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Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs

The day change has happened and from now on I will tell you want I am up to on Tuesday’s now, instead of Fridays.  Though with only a few days since my last post like this, I don’t have a lot of news, but there are some things that I have to say.


I have finally started a Flickr account, yet another form of social media.  I was convinced from someone recently that it could be a good idea.  I’m not totally sure, but it is worth a go.  I’ve heard quite a few people talk about how they have got work through their Flickr account, so it can’t hurt.  If you are interested in checking me out, then here is the link, Leanne Cole Flickr. I tried to add the widget for Flickr, but I couldn’t get the address right.

flowerdale-countryside-water-hills-green-2One thing I wanted to point out too is that I have so many images right now and I am trying new things all the time, so I have too many images for this blog. I am putting extra images on Flickr, my Facebook page and Google+ that you may not see here.  I am also going to be using the blog on my website to show things that I am working on and experimenting with.

Social Snappers

The end of term is coming, and planning has started for next term.  The Tuesday session really didn’t work out, so I have decided that I am going to change that to a Thursday for next term. That would be more convenient for me too.  I am also changing the price, so they will be $40 each, or if you sign up for all 5 you will get a 20% discount and you will get them for $160.  There can be no more than 10 in each group.  I don’t want them to be so big that people feel they don’t get a chance to take photos.

I haven’t worked out where we will be going exactly, but some thoughts are Fitzroy Gardens, Collins Street – one end to the other, Heide Gallery and gardens, maybe a walk around the back streets of flowerdale-countryside-water-hills-green-5Collingwood,  and I would love to finish the year off with doing a Social Snappers trip into the city photographing some of the Christmas decorations that the City of Melbourne puts up.

I also want to stress that it doesn’t matter what camera you have.  These groups are not only for people with DSLRs, they are for anyone who loves to take photos.  The excursions are social and are just about taking photos with other people.  You can use a phone camera if you like, as long as you just want to take photos, that is the only requirement really.

For more information about Social Snappers, click here.


I wanted to have a small whinge.  I don’t know about you, but these day with the only way of contacting companies being through email, why are they so rude and never return those emails.  I have sent emails to so many companies, like Sigma, asking about lenses, to Singh Ray, tryinflowerdale-countryside-water-hills-green-9g to find out about their filters. Part of the reason I hate talking about Creative Live is because they often don’t respond to emails as well.  I know that they can’t always help me with my questions, but is it really that hard to return an email and say sorry we can’t help.  That would be much better than the silence you get.  I don’t like talking about companies here who do that.

There is never any excuse for being rude.

Apollo Bay

I am going away for a couple of days at the end of this week.  I am off to Apollo Bay to see what images I can get there.  I will only be there for two nights, so basically 2 days, but we are hoping to get lots of photos during that time, though we are being realistic enough and trying not to fit in too much. I don’t know how much access to the internet I will have, so please be patient with me in responding to your comments.

Monochrome Madness

flowerdale-countryside-water-hills-green-1Tomorrow is Monochrome Madness again, so if you haven’t got your image in, this is your reminder, you have about 8 hours to do from the time this post is published. Don’t forget to resize your images, NO big images, and always include a link to your blog.

The photos today were taken last week in Flowerdale.  I went for a lovely afternoon drive there with my photography buddy.  We didn’t see much we wanted to photograph, but it was beautiful just driving around.  I took a couple of shots using my new ND400 filter, and the rest using my polariser.


  1. I receive requests to our Archive Group and always reply even if we can’t help. I frequently get no acknowledgement of my replies. The internet definitely dehumanises contacts which I suppose is why large business love it so much that they never put telephone numbers in their websites.

    • I try to reply to every email I get, I do forget from time to time, or miss them, but I don’t make a point of just ignoring emails because I can’t be bothered, which is what I suspect happens to many emails we send to businesses. You know they got them because they send a confirmation reply. They aren’t too rude to accept our money, but apparently that is where the relationship finishes. I have to say, I often will stop purchasing or doing things with companies that are like that. If that is their customer service, then I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Thanks, glad to hear I’m not the only one.

  2. OH, Leanne, the shots of the water are phenomenal. I must now get an ND filter, but those are SO expensive, especially the one I am looking at that goes down 4 stops. I think there is even one that goes down 8 stops, but I am not sure on that. I just know they are expensive, so I have been looking around. I don’t think I will buy Canon, as they are extremely expensive. Now you have really got me yearning for that ND filter I have been wanting. May I ask how long of a shutter speed you used on each water photo? Both must be over 30 seconds, my guess. I am blown away by what you created! xx Amy

    • I have the ND400 which I think is 9 or 10 stops, it is a lot, you almost can’t see through it, it is so dark. It was expensive, but I have it now, so hopefully I will get a lot of use out of it, planning on trying out some things this week in Apollo Bay on the beach. Looking forward to trying stuff out. I looked up the shutter speed and think it was around 2 or 3 seconds for those. Thank you Amy, I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I can’t wait to try it out more.

