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No Longer a Teenager

Today is my daughters birthday.  I know it isn’t something I normally blog about, but this morning she let me take her to the local park to take some photos of her.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-7737Today she is turning 20 and as her mother I can say I am so proud of her.  She has had a rough few years but has really come out of it well.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-7866It was fun trying to get images of her.  Not the images you normally get when people pose, but the images of her as I know her.  The way she laughs and smiles.  We gave her the skirt for her birthday.

LeanneCole-brionybirthday-8054I think she is beautiful and has grown up to be a wonderful person.  It was so much fun going out with her this morning to take her photo, it has been a while since she let me.  Normally she pulls silly faces, and she did do that, but if you wait after she pulls one, she smiles and starts laughing, so I got some lovely ones as well.

Happy Birthday Briony

A gallery for you to look at the images individually.

Organisation Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

This year I started off so well with my posts, getting them done the day before, and being a lot more organised, that is pretty good for me, I tend not to be too organised, but I am trying to be better at it.  Then, well, my daughter had gastro over the weekend, and guess who got it as well  On top of it all it is my birthday and I am too sick to go anywhere.  A friend had planned a day out for us, but I had to cancel.  Being sick can be so inconvenient sometimes.

So yesterday I was laid out all day, didn’t get any images done, so I have a couple more images that I have done from our trip to Maldon.

LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6204We noticed this as we were travelling into Maldon.  I don’t quite know what it is, the sign across the road said it was a Dredge Dragline, whatever that is.  We decided to stop on the way back, almost missed it, but managed to stop in time. As it turned out, this wasn’t the only piece of equipment there.

LeanneCole-maldon-20130102-6260This was next to it in the water.  It seems remarkable to see equipment like this just left lying around.  Though, also interesting to see how it is deteriorating in the weather.

I was going to see if I could do some art images with these images, and some others I took, but being sick, it didn’t happen.

I am going back to the couch and feel sorry for myself some more.

Wishes and Dreams

The other day I told you that it would be my birthday today, and it still is, so I decided that todays post might be a bit different.  I had planned on starting with the tutorials today, but I couldn’t think of what to do.  I don’t really know what people want to see.  Then I decided to do a post on what photography is to me.  I hope you can handle it.

Trumpet ImitationSome time ago I did a post asking what type of photographer are you, and I decided that I wasn’t a technical photographer.  I have thought about that question many times since then.  Recently I was asked what does it mean to be a photographer.  I also said in a post a couple of days ago that I see images everywhere.  I really do, I dream them, I see them walking around, when I am watching TV I see photos on the TV and in my head.  I never stop seeing them.  My head is full of things I want to photograph and what I want to do to them.

So being a photographer, what is it?

To everyone it is going to be different.  As I said, the image is everything.  What the final photograph will be.  It used to be about the moment the shutter release button was pressed and the image was taken, but now there are so many more options.

An image starts as an idea.  I have an idea that I think could make a good image.  Then comes the planning.  How am I going to take the image, can I get access, when is the best time to take it.  I have a notebook that I have with me always so I can write down my plans.  Then comes the planning of the actual trip.  When will I go, will I go by myself or take a friend.  It is good when I have company, but sometimes it is way better to go by myself.

The images are taken and then put on the computer.  More planning starts, what can I do to them?  Have I got what I hoped for?  Did I get something better?  Will I need to go out and do them again?

It never stops.  My brain is full of photography.  So much thought goes into my work.

Etched GlassNot everything works, and today on my birthday I have to wonder if I have given it all too much, but I won’t wallow.  It has been an interesting few years.

So what type of photographer are you?  How do you plan what you do?

Again, it is my birthday and I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.  It has been a nice day and not as hot as we thought it would be.

If you wanted to give me a present, haha, well I am looking for donations so I can get the software to let me do the video tutorials for you.  It isn’t compulsory and you really don’t have to, but if you want to help, the software is going to cost me $300, so if would like to contribute, then please just click on the donate button on the side.

The first image today is another Lily, I hope that is okay.  I really love them, and I quite liked the composition on this one.  It has been processed the same as yesterdays.  The second image, I think may have gone out too dark, but I wanted to show the etched glass.  I hope you like it.

A Day Out in the City

It was my birthday today, but like so many other birthdays it is just a normal day.  I did get to go into the city for lunch and had one of my all time favourites, Yum Cha.  I love Yum Cha, it is the best sort of Chinese meal.

I also took my camera, so I have some photos that I took today, and will probably post more tomorrow as well.  Normally I wouldn’t bother to take photos in the middle of the day, but the sky was overcast and the sun was struggling to get through.  I decided to just have a go, and take some.

The ones today have been taken in similar places to the ones I took a few weeks ago when I went in to take photos of the lights.

Probably could be better, though I am finding a lot of photos of the city came out looking very gray.  It is a little disappointing, but I suppose that is the problem when gray is the predominate colour.

Again very gray, though there are some sparks of colour here and there.  I do like the sky in these images.  I find the different shapes and sizes of the buildings quite intriguing as well.

This one is probably one of my favourites for the day.  I like the angle the image is taken from and the cloudy sky.  I might have to try and go back sometime to see if I can the same image but with different skies.  I would like to spend more time in the city taking photos.  The pretty and the ugly.


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