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Weekend Wanderings – Sorrento Beach in Daylight and at Night

This last week I had a great trip down to the coast with a great photography friend. We decided to go and take some photos on the various back beaches at Sorrento.  We did more of the car boot photography, which means driving to the beach, just taking the camera with us, or what we thought we might need and leaving the rest in the car.  I like photographing this way, that way your back isn’t burdened with all your gear, and let’s face it my back doesn’t need that.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-2At the first stop we took some photos from the look out at the top and then we went down to the beach.  The tide was coming in and we couldn’t get too close to the water.  We could see the scene in the above photo, and lots of white fluffy waves were coming in, right up the beach, but just as we noticed it, the battery in my camera died.  I had another one with me, but it was in the car, so my friend got all the photos and I watched her taking them.  I might need to take a little bag with me that has things like spare batteries, lens cleaners, that sort of thing in it.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-4This was another part of the beach.  I have made a lot of the beach images and waves into monochrome images.  I wanted to see how they would turn out.  I have seen some fantastic black and white beach shots and I would like to get better at doing them.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-rocks-6Check out this rock, how incredible is it.  I was taking something else, using the rock, but when I got it home all I could see what the animal head.  It was so weird.

beach-sorrento-water-waves-sunset-2There wasn’t a great sunset, but there was some, so I took this shot. I like the light coming through the arch, might have to see if I can repeat this one day, and do different images.

We decided that we really liked this space and that if we were going to take some night shots we would come back here.  We went into Sorrento and went to the Continental Hotel there for dinner.  The staff were nice, but I don’t know why every time I’ve been there we get put into the bit on the side or the front, but right near the front door. We’re usually the only ones in there like there is something wrong with us.  It is not very nice.  Then there is another section, that is warmer, and lots more people are there, but we don’t get to sit in there.  Maybe they can tell the strangers to the area and that is what they do to them. I’m not sure I will go back there.  The menu is pretty limited, and if you are a vegetarian you get one choice and that’s it, so if you don’t like pasta or tomato, then don’t eat there.

beach-sorrento-water-night-stars-2Then after our dinner we headed down to the beach again.  We had hoped the moon would rise and since it had only been a full moon a couple of days beforehand, well we thought it would still be bright enough to get some night moonlight beaches.  The moon didn’t rise and I forget to look to see what time it would, so we had to do what we could with available light.  I love shots like these.  I might have to work on them some more, though if the moon had risen it might have been nicer.

I set my camera up to do some star trails and just let it go taking all the shots I wanted for that.  While it was doing that I helped my friend set up her camera to photograph the milky way.  The expression on her face the first time she did it was fantastic, I imagine much like mine was the first time.  She was really happy to just keep trying things while my camera did it’s thing and took lots and lots of shots.  My camera went on for an hour and when I got home I tried stacking the photos, and it worked, sort of, but I had trouble.  I did a post on it yesterday on my other blog so if you would like to see what I did, here is the link, Trying Things for the First Time.

I have a few more images for you, and will put them into a gallery for you.  It was a great afternoon, no wind and while it did get very cold that evening, we didn’t notice, well until we were going to the car, then we were freezing.  It turned out to be a very cold evening, with frosts.  I love how I don’t feel cold when I am taking photos.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. If I don’t like a table at a restaurant, I just ask to be put somewhere else. Especially if there’s plenty of free tables.

    • It wasn’t so much the table, but the room, there were two rooms and basically told we couldn’t sit in the other one, even though there were lots of tables, and still lots of tables free when we left, it was silly, really, not a way to make people love you. What we really should have done is left.

    • I think so, I love that I have so many great places, so close that I can go and take photos of. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful photos as always! The sunset looked fabulous to me. Sorry about your battery, so frustrating!

    • Thank you John, It would have been nicer with more red, but I’m not too disappointed. The battery was a pain, but it happens.

  3. Wow!! You’ve done it again……what a beautiful set of images!! I esspecially like the not sunset ones very moody …gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Leanne. To live where you do ….. count yourself blessed. Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy, I am very lucky there are so many great places to go and take photos and they aren’t too far away.

