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Friday’s Bits and Bobs

It has been such a busy week, and I vaguely remember some of it.  It does seem to have gone by so quickly.  The weather has improved a lot, which has been great.  We are seeing the sun a lot more, and while there is still more rain predicted, we can see signs that spring isn’t too far away.


The big thing I have been working on is a grant proposal.  My local council, Banyule City Council often have grants available for people to apply for.  I have put one in for an Environmental Sustainability Grant to produce a book on Banyule Flats.

banyule-flats-morning-reflections-waterI have spoken before about the area that I live in, and shown you so many photos, that I continue to take, and it is an amazing area, or space.  We are only 13 or 15 kilometres from the city centre, yet if you drive around here you would think you were in  a country town a long way from any city.  Unfortunately this area is under threat, and the state government wants to put a freeway through the area.  No one is really sure where, but Banyule Flats is an obvious place for it.

For the last few months I have been going into Banyule Flats and taking photos of it to show you. I thought if I could use this blog to help show the world, or whatever part of the world you are from of seeing what is around me, that I could help protect the area.  I ambanyule-flats-sunrise-reflection-morning still not sure exactly what I am hoping to achieve, but connecting with a larger audience can’t hurt.  Doing books on particular areas is something else that I would like to do, and when I saw that grant applications were open, I thought it could be good to see if could apply for one.

My grant proposal is about the stewardship of this area, hopefully protecting it for future generation.  However, if the freeway does go ahead, then it will also be a record of what we have lost, and what the local community, who have put a lot of work into the area, have also lost. I won’t find out for a couple of months if I have received it.  It has been an interesting experience doing it, and something I might try to do again.

Warringal Conservation Society

Through my grant proposal I have also come into contact with the Warringal Conservation Society.  A group of people who are concebanyule-flats-summer-swampland-dryrned about the conservation of our local area.  It has been wonderful to meet people who care so much about our environment.  I have been out with a couple of members now, and I have learned so much more about the history of the area, and more so about what is there.  It is weird how you can build a connection to a place and the stewardship of that area becomes so very important. I have my membership form filled out and hope to become a member myself soon.

banyule-flats-sunset-waterMoving Days Around

I don’t have much more to say today, but there is something I wanted to discuss with you.  The other day I asked for people to send me proposals for guest posting. The response was great, and I have quite a few lined up. One of the conditions I have is that people who guest post should also respond to the comments, it gives me a day off. Which can be great, but if I don’t have a guest blogger, and I do the post, then I can spend all day responding to comments.  It is also the day I get MM ready, so the day can be a bit hectic.  I would like more distance between the two, and was thinbanyule-flats-night-moonlightking of changing it, so that today’s post would become Tuesday’s Bits and Bobs, and Friday’s post would become the Up for Discussion posts.  I wanted to hear what you thought about it though.  I like to think you are all part of this, so let me know how you would feel about this change.

Just want to finish today by letting you know that the photos in today’s post have all been taken around Banyule Flats this year, at various times.



  1. I love the shots with the bare trees and mirror-like reflections. The subdued colours add a sentimental atmosphere – perfect for the kind of book you’re describing. Good luck with the grant application.

  2. Beautiful images and such a great cause! I hope your grant goes through and I really hope they don’t build that freeway so the beauty you’ve been showing us (and that I’ve grown very fond of) will remain forever. I think it’s a great idea that you encourage people to comment on the guest post to give yourself a break. It makes sense to me moving things around to accommodate your schedule since it’s your blog. I say go for it!

    • Thank you Laura, we really hope it doesn’t happen as well. I hope people don’t mind that, it is nice for the person doing the post to respond I think, it means that the expert is answering the questions.

  3. What a great idea for you to produce a book about Banyule Flats. Good luck with the grant! I’m so glad you received some responses for guest posts, will look forward to them. Your photos today are lovely and I’m especially interested in the square cropped ones with filters, nice job.

    • Thank you Ardy, yes, I got lots of responses, which is great. The square photos are Instagram photos, that has some great filters, thanks Ardy.

  4. I think you need to make it the easiest for you to do it.. Noone will mind a day change :)

  5. jbertetta says

    Gorgeous shots; just where are these Banyule Flats?

  6. This is great news and I will keep my fingers crossed that you get that grant. I know you will succeed with this very worthy endeavor, Leanne.

  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Any time rural or wild land falls victim to those who would add strip malls, roads and streets on every acre it saddens me. Losing Banyule Flats, as pristine as it is, would be a disaster indeed. :(

    • I agree Jackie, it is horrible, it is almost like there is something wrong if it isn’t covered in concrete. Thanks Jackie.

