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From This to That

Oh man, it is currently 39ºC and a top of 43 is expected.  You can’t go outside on a day like this, you just melt, so perfect weather to spend on the computer and work on photos.  I had forgotten how long it can take to work on an image. Remember this image from the weekend? I decided this morning that this would be the image I would work on.  I really liked the composition, but I wasn’t happy with the view either side, so I wanted to work on that. I cropped the image, and then I went through all my photos and found something else that I could use in the background.  It was interesting doing that, it kind of changed the whole way I wanted to approach the image.  I think it was great thing to do, and I think I would really like to do this more, it could be a great thing to experiment with this. I have played with the colour, the curves, and added textures, all sorts of …


Weekend Wandering – Flinders Street

This coming week is going to be a hot one here.  While the Northern Hemisphere is freezing, us in the south of Australia are going to be melting.  We have 5 days of hot days, from 34ºC to 41ºC, so the best thing to do in temperatures like that, is nothing, really, don’t go out, stay indoors.  Close all the curtains, keep the heat out, and just stay as still as possible. To prepare for the heat, I thought I should take some photos that I could spend some time working on.  So yesterday when I was in the city I went for a walk along Flinders Street, and under the train line to get some images that I could try and do some art images of. The cricket is on, so I won’t talk long today, but instead show you a selection of the images I took yesterday.  I haven’t really done anything to them much, just processed them in Camera Raw, I will leave the other stuff to do during the week. I …

For Lease

City of Melbourne For Lease

Our internet has been down most of the day, actually it hasn’t been good for the last couple of days. Hopefully it is working a lot better now.  Though, I still struggled with an image for you today.  I need to go out and get more images.  What a day.  On top of all that it is freezing, well, it is the coldest day we have had for a long time. I love this building.  I have no idea when it was built, oh I have the internet back, I can check it out, hang on a minute.  Okay, I’m back, it was built in 1888.  It is such a distinctive building.  Though I don’t think the City of Melbourne Building Society have anything to do with it any more, actually I’m not sure they even exist anymore.  It sits on the corner of Elizabeth Street and Little Collins Street.  It’s quite a landmark and most people who live in Melbourne would be aware of this building. To process it, I did a HDR image …

Malle Girl - Reworked

ReWorking the Highlights

This image was taken almost 2 years ago.  It was taken in the same shearing shed and about the same time as the ghost image last Friday.  I really like this image, well I like the expression on her face, but I don’t like the blown out bits.  It was over exposed, all my own fault entirely.  It was around the time I started doing bracketed shots, and I should have gone back to single shots.  So was the image ruined? I thought I might use another image, one which had more of a cheeky smile on her face, and I might still do it, but not for today, but that image was better exposed.  So, as you can, I thought, put the images together.  I redid this above image in camera raw and got rid of as many highlights as I could without the image suffering.  I think it is important to remember that since this image was first done I have learned a lot more about using Photoshop and  I’m learning new things all …

GPO Done with Color Efex Pro

GPO Three Ways

The internet and WordPress has been buzzing with the latest news from Nik Software by Google.  I thought it was time for me to keep you up to date with what is happening.  You can now get all of their programs in a special package for $149.  That is really amazing and a fantastic deal.  So to remind you of some of their programs, today I thought I would show you an image from my early morning in the city the other day and process it with some of the software. I processed this image as a HDR and then put it through camera raw in Photoshop.  I darkened it a big, maybe too much looking at it now.  Though for the next images I used the undarkened image. Then the image was processed with Color Efex.  I love the different looks you can get.  It is really nice.  The filter sunlight was used for this one.  It has given it a lovely soft glow.  I might have to use this one more often. You …

Taking Refreshments - Rework

ReWorking the Closed and the Sheep

In a couple of weeks I will be going up to the Mallee again for a few days and with those thoughts I have been thinking about past images.  I have also sold some of the images from the Mallee and the clients were looking for some more.  I put  up more on my Photocart, but while I was doing it I realised how badly some of the images were processed.  For my reworking today I decided that I should try and rework some of those images. To see how this image looked originally and how 2 other images have been reworked continue reading here.

Briony - My Choice

Mixing Portraits, D5100’s and Silver Efex to Get . . .

. . . This morning I put the clothes horse with a black sheet over it, put a chair in front of it and sat Briony down on it.  Then I put up the tripod and put the D5100 in it.  I opened up one of the curtains, and let the light from our overcast day come in. I am not going to lie, she hates having her photo taken, she thinks she looks ugly, but she did sit for me.  This was my choice of image and was the last one I took.  I started with the camera on portrait mode, then switched it back to Aperture Priority with the aperture set at f5.6.  I think it worked better this way.  The aperture in the portrait mode gave too much depth of field for images like this and you could see how crinkled the sheet behind was. The image was processed in camera raw, then any marks and blemishes were removed from her face.  The image was then made into black and white in …