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Friday’s Bit and Bobs

Seems so surreal this week, I don’t know why, maybe because I think I might be coming down with a cold.  It is still cold here, and we are still seeing lots of greys, but it seems to be happening a little less, so I hope the end of all this rain isn’t too far away.

The New WordPress Editor

Seems to be the talk all over WordPress at the moment and it seems fairly certain that we will be stuck with it.  Those of us who have been with WP long enough know, that in the end the developers and those that look after WP have no interest in what we think and what we want.  If you say
something they don’t like, then you are ignored.  I just can’t believe they released a version of something that has so many bugs in it.  It is amazing.  Needless to say, I am doing this post using the old editor.  If you want to use the old editor then you need to go to the Dashboard, then to All posts, and click Add New.  I don’t know how long they will leave this one up, but I will continue to use it while it is here.

The problems I have with the new one.  There is no word count, they took it away.  When you ask why, you get that Timethief saying they took it away, okay, they did, but why.  I really don’t like Timethief, he, she, is patronising and I really dislike their attitude.  I rarely post on the forums because I really hate what he or she is going to come back with.  You have a problem you want to hear from the staff, buy you have to put up with being treated like you are an idiot first.Nankeen Night-heron - Melbourne Zoo

So things I’ve noticed with the new editor, it has lots of bugs, so be prepared.  It is too small, so when you are doing a post, you have to make your screen bigger. I work on a 27 inch monitor, so it is tiny on mine.  I have to zoom in my whole screen so I can see what I am typing.  Then it makes too many other things big and then I have to make it all smaller again.  Considering the general age of people who blog, I can’t believe they didn’t take that into consideration.

There is no word couHelmeted Guinea-fowl - Melbourne Zoont, oh I mentioned that already.  I can’t believe they took that away.  How are you supposed to know if you have enough words for your SEO or you need to say more.  Or perhaps you want to keep your posts to a certain length, I think around 500 words is a good guide, though try never to go over 1000, well now, you won’t know, unless you cut and paste into something else so you can see it. More work.
When you add your featured image it makes you upload the image again, though they have said they are going to fix that.

I only used it once and it published my post hours before it was meant, and I see I’m not the only one that has had trouble with that.

My husband is a programmer, and he said, then stop blogging.  Interesting idea and I am thinking about it.  Maybe we could have a day where no one blogged in protest, wouldn’t that be interesting.  Maybe, I should start blogging more on the other blog I have for my website.  I know I make all these threats, but the last one I do like. I get so tired of all the changes, and having to constantly adapt to what they want.  I know it is free, but there are people who pay for it and they still have to have the changes.  I think right now I just feel done.

A Suggestion

On Tuesday’s post, the You’re Just a Blogger, the lovely AmyRose suggested that the word blog, was so blah, I think is how she put it.  So together, though most of the thinking has come from her, we though that we should call these blogs, Creative Spaces Online, or CSO’s for short.  Not sure it will catch on, but it is a lovely idea and does sound a lot better.  What do you think?

Meeting People

Baby Elephant - Melbourne ZooI had a lovely early morning coffee this last Monday with someone who is a regular submitter for the monochrome madness challenge, Suz Jones, from the blog It Goes On.  We didn’t have much time together, but it was wonderful meeting her.  I am always constantly amazed at how conversation just flows and there is no problem at all when I meet people through here.  I hope she enjoyed the meeting as well.  She is just like she is on her blog, a wonderful person.

Social Snappers

I had more Social Snappers Excursions this last week, and both were at the zoo.  It is a great place to get photos.  I am going to show some of the photos I took here, though you have already seen one of them.  Those of you on Facebook and Google+ will have seen them already.  I even know Pelican - Melbourne Zoothe names of the birds now, thanks to the Warringal Conservation Society.

I had someone say that they would love to join the Social Snappers, but they didn’t have a good camera, just a point and shoot.  I really want people to know that these excursions have nothing to do with the type of camera you have, it is an opportunity to go out and take photos.  It is about getting together with other people who also like taking photos.  I don’t think it matters if people show up with their phones to take them.  Whatever you use, is what you use.  No matter what camera you use, it will be your challenge.

Planning is about to start for next term.  I will have to start working out where to go and what we can photograph.  News on that soon.

I think that is enough, I have talked too much, sorry, though haven’t gone over 1000 words yet, almost.  Enjoy your Friday.




