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Weekend Wanderings – Eureka Skydeck 88

On Friday night I had a chance to go up to the Eureka Skydeck 88 to see the city.  The Eureka Tower is the tallest building in Melbourne and they turned floor 88 into an observation deck.  It is a great place to see the city from above and it seems like you are the tallest thing there.  My first reaction when I walked out onto the observation deck and saw the view was “wow”, it was incredible.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-1We got there just before sunset, just in case there was a nice one. There is always a sunset, but whether it looks good or not is another thing.  We had high expectations.  Though we did get rather distracted by trying to get photos that we probably didn’t take in the views as much as we should have.  The observation deck is double glazed, so while you can stop reflections on the first pane of glass it was a lot harder to stop them on the one on the outside.


I do like this one of the city with the afternoon sun shining on it. I live out in that direction, way behind the high rises.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-4Can you see that strange thing on the cloud.  It was the weirdest thing. It isn’t the sun, as the sun was further over on the right.  It was like a cloud rainbow, or something.  So if anyone has any idea what it is and how it happens would love to hear.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-7I have made that sunset look a lot better than it actually was.  Creative license I believe they call it.  It was really a rather pathetic sunset actually.  Just my luck.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-16I loved the view at night, it was stunning.  Though, they were the hardest images to get and I had to spend time on nearly all of them getting rid of reflections.  I took some black cloth with me to help with the reflections, but it didn’t stop them all.  I think if I went back I would try something a little different.  Might have to see if I can try it again.

eureka-tower-skydeck-observation-melbourne-19After we left we down to the Flinders Street and tried getting car light trails in front of Flinders Street Station.  It was quite busy and there were lots of cars around.  I have tried doing some stacking with these, gave me lots more lights, something I might have to do some more of.

The Eureka Skydeck 88 is a great place to see Melbourne from above, you get 360 degree views all around the city and out to the bay.  The floor is shaped oddly so you can see different things in different places.  I would like to go back sometime and try some different things, as I said, maybe plan what I want to take more.  Really on Friday night I was just seeing what I could do.

I have a gallery for you today.  I have a Social Snappers Excursion planned for this afternoon for the Melbourne Zoo.  The forecast isn’t looking good, so I don’t know how how we will go.  Could be fun.  Have a great Sunday.



  1. Enjoyed your pics, and interesting seeing the car lights. I’ve never tried that, or getting rid of reflections. Must test it out! ~SueBee

    • It can be a lot of fun SueBee, but picking a good spot can be hard. The reflections were driving us made. Thank you.

  2. Your night cityscapes are wonderful. I especially love the ones where the lights from the streets and roads lead your eye through the image, like electrical pulses through the photo.

    • I like that too, I tried to get more, but I have to admit that in the end, I was just happy if I got some photos with very few reflections. Definitely something to try next time. Thank you.

  3. The views from up there are fantastic. I think you did a great job of holding back the reflections. Or did you have a lot of cloning to do in post?

    Other than using a polarizer, shooting right up to glass, and using a black cloth I don’t know what else to try. Sounds like you did it all. :)

    The sun phenomenon might be a Sundog.

    • I had to do some, yes, ones that had lots of reflection, I didn’t even bother with, but others I just had to get rid of a few. I didn’t use a polariser, still don’t really have one. I think it might have been better to have had the camera closer to the ground and created a whole dark area with the cloth, I was finding that reflections were coming up from underneath.
      I have heard of a sundog, will have to go and look it up. Thank you.

    • It looks more like a noctilucent cloud to me.

      Here’s some info on the phrenomenon from wikipedia:
      «Night clouds or noctilucent clouds are tenuous cloud-like phenomena that are the “ragged edge” of a much brighter and pervasive polar cloud layer called polar mesospheric clouds in the upper atmosphere, visible in a deep twilight. They are made of crystals of water ice. Noctilucent roughly means night shining in Latin. They are most commonly observed in the summer months at latitudes between 50° and 70° north and south of the equator. They can be observed only when the Sun is below the horizon.»

      • I saw the comment you made after this, and the sun hadn’t gone down at this stage, it was about 30 minutes before that. Does that make a difference? Others have said it was a sundog, and others have suggested an irisastion, I really have no idea, it was so strange.

  4. Beautiful photography, Leanne. I would love to go up there and view your city!

  5. leecleland says

    Wow, what an overview of Melbourne. Really gives a great look at the city, Leanne. I had never thought of reflections from the double glazing, what a pain! Love the night shot along the Yarra with the bridges and the curve of the street to the upper left. A worthwhile expedition I can tell.

    • Thank you Lee, it is quite a view, and you are so high. I hadn’t thought of it either, but it made it really hard. I think that could be one of my favourites too, I love the Seafarers Bridge.

    • It is funny, I always think of Melbourne as a small city, and in comparison to places like New York, London, it is a very small city, but it does look good like this. Thank you, the station was a great experiment.

