Giving a Critical Eye

From time to time I get asked about asked to critique peoples images.  It is a hard thing to do.  It is also a very subjective thing to do.  People can get hurt and people can get angry, especially if it is unsolicited.

I have decided to offer critiquing as a service.  I will do it on an hourly rate.  People will have to pay for an hours critiquing up front, and if they want longer, then they will need to pay more.

The hourly rate is $50, so for everyone wanting this service it will cost you that to start with.

Your images will need to be available somewhere in a gallery or on flicker, something like that.

You will be given a written critique which will be emailed to you.

On average, I can do around 20 to 30 images an hour for basic critiquing, if you want detailed notes, and suggestions for editing, then it will take me longer and I won’t be able to do as many.

If you decided to do this, you must think about the following:.

  • Do not send images that you love, there is nothing worse than someone tearing apart that which you love.
  • You should respect my opinion and not argue with me if you disagree. Which will happen.
  • You don’t have to agree with my opinion and you can ignore it.
  • You should read some of my posts that I have done on my own images and see how I critique them, no doubt I am harder on my self than I would be on you.
  • I will never tell you your image is rubbish
  • I will tell you how you can make your images better, what to look for, or how to compose an image.

I know the question on many peoples minds is, “who the hell am I to think I can do this?”

Good question.

  • 20 years experience being a photographer
  • One year study at TAFE studying being an artist
  • Followed by a degree in Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts.
  • 20 years of constantly looking, reading and learning everything I can about photography.

Does that answer your question?

Payments can made into my paypal account for anyone interested.

For those interested please send me an email and we can discuss what you would like.


  1. Leanne, this is a brilliant idea. I just read about it on George Weaver’s blog. I would love to have this done some day when my finances can handle it. Until then, thanks again for following my blog :-

    • You don’t have to thank me for that.
      I didn’t know George talked about it on her blog, well, one day when you ready, give me a hoy.

      • Yes, I might just do that–at least once for the insights and experience. Hopefully I won’t need too much help :)))))

      • It is up to you, it can be interesting hearing what other people say, it can also be hard. If you love your work, I wouldn’t do it. I did it for someone recently and she felt really dejected afterwards, I felt so bad, but she thought about what I said and came back with lots of renewed energy. I wasn’t harsh, I don’t believe in that, but I told her things she hadn’t thought about. :)

      • I am definitely open to constructive criticism. Plus, I cannot see you being harsh, but rather honest and fair, even if that means telling people what they want to hear. I will def keep it in mind. Thanks for the reply…..

  2. I think that’s a great idea, will probably contact you when I get some time to go over some of my photos (and get them online).

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