  1. So far, I only get the new editor if I click “edit” on a post rather than from the dashboard. They have been making everything pretty without any concern about functionality. I was the one who made them fix the media library search engine — it wasn’t working with large libraries like ours. I was online with them for HOURS.

    PLEASE complain. Directly to WP customer service. They pay attention if you actually tell them. Most people don’t want to be bothered, but if we just accept everything without actually a complaint, they won’t pay attention. Writing it in your blog is great for other bloggers, but won’t get to WordPress.

    If they keep going they way they are going, the whole system is going to crash and burn.

    I also come from a development environment and I know where trading functionality for “pretty” goes. It’s a bad trade. Always. It’s stupid and self-destructive. Other platforms have failed and disappeared. WordPress could become another casualty.

    • I’ve done that before, and they haven’t listened. I think this is a change they are going to make whether we want it or not. They do it all the time. I’ve been complaining on the forums.
      I get the new editor when I go up to the left hand corner and hover over the name of my blog and then go down to new, then click new post.
      It takes so long to load as well.
      I think you are right, people will get sick of it, I know I’m starting to think that I should concentrate more on the blog on my website, it is self hosted and I can do what I like there. I hope so anyway. I think they are going to annoy a lot of people. You can’t stuff people around all the time and expect they will stay with it. It doesn’t work like that. People will get jack of it and start finding somewhere else. I’ve already heard people doing that. change can be good, but when it means you have to spend more time doing things, and not to mention the time it takes to learn how to do it, then seriously how is that better. blogging takes up enough time.
      thank you marilyn, I hope I didn’t sound shirty before, about the moon, I didn’t mean to, I’m pretty tired, and am getting sick, and then this with WP, well it is all too much now. :)

      • If this becomes the default, I’m going to have to think seriously about a new blogging platform. I’ve put so much effort into this one, I don’t know if I have it in me to start over somewhere else. They DID fix the media search engine, which i found encouraging. I notice they have JUST NOW added a “if you don’t like the new format, click here for “classic mode” … but that’s after you wait and wait for the function to load. It totally sucks.

      • I know, how long does it take to load. I am glad they have done that, maybe they will see that they have to stay with the old one, because that is what people want. It was good that they fixed the media problem. I hate how if you have so many photos on there and if you want to post a photo that you put on months before it is almost impossible to find and you end up have to load it again. so you end up with multiple copies of photos.
        I don’t want to change either, but the blog on my website is looking very appealing right now.

  2. Like you, I’ve resorted to using the old version via the dashboard. I hope the option to use that version will continue. My issue with the new format was the type size and that I couldn’t find a way to intersperse photos with words. It appeared to insist on turning my photos into a gallery, which doesn’t work for the nature of my blog. When I contacted WP I was told to use the old version via dashboard. That was it. I admit to being slow to adapt to new formats in technology but I blog in order to write and share, not because I want to be a tech expert. So I do hope they maintain the old version as it’s much more user friendly.

    • Someone was just saying that they have added a button to click that will take you to the old editor, I think if we all keep using the old one then maybe they will see that they can’t get rid of it. I hope anyway. I feel the same was as you, I don’t want to learn something new, I just want to blog and I want it be easy and not time consuming. I found the type size horrendous too, my eyesight isn’t that great.

      • It’s not just about learning something new. They removed half the functionality of the old one. No choice of style, no proofreading, no word count. No dividing line. No clear formatting. Those are important formatting functions, important to anyone who writes. It isn’t just the slowness of loading or the aesthetic issues. It’s missing important stuff without which you can’t properly format a post.

      • I agree Marilyn, for me it is the word count, it is an important thing to have and now it isn’t there anymore, you have to have that feature. I don’t know who the idiots were that developed this one, but they aren’t people who use it, that’s for sure. Everyone things that since that have added the link back to the old editor that that will be it, but it won’t be, I’m sure they won’t just ditch it.
        I think they need to put other stuff back too.

      • They need someone to do what I used to do when I worked — reality checking from a user’s viewpoint. I was the one who worked with developers to help them understand what real world users needed to get their jobs done. It was the difference between software that made users smile — or swear.

      • They certainly do, I don’t know why they don’t some people who blog to test things for them, surely there are people who would do it. I think WP have this attitude a lot, you will use what we tell you to use.

  3. I have searched the web twice now for a replacement for wordpress with no solid replacement platform. If I find one I will probably leave wordpress.