      • Leanne, I really have to THINK where to go in order to get different pictures where I live. Yes, lots of waterfalls, including Niagara Falls. There also is a park about one hour away that I could spend weeks in. I am really enjoying your weekend wanderings!!!! Australia is fascinating!!! xx Amy

      • I have to do the same Amy, there are so many places, and it all depends on which direction I want to go. Within 2 hours of where I live are some really remarkable places. It is great to have places so close and it sounds like you have some amazing places as well. That is wonderful, thank you Amy. :D

  5. Leanne, this is a thrilling collection of images! Awesome work! I love the ocean and the night sky so you had me there! But the animal-rock-head is a bonus gift! Fantastic!
    PS If/when you next go to that restaurant, just say, “Please seat us there,” and point to where you want to be! I’m sure they will oblige – unless the room is hosting a private party!

    • Thank you Mary, I love going down to the beach to get photos, you never quite know what you will get. How amazing is that rock head, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it.
      I don’t know Mary, I think it was because we just walked in, but it certainly didn’t make us want to come back.

  6. Looks like a grand outing. I do like the warmth of the late day/early evening shots. I keep a belt pack in the car for when I want to travel w/o my backpack – I can slip in a spare batter and a lipstick lens brush, extra SD cards and even a snack bar.

  7. These images make people like me thankful, you with superb talent can share the shores I was unable to visit this summer…
    Thank you.
    AnnMarie :-)

  8. all shoots are really incredible. Specially I wondered to see the rock which one look like animal head.

  9. Another lovely set of photos. I thought the BWs turned out great, you can definitely see the beads of water jumping out and trying to be larger than life. That was a pretty okay sunset, would have been a teensy bit nicer if there were a few clouds and a few more warm hues.

    That wasn’t pleasant at all in the restaurant, if it has happened before. Sometimes restaurants sit people right at the door so people passing by outside can see “the place is busy” and might think it’s a great place for food.

    Weekend’s going by too fast. Hope you rest up, Leanne. I really should get working on my non-fiction book, I am stuck at the plan, lol :D One more week of holiday for me and then it’s back to work. But back to a better job so that’s good.

    • Thank you Mabel. I like the bead of water too. Yeah, I think it is the wrong time of the year for sunsets really, probably get better ones in summer.

      I know the restaurant was incredible, we felt like lepers, it was terrible. Perhaps they should try asking how long we were going to be, then they would have realised we just wanted to eat and go.

      I am taking it easy, though my nose is driving me crazy. What is the book about, can I ask? I want to do some books, but more photography ones. So soon, good that you have another job, and good that you will enjoy it more.

      • Winter here doesn’t usually offer vivid sunsets. You might want to try St Kilda beach at some point, the views there have never disappointed me in the evenings.

        If it was only you, then fair enough if you got a seat at the door. But you were with someone else, it just seems odd. Maybe they like their customers in big groups, pity. It looks a bit pricey.

        The theme of my book is: being different. In the cultural sense and coming to terms with being a creative person. 8 chapters, 3 parts. Heheh. Your books sound very interesting. I suppose you’re going to be doing how-to, educational photography books :D

      • that’s true, we get the odd one, but not many. I always find St Kilda beach too busy, so many people.

        It was a very odd experience, the prices weren’t too bad, but not a lot of choices.

        That sounds great. Have you see the book Growing up Asian? I think my book will be more a picture book, don’t know about writing an instructional one, there are already so many.

      • St Kilda beach is popular since it’s near to the city. The ends of the beach are usually quieter, that’s what I find.

        I have that book Growing Up Asian. It’s a bit of a read but I love it. My book will be quite different from that, from the looks of it so far. Picture books are great, perfect for the coffee table at home :) It costs money to get books out there on shelves, though.

      • Yes, it is very popular, I do like going there to take photos, but getting parking is a nightmare.

