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No Longer a Teenager

Today is my daughters birthday.  I know it isn’t something I normally blog about, but this morning she let me take her to the local park to take some photos of her. Today she is turning 20 and as her mother I can say I am so proud of her.  She has had a rough few years but has really come out of it well. It was fun trying to get images of her.  Not the images you normally get when people pose, but the images of her as I know her.  The way she laughs and smiles.  We gave her the skirt for her birthday. I think she is beautiful and has grown up to be a wonderful person.  It was so much fun going out with her this morning to take her photo, it has been a while since she let me.  Normally she pulls silly faces, and she did do that, but if you wait after she pulls one, she smiles and starts laughing, so I got some lovely ones as well. …


Casual Portraits

This week has been a hard week.  I’ve been taking lots of photos and checking out places to go and take photos.  I am very tired, so today I am not going to talk a lot, I thought I would show you some portraits that I took recently of a young woman. She was great to photograph and we had a lot of fun.  I will just put the images into a gallery for you.  Enjoy your day.

Lara Jade

Taking Action

Recently I have been thinking about doing more portraits, though not so much the fine art ones, but more just normal portraits.  I still love the idea of doing portraits of teenagers as they are finishing school and moving onto the next part of their lives.  I have discussed this before, the idea of doing them here, and how the whole concept of Senior Portraits wouldn’t work in Australia.  I am still thinking of names, but I did get to take some lovely photos of a friends daughter last weekend. She is a gorgeous girl, but has issues about her body (what teenage girl doesn’t?), so we did more head shots, which I think she was more comfortable about. I have been looking at lots of portraits lately, and looking at what the photographers do to them.  I have also been hearing a lot about actions. Actions are like recordings of processes in Photoshop that you can then play over and over again.  You just click a button and then things happen before your eyes. …


The Eyes Have It.

Recently I have been doing some internet courses and learning how to retouch skin. There are so many ways to do it, and I guess eventually what you have to do is work out which one works best for you.  Today I thought I would try a couple of different ways. This is the image I decided to use.  I took this shoot the other day in the city when we were just sitting around.  She liked it, so I thought I had a winner there.  I have been looking for some images that I could do some skin retouching on, and I thought this one would be good.  So I just processed this in Camera Raw as I do with most images. The other obvious problem was her sisters face in the side, so I thought a square crop would work best. I tried using Joel Grimes technique for skin retouching.  I think it is a little harsh, and she really didn’t like it.  I like aspects of it, but she thought the eyes …


On the Run

Today has been very busy and so will tomorrow. I spent majority of today meeting new friends. My blogging friend Nia and her husband are here visiting Australia and this morning I showed them around my city.  It was so wonderful to meet someone from another country because of our blogs, it is so cool. I don’t really have a post for you today but I have written one for so please go there and take a look.  The post is about Finding that Niche in the Market Place which is a topic we have talked about here before, but I think I have gone into more detail.  Well, I hope I did. I also wanted to let you know that I have now booked a place and have a date for my Photographing People classes next year and you can get lots of details on my website, Tomorrow I am going to the coast with Nia and her husband and we are planning a great big trip along the Great Ocean Road.  It is …


The Lady at the Sea

Most of you know that last weekend I went to Point Lonsdale to take some photos of Kelly at the beach.  She was going to be my model, well, she was my model, but things didn’t go as planned.  If you don’t know what I am talking about look at my post last Sunday.  The weather was shocking, it was raining, and the tide was so far in that there almost was no beach.  She was fantastic and did a great job modelling through. The whole session threw me for a six, I wasn’t quite expecting it to be like it was, and then there weren’t a lot of options.  We had to work fast while there was still sand there, before it was all underwater.  It was a very wild, wild day. This is probably my favourite from the day.  She is wet and it could mean a lot of things, you can decide for you what it means. I really want to be able to do these images again, maybe try some other …


Doing the Work

Trying to work on art images isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I need to know what I want to work on, where I want the work to go.  What are my goals for it?  What are the long term plans?  What are the plans in the short term? I have been working on these images for about 3 months now, and I am really happy with what I have done so far, but I know I can do more.  By that I mean, I still think I might be all over the place and I want to narrow it all a little.  I think I want to concentrate more on one topic, so to speak.  Though, for the portraits of other people, then they will all over the place, and the client will dictate what the images will be.  However, there is no reason why I can’t have my “fine art images” that will be separate from my “fine art portraits” With that in mind I have been watching some of the creativeLIVE workshop …