  8. Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! such beautiful photos Leanne, and such a beautiful place to live. Let’s hope that your conservation project comes through, and that you can preserve some of that natural beauty. We don’t need to pave anymore of paradise.

    • It is a beautiful place to live, I hope so, it would be good to do something proactive to help save the area. I agree, we really don’t, thanks Daniel.

  9. All lovely images, and it looks like a great area. Best of luck to you with the Grant. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. You don’t need to reply to this. :) xx

  10. Good luck with the grant Leanne…. sounds like a great idea!! I’m in the midst of developing a Pozible (crowdfunding) campaign for a project I want to realise – could be interesting!

    • I have thought of doing that, but my experience with trying to get people to give me money for things hasn’t been great, so maybe the grant can happen. Thank you Dawn.

  11. All the best with the grant application, Leanne; this sounds like a good progression – and you’ve already captured a great inventory of images. I think the misty ones are my favourites.

  12. Leanne, I don’t know how you can possibly fit anything more on your plate, but it seems you’re a woman who just can’t be stopped! Kudos to you in going after the grant, and your book idea sounds wonderful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works out as you hope it will!

    As for switching the days around for your posts, I say do whatever works best for YOU. I can’t imagine any reason why someone would object to the change, but if they do, they’ll learn to adjust ;)

    • Unfortunately I have a lot of time on my plate right now, the classes haven’t been going well, so it will be good to have a project to work on. Thank you Stacy, I really hope I get it.

      thanks for that too, I think I will switch, either next week or the other one. :)

  13. I think that a book about the Banyule Flats is a great idea Leanne. I know that if I were in the same situation that I would want future residents to know what the area looked like before the freeway.

    • I think it will be too, it would be really nice to realise a book of my photos. there is a bit of interest in it, so I hope it can happen. Thanks James.

  14. My mother always called the freeway thing ‘progress’. Well, it’s more like regression isn’t it? It’s the NIMBY effect. Not in my back yard. I hope the government will steer clear of your beloved countryside.

    • I like that NIMBY effect, will have to remember that. I agree John, we need to think of alternatives, in Melbourne we spend billions on roads and freeways, but public transport is too expensive to upgrade, just silly. We hope so too John, thank you.

  15. Johann Briffa says

    Good luck with the grant proposal! Such a great idea to keep a record of the place and increase awareness. Re switching days, do whatever works best for you: it’s your blog!

    • I think so too Johann, I really hope I get the grant, it would be great to do a book on the area. Thank you.

  16. So glad you applied for the grant. Wishing you success :)
    Gorgeous photos of Banyule Flats. How great that you’ve found a group to share your passion for your area.
    I don’t mind you swapping your posts. Do what suits you best and makes things easier for you. Im happy to read your posts any day :)

    • Thank you Robyn, I really hope I get it, lots of positive thoughts.
      It is nice, and they are so great to work with, looking forward to working with them more in the future.
      Thank you, It would be easier for me I think. :)

  17. I hold thumbs for you that you get the grant Leanne. It would be a good thing to have a record of this beautiful area.

    • Thank you Colline, I really hope I get it too, and as you said, it would be so nice to produce a beautiful book on the area.

  18. What an extraordinary place – so glad you captured it in pictures over a period of time. I think this is a great project. Good luck with the grant application!

    • Thank you Reggie, I hope to continue capturing it over the year or so, see how it grows and changes. I’m glad you think so, and thank you, I hope I get the grant. :)

  19. Such really beautiful photographs. I hope your grant proposal is accepted. It would be so terrible to put a road through there but here they put the M3 through Twyford Down inspite of all our protests. I feel bad about adding a comment for you to feel you need to reply to. So feel free just to read it when you have time and not reply. :-)

    • Thank you, I hope so too, and hopefully we can prevent what happened there, from happening here. No problem at all, responding to comments isn’t always hard, just some of those up for discussion posts where I get over 100 in a day, wow, then it can be hard, but I need to plan them so I have the time to respond, which is part of the reason for wanting to change the day. Thanks for thinking of me though.

  20. such a beautiful and serene place you live in, leanne; and yet so close to the city.
    development projects is a tough call in many instances, there will always be ‘justification’ from both camps. wish you success with the grant and book.

    • I do live in a great place, a very special place and I think as a resident it is our job to make sure it is protected for everyone and anyone to enjoy.
      They are tough, but it seems people are enthusiastic about the project, so I hope that is a good sign. Thank you.

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