      • I would do the same, Leanne. I totally agree with your frustrations. Self hosting wasn’t a good experience for me last time around, maybe it would go better this time.

      • The worse thing about self hosting is the commenting, it is much harder for people to comment. I’ve tried to make it on the new one so it is easier, but I don’t get many comments there. It is funny, I thought more people would go there because I do far more teaching of photography there than I do here now.

      • There are comment plugins aren’t there, like Disqus or how ever it’s spelled? Just a guess. The main issue I had last time I tried self hosting was the host couldn’t keep the site up on the web. Constant down time! I should have used BlueHost or Gator I guess… In self hosting, I was still using the wordpress platform,

      • I might have to look into those, it is always good if it is easy for people to comment. Oh yes, maybe pick a better host, the host I have has been great, and I haven’t had any issues with it all.

  4. I like the pelican pics the best here Leanne. Although all of them are nice. As for the editor, I now do my uploading and posts via mobile. It’s much simpler and I don’t have to mess with the confusing layout.

  5. Oh, so much trouble with the new editor!!! It’s horrible. Two days ago, it didn’t publish my post as scheduled. I checked after an hour and it was still saying “4h” whatever that meant. I had to do it again. Then today my post was published…that’s what it said, but only I could see it. It was not in the reader and anyone loading my blog could not see it…so I had to delete the post and publish a new version. Thanks for telling us where to find the old one. I hope for some time. I need my word count and my spell checker…

    • I know there are so many problems with it, so many people are saying how much trouble it is. You are welcome, I don’t know how long they will keep the old one up for, but hopefully it will be up long enough for them to realise what a massive mistake the new one is.

  6. Ah so much info Leanne. You are always so busy! Wonderful pics as usual. Oh dear, I haven’t checkout out the backend of WordPress – and am nervous to say the least. Hate to say this … I get what Amy said about the word blog … but you know what, I actually like it! :)

    • yeah, once I started I couldn’t shut up, lol. Thank you Julie. Haha, it is completely up to everyone what they want. I hope you find the backend too scary. :D

  7. I love the baby elephant and the birds are wonderful!! And yes I agree – the whole edit thing took me by surprise. If something works fine why change it!!! – but maybe I’m kind of old fashioned!

    • Thanks Cybele, the baby elephant was so cute. I must be old fashioned too, I wish we could decide whether or not we wanted the changes.

  8. Who can resist a baby elephant? and I’m rather fond of guinea fowl too. Good luck with your new term planning!

  9. I haven’t exactly come across the new editor and from the sounds of it, I hope not. That’s not nice taking away the Word count. Though I type my posts in Word (so I can look at my post full-screen) and the copy-paste into the editor and do all the necessary formatting, I still like the word count there.

    Those are very fluffy birds there. Looked like you had a great day at the zoo. Hope to meet you in person one day, Leanne. It would be an honour :D Have a good weekend.

    • You might be still getting the old one Mabel, seems the only people getting are the ones that do new posts from the drop menu in the top left corner. I might have to start doing posts the same way if they remove my word count. Will have to see.

      They are fluffy, cute. We did have a great day, got lots of lovely photos. You might have to come on one of the social snappers excursions, especially now that you have your new camera. Would be good to meet you too, especially since we live in the same city. I’m getting a cold, so think my weekend might be a bust. I feel like crap, oh well. I hope yours will be really good. :D

      • Ahhhh. I see what you mean now. That quick ‘New Post’ button at the top of the menu bar. I never liked the look of it so never bothered clicking onto it until a few seconds ago. Uggghhh….

        I am still getting used to my new camera, hideously slow at adjusting all the settings in manual mode :D I hope you feel better soon, it’s still very cold but spring is almost here, finally. Might be getting a new laptop soon next week, very happy about that XD

      • I usually post that way, well I did until they got this new editor.

        It will take some time, so don’t rush it. I rarely use my camera on manual, too much effort. I hope so too, I’m over it already. I can’t wait for spring this year. How exciting, I would like a new computer, one day.

      • Heh, heh. I hope the new editor gets tweaked. Surely it will sometime soon.

        Stuck writing my book so I played with my new toy in my room just now. It’s getting more fun XD Can’t wait for the warmer weather, I’m sure you’ll go out to more places then. Made up my mind to get a Windows laptop. So happy.

      • I think they have realised they released it too soon, they should get people to trial it first, would have been so much easier for them, and us.

