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Weekend Wanderings – Chasing the Moon

Yesterday afternoon I took off with some friends down to Sorrento and to the back beach there.  The plan was to take some photos of the beach before sunset, then photograph the sunset, go out for dinner, then come back to photograph the moon and get some shots of the beach in moonlight.  All day, before we left it would rain, then the sun would come out, then it would rain again.  We went anyway, hoping it would be okay.


The first part worked out fine, we got to the beach and took photos of the rocks.  The surf was wild, and some parts of the rocks where the waves were hitting them were pretty amazing.  Well good for Australia.  I loved the way the afternoon sun was hitting this rock.


We sort of got a sunset.  It rained a bit at the start and there was the promise of something brilliant, but it really didn’t amount to much.  I am showing you this image because it did rain and I think this effect is from water on the end of my lens. I’ve never seen anything like it before.  I had my camera set up to take a photo every 10 seconds.  I was going to see if I could do a time lapse series, but I don’t think I got enough images, and the rain did spoil some of them.


While we were having dinner we could see that the moon had risen and that it looked wonderful in the sky.  We could see the light from it reflecting on the water in the bay.  After dinner we just went across the road to take some photos of it.  I think this was the clearest image I got all night.


Then the clouds rolled in, and we could see where it was a lot of the time, but we couldn’t see it.

stpaul-beach-moonlight-rain-moonWe went down to the beach, but this was the best I got.  It was raining a lot, I couldn’t get my camera to focus, and I was yelling a lot.  I was so angry with the weather.  It has been so frustrating this winter with all the rain we have had.  I am so sick of it, some rain is nice, but not constantly.  I expect it to be cold, but seriously this is ridiculous.

We went home and I didn’t get some of the shots I wanted, but it was a lovely part on of the beach and I think we will go there again some time.  Of course as we were on the freeway coming home the clouds parted and there was the moon for all to see.  I thought I would take some when I got home, just out my front door.  Of course, by the time I got home and got the camera ready the clouds were covering it again.  I did wait a little while and I managed to get some.

I forgot to mention that part of the reason I was keen to get the moon was because I had borrowed a Sigma 150-500mm lens from a friend to take photos with.  Oh well, you can’t have everything, I’m sure the rain will stop and I will get to take some photos of the moon and the beach on other trips. Here is a gallery with some images, sorry, lots of the moon.



  1. leecleland says

    Great shots anyway, Leanne. And the moon looks good. There must be something in the air at the moment as I took shots of the moon last night though none were as detailed as yours. Send the rain up here we desperately need it :)

    • Thank you Lee, some shots, I think this really only the third time I have photographed the moon, but this was the best results so far. Shame about the rain, but hey if you want the rain, please just take it. Haha, we are so sick of it here. :)

    • Yeah, I got some, thankfully we weren’t trying for the milky way, it would never have happened with those clouds. Thanks

  2. Faqeeha Aleem says

    What a splendid moon! Simply awe-inspiring! :) Beautiful captures! Thanks.

  3. Beautiful set Leanne. I really like the moon shots better with the mist/fog around it. The atmosphere is more moody that way.

  4. Last night I was out taking this dog I’m caring for on a walk, and I suddenly saw one of those big, white, puffy clouds. Not just any old cloud, this one was beautifully back-lit by the moon behind it. A perfect photograph! But did I have my camera? Of course not! ;-)

    • I hate it when that happens and you don’t have a camera to capture it. Well maybe it will happen again for you. :)

    • I thought it was too, but then according to the papers here, it was a super moon last month, I don’t know, I loved it though. Thank you.

  5. The big moon is amazing Leanne – you can even see the craters! And I like the light in the beach shots. It’s always so much softer in winter.. Inspiring as always. Chris

    • Thank you Chris, it is always softer in winter, and I love the light in winter, my favourite time of the year.

  6. Your photos ads divine !! I love the fact that you went to these lengths to get such beautiful photos. And also I love sorrento back beach ☺️

  7. Despite the weather you got many excellent images! I’m going to try if I can see the moon here tonight…it’s been cloudy so it might not happen.

    • You should be able to see it for a couple of days really, I hope you get better weather than what I got, thanks Tiny.

  8. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    The sunset looks as if it’s on fire! That is really unusual to see something like that. Those moon shots are great but the one behind the clouds is very pretty; it stands out. The more I see of Australia through your photographs the more I love it. It really is so much more than we have been shown on the television. The government should hire you as an ambassador or something, really they should.

