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Influencing Us: The Art of Christmas

As it is Christmas in a few days I thought it might be nice to look at art work with a difference for the Introductions/Influencing Me post this week.  What I thought would be nice would be to look at how Christmas, St Nicholas and Santa Claus have been depicted in art throughout the ages.  They are images that we often see at this time of the year.  I really enjoyed going over websites and find images for you.  Of course there are many more on the internet. I have some links at the end of the post.  I always find Christmas a great time to get new gear, though not this year, might have to wait until my birthday.

I thought we could start with different depictions of the birth of Christ from as early as the 4th century to about the 1800’s.

Then I thought what about St Nicholas, how was he depicted and how did he end up looking like what we think of as Santa Claus.  So these are very old images up to more modern day ones. There has been this myth that he wears red and white because of Coca Cola, but it isn’t true, if anything Coco Cola stole santa to advertise their drinks.

Then I thought how different  the modern Santa Claus is now or the image that many of us have of him.


Then I thought, as a final thing we could look at Christmas cards and the Christmas scenes they depict.  It is interesting that Christmas is nearly always depicted with winter scenes. It is so different here, though I guess depicting Christmas scenes where it is in the middle of summer would be a bit weird, Santa would be in red shorts and a red t-shirt with a white trim.  Perhaps he would be wearing  a red sun hat, his nose would be red with sunburn, but then he would have white zinc on it to stop the sun burning him anymore.  I am sure he would wear thongs on his feet and, of course, they would be red.  Santa often arrives at functions here in a fire truck.

Below are some links of the places where I got the images and you can read more about the history of Christmas. I’ve tried not to do too much Christmas posts this week, but sometimes, you just have to do them.

Weekend Wanderings: Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

This last week I had an opportunity to go into the city and take photos of the Christmas decorations.  I wasn’t alone, there is a woman who does Social Snappers and her 5 year old daughter who keeps wanting to come with her camera and take photos as well.  I love to encourage anyone who wants to take photos, so I sent her a special invitation and last Wednesday I want into the city with Lola and her mum.

We had a great time wandering around taking photos of everything that we saw.  She was using a small Crayola camera that her parents had given her, one that could handle dropping.  I was so impressed with how she took photos, she would compose them carefully before taking them. It was obvious that she knew what she wanted to take.  Her mother has given me permission to show you her photos,

Lola’s images of Melbourne.

Didn’t I say she was good, when you consider the camera she was using and being five years old, the photos blew me away.  Certainly someone that I hope doesn’t stop taking them.  It was great fun seeing the Christmas Festival through the eyes of a five year old.  My daughter came as well, my eldest Briony, but she has grown out of this sort of thing.  It is always nice to see things like Christmas through the eyes of a child.

I took lots of photos as well, but no where near as many as Lola, mine are pretty boring compared to hers, but I will show them to you anyway. Christmas is very close now and we have a tree up and there are presents under it, so I guess Christmas is going to happen here this year, whether we are ready for it or not.  Here are my photos, I have kept a couple to myself for the MM splash of colour, is yours ready?

Weekend Wanderings: Quarantine Station

A friend and I have decided to start hiking.  Of course, for me, this means going to places and taking photos. We decided that the first place we would go for a hike would be Point Nepean. We went down past Portsea to see what we could find.

We found ourselves at the Quarantine Station, which stopped being one a long time ago, but all the buildings are still there.  With all the talk of Ebola and the possibility of it spreading, many people are talking about quarantining people again, it was interesting to visit a place that was used for that sort of thing over 150 years ago.  There are many sites about the history of the station, but the best one I found was Nepean Historical Society, and their page on the Quarantine Station 1854.


There’s no doubting that where the quarantine station, and the area around, is beautiful.  It is an amazing place and we are so lucky that it is now parklands and will be protected, well we hope.  The Victorian Government is going to allow private developers to build a resort in this area, which means land that is available to everyone will become basically private land unless you have a lot of money to pay to stay at the resort.  Not good in my books.


The Disinfecting Building

Many of the buildings are open and you can just wander around them and inside them.  Best to start by going to information and getting a map to see what is there and what is open.  The above image is from the disinfecting building, where they disinfected the luggage.  Massive boilers and, I don’t even know what the thing in the photo is called.  Quite amazing.

I photographed some of the signs that might give you more information about some of the places here.



One of the hospitals.  Quite amazing and imposing buildings really.  This one was open and we were able to go inside, there will be photos from inside in the gallery.  Must have been an incredible place, scary, people arriving here and having survived the trip, to be put away with the fear of disease hanging over them.  I’m so glad travelling overseas is much different these days.


There are places that look lovely, like this avenue of trees and you can see the ocean here, just over on the right.