      • Well, Leanne, for someone who didn’t know what you were doing, you could have fooled me. I thought there was a filter that is 8 stops. Yup, expensive. Shutter speed only 2-3 seconds??? Amazing! You are going to fall in LOVE with water, I promise you, especially after seeing what you created “not knowing”. LOL I don’t know what I am doing either, to tell you the truth. I experiment, trying this that or the other. I’ve had a lot of practice, so by the time I get to Niagara Falls maybe I will have the ND filter I want. Have FUN!!!! xx Amy

      • I am already in love with water Amy, it scares me and intrigues me, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the filter, should be interesting. Wow Niagara Falls would be amazing to photograph, the best photos I have ever seen of it were taken in winter, just stunning. I hope you get to get one, hopefully you will see some of my attempts on the weekend.

      • I will try, Leanne, to see your water images. Water fascinates me, and I am so drawn to it that it is hard to put into words. I told hubs we really need to start planning to move so we can be by water. I need it. Lately I have been taking off weekends, at least the blogging part. I am getting SO busy on my end. LOL But I will be wanting to see your images. Oh have FUN and don’t be afraid. OK? Let the water “speak” to you … then you will understand how incredible a Gift water is to us!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I am lucky that I can get to the coast in about an hour and half, so I can do trips in a day. Thank you Amy, I hope you can find time, if I remember I will see if I can send you an email to tell you when I have posted some, if that helps.

    • Thank you Simon, it is Australia, there are many places that look like this. It is a small town called Flowerdale and it is on the outskirts of Melbourne, north east.

  3. Lovely photos from your drive Leanne :)
    I always enjoy reading your bits and bobs.
    Still working on my MM entry… Its been such a busy week with work… But I’ll be there (I hope) ;) Don’t want to miss this one!
    Good luck with all you’re doing :)

    • Thank you Robyn, it is good to know that people don’t think I’m completely nuts.
      You still have time Robyn, finally worked out my own. :)
      Take care,

  4. Suzanne says

    Hi Leanne – it turns out I am going to Melbourne today because of a family issue. I’ll be busy all week so won’t be able to catch up with you before you go away. Perhaps I’ll be able to join your Social Snappers group sometime in spring. It sounds like fun. Enjoy your time at Apollo Bay. I hope the weather is kind to you. It’s very changeable down here on the coast at present.

    • Thank you Suzanne, what a shame, but I understand, I am sure there will be other times. It would be wonderful if you could join us on an excursion, would love that. I hope everything goes well for you and your daughter. Take care.
      The forecast looks good, so fingers crossed it stays that way.

      • Suzanne says

        I had a whirlwind trip to Melbourne. The city was so intense I came earlier than expected. It was so great to smell the sea air when I got off the train today. I hope the weather holds and you have great weekend.

      • Thank you Suzanne, the weather in Apollo Bay has been fantastic, today was really amazing, I hope you get some time to yourself too. I’ll be back in Melbourne tomorrow.

  5. I have flickr and do not use it. Have stopped using Facebook and I do not have google +. I post on my blog or Instagram. Great images here. Love the sky. Some could be goof BW too

    • I have been told that you have to use these, whether you want to or not, I use Facebook, but I really only put stuff on my page. I use G+ in the hope that it with SEO, I have seen that it has helped with that, and my images are starting to appear more in searches, so that has to be good, same with Flickr, it is all about getting my work out there, and the more people that see it, hopefully the more recognition I can get, then that may lead to work, which is what I want. Thanks, I agree they could be.

  6. Oh those foam lines in the big shot….to a fly fishermen, those are road maps to feeding lies. Beautiful, inviting scenes.

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    You are one busy and stressed lady. I understand about the e-mails. If you need help you may be better off googling the problem. I’ve gotten better results there. YouTube is another resource.

    Those rolling hills look like heaven! I love your Monochrome Madness days. Thanks for sharing!

    • I like sending emails to companies, I think it is a great test of customer service, so if you send them an enquiry and they don’t respond, then why would you buy their products, what happens if you have a real problem with their stuff, will you get help or will they just ignore the problem, how helpful will they really be. I never buy products from companies that can’t be bothered responding to an email. It isn’t a good way to do business.
      Thank you, the hills around there are so wonderful, I love going out there. That is great, another one tomorrow, it is going to be a good one. Thanks Jackie.

  8. You have shown so much about Australia so although I haven’t visited it’s a pleasure to do so through your eyes and great captures – in my ignorance I was totally surprised to see all the green

    • You aren’t the only one Diana, I find that people are quite surprised that Australia has places like this, we actually have lots of places with lots of green, especially in the state I live in. It is great to help people get a different view of my country. Thank you Diana.

  9. Nice post. I like to see useful gear applied, and read some hands-on experiences and info about it, like the filter you mention. General stuff – “applied tips and tricks”-style, not necessarily advertisement/marketing for specific brands.

    • Sorry, I’m a little confused, you want me to do this, or you think I do? I try to talk about my experiences with things, though I will sometimes mention brands if I think the brand is worth mentioning. Like I like mentioning my Nikon camera, because I love it. LOL.

  10. Good luck with Flickr, Leanne; I suspect the Aireys Inlet album will be popular, but it will be tough to compete with the baby elephant at play!