    • I like that description, and you are right it is unusual. I bet if I put water on my lens I couldn’t repeat it for a million years. I am surprised at how much the cloudy ones have been popular. Thank you Jackie, what a lovely thing to say, wouldn’t it be great if they did pay to take photos and show the country off, I would love that.

  9. talesfromthelou says

    Argh! besides the frustration, it was an incredible evening with the elements, no? Nice pics. I love the moon. It looks exactly the same here! Go figure.

  10. You should be in Sydney – I read today that we have had less than 2% of the normal July rainfall. And our string of cloudless days and cold clear nights meant the full moon was fabulous. What I find interesting (and heartening!) about your moon shots is that they are of the same quality as my own, yet you have a much more serious camera and lenses. Maybe I’m doing something right! :) Good luck for better weather with your next attempt, I look forward to those photos.

    • Maybe I should go up the, the rain here is driving me crazy. I think you are right about the camera, really, when it comes to to taking photos there aren’t much difference, it is the lenses which really count. Thank you Elizabeth.

  11. Your shots of the moon are wonderful. I couldn’t catch it when it was rising last night and when I did get it, it came out as a big white ball with no detail :(

    • It can be hard to photograph, try spot metering, put the spot on the moon so you are exposing for the moon and not the whole image. Good luck
      thank you.

  12. Awesome moon pics! I would love to learn how to photograph it! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  13. These are stunning Leanne!! You’ve captured the moon so well, and I love the effect you got on the sunset photo, the rain drop on the lense, it really looks like flames coming from the sun, very nice!! 😃

    • Thank you Sabrina, that effect on the sunset photos was amazing, I think it was the water or the rain. It does look like flames, so strange.

  14. Love the moon shots. I’m headed out for a walk in my neighborhood hoping to get a glimpse of the Big Moon.

  15. I love the one with the sun looking as if it is an orbish sort..The rest are beautiful too of course! I hope you enjoyed your time at dinner with the friends as well!

    • Great description, I like that, it is a weird one. Thank you, it was nice spending time with friends, as always.

    • I know so little about this stuff, I need to work out how to find out this stuff, thank you. :)

      • Your very welcome- I was just talking to my parents yesterday trying to remember if it was perigee or apagee, my mom set me straight ;)

  16. Rich Proctor says

    I’m so happy to hear that I’m not the only one who yells at the weather. And you really did get some great stuff. Excellent work as usual Leanne!

    • Not by a long shot Rich, I was screaming at it, and swearing, I was so angry. Thank you, it is good that I got something.

  17. I really love your photos Leanne, I was really amazed :) Hope I can be good as you while I’m doing it myself as a beginner :)

  18. apothecaryshedster says

    lovely. and i like that it’s already tomorrow there! And I am seeing the July 12th full moon in VA, USA right now. Just shot blurry photos of it with a 75-300mm zoom lens, using a three board fence and a rock (prop it up) as a tripod. Terrible, but dramatic. might post tomorrow.

    • Sounds interesting, sometimes blurry shots work. Yes, it is Sunday here now, mid afternoon. Thank you.

  19. Terrific shots, Leanne. Problems with focus in poor light or weather have led me to do a lot more in manual using focus peaking.

    • Thank you Andrew, I tried doing some manual focusing, but it was too dark and too wet, couldn’t see anything.

  20. Sorrento’s back beach has never looked so good. Great shots Leanne … must have been that hollering! :) We too have been getting loads of rain and wind ..

    • Thank you Julie, you should have been with me, we could’ve had a ball. Glad my hollering did you some good. :P

  21. Johann Briffa says

    The shot where the moon is half covered with cloud is so moody, I really like it)

  22. Great Shots Leanne. That one with the water on the lens makes for an fascinating experiment. Lots of yelling at the weather sounds interesting! Sometimes we aim for one thing and get something even better. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

    • Thank you, the water on the lens was weird, could make for some interesting photos. I always yell at the rain, especially at the moment, it has been driving me crazy, too much here. Sometimes that has happened, and it has happened for me, but it didn’t pan out so much last night, oh well, there will be other times.

  23. I thought these were magnificent shots, especially the moon peeking out from behind the cloud. Looking cheeky. Lots of texture on the moon, I like that and we know it’s real :D I also like the dark-wavy beach photo – it looks ghostly.

    Too much rain in Melbourne, so with you on that. Though I must say it rains even more in Malaysia and Singapore. Hope you had a good day today, Leanne. I went down to the city and it was hideously quiet. End of school holidays, maybe that’s why.

    • Thank you Mabel, I guess it is one of those times, where it doesn’t quite go your way, but you get something else.

