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133 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Leanne
    I write to ask if I may have your postal address to send a certificate of appreciation to you in thanks for all the support you gave Katren Munro during her Ride Hard to Breathe Easy cycle from Adelaide to Melbourne.

    many thanks kerrie

  2. Hello, I was just wondering if you’d had time to check out my blog. Thanks, you can see it at

  3. Been meaning to tell you that I love the caption on your blog header that says, “Photography Practice”. So humble for someone who takes such great photos!

    • That is such a nice thing to say. I do think all my photography is practice, and maybe one day I will do an image that I think is perfect, practice makes perfect, isn’t that the saying. Thanks for the lovely words.

  4. Love the blog and all the images. Interesting concept putting the original image up alongside the “developed” images. Keep up the lovely work

    BillyG / A Man With His Camera Blog

    • It seemed a good way to let people see what I had started from. I get the feeling that lots of people like seeing the original. Though I have to be prepared for them not to like what I have done to the image, and that does happen, but mostly there seems to be a consensus that what I am doing is good. I will keep it up and you too. Lovely meeting you.

  5. Amazing images, I’ll be stopping by often. Jason :)

  6. thank you for visiting my blog and like my post
    nice to know you

  7. milezaway said:


    Noticed you liked one of my posts so I thought I would have alittle look at your blog, love the images…..really good and something I only dream of being able to shoot

    • I think when you look at the original images you will realise that the images aren’t really special, I just spend a lot of time on photoshop. You can shoot them as well. It is all about seeing. Good luck.

  8. Love your blog. Will definitely be keeping an eye on it. I have started gaining a keen interest for photography.

  9. Howdy!

    I find your blog amazing!
    You know I’m not that good in Photography but your blog gives me more inspiration.
    Keep up the good work and inspire more people :D

    lovelots, Joan

    • No one thinks they are good. I look at some of my images and say yuck and when I look at some stuff I was doing a few months ago, I cringe. It makes my heart swell with pride to know that I inspire people, thanks for letting me know.
      Keep going, you will get there. :) Thanks Joan.

      • You say Yuck to your images while I say WOW :D
        Be Happy and Be Proud of your images not all the people has the same amazing imagination and artistic as you :D

  10. HI Leanne, thanks for being such an avid “liker” of my posts/photos!!!

  11. Leanne,
    I nominated you for a Beautiful Blog Award. to see the rules for accepting the award. (Easy one !) Congratulations, and thanks for your beautiful pictures. I enjoy your comments back and forth as well!!!

  12. Hey hun,
    I nominated you for ‘The very inspiring blogger award’ here at:

  13. shesnapshots said:

    Hi! I sent you an e-mail. :)

  14. thank you for liking my blog :) and stopping by!!

  15. Great Photographs! :)

  16. Thank you for your likes and for following my blog… I greatly appreciate it!

  17. Thank you for the like on my blog…you have some beautiful photos. I have been using a camera since I was about 12, and really love the freedom of digital (plus I could never afford the amount of film that my camera habit requires lol) looking forward to seeing more of your work

    • YOu just described exactly why I love digital. I love just being able to snap as much as you like. I am the same, I couldn’t afford the processing on the amount of images I used to take. I used to take about 2 rolls of film a week, so that would 76 images, now I take 200 to 300 in an afternoon. It was a pleasure visiting your blog and thanks for coming and checking out mine.

  18. Leanne, thanks for your like.. I did what it appears that most bloggers do.. and checked out your site in return.. imagine my surprise to find pictures of ‘home’ amongst your portfolio.. I too am a Mallee girl!…albeit currently on the other side of the world. Double bonus is that I’m just wanting to start getting serious about my photography and your blog is going to be a wealth of information.. thank you so much for finding… and liking mine! xJ

    • Hello, I’ve answered most of your other comments, it is so funny to meet someone this way who knows the area where those photos were taken. The Mallee is a very strange place, I hate getting there, but when I am there I don’t want to leave. When you come back we will have to see if we can organise to go and take some photos. I went to Patchewollock for the first time last time I was up there. Great meeting you. Keep in touch.