        Writing a book, that is fantastic, fiction or not? I want to get out more to take photos, but think I might be stuck inside a bit over the next few days. I’m looking forward to Spring, I need to plan my next trip to the Mallee. I think you will be happy with that, especially with the money you will have saved. I need a new desktop computer, mine is too old and getting too slow, it really doesn’t cope anymore.

  10. Totally agree about the new editor. Had so much trouble setting up a new post and then it did not publish it even though it seemed to think it did. So like you mentioned I went back to the dashboard and was pleased to be able to continue using it.
    Love your photographs, helpful and generous help to others.
    Best wishes, Robert

    • That is terrible, it is always such a hassle when you have to do things twice.
      Thank you Robert, that is great, I try to help, when I can.

  11. As a relatively new blogger, I don’t have a long history with WordPress, but I knew immediately I don’t like the new system. I will use the dashboard editor as long as it’s available to tweak. Sometime ago, I discovered that my Microsoft Word 2007 has a Blog format. For sometime now, I’ve written text in Word, posted a few photos within the text an fused the “Publish as draft” option in Word to upload. I then use WordPress to create and upload galleries.
    I have run into minor incompatibilities, especially with captions and image specs, but it has been working for me. Hopefully they make the new editor much more robust before they shut down the dashboard editor. I think I will note my objection to the new editor with support just to add one more voice to the chorus. If you do decide to leave WordPress, please let us know. I would hate to miss your future posts.

    • I think many of us are feeling the way John, though one thing you learn with WordPress, is that they change things often and they tend not to listen to what people want, and so you can be stuck with changes that you hate and you just have to learn to live with them. I might have to investigate the writing posts in word or something like that, I don’t actually have word.
      I agree I think they have realised they released it far too soon and there are far too many bugs in it. It can’t hurt to let them know. If I leave it will be to go to my other blog, I have a self hosted one on my website, I don’t post a lot, maybe a couple of times a week, but I do more things about my photos there, it isn’t as structured as this one. Here is a link if you would like to take a look,

  12. If you decide to stop blogging I know I will miss reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Please don’t.

    • I don’t think I will stop Colline, but I might start doing more and more on the blog on my website, the self hosted one, I feel like I have more control over there. thank you, it is nice to know if I stopped I would be missed.

  13. I away post from the dashboard- new editor is a joke hope it goes away.
    I envy you your cool weather, it’s been 40+ here for weeks.
    In regards to terminology, I don’t have a blog- I have a Captain’s Log (which I started well before people started using the term blog) Though finding those old self hosted posts can take some digging they’re still there and i never really liked the term but it seems firmly entrenched in society now.
    I liked the second pelican shot :)

    • I hope so too, but my experience is they will fix the bugs and get rid of the old one.
      We will have that weather in a few months, too hot.
      I love that captain’s log, from Star Trek, brilliant. It is very entrenched now, unfortunately, though very easy to say, but the word has bad things associated with it now.
      Thank you.

  14. A day of no bloging…we would also have to have everyone stay off the WP site – as even old posts have ads on them, but I think the idea has merit. Yes, the new editor stinks – very unfriendly.

    • That is true, though it would be a major thing to organise, wouldn’t it be great if we really could protest like that. I think the same about the new editor. Thanks Robert.

  15. As a programmer/software developer I don’t see why they should have so many problems. I’ve worked on many different types of websites and I understand how all of this should work. Now I’m not sure I want to even use it because I always schedule my posts. I very rarely just publish after getting done with a post. If I had the time it might make it worthwhile just to create a blog platform myself. I think if I had the extra time though I’d rather use it to go out and photograph/travel more though. Despite the bugs they are trying to work out right now though, I think the reason why I like WordPress is because of the other bloggers on here. I rarely get any feedback on Flickr and I get no feedback on Google+ or Facebook. Because of that I like to keep up with my WordPress blog as people seem to find it much easier. So with that in mind at least they have a blogging platform that does very good at SEO or they know how to make it easier for people to find your blog. In a way, I think that’s more important than the ease of creating a post, as long as the tools to create the post aren’t impossible to use. I think once they fix the bugs and everything works the way it’s supposed it, the other things will be things that people just kind of put up with. Would be nice if they listened to their users a bit more, but in the end, if enough users don’t like it, then they will need to change if they want to stick around.