      I am sure in rains in many more places a lot more than here, but we aren’t used to this much rain, winters used to be rain, but not this much, fog, frosts, sun, now it is all grey and rain, a little sun and nothing more. I have had a lazy day, which is nice. Hope you’ve had fun with your new camera.

      • You are right. It seems to be more windy this year too. Very wet, and that means hard to get around as you mentioned previously. There’s only so much we can do indoors. That is good, a lazy day. I will have lots of those next month, can’t wait. I looked for a camera bag today. So little choices, but I think I will get one tomorrow after work.

      • Oh yes, so much more wind. Lazy days are great, I love them. Good luck with finding a good camera bag, it can hard to find one that is right for you.

  24. Even though the weather was less than obliging Leanne and with it playing hide and seek you did get a great shot there of the moon … that splat of Tycho crater is such a focus for the eye !
    Love moon gazing :-)
    A wet Winter IS the pits … I know you’re desperate for some crisp frosty days – hope it happens soon .

    • I was pretty happy with that shot, I have to say, it was the only clear image I got of the moon. I didn’t know what that crater was called, I have been learning so much.
      I love moon gazing too, it can be so amazing. :)
      I am hating this winter, so much rain, frost and fog, apparently chance of frost tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed for that. Thank you Poppytump.

  25. Hi Leanne, too bad about the weather; but you have some great shots. love the crazy sunset/sun-flare shot!

    • Thank you, the weather has been annoying, hopefully it will start easing off. That sunset shot is so weird.

  26. The whole photo service is beautiful beyond words, but the ‘water lens rain sunset’ left me in awe. :-)

  27. I love that weird effect on the sunset image. It’s stunning. Shame it was not something you can easily replicate since it was serendipity. The moon picture is also impressive.

  28. Well, these are gorgeous Leanne!!
    I hope you all had a good time anyway. :) I can imagine you yelling at the clouds?
    I too have had enough of the rotten weather! Today we had an amazing frost and a clear day after days of rain… But I couldnt go out in my boots, because of my back… Grumble grumble ;)
    Love all of these!!

    • Thank you Robyn, it is always good to get away with friends, but the weather did dampen it somewhat ;)
      I can’t believe you got a frost now, that is so cruel. We haven’t had any yet, not one, which is so weird, we won’t get any now, I don’t think. Oh well, maybe next winter. :) Hopefully I will have a macro lens by then :D

      • Morning :)
        Glad you made the most of your trip anyway.
        Yep another beautiful frost this morning and Im window watching, although Ive made small progress this past 2 days.
        You know, we’ve hardly had any frosts either this year. Ive a feeling we’ll get them from now though. Yesterday was about -5 and today was another cold start too.
        Ooh yes a macro lens would be on my wish list too!
        Have a great day!! :)

      • Morning to you too :D
        Yeah, you have to do that, don’t know, make the best of it.
        I really hope you are right and you do get lots more, I have given up here, though I have heard an El Nino is on it’s way to us, so that will mean a dry spell, just hope it doesn’t last for too long. It never gets that cold here, thankfully, about -1 is the coldest it gets. Maybe if I start talking more about it, I could get it for Christmas, haha.
        You have a good one too, and take care, don’t do too much. Look after your back. :)

      • Will do Leanne and yes making the best for sure :)
        Yes good plan about the macro…Lol!

  29. We watched the same moon rise over the Atlantic on the east coast of the USA last night. I was tempted to try the photograph it, but without a tripod, and with family around for dinner, I decided to just enjoy the view.

    I was wondering about the sunset light effect in the second photo. Once, we caught the sunset through trees in fog. This created an orange to yellow beams of light radiating from the sun. We have never seen this before or since. Again, some moments are for memory.

    • Sometimes doing that is the best choice Oscar, just let it go. One thing you can count on with the moon is that it will be full again, and there will be other super moons, you might have to wait a while for it, but it will happen again, which is what I had to keep reminding myself the other night.
      I don’t know what caused that effect on the sunset, I can only assume it had something to do with the water on the lens, or where I tried to clean it. Yes, some things are, I saw an amazing thing once, the sun reflecting off the top of a building, which bounced the reflection onto nearby clouds, it was amazing, but I didn’t have a camera with me, so memory only. Thank you Oscar.

  30. I’m so impressed that you often achieve what you set out to do, Leanne. Great shots – love the moon in particular.

    • Thank you Richard, I do most times, sometimes not so much, but often you can adjust and do something else, hard with rain though. I was happy that I managed at least one photo of the moon with no clouds, which is what I had hoped for.

