I have to address the awards I’ve been nominated for.  I have ignored it for too long.  I think awards are great, but they are also time consuming to reciprocate.  I have been given quite a number over the last few months and I haven’t reciprocated any of them.  I feel bad about this.  My blog takes up a lot of my time and I am always planning stuff for you and writing.  My husband wants me to get a job, anyway that is another story.

I have decided that from now on, that I will just put a link to each person who nominates me for an award here, and people can go and visit those blogs. I am sorry, I do feel bad, but there are a lot of awards going around, so I hope this is a good compromise. Thank you.



The Versatile Blogger Award




Liebster Award





One Lovely Blog Award







Creative Blogger’s Award



No Strings Attached Award


Through My Eyes

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Renaissance Musings




The Sunshine Award

sunshine-award-11Life is a Beach!

Virtually Riki

Living in the Moment

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Cooking Without Limits


Sisterhood of the World Blog award


Nia Simone, Author

Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist



Shine On Award


Excellence Award


Leibster Award



MyBlog – solaner


The Versatile Blogger Award



Tales along the Way


The Nosey Award



The 7 Wonders of the Blogosphere

Screenshot at 2014-02-11 16:57:55

Design Secrets

The Influential Blogger Award



Wonderful Team Membership Award



The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

very-inspringVIVER PARA CONTAR


The Meandering Matriarch

Chaos Girl & the Real World


Of Purpure Pupils

Keep Picturing



 One Lovely Blog Award




Liebster Award



WordPress Family Award


My Fourtography Life

Nia Simone, Author

Prabodh’s Perspective

Inspired and Pretty

Ajaytao 2010

Sunshine Award

andrei plimbarici


The Lovely Photog

The Versatile Blogger Award



Cooking without Limits

The Lovely Photog

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Jacklyn Hancock Visual Artist

Blog of the Year

Blog of the Year Award 5 star jpeg


Day One

On My Front Porch


Jessica Hagan

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award




Petals Unfolding

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Sparkling Butterfly

Excellence Award




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  2. Beautiful images. Love that you are from Australia….one of my bucket list destinations! Thanks for liking my blog, Time Flies…… Perhaps one day I will make it to Australia and say hello in person.

    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful. I love meeting people that I met in the cyberworld. It is an amazing place, so I hope you get to come here one day.

    • It was a pleasure visiting you blog, always interesting. Thank you. I get lots of awards, and now I get so many I just can’t reciprocate, though I love everyone that I get and love it that people think I am deserving. Nice meeting you.

      • Thank you for your tutorials. I used an app on my iPad to watermark some photos. Very easy. But I can’t do too many of them. I will see if your software is more time efficient. Thanks for bring so detailed in teaching. I don’t have the patience…

      • Please let me know how it goes, I don’t have an ipad, my husband is very anti apple and I think he would divorce me if I bought anything.

  3. Hi. I really enjoy your blog: it’s a cool place to come back to, so I have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award, which you already have… but thought you would like to know anyway. No further action is necessary or expected. ;)

    • Thank you so much, what a lovely thing to write. I am always happy to hear that people are enjoying my site and learning from it.

  4. Lovely photos- makes me even more inspired to complete my Bucket List, thank you for checking it and my other work out . I adore your photos of the graffiti in the school, if a picture speaks a thousand words, then that one in particular is a novel for me. Keep up the good work x

  5. Your honesty is spot on. Awards are wonderful albeit time consuming to acknowledge. Thsnks for the stop by and I find your dedication to your craft inspiring.

  6. I liked how you handled your blog awards! I really need to look more in depth at Your photos. They are breathtaking. Sometimes I just go so fast through blogs I follow now but there something about Your blog that I think is unique. I wish you great success in selling your works.

  7. You probably have received this but nevermind! Your blog is really helpful to a fellow Melbournian who is just stating out with photography. :)

    I have just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit this post, just so you can see the nomination as I understand you are not replying to all the info. :)

    C. x

  8. I am pleased to inform you that you have been nominated again for the Versatile Blogger Award. Your work is an example to follow, and I appreciate your support and encouragement.

    • I think it is a good way to do it, without all the work that goes into the reciprocation of the awards. Please feel free to do it as well.

  9. I have nominated you for an Awesomeness award. The badge can be found on my post dated 4/20/13.

    I realize these awards take time to respond to so do not feel you have to comply with the requirements of this award. Just wanted to know how I feel about your blog!

    1. List your top ten favorite blogs and notify them.

    2. List 10 things we do not know about yourself.

    • Thank you Colline, I don’t reciprocate, but I will acknowledge that you nominated me, just not sure when. I hope that is okay? It is always a thrill when people think my blog is worth nominating.

