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The Work Evolves

Through various things on the internet I have been learning new ways of working and, yes, most of it has been through creativeLIVE and all their different instructors.  I don’t copy what other artists do, that is definitely wrong, but I do take what they do, well bits and pieces of it.  I know when I look at my work flow that there are things that I do that I got from this artist or that artist, but when I put them altogether I get my style, well that is the plan. So I have been doing the fine art portraits for a while now.  I still love doing them, but doing them always in the park,  well, I need to change and I want to start doing something more with them.  I want to combine my love of architecture with the portraits. So I have been thinking about doing more compositing.  Actually start compositing. It isn’t something I have done a lot, I have experimented a little bit, but I want to get more …

Leanne Cole - Taking a Moment

A Different Clientele

It has been a funny week.  It started off good, that is me photographing my very first client, then I crashed big time as far as self confidence went.  I did the whole questioning of whether or not I am really any good at this stuff, am I kidding myself. I know lots of negative self talk that I should know better than to listen too, but still, it was there. Then yesterday I went out for the day with my photography friend and she told me that I was too negative, that I needed to start thinking positively otherwise nothing good will happen.  So, I thought, I need to think positive.  I got home to an inquiry about a wedding.  Turns out I may get to shoot a wedding, doing my type of photography.  They already have a photographer for the usual stuff but she really likes what I do so wants me to take some fine art portraits for her.  How exciting. So a different sort of client than I thought I would get, but …

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That Belongs to Me – More on Copyright

When I was photographing some cycling events there was a rider that would say to me “you can’t take my photo, I haven’t given you permission”.  In response I would say, “I don’t need your permission”.  He thought I needed his permission because I was photographing him.  Then many riders, mainly juniors, would think they owned the images because the images had them in them.  This is a common problem and one that was brought up last week as well.  I thought today we might have a look at Copyright ownership, or who owns the copyright on the photos. Again, most of what I am going to say will refer to is Australian Law.  While much is similar from country to country, state to state, it is something that I recommend you all find out about in your own country. So, according to our laws, the first owner of copyright is the photographer, the person who took the image, and not necessarily the person who owns the camera.  So if you lend your camera to …