  31. Beautiful shots. Clouds obscured the super moon in my locale so I’m enjoying seeing what others captured!

    • Thank you, I suppose that is one good thing about the internet, well there are lots, but that is another one. We had lots of cloud too, but also very strong winds that kept blowing them away, so patience was a good thing to have, though not in the rain.

  32. The beach is just beautiful. I give up on moon shots sometimes. One day I’ll get a good lol Funny to hear about the rain down there. When we were travelling through NSW we expected to see it all brown and dry due to the frosts (and snow in some places) but it was beautiful and green and then we crossed the border into Queensland and reality hit. It was brown and so terribly dry. The sheep were grazing in fields of stubble. Whilst there is a beauty to the brown, it truly is heartbreaking to see how dry it is.

    • I think the trick to photographing the moon, and mind you I’m not an expert, is to make sure you expose for the moon, so spot meter the moon, if that makes any sense. I can’t remember what sort of camera you have Suz, sorry. It is so green and water logged around here, if you want to go to the park, gum boots are really needed. It is strange to hear you talking about how brown Queensland is, I know it has been unusually dry up there, but is it normal for it to be so brown this time of year?

      • No, it isn’t usual to be this dry. But we tend to have extremes here. It’s either flooding or we are wishing for rain. lol

      • I thought that might be the case, funny how in one country one part can be getting all the rain, while the rest if dry. You can have ours if you like. LOL

  33. Gorgeous shots, Leanne, rain and all! And the photos of the moon are just fantastic!

  34. Really nice series of shots, Leanne. The sunset with water on the lens is so cool looking and the shots of the rocks on the shore are gorgeous. Would love to see this some day!

    • I wish I knew how to do what caused that weird thing to happen in that photo, but I know if tried to repeat it I wouldn’t be able to. I really think you should bring your bike over here and do a tour, I think you would love riding here. Thanks LB

    • I know, I often think it is best to go out with no preconceived ideas of what you might get, that way you aren’t disappointed. Thank you Elen, that one was a, I don’t know what.

  35. Your shots are beautiful. Having even one good shot of an event with friends, is a memorable thing to possess. Here in California, we’d love to have your rain. Love viewing your photos.

    • Thank you, I am happy that I got at least one. You can have it all if you like, we are so sick of it here, I used to think the colour grey was good, but I have changed my mind.

  36. Some great photo Leanne! Something that may help with getting a time-lapse in inclement weather would be a filter that repels water. There’s a local place around the corner from where I work and they demoed a filter that actually repels just about anything. It even repels marker. I’ve considered getting one for my lenses when photographing falls up close as I’ve had some problems more than once with the mist messing up my shots.

    • Thank you Justin, I have never heard of that filter before, I will have to look it up, though having said, I don’t often take photos in the rain like that. I think it will depend on cost. Do you know who makes it. Although now that I reread your comment, getting mist on lens, that could be a good reason.

      • Almost forgot about following up to your comment. I’m not sure on the brand the local store sells but I did find a lens by Hoya that seems like it’d be a good investment. It not only has claims to have a coating to repel water and oil, but also be able to withstand quite the beating. I watched a video with someone hitting the filter with a pipe and it didn’t even get a scratch. I think I might be investing in these but they aren’t cheap as the 77mm filter on amazon costs $100. But a lot cheaper than a new lens for sure.

      • I think you are right Justin, it is a good idea. I might have to get one. I’ve tried looking on the internet here and they seem to sell for anything from $141 to $173, probably more in the shops. We get overcharged for everything.

  37. Beautiful shots. I’ve taken countless pictures of the moon over the years – even now I still find the moon so captivating and mesmerising.

    • I have just started Stevie, my first attempts not so good, but I am happy with this one, hopefully by the next blood moon I will know what I am doing. I love the moon, there is nothing like the night sky. Thanks Stevie.

  38. You can’t get the shot if you don’t go and try, and you did! I love that first shot of the natural arch and the blue sky, and the full moon is gorgeous! Milder winters are coming. I wish we had rain. We’re so dry here, we going to have to ration again if we don’t have a wet winter this year.

    • So very true, you always have try, I try to do that. Thank you, I am glad I got what I did, and the only image I really missed was the beach lit by moon light, but there will be lots of other full moons to do this. Oh yes milder winters, how’s hasn’t been as cold, but certainly a lot wetter, well I don’t know what the bureau thinks, but that is what I think. You can have all our rain if you like, take it please.

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