As I have stated before, I don’t consider myself an expert in photography or Photo Editing, though I know more than average, and I am happy to share what I know.  I also don’t consider myself a highly technical person, and work more on instinct, though having said that, you do have to have some technical know how to be good at photography.

With each tutorial I do, I will add a link to it here so they are easier to find.  I will also go back and find some earlier ones.  The  most recent one will always be at the top of the list.

Editing Rialto’s Reflection – Tutorial

Tweaking Photomatix Pro – Mini Tutorial

Amish Wagon being Exposed – Tutorial

Saving in GIMP – Tutorial

Black and White in GIMP – My Way

The Levels and Curves in GIMP – Tutorial

GIMP’s Turn to Turn it Around – Tutorial

Making the World Go Around – Tutorial

My Way of Doing Black Backgrounds

Fixing up Angel with her Great Grandmother – Tutorial

Colour Coming Through, My Way

Spot Be Gone, My Way

Architecture in the Picture

Basic Editing of Images, My Way

Watermarking My Way

HDR Images My Way

The Halo Effect

Bracketing Shots, yes, no

Photographing Things That Are Considered Art

What ISO Do I Need To Use?

Day 11 – Black and White Conversions

Grey Cards – What are they, and do we need them?

Depth of Field

Film Vs Digital SLR Cameras

If you are interested in Video tutorials I have added quite a few to my YouTube account

Leanne Cole


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