    • My husband is one too Justin, and I said to him why would they release it with so many bugs, and his response was that they probably thought it didn’t have any. I suspect they have people testing it, people who blog, so are writing posts, so they thought it was fine, when in fact it is so problematic. I have another blog, it is self hosted, but there are issues, people won’t follow me there, I tried it once, and well, it wasn’t worth it. I like that the self hosted one is mine and I can do what I like with it, but not much point if people won’t go there. I have so much space there, putting up photos wouldn’t be a problem. You are right though, the biggest problem with leaving here is the community aspect. I do love that. We all have to put up with stuff, I just wish they would give us some choices sometimes, have the developers write several editors then people can choose which one they want to use. They have lots of themes, but in the backend they treat everyone the same, as though the blogs they are writing are all the same, they aren’t. Thanks Justin.

  16. You captured a lot of personality with those critter portraits, Leanne. Made me smile.

    I guess I must still be using the old editor, because I’m not experiencing what you are experiencing. It may be because I’m always working from the dashboard.

    I think the words blog and blogger are pretty well entrenched at this point. Creative Spaces Online, however, sounds like something that could replace WordPress. :-D I love it.

    Sorry you’re feeling such frustration.

    I’ve been with,, and out on my own. Each has its positives and negatives. That’s for sure.

    • thank you Elen, that’s wonderful to hear.
      I think it depends on how you access the editor, that seems to be the difference. I access it from the top left corner and the dropdown menu.
      I think you are right about the words, it is a nice thought though.
      I think it is more that these latest changes are like the last straw. Our gov. here is making all these changes, well trying to, and none of them are good for the country, well unless you are incredibly rich, and it is scary. There is too many change happening.
      I agree, I have a too, but it is hard to get people to follow you to it.
      Thanks Elen.

  17. Whoever thought up this nonsense probably got promoted. Ancestry ruined their search function because it was “too cumbersome” but I wonder for who? I think these sites are trying to cut bandwidth usage as they become more popular, and they lose their older customers in the process. I guess that’s one way to get your bandwidth back–lose customers. I wonder if these “improvements” on the part of WordPress are for bandwidth usage. This is disgusting and I wonder if I should hold off on blogging until they get their act together.

    • I suspect they are trying to do lots of things so they work well on tablets and phones, but seriously I never use those, and why can’t they have both, so you can choose, if you are using a tablet or phone, you use editor 2, if you are on a computer then you use editor 1. I don’t understand why it has to be that and nothing else. I don’t know what to do kocart, it is a hard thing. I might try concentrating more on my other self hosted blog.

      • I went back to our edit page and it still had word count, and nothing else seems to have changed, so now I am confused. Is it still an edit option you can select? It could be a problem with the premium service at WordPress, and they may have left the bargain basement version alone (we never paid for the fancy version). I assume you took the upgrades they offered, to make your site more your own. If enough people drop their premium service and go back to the basics, I wonder if they would get the message, if that is the case? I wonder if that is an option you can try?


      • Hey Kristen, I think it depends on how you access the editor. I have a button up on the top right that says new post and if I click that it takes me to the new one. Also, I usually access the editor via the drop down menu in the top left, where it says the name of my blog, if I hover on that a menu appears and I go to new, then new post and the new editor comes up. I don’t think it has anything to do with premium, it has more to do with where you access it. See what happens if you access the editor from those places.

      • I wil check it outl. In the meantime, I will stick with the dashboard to do the posts! Thanks for the heads up.

  18. I always enjoy your blog. I select media and download from my desktop -can’t find problems but that doesn’t mean there are non

    • I think it depends on how you access it Diana, I get to the editor through the dropdown menu in the top left corner, but others do it through the dashboard, and if you do it the latter way, you will get the old one. thank you, that is always good to hear.

  19. Leanne, I always write my post text in a word document and paste it into WordPress when I’m happy with it. I figured if WP ever stopped working I wouldn’t lose all the stories I’ve written. I also get a word count that way. I hope things improve for you.

    • I might have to start doing that too, I hadn’t thought what would happen if WP stopped, then again, I really only care about my photos I think, so as long as I have those, I’m happy. thank you Carol, I’m sure they will, I think I have the winter blues.

  20. Leanne, all I can add is that after 5 or 6 years of blogging, I’m waiting while I consider my options. As I am travelling now and using a small 11″ computer, it is rather difficult for me to create a new post, as you might imagine. I wouldn’t think twice if it weren’t for some of the people I follow, I would hate to lose them, you and Amy Rose among others.

