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Influencing Us: The Art of Christmas

As it is Christmas in a few days I thought it might be nice to look at art work with a difference for the Introductions/Influencing Me post this week.  What I thought would be nice would be to look at how Christmas, St Nicholas and Santa Claus have been depicted in art throughout the ages.  They are images that we often see at this time of the year.  I really enjoyed going over websites and find images for you.  Of course there are many more on the internet. I have some links at the end of the post.  I always find Christmas a great time to get new gear, though not this year, might have to wait until my birthday.

I thought we could start with different depictions of the birth of Christ from as early as the 4th century to about the 1800’s.

Then I thought what about St Nicholas, how was he depicted and how did he end up looking like what we think of as Santa Claus.  So these are very old images up to more modern day ones. There has been this myth that he wears red and white because of Coca Cola, but it isn’t true, if anything Coco Cola stole santa to advertise their drinks.

Then I thought how different  the modern Santa Claus is now or the image that many of us have of him.


Then I thought, as a final thing we could look at Christmas cards and the Christmas scenes they depict.  It is interesting that Christmas is nearly always depicted with winter scenes. It is so different here, though I guess depicting Christmas scenes where it is in the middle of summer would be a bit weird, Santa would be in red shorts and a red t-shirt with a white trim.  Perhaps he would be wearing  a red sun hat, his nose would be red with sunburn, but then he would have white zinc on it to stop the sun burning him anymore.  I am sure he would wear thongs on his feet and, of course, they would be red.  Santa often arrives at functions here in a fire truck.

Below are some links of the places where I got the images and you can read more about the history of Christmas. I’ve tried not to do too much Christmas posts this week, but sometimes, you just have to do them.

Weekend Wanderings: Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

This last week I had an opportunity to go into the city and take photos of the Christmas decorations.  I wasn’t alone, there is a woman who does Social Snappers and her 5 year old daughter who keeps wanting to come with her camera and take photos as well.  I love to encourage anyone who wants to take photos, so I sent her a special invitation and last Wednesday I want into the city with Lola and her mum.

We had a great time wandering around taking photos of everything that we saw.  She was using a small Crayola camera that her parents had given her, one that could handle dropping.  I was so impressed with how she took photos, she would compose them carefully before taking them. It was obvious that she knew what she wanted to take.  Her mother has given me permission to show you her photos,

Lola’s images of Melbourne.

Didn’t I say she was good, when you consider the camera she was using and being five years old, the photos blew me away.  Certainly someone that I hope doesn’t stop taking them.  It was great fun seeing the Christmas Festival through the eyes of a five year old.  My daughter came as well, my eldest Briony, but she has grown out of this sort of thing.  It is always nice to see things like Christmas through the eyes of a child.

I took lots of photos as well, but no where near as many as Lola, mine are pretty boring compared to hers, but I will show them to you anyway. Christmas is very close now and we have a tree up and there are presents under it, so I guess Christmas is going to happen here this year, whether we are ready for it or not.  Here are my photos, I have kept a couple to myself for the MM splash of colour, is yours ready?

Weekend Wanderings: From Bourke to Spring in Melbourne

Last weekend when I was wandering around the city with those people and taking photos, I showed you some of the images last weekend, but we did wander from the Bourke Street Mall all the way up to Spring street.  Last weekend I stopped the photos with the Christmas decorations, so today I thought I would show you more of what were taken at the Mall and to just before I left the city.


Being the first weekend of the 2014 Christmas Festival the city was packed with people, and there were buskers everywhere. Some on their own, or small groups like this entertaining the people.  Some are good, some aren’t, but it is nice to hear and see them.  I have to start making sure I have money or change when I go in so I can give them some.  I think if I’m taking photos I should leave some money.  These guys didn’t last long, well in this set, they had been there for a while and just after they started playing their power was cut off.  They were good too.


We ended up walking up Little Collins Street.  I haven’t really done that before, so it was great to see some new architecture.  One of the buildings I showed you the other day, and in the gallery I will include the original image with only minor adjustments.


When you come to the top of Little Collins Street, at Spring Street, you seeParliament House.  I loved the way the light was hitting it.  The glow from the afternoon light was beautiful.  I haven’t been down this way in a while, and the last time I was here they were working on the steps and they were all blocked off.  It is a great building, I have plans for more photos.


I have some photos of the fountain that I used for the AB Friday challenge.  It is hard to photograph, but I didn’t have my tripod with me and I think I would like to try some long exposure on it at some point.


In this image is a statue of Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls and his wife. Lady Gladys Nicholls, he was the first Aboriginal person to be knighted and also the first appointed to vice-regal office, serving as Governor of South Australia from 1 December 1976 until his resignation on 30 April 1977 due to poor health. (from Wikipedia) I think it is a great statue, I love how they look like they are wandering down the street.

I have more photos for you, which I will put into a gallery.  Hopefully the problems WordPress were having yesterday are all fixed up and won’t happen again today.  I don’t think I have ever experienced WordPress breaking down that badly before, it was almost funny, couldn’t do anything on it.  I hope you all have a great weekend, it is raining in Melbourne this Sunday morning, it is refreshing after the heat and humidity we’ve had.

Weekend Wanderings: Christmas in Melbourne

The other night I had a Social Snappers Excursion in the city and part of the reason for it was to photograph the Christmas decorations and lights into the city. Everything is up now in the city of Melbourne, and it is almost the same as it was last year, and the year before.  It was a little disappointing.  Last year I was given the job of photographing the display for the City of Melbourne, and this year, they said they would contact me, but I never heard from them, and perhaps it is because nearly everything was the same.


