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Weekend Wandering – Teaching at Point Lonsdale

This last week I had another opportunity to go to Point Lonsdale. It is one of my favourite places to go, so with my One on One Photography session this week I suggested going there.  We were working on shutter speed and water is a great way to show how shutter speed really works.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3016_1I love this pier and taking photos underneath it.  When we were there the waves were big, and coming right under the pier.  I haven’t seen that before.  I also haven’t been there many times in the afternoon.  I have been there quite a few times, the first time was in the afternoon, but every other time has been in the morning.  The light is probably better in the morning, but you get lots of shadows in the late afternoon.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3002I do like it when I go there and there is a large ship either leaving the bay, or in this case, entering it.  Point Lonsdale is at the entrance to the bay that Melbourne is on. The city is on this very large bay, Port Phillip Bay.  It is quite good in some ways as it means that Melbourne is really protected from many things.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3012The lighthouse here is a very high tech one, you can see that by looking at it, and I am sure part of the reason for that is because it is on the entrance to one of Australia’s major cities.  It also serves as a light house so ships know where the entrance to the bay is at night.

Many of the photos that I took here were more demonstration for my client.  I needed to show her different ways of taking photos.  It is all very well to show them how their camera works, but I think it is equally important to teach composition and show them how I take photos.  I know that people, when they come out with me, like to see how I take photos, they want to see how I see the world through my camera.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3019Once we had decided to move on we went over to Barwon Heads to have some dinner before heading down to near where the river enters the ocean.  When working on shutter speed it is great to do some long exposures.  It was dark, the sun was long gone, but around the boat house there was ambient light so we made use of it.  You can see the streaks there, a whole heaps of students went through that area and they had torches and the camera picked up some.

Another reason I wanted to do down this last week was because of the moon.  I wanted to see if I could photograph the moon.  It was going to be pretty close to a full moon and I wanted to try getting the light of the moon reflected on the water.  It is not something I have ever done before, but thought it was worth a go.  When we first got down there, the moon hadn’t risen, I have a lot to learn. Then suddenly I turned around.

pointlonsdale-20140319-3021There it was, in all its beauty.  It was in the perfect position for what I wanted.  I am a bit disappointed that the moon is blown out, and if I ever do it again, I would do some images so that the moon is exposed better.  I wanted the pier in the image and having fishermen there was an added bonus I think.  There were a lot there that evening.

It was a great evening, cold, but fun.  I really need to put my cold weather gear back in the car.  I was happy that my client wanted to go down there.  The session went over time, but I didn’t mind, I never mind if it means I can get images as well.

I have a heap more photos for you now, and here is the gallery.

Weekend Wanderings – Fun Near the Sea

The other day I had to go to Barwon Heads and pick up my photos that had been in a restaurant there.  Unfortunately no one bought them, but I couldn’t just leave them there.  It was a good opportunity for my daughter to get some more driving done and for me to take some photos around there.  I don’t know Barwon Heads that well, and I never seem to find a lot to photograph, but I do like the area alongside the river that goes out to sea.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8528It was a very warm day, the car said it was 39ºC (102.2ºF) and it felt that hot getting there, but once there it was really nice by the water.  So in the end I just took photos around the jetty’s and the boathouse.  We didn’t want to leave the waterside, it got too hot when we did.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8529The water was really beautiful.  Normally when you go on the south coast of Australia the water is usually very cold, but on this day the water was almost warm.  It was really nice and you didn’t want to leave it.  I don’t swim, well I can swim, but I don’t like going swimming, especially in salt water, so we were just walking in the water, and it was really good, I could have walked a long time.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8535The water was a great colour too.  I love the aqua colour, it was stunning.  It hasn’t really come out in the photos.  I saw this bird on the end of the pier, and I got my camera ready as I walked slowly to it.  As it took off I took some shots of it.

For us here in Australia, maybe for anyone in the Southern Hemisphere, these are great shots to look at, they have a lovely cooling effect.  It is going to be 40 here today, so the rest of the day will be spent behind dark curtains with the air conditioning on.

I used my 24-70mm lens for these.  The ISO was set on about 200 and most were done with an aperture around f/8.  We didn’t walk far, but I did try to get as many photos as I could.

LeanneCole-barwonheads-20140208-8545We went into the boathouse after this and had a cold drink looking at this view, but inside.  I put my camera away, and then we saw this.

2014-02-06 16.59.52A whole heap of teenage boys started jumping off the pier, doing bombs and making great big splashes.  If I had my camera I would have taken better photos.  This image was taken through the window with my phone.  This is summer to me.