  11. Hey Leanne .. ah, another social media outlet. I’m sure Flickr is great, but I’ve capped mine. I must be boring (don’t say a word!). I hope you enjoy Apollo Bay, a much deserved break … gorgeous pics as usual. :)

    • I’m still trying to work out what works, I tried doing 500px, but I think that is more for photographers, I want something that is more general, and I’ve heard so many people say they have got work from Flickr, I figure it can’t hurt to try, so am going to try. I like the way it displays your images too. I won’t say a word, I promise. thanks, I’m looking forward to seeing and spending some time there. Thanks Julie.

  12. Leanne, I´m sorry for any confusion.

    This post, albeit not elaborated (because it´s Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs), shows pictures and reveals to the reader that they were captured with lens filters. That’s interesting. You could provide some additional valuable info on the technical and artistic aspects (use, when, why) when you feel it’s relevant.

    PS: I was not criticizing your brand-support, I was referring to the style I like to read – “applied tips and tricks”-style, not necessarily advertisement/marketing for specific brands.

    • No problem, it happens, I’m not always with it, lol
      I do do that sometimes, but there isn’t much opportunity on this blog, I tend to do that more on my other blog, the one that is on my website now. I can pretty much do what I like over there, which is nice. So I talk more about what I’m thinking or what I’m trying to do.
      WordPress doesn’t allow that kind of advertising so I don’t advertise, but I do talk about brands sometimes, usually depends on how I feel about the company. Like I love my new filters, but I won’t say what brand they are because I don’t like the one of the companies.

  13. Beautiful pictures, as always. I am a keen amateur and your pictures are so inspirational. I always look at your photos, and try to get ideas, and improve my skills. These pictures remind me of Derbyshire in the UK, where I often go for a walk, and take pictures.

    • Thank you Andrea, and thank you so much for what you said about my work, that is fantastic to hear, do you look at the one on my website, I do a lot more explanations and stuff there as well, you might find that useful. I can understand why the images remind you of that, I love seeing images of the English countryside. Thanks again, and good luck with your own photography.

      • My pleasure! I check your website and i find the stuff very useful and i try to use them. I started taking more b&w photos for example. And the settings on my camera such as taking waterfall pictures with different shutter speed make more sense now ;-)
        Thank you very much ;-)

      • You’re very welcome, you might have to start submitting a photo for MM each week, it is a great way to get you doing black and white. I am going to start trying to do more posts on the other blog about doing my Monochrome image each week, I’ve just been a bit busy lately. So look out, if I know people are interested in what I do over there, it does spur me on to keep doing things. So thank you Andrea. :)

      • Oh thats awesome! I have been looking at those photos but I thought its for professional photographers. I will look through my folders to see if i have anything good. I watched your video yesterday about changing a white, overcast sky. I find it difficult sometimes as the weather in the Uk mostly overcast…I took a photo on sundays walk and after watching your video I changed the sky. And i will take some sky photos so i will have something like your folder in case i come across a white sky. Thanks for this it was very useful for me! You’re very welcome Leanne, its my pleasure learning from your videos and photos!

      • No, not at all, it is for anyone who wants to do monochrome or wants to be challenged that way. I have a great big folder full of sky images, some really overcast and stormy and some beautiful ones. I am glad you got something out of it, I look forward to talking to you in the future Andrea.

  14. Woo yeah, welcome to Flickr (and thanks for seeking me out on it)! I probably don’t use it as much as I probably should, but I tend to batch upload occasionally instead of regular uploads.

    • Thanks David, it is interesting. I have been told by a number of people how they got work because of Flickr, I don’t know, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try it, so I’m trying it. You never know. I also do g+, not for the interaction, but for SEO purposes, and I have seen that helping, so I will continue going.

  15. gaiainaction says

    Lovely photos as always, real nice to see them every time.

  16. Someone once told me that when writing big companies to send regular mail. Nowadays anyone can send emails and they probably get thousands of emails even though I agree it’s totally rude not to respond. Why have an email listed on a site if they don’t plan on responding. But if you write snail mail, not many people do that anymore, so you might get more attention that way. just a thought. Beautiful photos as always. I love the expansiveness of the green hills and the coolness of the water images.

    • The biggest problem is finding the snail mail address, they don’t give it out anymore. Especially if the company is overseas. I don’t know, it just annoys the crap out of me that they are like this, though I have learned another way of doing it, is just to keep emailing them, then they get sick of you. I might try that, see if it works.
      Thank you, there is some beautiful places around here, especially now with all the rain we’ve had in the last few months.

  17. There are so many outlets these days that it’s difficult to understand how one might be better than the others, especially since people are quite split in their preferences.

    However, I suppose you can hurt by adding one more . . . except, of course, the added time required.

    Good luck.

    • It can be, I have stopped using some, I try them and will do them for a while, but if I feel I am getting nothing out of it, then I stop, some of them are too time consuming.
      Thank you Emilio.

  18. I literally just finished a post about my ride through Kentucky and each and every photo reveals misty, rainy, foggy days. Your sunny, gorgeous photos are a welcome change!!

    • We haven’t had many of those that’s for sure, it was so nice to see it out for a change. Thank you LB

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