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Quiet Thursdays – Moonlight in Banyule Flats


I took this shot a while back when I was photographing the moonlight in Banyule Flats.  I love the way the light from the moon shows everything. I was also trying to get the stars.  I thought maybe since I was in a valley that maybe I might be able to get the milky way, but there were too many lights from the city.  Also being a full moon I didn’t like my chances.  I might try again when there is a new moon.

I did play with this a little bit, trying to bring more out of the sky, not sure I succeeded much.  It really isn’t a great photo, but it is a trial for something else.  I think experimenting and trying things is so important, you just never know what might work. That is something about digital that I do love, that you can experiment and not have to worry about wasting film.

If the clouds weren’t there I suspect it would be a very boring image, so in this instance I am glad it was there.

I am leaving it there today, I have been out taking photos all day, so I am a bit tired now, I need to be quiet for a while.



  1. I think this is lovely.. and do love the sky.
    Experimenting is so worthwhile… and fun.
    Hope you enjoyed your day out shooting. Sleep well :)

    • I did Robyn, I learned a lot about the birds in my area and then got to spend the afternoon with a friend driving around looking for somewhere to take photos, good day in my book.
      Thank you, experimenting is so important, you never know what you could find to do, I have learned so much that way. Somethings work, some don’t. Thanks Robyn.

  2. Without experimenting you never know what you or your camera are capable of. It is nice to get out and try new things when the opportunity presents itself. If you always shoot to get that perfect shot with no room for error, then you are not allowing yourself room for improvement. Sometimes we need to take a shot that we have no idea how it’s going to turn out just to see what happens. That is a way that we can learn that you are not able to do by reading an article or watching a video.

    • I think it is good to just say, okay, so what if I just try this, and see what happens. You just never know. With digital it really doesn’t matter. Thanks Jusin.

  3. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    That is stunning; even the name shouts beauty: Banyule Flats. <3

  4. Full moonlight is good at washing out things.

    Clearly, Tiddles in your sidebar is not a happy cat.

    • It is, it always amazes me how much light comes through.
      He wasn’t happy, my daughter was holding him and she wouldn’t let him, and he wanted to go.
      Thanks David.

  5. Nice pic Leanne…. I am lucky where I am … ten minutes from a major regional city, yet no big city lights, so I do get the milky way!!

    • I am hoping that I can get some from here, I am going to try, this weekend I hope. Will see what I can get. Thanks Dawn.

  6. Sonel says

    You’re doing some great ‘experimenting’ here Leanne. Wow! Can’t wait to see more hon. :D ♥ Hugs ♥

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