I am going to put the photos into a gallery for you now.  I am also going to include one of the photos that was hanging in the restaurant. Take care everyone, seems the world has gone crazy and the weather seems to like absolute extremes, don’t get caught in it.


Weekend Wanderings – Meandering Along the Coast

Last Thursday I did a day trip with my visitors from the States, Nia and her husband.  I left home at 7am to pick them up from the Sofitel in the city before heading to Geelong and the Great Ocean Road.  The first place we went to was Point Lonsdale.

coast-8850-3hpmIt seemed appropriate to start there, Nia had talked about how she had enjoyed walking through the blog when we met on Wednesday, so it was good to show some more.  As you can see, it was overcast and not very inspiring, though the clouds were fantastic.


On the way to Barwon Heads we took a wrong turn and found the weirdest place. We couldn’t work out what this was, so if you have any ideas, please share them.

In Barwon Heads I changed the photos that I have hanging at Barwon Orange.  The others I had there were too dark, so I had to find some lighter ones.  Hopefully people will like the new ones more.

coast-8968We stopped at Bell’s Beach, well you have to don’t you since it is probably the most famous part of the coastal area, well almost.  There were people out there surfing.  I took the wrong lens and didn’t get any of the surfers.


Then we headed to the lighthouse at Aireys Inlet.  The clouds parted and we were greeted with the most beautiful sunshine and the rest of the day was stunning.  It was too good.

After Aireys Inlet we were all hungry and so we went to the restaurant on the Pier at Lorne for a very nice lunch.  We all ate the Burramundi with sweet chilli mustard sauce.  It was very nice.  It was great sitting next to the Ocean and eating.

I will save the rest of the photos for tomorrow, but here is a gallery of others taken around the same time as the ones above.

I just wanted to add that the water really is that beautiful turquoise colour.

Antiquing the Coast

Most of you know that I have been trying some new things with my processing.  I firmly believe that if you want to stand apart from other photographers, that you have to have something, or be doing something that makes you stand apart.  For me, that is about processing, taking great images and trying to make them into something unique.  Antiquing images, that is something new for me, and something that I am enjoying doing right now.

I have picked images that I have taken around Point Lonsdale and Barwon Heads.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant7567I am not going to lie and say that I think they are all fantastic, but I like the effect and how they turn an image into something a little different.  I have been spending heaps and heaps of time on the internet looking at vintage photos and studying them.  I need to do more though.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant8016Images from the beach seem to really lend themselves well to this kind of treatment.  I do like the idea of modern sort of images being made to look old.

Textures are so important to this kind of work, but you can’t just use any old texture, some work, some don’t.  You can put a texture on and think it is good, and then you discover that it looks horrible, so you delete it and then try another one.  There is a lot of trial and error.

I have more to show you and will put them all into a gallery for you.


Weekend Wanderings – More from Ocean Grove

I arrived home this afternoon.  It was great to be back, I mean as nice as it is to be away, it is always good to be home again.  I got some great images, and lots that I want to play with.

I took so many photos of textures and I think I added over 200 images to my textures directory.  I am so happy with the ones I got and I really think I have some really useful ones.  I am looking forward to using them in my work.  I have a little hint for anyone who wants to get some, Wineries are fantastic for getting textures.

I have put together a small gallery for you of some images that I have quickly got ready for you.  Since the Cape Schanck images and how many people were interested in the coast line, I tried to get a few images of it for you.  Our coast is often referred to as Shipwreck coast, and I also found a plaque about one that tells a story.

Please enjoy.

Can I add, that while my friends had a lazy afternoon, I did go out on my own and take photos.  I got the sunset that they missed out on.

Weekend Wanderings – Around the Bellarine Peninsula

As I said the other day, I am away this weekend,  back down at Ocean Grove.  It is proving to be too relaxing, and almost no photos are being taken.  The two I am staying away with, are being very lazy and won’t go out and take photos with me.  It is a little disappointing, but I will just have to go on my own.  I have some ideas, and have already taken heaps of photos, though mostly of textures at all the wineries they have dragged me too.

So I thought I would try something a little different with three of the images today.  Sort of going with the theme earlier in the week and something I have wanted to try.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant4007I thought I would try antiquing some images of the coastline, see if I can make the images look old.  I didn’t quite get it, but I like the idea and might play some more with them.  Some of the textures I got today are perfect for this sort of thing.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant4066This one is probably a little heavy, still sometimes the staining on images is very heavy.  I will just have to keep experimenting, but will do more at home when I have my tablet to play with.

LeanneCole-ocean-ant4173On the way to one of the wineries we found this old house.  We couldn’t get any closer to it, but it would have been good if we could have.  It looks pretty amazing.  There was no way to get past the fence.

