Friday’s Bits and Bobs has been an amazing ten days, and I have to say I am writing this with my eyes hanging out of my head.  I am so tired, and really looking forward to just hanging around the house today. Of course, there are things that have to be done, and I am looking forward to some time alone with my photos.  I haven’t really had a chance to play with any and see their potential, but hopefully things will settle down now.

Tripping to New York

I have been meaning to tell you for awhile, but haven’t had a chance, but it looks like I could be going to New York next year.  I have a sponsor who loves my work and often gives me very generous donations, and they have decided that I photograph Melbourne so well, then they want me to leave my comfort zone and see how I would photograph New York.

I am so excited. It won’t be until around May next year, but that is good.  They are paying for my airfare and my accommodation, and in return they want me to help them with their photography and give them some of my images.  I think it is a great deal.  I have started planning where I am going to go and what I will see, what I will take.  Such an amazing offer, like a littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-9dream come true.

Books of Poetry

This isn’t really about photography, but since there are many writers that follow my blog, well I had to add this.  My daughter, Klara, has written a book, it is a book of poetry, and she has self published it.  She is so excited about it, and she wanted me to tell you about it.  The book is called Thorns and if you want to support a young writer, then please go and take a look, maybe even purchase a copy.

Videos and Such

I’ve been doing a Online Photography Course with a woman and she recently sent me a video of her photos that she had taken while on holidays.  I was so impressed with it and now I want to try doing some myself. I did try one, the link and name of it are here, Six Months after the Fires. I did it with Lightroom and the quality of the images isn’t too good, but it was fun to try and most definitely something I want to do again.  I love the idea of making video/slideshows with my images.  So I am doing lots of research to see what is the best way of doing them.  Any hints and tips would be very much appreciated.littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-6Software for video is not something I have, but I am thinking of purchasing Camtasia Studio 8.  I tried it once before for doing video tutorials and really liked it, but the price was a bit much at the time. However, now that I am doing the Online Photography Courses I think it could be good.  The course I’ve been doing with this woman has been mainly directed by her and what she needs.  I started off by helping her get more familiar with her new camera and to take better photos.  Now with one session left, she wants to do more editing, so I am hoping I can use the Camtasia software to record our session so she will have a copy of it.  It has been great doing the Online course, I love it, and so interesting to meet people from the other side of the world.


This has been going well, and I had my second person this last week that was from out of town and wanted to do a One on One with me while in Melbourne.  It was littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-14a very early morning, we met in the city at 6am.  She wanted to do markets and produce, so we headed to the Queen Victoria Market.  It was fascinating to see it so early in the morning as they were setting it up.  I really enjoyed it and I hope she did too.  I think one of the things I love about these is that each person wants something different, so I am always doing different or new things.  I have another session booked for this Sunday morning, a new person, and we will be doing completely different things again.

Outings and Insurance

I am still pushing the Social Snappers, not getting many people signing up, which has surprised me.  I thought so many women would love the opportunity to have outings organised for them. I have been trying to work out if I should advertise the idea of the insurance aspect.  I think insurance is something that many of us don’t think about.  I don’t know how many times I have seen photographers going out to take photos and they chuck their bag down on the ground and don’t worry if someone trips over it.  Do they have the insurance to cover them if someone hurts themselves?  I do, and because people are out littlemurders-heidelberg-theatre-dress-rehearsal-8with me as my students, then they are automatically covered by my insurance.  I don’t know if it is worth pushing that concept.  Apparently Australia is one of the most litigious countries in the world and I am so glad I am covered.


The play, Little Murders, that I have been photographing at Heidelberg Theatre Company, started last night.  It has been a surprising play for me, and one that I have enjoyed watching.  It is funny, but also very sad.  I have photographed it a few times along the way, but last Tuesday night I did it for the last time, and it was one of the final dress rehearsals, so the photos in this post are from that.

I hope you enjoy the small snippets of the play, I will be putting more photos on my Facebook page if you want to see more.  I’m off now to relax, hope you get to do the same.




