Some Inspire Words More Than Others

Last weeks image to get people writing seemed to be a bit of a hit, so I thought I would try it again and I was asked if I would do it more often.  I don’t know if I will do it every week, but I will try and do it more often.  So today I have something completely different for you.

This is something I photographed last week.  I was trying something with my daughter and I like the look and think there is potential there, and I have other photos that I want to work on.  I have done one like this for a long time and it was nice to plan a photo shoot like this again.

Last week lots of people responded to the photo that I posted and again, today, I invite you to do the same to this one.  Make of it as you will.

Leave links or the poems in the comments section here so others can share what you have written.  If you are reading what someone has written and like it or want to say something, that would be fantastic as well.

If you missed all the great poems and stories  then here is a link to the post last week, A Photo That Inspires Words.  I said I would put the links here, but there were so many and I really didn’t think it through, so from now on when I do these, just leave them here in the comments section.

Get those fingers moving.  I hope you find some inspiration.


  1. Whoa, love the photo! Like a vivid nightmare apparition. Would love to do staged photography in the future myself! Great way to inspire writers! Here’s my spiel.

    Wander in wonder through unkempt grass
    Roam a familiar countryside again
    Adorned in grave cloth of white lace

    Listless bones and empty, pretty head
    Ginger locks drop from it
    Along the trail recalled of a life past

    Broken heart and cracked lung so still
    Dancing, plague-black silhouettes
    Towards no end at all

  2. I really love this editing style, Leanne. It’s so mysterious and kind of scary

  3. Perhaps if we could see the wraiths of the Salem witches they would look like this–in a shadow of their death agony, desperate in their innocence, hesitating between earth and the hereafter in an appeal of their conviction.

    • Yes, maybe they would, I’ve always been intrigued by them. I like your vision, fantastic, thank you.

  4. Leanne, this is truly creepy…it’s the eyes that do it. Reminds me of a nightmare I once had….

  5. johnholding says

    Bide a while with me
    as I regale my tale
    of woe, no betrayal.

    He was my troth
    so keen to enjoin
    until fate ruined.

    I sought solace
    down by the river.

    I slipped into
    repose brought on,

    By the soul sapping
    enervating remorse
    grief delivers

    Deep repose
    undisturbed by
    the lap of waters rising.

    Until too late
    sodden clothe
    drags deep.

    Now I haunt
    these lonely banks
    forever seeking

    That which is lost.
    Stay with me.
    I see the river rising.

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  7. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    Your daughter is beautiful but the eyes are creepy! With her head tilted just so she bears a striking resemblance to zombies from my worst dreams and best movies. When my kids were young, the older daughter and I tilted our heads like this and walked toward the other daughter – she would freak out! The memory makes me laugh even now. :D <3

    • That’s great Jackie,just what I was going for. I liked how creepy her eyes are. I am glad the photo brought back the memory, just great Jackie. thank you. :D

  8. It was then that Pauline realized that wrestling with a pig just before the Valentine’s Day dance was not the smartest thing she had ever done.

  9. Photographers usually express their emotions through their images….I wonder what you are saying here Leanne. As for me, I find this something I squint at…wondering what emotion it evokes in me. I feel helpless when I view this and not in control. Wonderful image!

    • They can be, she was doing a good job of it, I have some other photos from the same shoot, but haven’t had a chance to process them yet. Thanks

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  11. I’m wondering how your daughter reacted to her rendering – or if you had any reservations at going “dark” with her image. I do like the treatment.

    • No not at all Robert, she saw the image, she told me when it was enough, I think she much prefers images like this rather than ones of her looking pretty.

  12. What a great creepy-beautiful image! And it resulted in great writings!

  13. Great shot ^^. Specially like the cotrast and colors. Gives a feeling of nastyness. Would love to start making these genre kind of pictures aswell. Been thinking about it a lot but didn’t have enough time yet.

    • Thank you. I like that feeling, a feeling of forlorn, or something like that. They are a lot of fun to do, though does take some planning and organising, but if you want to try it, you should, it can be so rewarding.

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