  19. ciao! thanks for (ad)dressing my blog. i checked yours and it’s just a luvFAB.


  20. Thanks so much for visiting our blog today – also for “liking” it. We really appreciate it,

  21. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your Field trips post. I wish I have more of those. Keep it up!

  22. Leanne,

    Your photos are absolutely stunning!!

    Thanks for sharing them,


  23. mmemargaux said:

    Wow! Your photographs are amazing! I just started photographing and I like it. I hope that I will be able one day to make photographs like you do! You’re really good.
    (Sorry for my bad English) :)

  24. THank you for stopping by my blog and for the Like on my latest post. Your photos are great!

  25. Little Brown Tomato (LBT) said:

    Hello! I just read your note. I was off the computer for what seems like ages. And I must share that I tried that pumpkin/potato combo and it was great! I wasn’t sure how to season it, so that was a bit tricky but it was good (just added salt and other stuff I had).
    I might close down my blog. I’m not consistent enough. If I re-open, I’ll come looking and add you again.
    So good to hear from you again! So very kind of you.

    • It is so nice to hear from you Catherine, I have missed your posts. I am so glad the pumpkin and potato combo worked out. Sounds like you did a good job.
      I hope you find that you can keep going with it, I enjoyed your blog, so much so that I noticed I hadn’t heard from you.
      Good luck and thanks for letting me know.

      • Little Brown Tomato (LBT) said:

        Leanne, you are truly sweet. I’ve been pondering the blog and plan on changing the name (if WordPress will allow) and go a different direction with it. Keep it holistic hobby related vs. one hobby. I have lots of interests. ;)

      • I don’t think you can change your user name, but you can certainly change your blog name, would love to see you more.

      • Little Brown Tomato (LBT) said:

        I think you’re right. And thanks for the welcome back. I hope to post some things tonight. Blessings from the States! :)

      • Looking forward to it. :)

  26. Your site is great and your photos, stunning. I wish I lived in Australia to join your field trips.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post.

  27. hi there, i am glad that you like some of my photos on my blog because it led me to yours. I’m automatically a fan now of your photos and blog. I tried to follow but everytime i entered my email it says “Your subscription did not succeed, please try again with a valid email address.” I’m sure i have entered the correct email address so maybe something is wrong with your follow button? Anyway, will just bookmark your blog and check often. Thanks for sharing some editing tips..this helps to a lot of amateur photographers like me….:)

    • That is very strange, you should have to enter anything, but I think WordPress are doing some changes, the set up for a new blog post was completely different today, maybe wait a day or two then try, let me know if you still have trouble. If you are signed in you should just be able to press follow.

  28. Leanne. I have to ttll you once again you r work is truy amazing and creative. I love the odl school churches. A s I love church ceilings aointed. Please know as you post faithfully each day I am not able to . SO I do not get to like every day. I follow but every day I do not post. My blog is slowly getting hits. I wish i could share it more. :)
    God blessed you with a Special gift!!

    • I think the trick is not necessarily to do it every day, but to do it on a regular basis, 3 times a week or once a week, make it so people know when to expect. I post every day because if I don’t, I worry I will never get around to it. That is what happened with my other blogs, now I don’t do them at all. We do what we have to. Thank you.

  29. John Godoy said:

    Hello – leanne – Thanks for visiting my site. It is still a work in progress.

  30. Love your photography, Leanne. You are an amazing artist!

  31. Although it seems redundant, I must agree that you have an amazing eye for capturing and manipulating wonderful images. It will take some time to go through your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  32. Hi Leanne, I truly enjoy your photos and all of your great advice. I’d like to nominate you for the Inspiring Blog Award! If you’d like to participate, details can be found here:

  33. Thank you very much for liking one of my first blog articles :)
    You make great pictures and I am very much looking forward to read some of your tutorials in depth :)
    Have a nice day

  34. Hi Leanne,
    I noticed you’ve liked pages on both my blogs–Allison Strauss Art and Design, and Snail’s Postcard Post–apparently by total coincidence. Thought that was cool, thank you so much! And you have wonderful photographs here. Keep on clickin’ that camera!