        My daughters had to do that book for school, they didn’t really like it, I think it was the way it was done they didn’t like. That’s good, that your book will be different. I love picture books too, though I hope to also incorporate history and some other things as well. I am looking at self publishing at this point in time, really just want to see if I can do a book.

  10. As always…very lovely. You’re in my top five favorites, if I ever made one. Of course, there would be about ten in my top five favorites, if I ever made one. :)

  11. Darrell Curtis says

    Leanne, your ‘adventure’ makes for interesting reading! I am so glad your battery lasted long enough to grab that beach sunset. So off-beat, going for a different take that makes the sun preeminent while nearly hiding it. Your framing draws the eye in an organic way that mimics the ocean waves p, tide line, and landscape. Thank you! Best, Darrell Curtis

    • thanks Darrell, my battery died long before the sunset shots, but I was very pleased that the spare was in the car so I could continue taking photos.
      I like what you have described Darrell, thank you.

  12. I think I do car boot photography when i am climbing mountains, i don’t want to lug a load of glass all the way to the top not to be used. It also makes you more creative with a limited selection of gear.

    • It is a good thing to do I think Ben, Take everything with you in the car, but when you go you only take what you need for the shots you want. It can make you very creative, haha. thank you.

  13. dival says

    I had to replace my computer and this is this the first time I’ve been on any sites for a while; and a delight to have selected yours to celebrate connectivity in the best way possible. Your work is always a breathe of fresh “creative” air for me. I dream of AU to visit some day. I met people in Jan 2013 who came to DC for the presidential inauguration. Father and son and the son won the trip for an essay he wrote in a course he was taking at Sydney Law School. The father was a photographer so we had a great 1/2 day to visit and take pictures of Washington, DC and the Smithsonian Natural Gallery of Art. It’s fun to travel, meet people from other countries or locals, and doing photography cements it altogether!

    • Oh a new computer, I want one of those. Thank you so much, I feel honoured. Sounds like a great time, I love meeting people when they come here, most of the people I have met from the blogging community have been into photography as well. I agree, it is one of the best things about blogging is the community. Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Nice shots Leanne! I viewed your post on your site of the star trails and tried to comment but nothing happened after pushing the button. I tried it on different browsers and not sure if anything went through or not so I’ll just post it here as well.

    I like the foreground setting for a star trails photo. A little tip that will help you the next time you try this. With wide angle lenses you need to shoot more photos to get more of a trail and for zoom lenses it doesn’t take as long. I don’t remember the exact details of the entire concept but for a wide – ultra wide angle lens I would do a minimum of 4-5 hours of photos for a nice star trail photo. Ideal is to go 7-9 hours or until the battery dies. My first attempt I think I got some nice star trails but not a very good foreground, but it was just experimental at that point. I ended up with about 700-800 photos as the final result. Like yours, I was taking a photo every 30 seconds. It would be nice if you are able to refine your process a bit more and are able to make it to this location and be there long enough to get a nice set of photos for star trails.

    • It did come through Justin and it is waiting there for me to moderate, so I won’t answer it here, if that’s okay. better on the other one. I need to work out a plugin for the comments, so it is easier for people to make them.

  15. Stunning images Leanne, just awesome and scenes that we don’t get here in North Texas. The whole series is top-notch! Now this is the way to spend a weekend!

    • Thank you Mary, I have seen some of you seascapes, I want to try and get some for you. It is a great way to spend a weekend.

  16. These are beautiful images. My favourite is the oddly-shaped rock, which definitely looks like a wild animal to me too. At first I thought it was like a wide-open mouth, with lots of jagged teeth, about to swallow the rock on the right, but then I focused in on the snout or nose of the animal, and noticed the eye and the closed mouth, so now it looks more like a wolf or something, peering at the distant horizon. Love the Milky Way photo too, wish I knew how to take those!

    • I thought that rock was incredible, and I thought the same as you, it wasn’t until I got home and got it on the computer that I saw the head. so cool.
      Milky way shots aren’t really that hard to do, you just need somewhere away from city lights. Thanks

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