The Elves look the same in the City Square, but the tree doesn’t look quite as good, it was nice, but it wasn’t the same as it was in previous years.  We came back when it was dark and I got no inspiration at all, I didn’t even take a photo. There was no maze for the kids, and not even sure if they had activities for them.  Compared to previous years it was a bit boring.


We tried to get the sunset alone the river with the mistletoe bridge in the foreground, It wasn’t much of a sunset, but I’m okay with it.  I did enhance the sunset quite a bit.


One of the things I do like is how I don’t have to worry about getting images for the council, so I can play, I like that.  I’ve been trying to think of different ways of getting images of the Christmas lights and such.


The lights are on the Melbourne Town Hall again, but they are different lights from last year.  I did really enjoy them this year.  I just set my camera up to take a photo every few seconds, and then I could just watch.  It was a great way of doing the shots.

I took a video with my phone, wasn’t so great, but if you want to see it, here is a link to it, Melbourne town hall Christmas 2014. As I said I did it with my phone, so it isn’t great, but it does give you an idea of that is there.

I have some images for you now, I will put them in a gallery for you.  It was a great night for taking photos, I have to go again on Sunday night with another group of Social Snappers, so it was good that I have been there before, so now I can get a better idea of what we can do in there.  Have Christmas arrived where you are?  I hope you have a good weekend.


Just One More Christmas Around the World.

My Monday posts have been about other people for nearly the whole year.  I did my first “Influencing Me” post in January this year, from there they have evolved and become my popular posts.  I don’t know if I should be upset or happy that people seem to prefer other peoples photos to mine, so I have always just gone with the flow.  If people like the posts, I’m happy to keep doing them, and they will continue in 2014.

I had thought that my Christmas posts would stop last week, but I received a couple of submissions for my Christmas Around the World posts and decided to post them here for my last Monday post for 2013.

Marsha from Marsha Lee sent me some photos from an office party she went to.  She said this about her photos “We went to an office Christmas party on Thursday night in downtown Visalia on Main Street. The street view is Main Street in downtown at our most festive, as is the picture of the kids playing Christmas carols.  The other one is from our house”.

Phillip sent me a link to his photos, and I am so embarrassed because I completely missed it last time.  So I hope you don’t mind Phillip I thought I would show them today.  His photos are from photos of Cleveland OH, USA and his blog is philipcampbellPHOTOGRAPHY.

I just discovered another one I missed.  Sorry Maggie.  Her blog is called Tide Line Still Life and she sent me one image.

sffamily2I have one final person who sent me some images, or a link to their post on Christmas photos.  I am getting so confused, I hope I didn’t post these week.  These are from Kerry at Love Those “Hands at Home”, he said his photos “show a more rustic American sort of Christmas” and they are quite different to here.

I need to thank the above people and all the people who have contributed images for these posts.  It has been great seeing Christmas all around the world and what different places do.  I have had requests to do it again next and maybe I will.  I also want to apologise to anyone who may have sent me something and it has gone missing or I missed it.

This is the last post like this and next Monday the series of Introductions and Influencing Me posts will continue.  Lots more people to find and share with you.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.  It has finally got here, always seems so far away, then you realise it is very close, then the day seems to take forever to actually arrive.

Today is a day for giving, and I decided quite a while ago that I wanted to say thank you to you for all your support, for listening to me whinge, offering advice when I needed it and for the most part being fantastic followers, actually I take that back, for the whole part.  I love writing this blog and I love hearing from you.  You help make this blog successful.  So I decided I needed to do something in return.

I want to give you something, which isn’t easy, but then I thought, I could give a photo, one, if you like it you can download and print it if you like.  The image is for your personal use, and you can’t sell it or do anything else with it.  Just need to be clear about that.  The image is one of a few I chose and two friends helped me decide which one to use.  I hope you like it.

This image was taken in Lorne in February this year.  It is one of my favourites from the year, and I hope you like it as well.

I think I will have to put it into a gallery so  you can copy it at full size.  It is about 3-4MB, or least it should be.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Christmas Eve, One More Sleep

Today, being Christmas Eve and now that my work for the City of Melbourne is complete, I thought I would show some of the other things I’ve been snapping this month.  They are bits and pieces of Christmas that I have found around the place.

LeanneCole-blockarcade-20131129-5406There were shop windows dressed up for the occasion.

LeanneCole-brunetti-20131129-5408Coffee shops like Brunetti’s getting into the Christmas spirit.

LeanneCole-city-20131210-5420Small arcades making an effort for Christmas.

LeanneCole-city-20131208-5416Fire trucks and firemen coming to Bourke Street to give away lollies and to give kids a chance to see inside a fire engine.

LeanneCole-city-20131207-5412Trying to fit in more and more.  I was so happy with this shot, taken with the new camera, the D800, the best gift I got this year.  It shows both entrances to the Block Arcade.

Christmas is almost with us and this is my last Christmas post, thank you to those who have stayed with me throughout the whole month.  It has been an interesting month.  Getting the job to take photos for the City of Melbourne was great, but then my back decided to give out, so things were very topsy turvy this month, still I got the images and they are happy.  I wish I could have got more photos, but I hope you have enjoyed what I did get.

I am going to put a whole heap more in a gallery now.  Christmas Day tomorrow, a day of giving and being with those you love, I will be doing a post, but a short one.


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