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USA Wanderings: San Francisco

Some much needed sleep has been had and I am feeling so much better now. I slept for 12 hours the other night, it was great.  When I woke the following morning I felt more myself and ready to get out to take photos. I had prearranged with Dan Shehan to catch up with him and take photos in San Francisco on the third, the Wednesday when I arrived. So into San Francisco I went to meet him. I love meeting people that I have known on the blog, it is fantastic. I have to admit the only thing I really wanted to see while there was the Golden Gate Bridge. Dan had asked me how I wanted to see the city, as a tourist or a photographer, and I said definitely as a photographer. So he picked a few places for us to go and see the bridge. My view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I took this out the car window.  Not a great shot, but I kinda like it.  I can’t do …

The American Flag at US Customs

USA Wanderings: Arriving

After spending 21 hours to get here, I finally arrived in San Francisco. It was a longjourney that started with the plane in Melbourne being delayed almost two hours before take off. I missed my connecting flight and had to catch another one. I hardly slept and have now been up for almost 34 hours. I need to sleep now, and I really hope this makes some sense. My first outing is tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to that. I have a lot of catching up to do, but it might have to wait until tomorrow. I took some photos with my phone, so will show you those for now.

36/ Leanne Cole

MM 2-26: Themed Monochrome Madness

Today is our next theme and for this one we are looking at monochrome urban images. As mentioned previously there will be no Monochrome Madness for the rest of September. The next one will be the first Wednesday of October. It will be another theme, so MM 2-27 will be a themed week on the 7th of October. The next theme will be Country. Onto some Urban monochrome images. This so urban, in Melbourne it is right in the middle of the city, well almost. I also love long exposures and one day I went into the city to do some. I really like this one of the Seafarers Bridge. Don’t forget all the instructions on how to enter your own images are at the bottom of the post.  If you have entered an image then please remember to check your image in the gallery, scroll down and see if anyone has left you any comments. 1/ GEOTOPOI 2/ COFFEE FUELS MY PHOTOGRAPHY! 3/ VDHProductions 4/ NIVS24 5/ JULIE POWELL – PHOTOGRAPHER & GRAPHIC ARTIST …


USA Wanderings: Packing

Well I’m still not there, but I will be on my way tomorrow. So starting from today my posts are all going to be about my trip, at least for the next 4 weeks. There is going to be one exception, and that will be tomorrow’s Monochrome Madness. I am going to do it a day earlier and then will start my posts on my trip when I get to the USA. I will be working on MM today, and so far the entries for Urban look fantastic. I’m a bit nervous, but overall very excited and really can’t wait to get there. I feel all over the place today. Hopefully I can get what I have to get done done. Packing That is what I am planning on doing today. I’ve got a list, and I’m slowing adding things to the bag. It is almost full and almost everything is in it. It is all the camera gear that I’m worried about the most. The Nikon D750 arrived the other day, along with a …


Weekend Wanderings: Foggy Country Roads

Fog is a great thing to see in winter. It is cold, but it is also very atmospheric and when you see it it’s like you’re separated from the rest of the world. If you are out there on your own it can feel very isolating. When I was driving back from the Mallee just after I left Woomelang I couldn’t resist the fog anymore and had to pull over. I didn’t want to stop too many times because I had to get to Bev’s house, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to stop a few times. I do love fog, so it wasn’t a hard call to stop. I hope you like the images as well. Can I just say, 2 days to go?


Weekend Wanderings: Top of Mount Alexander

Sometimes when you go to places you just have to look, and this is one of those places that is all about looking. You can walk around all over the place and just take in the views. Again it was Bev from FOZZIE.M that showed me around. I had a lot of fun on top of this mountain and I laughed a lot. She was good fun to go out with. Thanks Bev. I’m not going to talk much, but I have written small descriptions with each image to help explain what they were or were of. Here is a gallery for you. I hope your weekend goes well.


UfD: Making Changes

While I am away next month the blog is going to be different. I am taking a break from the usual blogging that I do, but that also leaves me with the question, do I continue doing exactly what I’ve been doing when I come back? One thing I’m thinking of doing is ditching the Up for Discussion Posts, (UfD). I had hoped when I started them that I would get lots of people wanting to guest post, but it never really happened. I had some people say they wanted to do it, but then nothing came of it. It is very hard trying to come up with a topic each week. I thought I could do tutorials, but they are very time consuming to do properly and one tutorial could take me a day to do. At this stage I think it is best to stop them. I will probably still do some posts discussing something, but not every week. I have thought of not posting on a Friday, or perhaps looking at an …