  35. Your pictures and blog is very helpful to me. I have nominated you for your second nomination for 2012 blog of the year award. Read more at: Blessings and have a great Christmas! Diane

  36. Your blog is fascinating and your pictures are fabulous!! I could gaze at them all day long (as a matter of fact, I think I will), it’s just the perfect subject matter for me. Please keep up the good work :)

  37. jimzuniverse said:

    Hi Leanne. Thanks for the like. Congratulations, you have very nice pictures.

  38. Hi Leanne, It’s always such a compliment when you like one of my posts. Thank you, thank you — and happy new year

  39. Hi Leanne, thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post …snowy illusions…
    I appreciate that a lot!
    Have a great day and a happy new year!

  40. Hello. Thank you for clicking “like” to my little blog:)
    I have looked at your site and you have some wonderful work. I shoot in a style similar to yours and it’s nice to see other people creating images I can be drawn into and appreciate for that certain “extra” something that hdr and processing can do. HDR is a brave new process that has mixed impressions with traditionalists, personally I like the extra depth and dramatic sense the process gives to the photo! Please keep up with the HDR! I won’t spam you with my website link here, but I am interested in any opinions you may have of my work, my link is in my blog:)
    Happy new year!

  41. Thanks for dropping by my blog! You seem to have been in the blogging space for a while and your work definitely speaks on its own. Hope you got something out of my recent post :)

  42. Hi!I just wanted to thank you for the likes! .Ευχαριστώ

  43. What a great site you have. Thank you for liking my image and….that’s how I now know about you! Looking forward to going through the entire website.

  44. No longer following? :(

  45. Have a great day!

  46. Hey there – I don’t know how you feel about blog awards but recently my blog – — was nominated for the
Liebster Award.
As part of that process, I nominated 11 blog I like and follow, and yours is one of them. If you’re interested in participating,
visit my post on the, Liebster Award ( Then please send me the link to your Liebster Award post. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am anxious to continue seeing all the cool material you offer your followers on your blog!

  47. Wow, gorgeous photos Leanne! Thanks for checking out my much more inferior stuff too :)

  48. En Noir | Et Blanc said:

    Hi! Thanks for following me blog! Working on it so stay tuned!

  49. Thanks for liking my site. I think gimp is great too…..if you look at the picture in the upper left hand corner, it was made in gimp. I also did the kind of thing you are talking about with a picture of a swan which was the last thing I gave my Dad before he died.

  50. Thank you for liking my work.

    I’ll check back to read your blog. I’m in the middle of creating new graphics for my blog.

  51. Hi Leeanne, Thanks for liking my art teaching blog. I enjoy perusing your posts! I am a big photography fan. I just attended a wonderful teachers’ preview at the Duke art museum with over a 100 photos from all periods including some of my favorites, Thomas Struth and Sally Mann.

  52. Thank you for your “like” on my blog

  53. Leanne,
    You do a great job, you are humble like me :) Thanks for liking my blog and pictures. I look forward to following your blog :)

  54. Thank you for the encouraging ‘like’!

  55. Hi, thank you for liking my blog! I am new at blogging and have a long way to go!
    I love photography, especialy children’s photography! and I like your photos, they are amazing!

  56. I’m letting you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! See link for details.

  57. Hi, your visit to our blog and likes on our post, Four Seasons Bridal, was much appreciated… We are in wedding field photography. Your advise especially in the software part gave us a lot of insight on which to use.. Thanks…

  58. I nominated your blog for a creative blog award! :)

  59. Hello! It goes without saying that I like what you’re doing. You make the bloggosphere bigger, badder, better. Congrats and keep it up, and have an Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness award on me!


    1. Write ten awesome facts about yourself.
2. Nominate ten other bloggers that you think are awesome enough to win this award.
3. Inform the chosen they have won.

  60. hey I just want to ask did you take all those amazing photos
    and also thanks for liking mine you don’t know what that means to me

  61. I would like to say a big thank you for liking my pages. your photography wunder-ful :)

    from a humble blogger,


  62. Hi Leanne,

    Amazing photography. Looking at the pics makes me crave to be present in all the places where the photos have been clicked which I personally feel is one of the biggest attributes of a good photographer.

