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A Quiet Day

It has been a busy week here on this blog that today I thought I would just show an image and not talk much.  I hope you don’t mind.

This is an image I did a few weeks ago for Monochrome Madness, but in the end decided to use a similar image of this bridge that is near Kyneton in central Victoria.

Enjoy your day.

Taking Students Out to Familiar Places

Last Thursday I showed you two images that had been taken at the same spot, but two years apart.  We talked about how it is can be an interesting thing to to go back to old places and see what you can get.  Last Saturday I had my last class with the term 1 students doing my Practical Photography course, and we had decided that for the last class, instead of doing sports photography, we would go into the city and do Night Photography.  It was clearly a great idea and they all were very keen.

The plan was to catch the train in, where we would start at the Docklands end and continue to Flinders Street Station.  It worked wonderfully.  I told them, it was time for them to work on their own while I was still there, and if they had problems or questions, then they could still ask.  Of course I told them how to do the shots first and gave them the notes to help them in the future, I didn’t leave them to work it out on their own.

As we walked along the river there was a spot where I had taken an image last year.

LeanneCole-scdocklands-3hpm5774It has always been one of my favourite night images, so I told them to try doing one for themselves.  As I was able to photograph this as well, I thought I would have another go at taking it.  This image is a HDR and it was done with 3 images in Photomatix Pro.

LeanneCole-citylight-1404054920_HDRThey have both been taken around the same time of night, but at different times of the year, the first was taken around July last year, and the one above taken last Saturday night.  This one is also a HDR, though processed with HDR Efex from the Nik Collection.  I tried using Photomatix, but they have a new version and it kept blowing out all the highlights.  I need to play with it more.  I like how Efex has done it though.

They are the same image really, there isn’t much difference between them, the second one is a slightly wider angle, and the moon is in it.  I like the reflection of the moon in the water as well. Interesting to get almost identical shots.

The class went really well, and did go overtime a little, but I think they all had a great time.  One student said the course was great, but Saturday was brilliant.  You can’t ask much more than that when you are teaching.  It was also nice to hear quite a few of them say they would like to know of more classes that I will be teaching.  So now I think I have realised the direction that I have to go in, I need to do more teaching. I will have to start planning a variety of courses, some to be taught at Eltham and some that I can do myself.

My next six week course starts on the 26th of April, so if anyone is interested there are still a couple of places available.  If you are interested then the details and how to book are available at Living & Learning Nillumbik, or click here.

Of course people can always do my  One on One Photography session though, I am planning on offering more group things, like Photographing the Architecture in the City, Night Photography Along the Water, and some other ones around the city and near by places.  I thought I would start a mailing list for people who would be interested in doing classes with me and want to know what is going on.  If you are interested and would like to get emails on dates and courses available, then please email me, with Classes as the subject.

A gallery to view the images better.

24 Days to Christmas

The silly season has begun, and I have been out taking lots of photos of what is happening around the city, both for myself and the City of Melbourne.  The city is abuzz with the Christmas Spirit and you can find it nearly everywhere you look, well the main parts of it anyway.  The city is also so crowded, didn’t expect that with Christmas still 24 days away that so many people would be in the city.


Image part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

This the main walking bridge between Flinders Street Station and Southbank, and it has been lit up for Christmas.  I went in there last night to get some photos of the bridge, and took this one a bit down the river.  I love the way the lights reflect off the water.

The main reason for going in last night was because handing in the middle of this bridge is a light decoration of mistletoe, so I had to get a couple kissing under it.

Image part of the City of Melbourne's Christmas Festival

Image part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival

Mistletoe is not something we do here really, and I suspect a lot of people don’t know what it looks like, so I thought if I gave the council a photo of a couple kissing then they could use the image to help show people what to do under it.  Not sure how it will go.

Was hard to get, the bridge was moving so much with the people on it, but you get the idea.

Will find time to start processing all the photos I’ve taken, so more will be coming.  I am looking forward the emails from you guys about the photos you have been taking.

Weekend Wanderings – Kyneton

Last Wednesday I went for a trip with my photography friends and we decided to head north to Kyneton.  It is a beautiful country town, with many old buildings and some fantastic little features.  With it only being about a two hour drive up the Calder Freeway, it is a very doable day trip.  We didn’t do much in the town, but rather headed out the Malmsbury Road to photograph a bridge I have photographed quite a few times.

LeanneCole-kyneton-20131002-8487It is a disused bridge that is alongside the road.  I find it quite fascinating.  Every time I go back there is something different, and this time it was the water, it was up so high.  We have been having a lot of rain lately.  Actually we almost didn’t go because of the weather.  It was very windy, I mean very windy, and we thought we would get rained on.  Which we did, but not until we got to town.

kyneton-20131002-8582_4hpmWe discovered a way to get to the other side of the bridge, which was really nice, and I suppose technically trespassing, but no one came and said get out, so we took more photos.  It was nice to take a walk in the paddock and see the river more.  Can you tell what the weather was like?  The river was behind this tree, over near the other ones, but it was so wet and soggy I couldn’t get close to it.

kyneton-20131002-8732_4hpmThis a photo from in town.  We had lunch there and had planned on wandering and taking photos, but the rain set in so we headed home.  I couldn’t believe the footpaths, look at them.  We think it is bluestone blocks.  I haven’t see footpaths like these before.  I thought they were amazing.

I have more photos for you to see and will put them in a gallery.  Enjoy your weekend.

A Good Friday in Melbourne

On Friday’s I usually do a rework of a previous image, but today, being Good Friday and Easter, well I thought I would do something else.  I did go into the city very early this morning to take some photos.  I had hoped that I might find the city empty, and to a certain extent it was, but there were still people around.  I wasn’t finding much inspiration, so I didn’t take many photos.  I did take some of a subject that I have photographed before.

