Photo Editing

Would You Like Your Photos to Look Like Works of Art?

Take a look at what I did for someone else.

A friend of mine went to India earlier in the year and she was showing me her photos, they needed editing.  They were too light, or too dark.  The camera had trouble with strong darks and bright highlights.  I picked several to do and here I am going to show you a few and you can see the before and after shots.

As you can see, I didn’t do a lot to the image, but the image as a whole has been darkened.

Again, not a hard one, I just darkened a little and added a little more drama to the image.

I did spend quite a bit time on this one.  I did some work, then decided it wasn’t better, so had to start again.  I think I have improved it now and the image inside the frame doesn’t look so washed out and the building stands out more.

This image has had a major amount of work.  I have lightened some bits, darkened others, emphasised some bits while dulling down others.  I really like the after image and the drama that is there.

New Services

If you would like me to edit some images from your holidays then send me an email and we can discuss what you would like, and how the cost.

I charge $60 an hour.

Email me at

Why Do Your Images Need Editing?

I read somewhere “that all digital photos need editing”.

I can’t remember who said that, or where I read it, so I apologise to the author.  It is, of course, so true. It doesn’t matter how good your camera is, when you put your images on to your computer things need to be adjusted.

If you ever did work in the darkroom, you know that negatives were the same.  You couldn’t print each image exactly the same, because each one would need slightly different treatment to others.  If you took your films to labs to get printed, they did it for you.  Now you are meant to be able to do that yourself, though not many people know how or have the confidence to do it themselves.


  1. Hi Leanne, I just read your instructions on Photography 101: Editing Basics. When I straighten a horizon on a photo, using my Mac’s iphoto tool, the new photo is not as sharp as the original, which is disappointing. I’ve been told this is inevitable. Is this true?

    • That doesn’t right, not at all, you will lose size of the original image because some of it has to be cropped, but that shouldn’t effect the sharpness of your image. I haven’t experienced that.

  2. Hi Leanne! Thanks for the like. I’ve had my DSLR for only a couple weeks now, really looking forward to getting better at it. It was so cool to see in this post how big a difference editing can make!

    • You’re welcome Samantha, it is important to remember that, that many top pros do edit their photos, so never be discouraged, it is all a new adventure, and good luck, have fun.

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