    And ya thanks for liking my posts in my blog – Through My Eyes. Do visit again and let me know how you liked my posts.


    • Thank you Sangeeta, what a lovely thing to say, I try to show off this beautiful country as much as I can.
      It was a pleasure and thanks for stopping by mine.

  63. Hi there,

    I have nominated you for the The “One Lovely Blog” Award. Thank you for sharing such an enjoyable site which is both informative and interesting as well as fun!

    You can find the information on the below link if you choose to accept the award nomination

    Thanks and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Sarah :)

  64. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and liking my post
    You are doing a fantastic job, keep moving forward.

  65. Hey there, I just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. See here to accept. Thanks for being a great read!

  66. Annette Reeves said:

    Hi Leanne,
    It is great to read and see your appreciation of Rick’s work. His current exhibition at Niagara finishes soon on 7 September so try not to miss it ! Cheers. Annette

    • Hi Annette,
      Nice to hear from you, I love Rick’s work and thank you for the reminder, I will mention it on the blog too so people who live in Melbourne can also go and see it. Thanks

  67. Leanne, thanks for your ‘like’ ( You take some great and highly-imaginative pictures and I can assume I have done a fairly OK job if you have liked the post. I do stop by often, especially to take a look at the Weekend Wanderings

  68. Hello Leanne,

    I was just looking at your blog to re-visit your December post on taking night time photos in which you featured some images of Southbank at night. I see, on return to my blog, that you has been looking at the images of Southbank that I have just posted! The moon was a real bonus the night I was in Melbourne. Looking at your images, I see you have created a darker, more colour-saturated look to your city skyline image and was curious to know how you did the post processing for this image. I’m very much a ‘realist’ which I’m finding very hard to shake off and be a bit bolder with processing.

    • Yes, your images stood out to me, photos of Melbourne usually do. I often do HDR images with my night shots. It isn’t really realistic, not what you see, but the colours are there, and you get that long reflection in the water. I am not a realist when it comes to my photography. Sometimes I will do images realistically, but I do love playing with them and trying to create something else with them.

  69. Love your blog! Love it so much, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out my blog post for the rules on what to do next.

    Happy Blogging!
    Riki :)

  70. Hi Leanne, Just ordered your 3 part know your DSLR or thought I did and just realised the order has only gone through for the first part. I’d like all three please and happy to pay the difference of $9. Can you let me know how we do this now please? thanks Kathleen

  71. Hey there! Just stopping by to say thanks for the likes. :)

    Brand new to this. i’ll be keeping an eye here. Cheers!

  72. Great blog site Leanne. Appreciate you stopping by and checking out my blog. Thanks.

  73. Hi Leanne. Just a quick note to let you know I made the move to mac (iMac).
    I know it’s often said but can’t help reiterate; I WISH I HAD DONE THIS SOONER!
    I will never go back to pc now.
    All the best, Peter.

    • Thanks Peter, I know lots of people do, but I don’t want to give up Linux, Linux is the best and a PC is half the price of a Mac, that is the part I can’t get past. I did hear from someone who uses both and uses it for the same thing as me and that person said that with using Photoshop there was absolutely no difference between them. Since that is all I use Windows for, I am happy with that decision. I use Linux for everything else. Also, I really dislike the Apple company, they are really horrible and I can’t support what they do. Thanks for your thoughts.

      • Thats fair enough. I can’t remember the exact details off the top of my head but I thought you were having trouble choosing between the two from reading your post on the subject. I guess you must have made up your mind since then. All the best.

      • Thanks Peter, I have, actually it was kind of made up for me, you were right, I couldn’t choose, but through hearing what many people said in their comments, I realised that I don’t really need to spend all that money. Then my husband reinstalled windows on my laptop put in a SSD and wow, it is so much faster. I still want to replace my almost 10 year old desktop, but it doesn’t seem so urgent now, so I can wait a while. The Desktop run Linux, but it would be nice if it also ran Windows. Soon I hope.
        The post was great for me, I was a bit confused at the start of it, but by the end of the day, I knew I would stay with PCs. I like the live in help too, LOL.

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