From this SideI have taken this image plenty of times.  At different times of the day, and in different weather.  One day I will have to put them altogether and see if there are differences in the scene.  The sun was really bright so I used the curve of the bridge to block it out and I think it worked really well.  I quite like this composition.

Then From the Other SideI haven’t really taken this one before, I don’t think.  I tried to do it with no people, but when I got here it all of a sudden got very busy and people were everywhere.  This was the emptiest we saw it.

I like the blue sky, strange because on the way home it became overcast and has been ever since.  It had been cloudy earlier, so the beautiful blue sky was a surprise.  It contrasts so well against the white structure of the bridge.

I didn’t get what I hoped to get this morning, but I had a lovely time and got to catch up with a really good friend, what more can you ask for.

We looked at the postcards and I think I got my first order, she loved them, so that is great news.

Hope you are having a great Easter.

A Bit Before

The other night when I went to take photos under the Westgate Bridge, I took lots.  Of course, the ones I showed you the other night were the best, but I have a few more to show you now.

The Sun on the BridgeThis is a HDR image, processed with HDR Efex with 5 images.  These are also the first five shots I took when I got there.  It was also the only time I got the sun shining on the bridge like this.

Some of the best views of Melbourne can be seen from on top of that bridge, but there is no way you can take photos from it unless you do it from a moving car.  They built this great big high bridge, but you can’t walk over it to look at the city.  It is such a waste.

Sun on the Ship YardsThis is the same place as the last photo in Sunday’s post.  This image is also a 5 image HDR image processed with HDR Efex.  It is good to use it and see what can be done with it.  I did as Another Thousand Words suggested and upped the contrast and that has helped a lot.

Ship Going UnderThis is the front of the ship that I showed on Sunday.  It is heading out.  I had to do this as a single image.  The ship was moving way too fast to do a HDR and when I tried it the ship had too much ghosting.  This worked out a lot better, though I lost a lot of detail in the bridge.

Sun Sets in For NightThe sun set, just before it turned the sky on fire.  It was great to watch it unfolding.

I am heading into the city tonight, hopefully will get some photos.  I need to see what the city is going to be like for Christmas.  I would like to go back in and get some night shots.  I am hoping some of you will join me.  We will have to make a time and date, well, the time will need to be about 8 o’clock at night.  Let me know if you are interested.


I have been nominated for some more awards by some wonderful people.

MOTION Photography has nominated me for the Blog of the Year 2012

elladee_words has nominated me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

and finally

miriam troxler has  nominated me for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you to all three, it is very much appreciated, and I hope everyone else will visit their blogs.

Bridge Over River Yarra

For quite a while I’ve been planning on taking a trip to somewhere under the Westgate Bridge to take some photos.  One of my favourite painters, Rick Amor, did a painting with it in it once, the painting was done from the perspective of underneath.  I loved it, and ever since, I have wanted to do something similar.

I mentioned on my facebook page that I was going to go, though I was surprised at what I found.  Here is what I put up “Got the weather wrong, thought it was going to 37 C or 98 F tomorrow, but that is happening today, so the sunset at Westgate Bridge isn’t likely now, but with thunderstorms predicted I might get something even better, find out in tomorrows post.”  Then I got there.

Ship Sailing Out to SeaIt was raining when I first arrived, not heavy, but enough to be slightly annoying, thankfully it didn’t last.  Some massive ships go down the river here.  We, my husband came with me, watched one that we were worried wouldn’t fit under the bridge.  Of course it did.

Can you see what is behind the ship?  I can’t believe it, a sunset.  It looked wonderful.  We stayed around around here for over an hour as the sun went down.  I didn’t get the stormy clouds I thought I was going to get, but got the sunset I was hoping for.  Isn’t it always the way.

Bridge Enjoying the End of the DayThis was taken just before the it completely disappeared.  It was getting cold, hard to believe after a hot day of 37.  I don’t often get images like this.  I was thinking I would get cloudy, maybe even some lightning, if I was lucky, and I got this.  I know the shots are pretty clichéd, but sunsets are always lovely to have.  Everyone loves them.

The first shot of the ship is a straight image, it is a raw image and processed in Camera Raw in Photoshop CS6.  A little bit of gradient was also used.  The second image, and the following one are both HDR images, though instead of using Photomatix Pro which I normally do, I processed them with HDR Efex Pro 2.  It worked really well, don’t you think.  Wait till you see the next one.

Further Up theRiverThis image was taken in the opposite direction and is up river from the bridge.  You have to love a red sky like that.  I also love the shipyards, I would love to be able to get in closer to them and take photos, it would so interesting.  The equipment they use and the size of the ships, it is pretty amazing.  I think I am going to have explore the area more.

So, after thinking I would just gets lots of clouds and nothing else, it was a pleasant surprise to actually get what I had hoped to get when I first planned the trip.  It was a great reward, if you can call it that.

Another thing I have been thinking about, if people are interested, I wondered whether people who are visiting Melbourne, or living in Melbourne would like to join me on some of these trips.  I never feel really safe on my own.  I wouldn’t charge you or anything, though there would have to be an understanding that I am there to take photos, and not tutor people.  I don’t mind answering a question or two, but it was more about people getting together to take photos.

If you are interested, then please join my facebook page, or follow me on twitter and I will mention on there places I am planning on going to.


More awards, SERENDIPITY has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, please take a lot at their blog, some lovely photos of snow there.

This next one, I’m not sure which one is for me, or whether it even matters, Carol received her first awards for her blog and that is a wonderful thing.  Please take a look at her blog Loethen Art Designs.

Thank you to both blogs, I am always grateful for your support.


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