Cook House

People were responsible for cooking their own meals, from what we could tell, in the beginning anyway. This little building is right behind the hospital and it was called the Cook House.



This was one of the best things we saw all day.  We first saw the Echidna when we got there, but some other people were watching it and it basically ran away from us. As we were leaving to head out on our hike, we saw it again, and this time it didn’t run away, it was too busy looking for ants, sticking its nose into the ground.

We really didn’t get enough time to explore the Quarantine Station as we needed to move on and do our hike, but we both realised that we had got their too late in the morning so next time the plan is to get there much earlier.  I love places like this so would really like to do that. I have a map for you as well.

I am going to put some more images into a gallery for you now, just click on one to see them individually.  I hope you are having a great weekend, Christmas is finally starting to make an impact on our house, present are being brought and a small tree has made an appearance.


Up for Discussion: Up for Discussion

This week I thought we could talk about these posts, what is good about them, what you like, and maybe what we can do with them next year. It is the time of year to be winding down, so I didn’t want to do anything heavy today, I know many are very busy getting ready for Christmas next year, so I thought we could have a post here on Up for Discussion.

Guest Posting

I have loved having people guest post.  It has been interesting and gives you all more diversity having others come in and discuss things that I don’t know anything about.  IMG_20140921_231953

It is also a great opportunity for me to learn something new as well. They are something I would like to continue next year, though finding people to guest post isn’t always easy.

It has been wonderful when people have come to me with an idea of what they would like to guest post about and then we can talk about it.  Many of the guest posts I’ve had have been from people approaching me.  I will continue to allow people to do guest posts next year, so if you have an idea of something you think would be good, send me an email.


IMG_20140924_112930I would also like to hear from you what topics you would like covered.

I am at a loss sometimes, and don’t know what to write about.  I do these posts for you, so I wouldn’t mind at all if you told me what you want me to post about.  Doesn’t mean I will be able to do it, but then again, I might be able to find someone else who could do a post on that.

Do you want more photography posts, or would you like to see some more posts about blogging?  I think both those topics are fine for a photography blog.  I know some of the previous posts on blogging have been very popular, but I don’t quite know what to post about, so your input and ideas would be valuable.

Travel PostsIMG_20140903_154442

One thing I thought we might start are some travel posts.  Maybe once a month we could do a city from around the world, where we can talk about places that people can go and take photos.  Where you are and aren’t allowed to go, if tripods are practical, that sort of thing.  I want them to be interactive, so people can add to the post.  That probably doesn’t make sense, but it is something I want to try.IMG_20140828_180756

Your Say

I’m going to leave it there for this week.  Lots of things to think about, but I would really like to hear from you and see what you would like from these posts.  Maybe you have an idea that I haven’t thought of, or you think some of my ideas are great and want me to go ahead with them.  All things would be welcomed.

Photos Today

For this post I have got many of my Instagram photos and thought I would share them with your here.  I don’t do Instagram much, but try to do it when I go somewhere to take photos.  The idea being if you follow me on Instagram you get an idea of what posts will be coming up.  The photos here are from the last six months.


Quiet Thursdays: Eating Cupcakes

Isn’t that what you do after you photograph them?

I’ve been out all day, going to new places and taking photos.  Both places I went to were fantastic and I am looking forward to looking at the photos, hopefully I got some good ones.

The other day I tried some new things with the macro lens.  Something that I might try doing more of, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed doing it.  So today, I thought I might share with you some of the photos I was taking.  I tried photographing some jewellery that I had, see how I would go photographing it.  Then I saw a website for cupcakes and thought how bad the photos were for the wonderful cakes they were making, and thought I could do better, so I got my daughter to get me some cupcakes for me to photograph.

Here is a gallery with some of the jewellery imgaes and the cupcakes.  We did eat them after the photos and they were very nice.

MM42: Monochrome Madness 42

Not long to Christmas and not long to MM43 with a splash of Colour. People have already start sending in images for next week, and it has been great to see them.  Some of them have a Christmas theme and some don’t.  I don’t think it matters too much, as long as the image has a touch or splash of colour. If you missed I did a post last Friday on how to do an image with a touch of colour. However, that is next week and we should get on with this week.  This week has been very quiet for MM and one of the smallest weeks we’ve had for a while, I suspect most people are getting ready for Christmas, anyway, let’s take a look.


Okay, not my best, but it has been a busy week and I really haven’t been able to get out and take photos, so I had to go through the archives for this one.  It was taken last year at Cape Schanck.  I did replace the sky, not sure what I did was great, but there you have it, not a good one for me.


Here is Laura Macky‘s image this week, and remember if you want to find out about it go to here post Romance – Monochrome Madness.

