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Weekend Wanderings: Taking Photos Around the Countryside

A couple of weeks ago I went into the country with a couple of friends driving around and just seeing what we could find. Stopping when we saw something. It is an interesting thing to do and you just never know where you will end up. We stopped often and saw some great scenery. It is probably one of my favourite things to do. I love just driving around and seeing what we will find. We are never far from the car so you can take all the gear you think you might need and then all the gear you might not need but you never know. It is good that you can just change your lens, but don’t have to worry about carrying everything with you. I call it car boot photography or roadside photography. It was a foggy morning on this particular day, then it rained, and a lot, but not long after that the sun even came out. We got it all that day. It was a good day and one of …


Weekend Wandering: Warburton and Lala Falls Part 2

Back in Warburton today.  I thought we might have a look at the trip back from the waterfall and some images I took along the Yarra River in Warburton.  If you missed the trip to the waterfall and images of it then take a look at yesterday’s post, Weekend Wandering: Warburton and Lala Falls Part 1. On the way back from the waterfall it was all downhill and we moved a lot faster than we did on the way up. I think moving a lot faster we didn’t see as much. This little guy was a fun find, though we had to move very quickly to get it.  I think this is a skink lizard, well that is what my husband said.  I got about 4 images and then it was over the other side of the log. I just love the images along the path, it looks so beautiful and peaceful.  I hope you can tell we were walking downhill. Warburton is on the Yarra River, but it looks so different to what you see of …


A Quiet Day

It has been a busy week here on this blog that today I thought I would just show an image and not talk much.  I hope you don’t mind. This is an image I did a few weeks ago for Monochrome Madness, but in the end decided to use a similar image of this bridge that is near Kyneton in central Victoria. Enjoy your day.


Taking Students Out to Familiar Places

Last Thursday I showed you two images that had been taken at the same spot, but two years apart.  We talked about how it is can be an interesting thing to to go back to old places and see what you can get.  Last Saturday I had my last class with the term 1 students doing my Practical Photography course, and we had decided that for the last class, instead of doing sports photography, we would go into the city and do Night Photography.  It was clearly a great idea and they all were very keen. The plan was to catch the train in, where we would start at the Docklands end and continue to Flinders Street Station.  It worked wonderfully.  I told them, it was time for them to work on their own while I was still there, and if they had problems or questions, then they could still ask.  Of course I told them how to do the shots first and gave them the notes to help them in the future, I didn’t …


24 Days to Christmas

The silly season has begun, and I have been out taking lots of photos of what is happening around the city, both for myself and the City of Melbourne.  The city is abuzz with the Christmas Spirit and you can find it nearly everywhere you look, well the main parts of it anyway.  The city is also so crowded, didn’t expect that with Christmas still 24 days away that so many people would be in the city. This the main walking bridge between Flinders Street Station and Southbank, and it has been lit up for Christmas.  I went in there last night to get some photos of the bridge, and took this one a bit down the river.  I love the way the lights reflect off the water. The main reason for going in last night was because handing in the middle of this bridge is a light decoration of mistletoe, so I had to get a couple kissing under it. Mistletoe is not something we do here really, and I suspect a lot of …


Weekend Wanderings – Kyneton

Last Wednesday I went for a trip with my photography friends and we decided to head north to Kyneton.  It is a beautiful country town, with many old buildings and some fantastic little features.  With it only being about a two hour drive up the Calder Freeway, it is a very doable day trip.  We didn’t do much in the town, but rather headed out the Malmsbury Road to photograph a bridge I have photographed quite a few times. It is a disused bridge that is alongside the road.  I find it quite fascinating.  Every time I go back there is something different, and this time it was the water, it was up so high.  We have been having a lot of rain lately.  Actually we almost didn’t go because of the weather.  It was very windy, I mean very windy, and we thought we would get rained on.  Which we did, but not until we got to town. We discovered a way to get to the other side of the bridge, which was really …

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A Good Friday in Melbourne

On Friday’s I usually do a rework of a previous image, but today, being Good Friday and Easter, well I thought I would do something else.  I did go into the city very early this morning to take some photos.  I had hoped that I might find the city empty, and to a certain extent it was, but there were still people around.  I wasn’t finding much inspiration, so I didn’t take many photos.  I did take some of a subject that I have photographed before. I have taken this image plenty of times.  At different times of the day, and in different weather.  One day I will have to put them altogether and see if there are differences in the scene.  The sun was really bright so I used the curve of the bridge to block it out and I think it worked really well.  I quite like this composition. I haven’t really taken this one before, I don’t think.  I tried to do it with no people, but when I got here it …