots I will, if I can’t, no hassle.


As you can see there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, well almost.  I didn’t stay long, I just took some shots of the milky way over the ocean.  This is the back end of it, really.  the heart isn’t in this part.  I didn’t mind, I was really interested in capturing the ocean as well.


I think this is my favourite.  I love the ocean and how it looks.  This image was actually two images, the ocean is from one image and then the sky from another.  Both taken at about the same time.

I am going to leave it there today.  I hope you are having a quiet day too.

Weekend Wanderings – Chasing the Moon

Yesterday afternoon I took off with some friends down to Sorrento and to the back beach there.  The plan was to take some photos of the beach before sunset, then photograph the sunset, go out for dinner, then come back to photograph the moon and get some shots of the beach in moonlight.  All day, before we left it would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain again.  We went anyway, hoping it would be okay.


The first part worked out fine, we got to the beach and took photos of the rocks.  The surf was wild, and some parts of the rocks where the waves were hitting them were pretty amazing.  Well good for Australia.  I loved the way the afternoon sun was hitting this rock.


We sort of got a sunset.  It rained a bit at the start and there was the promise of something brilliant, but it really didn’t amount to much.  I am showing you this image because it did rain and I think this effect is from water on the end of my lens. I’ve never seen anything like it before.  I had my camera set up to take a photo every 10 seconds.  I was going to see if I could do a time lapse series, but I don’t think I got enough images, and the rain did spoil some of them.


While we were having dinner we could see that the moon had risen and that it looked wonderful in the sky.  We could see the light from it reflecting on the water in the bay.  After dinner we just went across the road to take some photos of it.  I think this was the clearest image I got all night.


Then the clouds rolled in, and we could see where it was a lot of the time, but we couldn’t see it.

stpaul-beach-moonlight-rain-moonWe went down to the beach, but this was the best I got.  It was raining a lot, I couldn’t get my camera to focus, and I was yelling a lot.  I was so angry with the weather.  It has been so frustrating this winter with all the rain we have had.  I am so sick of it, some rain is nice, but not constantly.  I expect it to be cold, but seriously this is ridiculous.

We went home and I didn’t get some of the shots I wanted, but it was a lovely part on of the beach and I think we will go there again some time.  Of course as we were on the freeway coming home the clouds parted and there was the moon for all to see.  I thought I would take some when I got home, just out my front door.  Of course, by the time I got home and got the camera ready the clouds were covering it again.  I did wait a little while and I managed to get some.

I forgot to mention that part of the reason I was keen to get the moon was because I had borrowed a Sigma 150-500mm lens from a friend to take photos with.  Oh well, you can’t have everything, I’m sure the rain will stop and I will get to take some photos of the moon and the beach on other trips. Here is a gallery with some images, sorry, lots of the moon.


The Milky Way and Other Business

This was at the start, still lots of cloud around.

This was at the start, still lots of cloud around.

Having a catch up day for news and things has been great and for the time being I think I am going to keep doing it, if you don’t mind.  So today I thought I have some more things to tell you and I also wanted to show you the photos I took last night of the Milky Way.

Milky Way

Last night I went down to Flinders with John to take photos of the stars, as I said.  John has a lot more experience at doing this and so I learned a lot going there with him.  We have been trying to go for a few weeks, but every time we have organised a night it has been overcast, or raining.  We have had so many grey days this winter.  Yesterday was very overcast here all day, but we’ve noticed that the sky often clears as the sun goes down, so we decided we would go anyway and see what we got.

Looking straight up.

Looking straight up.

At first there was still quite a bit of cloud cover but after a while they went away and we managed to get some great shots of the milky way.  I don’t know when John is going to post his, but keep an eye out on his blog for some soon, I’m sure.

New Themes

As most of you now realise, I have changed my theme.  I went with the theme Linen, though I almost asked for my money back as I really didn’t like the sidebar on the right, which is how the theme is meant to be.  I was given some CSS code and that got my sidebar on the left and I couldn’t be happier.  It has been great hearing how much you all like it, and how you find it easier to read now.  So thank you for all your support.  It is important to me that you like it as well, this blog is meant for you too.

The clouds had almost disappeared.

The clouds had almost disappeared.


You all know about my website, I’m sure, Leanne Cole – Fine Art Photograher, and how I have been working on it as well.  I did tell you about the blog that is now on it, the one I call the News Blog, but it is taking on a life of its own, and those of you that have been to see it will have noticed that.  I decided that this blog has certain things for certain days and my ability to teach some things, or tell you were a little out of my hands.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love how this blog is and where it is going, but sometimes I don’t want to wait until Friday to tell you something.

Almost perfect.

Almost perfect.

With the News Blog I can make announcements straight away, but one thing I realised I could also do, is give advice on different things, or tips.  So over the last week when I been doing small posts on how to do some things, like mini tutorials.  I wrote one on how I photograph a sunset or sunrise, I did one on communicating to people while taking their photo, and yesterday I did one on conceptual photography and my understanding of it.  I call them Tips and I hope that people will find them useful.  I will do more as I go.

I have been having trouble getting the comments working and have sent an email to support, but so far haven’t heard anything back.  I don’t want comments on everything, but it would be nice to have them just for the blog.  I don’t think I can do likes though, well not at the moment.  Hopefully it will all come together.  If you want some tips on how to do something, let me know, if I can help I will do a post over there on it.

 Photo Walks

Still working on these, and the response has been really positive about them as well.  I want these walks to be social and practical.  While I am the facilitator, I am also a teacher and can help people and give tips on taking photos.  I have been thinking about calling the class the Social Snappers, it is fun and does say what it is about.  I should be ready to start advertising them next week.


I think that is all the news I have for you this week.  Though, please do keep on eye on the News Blog if you want to be kept up to date with what I am doing.  I will put my Milky Way images in a gallery now so you can enjoy them individually and on a dark background, as stars should be seen I think.  For those interested, I’ve added a post on the News Blog with some tips on photographing the milky way.


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