It has been a funny weekend.  The weather has been crap really, so trying to get good shots is almost pointless, so playing with them seems to be the best idea.  I am hoping to go out again soon though.  Will see if I can get some more shots.

As I said the weekend has been strange but we did go back to Barwon Orange in Barwon Heads for dinner last night and really, it is one of the best places I have ever eaten at.  The food was so amazing.  One friend had the Thai Pumpkin Soup and the flavours were so wonderful, yeah, I tried some.  I loved it, I even asked if he gave out the recipe, apparently the chef doesn’t really use one, that doesn’t seem quite fair.  I want to be able to make it at home.  The lamb was perfect, the dessert melted in our mouths, and the wine was brilliant.  It was the best meal, none of us had anything to complain about.  So if you are in Barwon Heads try  Barwon Orange, you won’t regret it.  Though might be good if you booked first, they get busy.

We also went there for breakfast this morning, good coffee and good size breakfast, can you tell I love the place.  It was brilliant.

I should also thank Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads Stays for all their help with our stay.  They have also been great.

I will see if I can post more photos tomorrow when I get home.

Weekend Wanderings – Barwon Heads, Ocean Grove

Our weekend started in Ocean Grove, that is where we were staying, but we didn’t really take any photos there, surprisingly.  We seemed to head more for Barwon Heads, except for the one morning at Point Lonsdale.

We booked our accommodation with  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays.  They were fantastic, and did what they could to help out, especially when it turned out the place we were booked into had an unexpected problem and we had to stay in other accommodation.  The other accommodation wasn’t great, there were issues, but nothing to do with  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays and hopefully they have spoken to the owners about that.  I would definitely recommend  Ocean Grove and Barwon Head Stays if you were looking to stay down there.

Beach DunesI have already shown you photos of the first night we were there, and the second night we went to the same place.  It was different again.  One of the problems we found with this area is that is seems to be largely beaches and finding really interesting places to go and photograph was hard.  We didn’t know the area enough.  We did try google maps to see if we could find places, and found some, but they weren’t really what we wanted.  It is hard when you go to a place for the first time and try to do this, you really need to go on multiple occasions drive around and just see what there is.

The above image, and most of those today were taken on the Ocean Grove side of the river, looking over towards Barwon Heads.

Reflections and Pink CloudsWith a place like Barwon Heads, it isn’t that far away that you couldn’t drive there during the day and spend some time looking around for places to photograph.  We should have done that during the first day, but we were so tired, that we ended up back at the town house and slept or read.  That’s our fault really and I think the next time we go away I might make a point of going up early on the first day, just so I can do that.

In the above photo you can see a white building on the left side of the image.  I have photographed that building before, though from the other side.  The building was made famous by the Australian television show “Seachange”, and was Diver Dan’s shed.  They have made some extensive renovations to it now and it is a restaurant called the At the Heads.  We ate here twice, once for breakfast and then for dinner.

It is a great place to eat, you can sit and watch the ocean and the river.  The staff are friendly and well, the food was brilliant.  They don’t offer the usual breakfast fair, but it was great to be given some different options.  For dinner two us shared a seafood platter, one of the best I’ve ever had.  It was great because it didn’t have so much seafood that you felt guilty for not eating it all, we did eat most of it, and the price was good for it.  I love watching people’s faces when they see a platter like that bringing brought out.  So if you go to Barwon Heads try At the Heads.

Sun Sets on Another NightAnother place we ate at was Barwon Orange.  It isn’t the first time I have eaten there, and hopefully won’t be the last.  We ate there another time when we went for a day trip to Barwon Heads.  The food is fantastic, and while they seem to specialise in pizzas, the mains were to die for.  I recommend booking though, or you might be disappointed, it is a popular place to eat.

We did have breakfast at a place called Annie’s, it is a farm store.  I didn’t like my breakfast.  I ordered poached eggs and they were really well cooked, I like soft yolks. The plate was too small for what I got and the bacon was, well, there wasn’t much of it.  I was very disappointed with mine, though my friends really enjoyed what they had.  It was an interesting shop and seemed popular, so maybe my meal was just an oddity.  I wouldn’t go back to eat though.

I have a heap more photos, so I will put them in a gallery for you to look at, and then will give you some conclusions.

It was a good weekend and I got some nice images, but I haven’t come away thinking oh wow, what a great weekend.  I think we need to do more research before we go somewhere.  I do love Barwon Heads though, and I know I will go back.  I might see about contacting some people before I go again.  Do some research.

If you just want to go for the day, then the areas around the river and bridge will give you plenty to photograph.  Try and get there for the sunset or, if you do it, the sunrise, both give you different light and different things to see.


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