    • Thank you, I hope so too, it is going to be great, and no, never been there before, never been to the states at all.

      • OMG You are going to ADORE it! I visited NYC on numerous occasions before being lucky enough to have the chance to live there for 6 weeks. I had my own wee loft apartment on Beekman Place which is significant enough a street to have its own Wiki page! (Just skyting now!)
        It was heaven to be able to take it all in at a leisurely pace and really get to know the city. You will be amazed at the different villages and the personality differences between each neighbourhood. It really is a magical place.

      • I think I will too, How wonderful to get a chance to live there for a short time. I can’t wait, and you have made me even more excited, I will have to see if I can see that myself now. Thank you so much.

    • LOL, I will, this is easy stuff, it is the going out and taking photos nearly everyday that gets exhausting. Thanks Amy.

      • Oh, Leanne, you are so welcome. This was nice today. Our interchange. I’ve been SO busy, TOO busy. It feel so good for me to talk to those I know on here. You have a great weekend!!!

      • I enjoyed it as well. I know what you mean, busy is good sometimes, but sometimes it can be too much. I will Amy and you have a good weekend too. :)

  1. I like the work you are doing. You’ll have fun in New York. I am not very much into poetry but, is your daughters book available on Kindle?

    • Thank you Rajiv, and I think it will be a great experience. I don’t know, I will ask her when she gets home later.

      • Cool! I am photographing “The Walled City” of Delhi these days, from the perspective of the streets. Maybe, I will self-publish that later this year…. I should, actually..

      • Sounds wonderful, great idea, I want to do a book too, just can’t work out what to do it on.

      • Some secret historical aspects of Melbourne, maybe? I have just spent one night and morning in Melbourne, so I must confess to be quite clueless about the place.

      • I don’t know yet, I just really like the idea of doing something. I do love Melbourne, might have to give it more thought.

      • I have decided to focus on “projects” and not just random stuff! One area I want to learn well is studio portraits

      • Well, after I quit my corporate job last year, and going through a period of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that everything I do henceforth should help me reach the goal of being self-sufficient on photography and/or a photography business. So, I think I should get organised!

      • That sounds like a great idea and a great way of doing things. Yes, getting organised is always a good thing.
        Good luck.

  2. WOW what a totally fantasitc opportunity…. it will bring you so much inspiration and experience… I dream of a residency in NYC…. good luck

  3. After so much work, Leanne, you have to relax, relax, and relax! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Take care! :)

  4. Lucky you to get a paid vacation to New York! I bet you’ll have a great time. I’ve never been there. I’m not sure if I really care if I ever go. Not really a big fan of the bigger cities.

    About the insurance. I don’t have the insurance you have for accidental injuries, but I did just insure all my photography gear a couple weeks ago. I was surprised that for about $6500 in gear it was only $10 a month. It covers loss, stolen, or damaged gear. All I need to do is provide proof of purchase if I need to make a claim. Well worth it if anything happens.

    • I know Justin, I am very very lucky. I am sure I will. I want to see the architecture and big cities often have an abundance of that.

      I had to have that insurance, I had to have it when I was photographing sport and now I need it for the classes. I have my gear insured as well, though might look into getting a whole package for the lot.
      Thanks Justin.

    • Thank you Christine, it is an amazing opportunity, I was in shock for quite a few days when I was first told about it.

    • Thank you Cybele, and thank you, I am hoping to do that, might break all previous records for the number of photos I’ve ever taken.

  5. Hi Leanne do you have advice on insurance brokers for enthusiasts? I’m thinking about separate cover from my contents insurance.

  6. Big congratulations on the upcoming New York gig. I have been three times and it is a photographer’s paradise. Lots of cool architectural stuff but also a real people melting pot. Try and capture some of the more rundown parts of the city (like over on 10th Avenue), there is a lot of real charm.

    • Thank you, it is rather exciting, I can imagine what an exciting part of the world it is, I am going to need so many memory cards. That sounds like a good idea.