Don’t forget all the instructions on how to enter your own images are at the bottom of the post.  If you have entered an image then please remember to check your image in the gallery, scroll down and see if anyone has left you any comments.

Now, if you wish to participate and submit an image here is how you do it:-

  • You must email me the image you want to include and if you have a blog or website, or somewhere else, please include the link. My email address is
  • The image size should be low res, so the largest side should be 1000 pixels or less.
  • Please insert either your name or your blogs name in the file name.
  • Remember I am on Australian time, so with GMT I am +11 hours at the moment, I publish my post on Wednesday morning.
  • If you need more help with sending images, and get confused about time zones, etc, well, there is a great website called The World Clock, if you go to that and look at Melbourne time, if it’s before 6pm on Tuesday evening, then you can still send me images.  If it’s after that time, you can send me an image, but it will be set aside for the following week.
  • Remember to include a link to your blog or website.
  • Please remember to resize your images, it is fairly simply, you just need to go into any editing software and usually under Image you will find, resize, scale, or image size, something like that and you can resize your image there. Change the dimensions to pixels and make the longest side 1000 pixels or smaller, hit return, and for most types of software that should change the other side automatically as well. Just remember to save it with a different name so you know it is the smaller version.  If you have any problems, please contact me, I don’t mind helping out.

Please note you don’t have to be a WordPress blogger to be in this challenge, you can have a link to a Facebook page, a Flickr page, anywhere really, or no link.  We just want to encourage people to do monochrome images, just for the madness of it. Just to let you know also, that as soon as the challenge is published, all emails and images you have sent me are deleted from my computer.  I respect your copyright and would never keep any of the images.


Tuesdays Bit and Bobs

Tuesday is here again, though there is only 8 days to Christmas and everything does seem to be winding down for the end of the year.  People are working out Christmas presents, putting up trees, and getting into the Christmas spirit.  It hasn’t hit our house this year, I’m sure it will in the next few days, but so far, we all seem to be carrying on as usual.

Social Snappers

I have made a gift voucher for Social Snappers, so that people can buy 5 excursions for people for Christmas.  I thought it would be a nice idea, you know for that pleannecole-ripponlea-20140325-9246erson that loves photography and you don’t know what to get for them.

However, I think I left it too late, and then when I tried to use Facebook to advertise it, well, I just couldn’t believe what they do.  I have done it in the past, boosted a post, I’m sure those that have FB have seen that you can boost posts, but now, if you have anything that looks like an image, and you have lots of writing on it, you know like a poster, well, they won’t approve it.  My image for the gift voucher, was a gift voucher, there were no photos on it, no images, just writing, and it wasn’t approved.  They are LeanneCole-exttubes-9500making it harder and harder, so I won’t be doing that anymore.  I will need to find another way to advertise what I am doing. I should stick with google ads.

One Four Challenge

I have done my Week 3 image for the One Four Challenge that Robyn is running from her blog, Captivate Me, and if you want to see my image here is the link, One Four Challenge for December Week 3.  I was really proud of what I did with this image, and it exceeded my expectations.  I did some new things, and what I did I suspect I will try more of in the future, that is if I can remember what I did.

The Macro

I have been trying out some new things with the macro, and thinking about how else I can use it.  A few years ago I had a an exhibition of sleannecole-macro-20140530-0006ome work I had done with ceramic pieces that I made.  The pieces were made from molds that I had done of everyday items.  I wanted the exhibition to reflect how we are turning our homes into rubbish dumps with consumerism.  For the exhibition I had some perspex boxes made.  They cost me a fortune at the time, but seemed worth it for the exhibition.  Since then they have been sitting around the house, and then I realised they would make perfect light boxes for doing macro photography.

So yesterday I set up the largest one I had to start trying some macro photography. I was trying out photographing jewelry.  I’ve been told that one of the biggest problems with people trying to see work on Etsy is that they don’t have good photos, well not all, but some, so I thought maybe I could do some of this, I mean I already have everything I need.  I like the idea of doing photography that LC3_3231fits in a box, be it a perspex box. I have put a few samples of what I did on Flickr.

News from Others

Last week when I did the post, Introductions: Ken Bennison, and introduced you to Ken he told me he had done a video of his photos and I thought I would share it with you, My Home In The North. It looks amazing and I am sure many of you would enjoy it. There is also a radio interview with Ken, and you can listen to it here.

Back in March I introduced you to another wonderful artist Anja Matko and it looks like she is having an exhibition, there leannecole-typewriter-1403311403319453are photos of it on her blog, so I hope you will go and take a look at that.

Remember if you have news you want to tell people about, let me know and I will add it to this section.

I don’t have any other news now, for the photos for this post, since macro has been a big part of my learning curve this year, I thought I would share some of the early macro photos I took, when I was working it all out.



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