  6. If that is not sun light, that is weird. The night light captures, WoW!!! What a beautiful city.

    • Someone suggested it was called a Sundog and I looked that up and that is perhaps what it is, very weird and cause by the sun.
      Thank you, I think Melbourne is a beautiful city as well.

  7. Really pretty! I love those night images. I commented on each one but you don’t have to respond to all of those. I just couldn’t help myself lol.

  8. Very interested to learn of sundogs! You’ve certainly captured a beauty. Love the photos with the lights streams. I’m always awed whenever I stand before Flinders Station.

    • Thanks Christine, such weird things to see, it is the first one I’ve ever seen and lucky for me I had the camera with me. Thank you, the light streams and Flinders Street Station is such an iconice sort of image, one we all try to get. Might have to try doing some more. Thank you so much.

  9. Great lot of photos, Leanne – it’s certainly a big view from up there! The rainbow in the cloud , I believe is called irisisation, but since that just means ‘rainbowised’, it doesn’t tell us much! It’s certainly from water vapour splitting sunlight into the spectrum. I’ve seen it a few times, but never got a photo of it.

    • It could be that, someone else suggested it was a Sundog, a sundog is where the sun is reflected off ice chrystals, I really don’t know.
      I’ve never seen it before, so a first for me. Thank you Sukie.

    • Thank you Nia, haha, yeah, can’t photograph one, so make it up, sounds good me, LOL. Could be, who knows, it is so weird.

  10. Great pics – I must get up there one day.
    Have you been up in the Melbourne Star? If you have, how does it compare as far as the views go?

    • Thanks Juli, it is a great place to go.
      I have been up in the Melbourne Star, to be honest, I think the skydeck is better value for money and the views are a lot better. The skydeck is only $20 and you can stay as long as you like. You see a whole lot more too, right over the city. I’d go skydeck.

  11. Lovely shots. I have heard that its generally from a vapour trail left by planes. Yes irisastion or however it’s spelt is what its called. I’ve seen it two times in Adelaide and had my camera both times, looked good, and I got some nice images.

    • I have no idea Wendy, someone else said it was called a sundog, where the sun reflects of ice Chrystals, I don’t know. They do look good and I was glad I had my camera with me, thanks Wendy.

  12. dziunka says

    Amazing photos, now that really makes me want to come to Australia

  13. I was struck by your courage as I’m terrified of heights! Beautiful as always!

    That rainbow ball is what I’ve suddenly started seeing here in Calif., a long ways from you! I don’t think it’s a sun dog as they don’t ever look so intense or like they’re laying on top of the cloud rather than in it. I don’t know but it’s certainly interesting to find one here in your photos from the other side of the world.

    • I happy to say that I am not afraid of heights, and don’t have a problem with them, now under water, or anything to do with going under water, nuh, you won’t get me there.
      That is what it looked, like it was on top of the cloud, it was so weird, I have no idea what it was. Never seen one before. I might have to start looking. Wendy Phillips was saying she sees them Adelaide all the time too.

  14. Great shots Leanne. The observation platforms around the world give great views of their respective citiies. Reflections from double glazing is a pain. Is the glass tinted too ?
    I remember being diasappointed, when I got to the top of the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth (UK), to find that the glass is tinted so everything starts off with a blue/green. Best I have experienced is the Eiffel Tower, no glass just a wire mesh through which you can shoot.

    • I think it is tinted here too, all the photos are quite blue, but I tried to take that out a bit in post processing. I like the idea of the wire mesh, there is an outside area on the Eureka Skydeck with a mesh, but the wholes aren’t big enough to photograph through. I don’t know who thinks of this sort of stuff. Thank you.

  15. These are beautiful! I only had my phone with me when I visited Eureka and my pictures were all dull and grainy! Lovely to see just how incredible it can look.

    • I tried taking photos with my phone and they were rubbish, I got the weirdest reflections. Thank you Sara.

  16. Photographing at night is a new challenge I enjoy from time to time but you have to be somewhere with LOTS of lights, somewhere spectacular. I want to back to Las Vegas just to see the lights. Your shot with the streaming car lights is awesome…must have been a slow shutter. Not always easy to achieve.

    • It can be, or you can try different things Jo, you just never know what you will get. Small towns could be really good for night photography, you might get some really atmospheric images, mmm I must try that the next time I am up at my mums. Thank you, it was a slow shutter, though most of those were several images put together. Thank you.

  17. Leanne, you did an amazing job of removing the reflections. What is the trick to using a black cloth though? Great aerial views – and you’re so right, wow! Love, love, love the photos of the light trails!

    • Thank you Stacy, you use the black cloth or your coast or something to try to create a dark around around the camera without reflections, so your camera is under the cloth.

  18. victorhphotos says

    What an excellent photos… Very impressive ones, specially the ones during the night…

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