  7. Leanne, I have no idea how you do it all! You are an amazing person. Such an inspiration. That trip to NY will be wonderful! Hope you have a super weekend .. :)

    • I think that is why I am so exhausted Julie, I try too much sometimes. Thank you so much, I think the trip will be incredible, and you have a good one too.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS what a fantastic opportunity for you and I cant help thimking that you absolutely deserve it : )) love the video clip…. might move me to do something!

    • You are so wonderful, thank you so much. I love the video clip too, I really want to do more.

  9. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    New York!!! I am so excited for you!!! You are amazing and New York will love you! This newsy post is great, you have so much to tell! Your daughter Klara getting a book out is wonderful news as well. The insurance idea is something I had not thought of but with so many suing for the craziest things it’s a good idea. My mind keeps going back to New York, I can’t wait! :D

    • Thank you Jackie, I am really excited too. Haha, I know what you mean, my mind keeps going back to New York as well. I think these sorts of posts are great, I write things down during the week that I want to tell you all for this post. I can’t wait for New York either. :)

  10. Wow that’s fantastic, I bet you can barely contain your excitement Leanne !
    Such a lot of good things going on for you , and it’s only half way through the year .
    Marvellous .
    Have a lovely weekend :-) and enjoy the ‘rest’ processing your images ….

    • It has been hard Poppytump, I’m trying not to think too much about it, it is such a long way off yet.
      It has been a good year so far, and I am really happy with how things are turning out.
      You have a great weekend too, yes, some rest, feeling better already. thank you :)

  11. I’m quite looking forward to having a peek at my city through your lens, Leanne! xoM

    • It should be exciting and different, to see how I go in a completely foreign environment, I think I’m up for the challenge. Thank you.

  12. And I really think you should come via San Francisco, LOL! Also…it seems you don’t have enough going on lately. :P

  13. New York!! How exciting!! I hope it all comes together for you :)
    I’ve lived only a few hours away from the city for the past 13 years and still haven’t been there.
    Maybe the photo’s you take will inspire me to make the journey. I know I already want to visit Melbourne :)
    And that’s great about your daughter’s book. I’ll have to look into it. My youngest and I are a tad book crazy ;)

    • Thank you Tracey, I hope so too.
      Wow, you will have to go and check it out. If you come to melbourne you will love it, it is a great city. :)
      That would be lovely if you checked it out, she is getting a bit down because her friends haven’t purchased it. Her friends are so supportive.

  14. When you start planning your NYC trip, talk to me. Although, you’d have to read every Storyteller post (lord knows why anyone would) to know, we split our time between New Orleans and Brooklyn. I can help you a lot with planning. For now, the biggest thing to start thinking about is major jet lag and ways of dealing with it. Trust me, we have ways… after all in 2012 we flew from Melbourne to Los Angeles and on to Singapore in the space of 54 hours. All for what amounted to 1:38 minutes of work. Sheesh.

    • I will Ray, though one of the people who is sponsoring me is from New York, and knows it quite well too, but always happy to hear other peoples opinions. I don’t know what I’m going to do about the jet lag, I was told once to make sure I stay up the whole day and don’t go to bed until it is New York night time, so will probably try that and see how I go. I can go with little sleep, don’t like it, but it is possible. I know the week I am there will be exhausting and I am trying to get used to that idea. Wow, that was a lot of travelling, thanks Ray.

      • Jet lag is easier than you think. It’s still miserable but… Staying up a whole day is impossible. Book your flight so you arrive at your hotel around 7 or 8 pm, NYC time. Have your doctor prescribe some Ambien or whatever sleep meds you can buy in Commonwealth Countries. When you arrive at your hotel, take a shower, go for a walk, unpack and do whatever it takes to stay up until11p. If you eat… only carbs, no proteins that first night. Take a sleeping med about 30 minutes before you go to bed. You’ll wake up around 5 or 6 am, but you’ll pretty much have night on local time’s worth of sleeping. Our other trick to get through it is that since I work at the ends of the day and she works at night, is to take a short nap around 2p local time. No more than 45 minutes. BTW, if you can, stay longer than a week. You’ll still be dealing with jet leg.

