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Weekends Wanderings Around the City

Well not really around the city, but close enough. Last week a friend and I went into the city for the Open House thing and ended up not seeing anything. Not that we minded too much. We walked around the city and down to Southbank and I took some photos of things I’ve some things I’ve never done before. It was great. It is just a very quick post, I really must apologize, but I spent all day yesterday working on the magazine and trying to get my website set up, which unfortunately it still isn’t. I’m trying to set up a e-commerce thing on it, and I’ve tried two different ones so far, and both have different problems I can’t work out. Hopefully I will have more luck. Doesn’t help that I am coming down with a cold so my head is mush anyway. Having said that, the magazine looks great, and is around 60 pages, so that is really good. I’m going to leave you with a gallery now, I hope everything your part …


Influencing Me: Joel Tjintjelaar

If you love architectural photography then you will, I’m sure, know about Joel Tjintjelaar.  He is like a guru when it comes to architecture and long exposures. I know many of you already know his work and those that don’t will fall in love in love with it.  His work is something I aspire to be able to do and I plan work thinking of how he executes it. Shame he is in another country to me. There is a rawness to his images, they are devoid of distractions. When you look at his work there are lessons to be learned on what you should include and what you shouldn’t include. The work is about shape and form, and you look at the structure of the building. It is like an architects vision of what they thought the building would look like. His work is predominantly black and white. It strips away more of the distractions. It helps make the buildings beautiful, but also very simple, if that is the right way of putting it. Though …


Weekend Wanderings: Early Morning in the City

A couple of weeks ago I joined some other lovely ladies and we spent the morning taking photos along the Yarra River in Melbourne. The river was calm and clear.  It wasn’t mirror like, but still very nice and we managed to get some lovely reflections in the water along with some great colours.  It was a very peaceful morning. It was meant to be a Social Snappers Event, but many didn’t show up, so here is what they missed. It is a busy weekend for me, so I am just going to leave you with the photos today.  My weekend includes lots of photography, and I hope you are going to have a similar weekend.


Quiet Thursdays: Taking it Easy

Really that’s what I’ve been doing?  It is a very lazy day for me, I just don’t seem to be able to get myself motivated to do much.  It could be a thinking day, do you have those?  Days where all I want to do is think and work out some stuff. I have another article for the Digital Photography School being published early next week.  This one is on textures I believe, how to use them.  It is my first attempt at doing a tutorial for them, and it is something I need to work on.  I should be an expert at doing them by the time I am finished. I have some other things I want to write about, but I need to think about it first.  Have the ideas going around in my head for a while.  Work out what I really want to say, take some notes and then start the writing process. Today I have a couple of photos that have been on social media and were taken last Saturday at …


Weekend Wanderings: Snapping Along Bourke Street

One of the first Social Snappers events this year was into the city to photograph Bourke Street.  Last year was so good along Collins Street so I thought Bourke Street might be good to.  It started off well, but toward the other end, near Southern Cross Station, it wasn’t so good.  Still it was nice to wander and take photos. The weather wasn’t great, and the sky was bit washed out, so it was good to try and do some images that didn’t have the sky in it, which wasn’t always easy, but we managed.  It was a great day besides that, and I think everyone had a good time. We started at Parliament House, and we just walked around the steps and took lots of photos of the different features.  I have more photos in the gallery and there is a plaque there with some information on when it was built and such. Anyone who knows Melbourne knows about this place, especially if they like coffee.  It really is a Melbourne Institution.  Pellegrinis has …


Introductions: Exploratorius

The Introduction this week is from someone I found in the reader, I kept noticing his work and I liked it, so I thought I would like to introduce you to Exploratorius and the photographer behind it, Mitch. He has some wonderful images on his blog and I really want to show you those images. Mitch has given me permission to show you his work and I hope at the end of this post you will follow the link back to his blog There is a lot of architecture on Mitch’s blog, and I guess that is something that I am quite attracted to.  His work reminds me of how I photograph it, well the angles, I know we work differently, I think I do more digital. I asked Mitch where in the world he was? My wife and I live in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, within Maryland — a state dominated by the Chesapeake Bay, which was formed by the seventh largest meteor impact crater in the world (  We live just 27 miles (43km) …


Starting the Year as I Plan to Finish

Happy New Year It is the first of January as this post publishes, and I no doubt will be fast asleep, well I hope I am. In the last 12 months I have concentrated on learning things and trying some things.  In between I did a few art images. Admittedly the year started badly with a bad back that meant I couldn’t sit for very long and wouldn’t able to spend a lot of time working on images.  As the year progressed I still didn’t do many, but it is something that I want to get back to.  Robyn’s One Four Challenge was great to help me get back into it and realised that perhaps I should be doing more.  So I am hoping to do a lot more of this next year.  It is something I love doing a lot. My back is so much better now and it is much easier to sit for longer periods of time. I have gone through this blog and the one on my website and found images …