      • That is fine by me. I haven’t done these awards for a while but I enjoyed reciprocating to this one :)

    • Thank you, I haven’t heard of this one, so my mission should be to go and look it up on your blog and check it out.

      • Oh, no. Not at all. I like how you’ve acknowledged them. I have received them, too, but I never felt like doing the whole chain letter methodology of acknowledging.

      • Oh good, they are a lot of work, it is lovely to get them, but, but, so it seems like a lovely way to say thank you without all the work. I have had comments from other people saying they are going to do a similar thing, so feel free to pinch the idea too if you like.

      • Love to! I need to buy a better camera. I love my one but its not capable of doing what I want it to.

      • If you need any help, let me know, then we can go and take photos. I’m starting a little group.

      • oooh that sounds good! I have a good-ish camera but I like the pics with subject in focus and background blurry. Have done lots of experiments and research and apparently I need a different lens. Mine aren’t interchangeable so that means a new, more expensive camera :(

      • It usually means opening up the aperture, can you control aperture on your camera? What sort of camera do you have? If you don’t want to tell me here, then email me.

  10. toemailer says

    We never have time to reciprocate to awards on our blog, but we do always thank them graciously and sincerely – we really do appreciate them thinking of us! We have also read that Google frowns upon blog awards because it tends to seem them as a kind of link “pyramid scheme” to gain higher page rankings, and therefore may actually give lower ranks to blogs that hand out awards or display them, say, in their sidebar. Seriously though, we like getting more traffic but are not realistically seeing our type of niche blog as one that should be too concerned about page ranking. On the other hand we don’t want to get left behind either :) Ah, blogging, never a dull moment when it comes to getting all the behind the scenes stuff fully optimized lol.

    • I didn’t know that about google, sounds a bit petty. I hate the way the search engine there works now anyway, you can’t find anything you want because of the way it is all stacked.
      Awards are great, and it is nice that people want to give them to people, but for some of us they are so time consuming to reciprocate. I would like to, but at the moment I get too many so I like to acknowledge and say thank you. I have a page that I save them on and every and then I will do a post with the awards at the end.
      Yes, there is never a dull moment.

  11. I understand and agree with you in regard to the amount of work it takes for these and I myself will make this my first and last. But here you go, you deserve it.

    I have nominated you for the “Shine On” award. Details in regard to this prestigious award can be found on my blog under the Awards tab.

    “The fun of it all!”

    • Thank you, it is nice to get them, and I love the acknowledgement, but they are hard to do and time consuming. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it when others do them and nominate me, so thank you very much Bob.

  12. jest so u know where my visitors to ur extra-ordinary site come frum,,i have added u to my awards page, since i had to adress this issue also , and well ur in the top of my lewk sees and best moments at 3 am so here wanted u to know i put ya here, keep on keeping on all ur photographs are jst 2 kewl fer skewl, for i have been photographng for all my life, luv ur werk, take care,,peace out,,,Q aka mike in colorado :) ……….

  13. Leanne – this is a good compromise, may I “borrow” your approach? And also, congrats on your many well-deserved award nominations!

  14. Leanne, you are brilliant. Thank you! I’ve been getting awards left and right and I just have been scratching my head on how to go about all this. I don’t have the time to reciprocate either. I have a real life besides my blog. I just today put a new page on my blog called, Awards, just to list those I have received. But NOW, dear Lord, thank you, I will just list the award and give credit to who gave it to me, just like you. OH, I could honestly hug you!!!


    • I don’t know about brilliant, but it seems a great way of acknowledging. I hate ignoring them, and when I first started getting awards and I hated it when people ignored them, so now I acknowledge but not reciprocate, I think people are okay with that. I am so glad you like the idea, and if it makes it easier for you too, then go for it. Thanks Amy, you can hug me the next time you are in Melbourne, :)

  15. Thanks, Leanne, for putting up a link to my blog. I understand completely that accepting and carrying out the requirements of awards is quite time-consuming. I really appreciate the link! Your blog is wonderful! :)

    • It was no problem Margaret, they are hard work and time consuming, but I do hate ignoring them, so I hope people think this is a good compromise. Thank you so much for nominating me.

  16. Hi Leanne, I see you’re not really doing awards, and I don’t blame you, but you are one of my nominees for a very inspiring blogger award on account of the effort you put into your blog and other bloggers and photographers (and your own beautiful photography!)! I hope you will just take the nomination as a compliment to your work :)

    • No, I don’t really do them, it got to be too much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it when people want to honour me with me. I just don’t reciprocate, but I do compromise, which is why I started the awards page and now a link back to your post is there. Thank you so much and yes, I will take it as a compliment. :D

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