    • I agree Robert, it can be hard, I might start doing more things on my other blog, the self hosted one and see if can convince people to come with me. Though I tried once before, and some did, but most didn’t.

  21. I’m right with you on the new editor. After a few minutes, I switched right back to the “classic” editor. The new one wouldn’t insert images at full size properly and the preview was rubbish. I agree on things being too small & I found the new way of adding tags too fiddly.

  22. I also use the editor thought the dashboard. I accidentally stumbled upon the new one when editing a post and I didn’t like it at all…

    • I don’t think you are alone there, it seems not many people like it at all. Not sure what they were trying to achieve with it.

  23. Lovely photographs, especially the one of the pelican. I just love birds on water photographs. I always use ‘new post’ from the dashboard. I like the dashboard it feels safe. They do keep changing the way you get to title images though – I find that upsetting but I suppose all their employees have to be kept busy doing something.

    • Thank you, the zoo is perfect for getting photos like that. they keep changing so many things, I like that they think ahead, but I wish they would give us choices, it would be nice if we had a choice about what we wanted to use, rather than what they decide. yes, they do, unfortunately.

  24. Hi Leanne, I saw the new editor open once, looked at it and was searching for a lot of options i normally use simply, and found them hard find! So I clicked back to the old one and keep using that one.
    Being a big platform can turn into arrogance on one hand, and on the other hand the need for smoother software to keep datacenters performing. This of course in the context of a blog platform that stimulates people to write (we poor photographers like me just add a photo and some text, but others do write pieces and articles like you). If you write you need functionality that supports writing, editing etc. I wonder if this one is helping with that.
    It is a bit like the time they changed the lay out of the WPC pages without thinking properly how people use them. They corrected that. So………… lets spam the sales department? Because: we the bloggers are WordPress

    • I don’t think you are alone there Chris, I think it has been happening to lots of people. It is not very user friendly.
      I agree about the arrogance, it can happen and we have seen it happen here as well, with them deciding what we will and won’t use, regardless of what the people really want. I really don’t like the new editor, there are far too many bugs, and thing that I am used to are going, I don’t like that. I continue using the old one and think I will for some time.
      I think they have to do something with the reader, there are far too many bugs and if you look on the forums, not many people are happy. I guess fingers crossed they change it for the better.

  25. I too dislike the new editor; every time I’ve accidentally made it appear, I’ve closed the stupid thing, and tried to go back to the ‘classic editor’, which is so much more versatile. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t known for listening to the people who actually use the platform, regardless of what they say.

    I hated the damn ‘infinite scroll’ functionality that they implemented across-the-board some time ago, and complained ceaselessly on the forums and on other websites of people who felt similarly; what a relief it was, when they finally made it *optional*, so that you could decide whether you wanted it, depending on your theme and its layout options.

    Let’s all hope fervently that they don’t take away the classic editor, and that they kept its use *optional*!

    • That’s for sure, they don’t tend to listen to what people want.

      I think options are good, and I think that is what they should do with the editor, make it optional, give people options, let people decided what they want to do or use. We aren’t all the same.

      I think we are all hoping for that, let’s hope.
      Thanks Reggie.

  26. I’m late to the party, and only saw the new editor briefly while editing a scheduled post from my tablet, during my vacation. Wasn’t impressed to say the least. I checked the “Beep Beep Boop” thread mentioned above. It’s been closed since, with staff announcing there is no plan to remove the classic editor, and that they intend to work on and improve the new one so that people would want to use it and switch to it willingly (guessing they would retire it if they see usage stats of the classic editor going below some threshold, like maybe 5% of posts?). And I tried to edit one post, apparently clicking the “go back to classic” stores a cookie, because my choice of sticking to classic is retained afterwards. And in the classic editor, I have an option to “opt in to the new and improved way of creating with wordpress”. So I guess they finally made the new editor a choice rather than force it down people’s throat. It’s a practice that facebook is doing a lot (push change, see if sticks, roll back in case of backlash) and which I don’t like at all. But it seems to be “fashionable” these days… :(

    • Oh yes, I have seen that too, so glad the old one was so much better. I’m really surprised though, they usually don’t listen to us. I think choices are good, we don’t all like the same things, I don’t know why they don’t do several editors, depending on the type of posts that people write, then we can choose which one we want rather than being forced to use something that isn’t great for our personal needs. It is fashionable, and WP have done that a lot, and that is why I was so surprised that they changed it. I hope they continue to listen to their users.

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