        Yeah, we were supposed to finish in Perth, but because of a scheduling change we started there. Sheesh.

      • Sounds like a good idea, though not sure how much control I have on when I get there. Will have to see. Thank you for all the advice Ray, I really do appreciate it.

      • See? :) That 54 hour return was part of a much bigger project. Plan before your leave. No reason to be tired for a week. It’s mind numbing and the pictures will show it.

      • I don’t mind being tired when I come home, I will recover, but I also meant tired there because I will be determined to make the most of the whole trip, and not waste any time. :)

      • Let me put it this way. If you start out tired when you get there, you won’t recover in the week or so you are there enough to really enjoy yourself. All creative work suffers.

        Trust me, I’ve been at this a long, long time. If for some reason the people who are bringing you can’t travel on a sked that gets you there at night, leave a day earlier and meet them.

      • The real problem is that I’m not paying for this trip, so I will have to go with it. I am pretty sure I will still have a good time, and I know there will be down time as well. So I am sure I can get sleep somewhere. The thing is, it will be an amazing experience, and I know I will get some photos, but I just want to see New York. Thanks Ray.

  15. Hope you get a chance to rest up – I rarely try to process images directly after a shoot – I download them and make sure they are OK – but I keep my hands off them for a day or two. Just a technique that works for me. Congratulations on the NYC visit – I’ll be curious as to what you take away from your visit there.

    • I do the same really Robert, the biggest problem I’ve had is that in the last 10 or so days I’ve taken photos everyday, sometimes multiple times, except for 2 days. I don’t normally go out that much, so I have so many photos. Hardly know where to start. Thank you, I am excited about it, it will be a great opportunity I think.

  16. Congratulations on the NYC trip. I’ll be quite interested in how you view the place.

    • Thank you David, will be interesting, will have to do it well, I might not get another chance to go back for a while.

  17. Wow Leanne.. everything is happening isn’t it? Congratulations on the trip to NY.. how exciting and well deserved is that.. Good on you. I was making slideshows for weddings, birthdays, funerals etc before photography which sort of led me into the photography field, so if you want any help with it, just yell out.. Oh and congratulations to Klara as well :)

    • It is Livonne, slowly but surely. Thank you, I’m really excited and can’t wait. Yes, would love some help, what software did you use to make them? That is the main problem I’m having, I want some good software that I can do what I want to them. Thank you, I will tell Klara.

  18. Great job, Leanne. I love NY. My son lives in Brooklyn, and I visit frequently. Some of the greatest photo ops there, and I know you’ll put them to good use!

    • How wonderful, I hope you get lots of photos of it, I can’t wait to see what I get. Thank you so much Debbie.

  19. Great news Leanne! You’ll do so well in N.Y. – how exciting! Happy for you.

  20. New York… Didn’t think I’d like it much when a girlfriend and I booked a trip to celebrate our BIG XXth birthdays – It’d been her dream for years. All I can say is FANTASTIC. Like lots of different little villages all stuck together – and the people were SO friendly. I hope you get to go. I hope I get to go again one day. Good luck.

    • I am really excited about it, and I keep hearing wonderful things about it, I know I will love it. Thanks for telling me about your experiences.

  21. I have been searching for your New York posts and trying to get caught up. I can’t believe I missed this post. I’m so excited for you, and also for Klara! I just purchased her book of poetry. I’ll try to help promote her work.

    • Thanks Nia, I think I will start posting about the trip a lot more in January, start a weekly thing in my bits and bobs posts, keep everyone updated with what I am doing. Oh yes, Klara wrote a book of poems. If you could help promote it that would be great, she was a bit depressed because she thought her friends would want it, but almost none of them got it, actually I don’t think any of them did. It could be a nice surprise for her if you could help. thank you, I can’t wait to see you and your wonderful husband again.

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