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Weekend Wanderings – Teaching Around Heidelberg

This last week I had another opportunity to meet someone who I only knew through the blogging world.  Julie is from New Zealand and while she was over here for a holiday she did a One on One Photography session with me. Normally I do these in the city, but she was more interested in doing landscapes and farming sort of things, so I suggested we do the session in the parks and gardens around Heidelberg, basically around where I live. One of the great things about these sessions can be that I also get to take photos as well.


We had the perfect day, almost, anyway.  The sun came out the first time in a long time.  I took her to many of the places that I showed you in photographs the week before, but this time, the sun was shining.  It was a beautiful autumn/winter day.


I was showing her where my image for Monochrome Madness had been taken, and I decided to take another photo as it seemed different again with the blue sky and the sun creating shadows.


I love the way the sun comes through the bare trees in winter.  It is so warm and inviting.  The sun is always warm here.  I lived through a Danish winter once, and while the grey days were a bit depressing after awhile, what I remember the most is the sun coming out and I looked for a wall so it could warm me, but it wasn’t warm. It was so strange.


We went to the waterfall that I have discovered and took some photos of it.  We didn’t have tripods, so it was hard to get that soft look that you can get with running water, but there was a branch across the path so I rested my camera on that to see what I could get, and I have to say, I’m not unhappy with the shot.


This windmill is right around the back next to the Yarra River. I don’t know what it pumps water for, or if it still pumps water.  This is part of the park that I don’t really like going into by myself.  There have been reports of women being grabbed and such, so a place to be wary of.  It is sad that such a beautiful place has become a place to fear.

You can see from the sky that the weather was changing.  I had planned it so we would see if we could get a sunset over Banyule Flats, but unfortunately the clouds rolled in and there was no chance of it.  I don’t think Julie minded.  We got to see some beautiful birds, two black swans were hanging around us.  Then, what we thought were a flock of cockies flying over, turned out to be a flock of Herons.  We were serenaded all around by the Kookaburras.  Still can’t believe they want to build a freeway through this area.


I did go out last night, I could see there was going to be a chance of a sunset, so I made my husband come out with me.  It was almost over by the time we got there, but I did get this.  So I am so sorry Julie, that you didn’t get an image like this.  It was so wonderful meeting you the other day and hanging out with you.  I hope you learned some new things with your camera.

I have more photos, don’t I always.  Here is a gallery for you.  I hope you have been getting out and taking some photos.  I feel like my weekend is full of it.  I have been taking so many and am looking forward to going somewhere new this morning for more photos.



    • Thank you Tracey, I think it was better before we got there, but this was still pretty good.

  1. Leanne,
    I share your friend’s interest in landscapes and farms. I really like the windmill and the waterfall. Another great post.

    • You would love it around here Jeff, it is amazing. It used to be a farm, and now Parks Victoria are looking after it and it is parkland now. Though some areas are still used for agisting animals.
      Thank you Jeff.

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

    My favorite is the water reflection with such a beautiful golden color. The dammed stream and flowers are spectacular. I could almost write a short, fictional essay about the mansion perched on the hill. Australia is much more beautiful than what I’ve seen on TV. I first thought it was mostly desert and dusty; how silly was I!

    • It was a great sunset, hope to get lots more over the coming months. That is wonderful to hear Jackie, I’ve just had someone asking me to put up images more often to encourage people to write things about them. Nice idea. Maybe you should do one about the mansion. I can tell you that it is the Banyule Homestead, so possibly one of the oldest properties in the area I live. The people who owned the house also owned most of the land that I have been photographing, they even owned the land our house is on at some point. It is a beautiful area, and while Australia is mostly desert, the state of Victoria is not so much like that, except for the north west, it is all farming and bushland, very green, most of the time. It isn’t silly, you aren’t the first person to say that to me, it is how our tourism board market Australia. Thank you Jackie.

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says

        I would suggest to you to do that very thing and to tourism board about that. You remember, we only get snippets of Australia but we are bombarded with Italy, Britain and tropical places like the Bahamas. Frankly, if you have one snapshot of the Bahamas it will have people on the sand next to blue water; if you’ve seen one – you’ve seen them all. From what I see of your photographs, Australia is a wonderland for anyone who wants to experience something rich and diverse. I am almost ashamed that the northern hemisphere gets so much attention over Australia, Africa and South America.

        What are you waiting on? <3

      • I think the reasons you have stated are part of the reasons why I started the Weekend Wanderings, to show more of where I live. I know because of them I have seen things that I might not have worried about otherwise. Thank you Jackie.

  3. Beautiful photographs… I love the sunlight coming through the trees and gold and blue skies photographs.. stunning work.

    • Thank you Bren, I love the sunlight coming through the trees, it was so nice to capture some sunlight, it has been so grey here.

      • We’ve had some warm days here in the UK, but overcast at times… but today was glorious, here in the South East… sunshine and warm temperatures.

      • Warm is good, overcast good, but rain, nope. Some rain is nice, but day after day, it gets boring very quickly. I hope you’ve been getting out and getting some photos. I have been loving your flower shots, do you use a macro lens?

      • We have mainly been using Canon £F 18-200, Canon EF 18-55mm and Canon EF 55-200mm lenses… We do have a macro lens, but we very rarely use it. I know we should use it more.

        However on saying that when I did the bouquet shots indoors I did use it.

      • Macros are hard to use, I found that out, they certainly take some working out. Thanks for that Bren.

      • I know the wet weather gets you down… the last two years we have had really wet winters… which makes photography a real no-no unless you are prepared to walk through mud fields. I was hoping we would get some snow last winter in order to take some snow shots.. but no such luck… rain upon rain upon rain… we were drowned rats over here in the UK. :D

      • I remember that, all the rain, and North America got all the snow. It never snows here, well not where I live. It can be hard, I have got gum boots now, so it better with that. Just so many things I want to do without the rain. :)

  4. I like your images in this recent post very much. Unfortunately when I lived in N. Altona, I didn’t make it to the Heidelberg area where you shot these photos. I’m writing this comment from St. Louis, MO where at the moment it is 90+ F and about the same % of humidity…Uck! Looking at your photos I can almost feel and smell the fresh coolness…thank you.

    • Altona is pretty amazing, I need to get over there for more photos as well. I have only done it once, and it was a long time ago. Yuck, yuck, all that humidity, couldn’t handle that. Thank you, I like your response, it is like that very much right now.

  5. I love that windmill photo! Your photos are spectacular!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  6. I walked around the back where the windmill is with a friend a while back. He loves to take sound snippets of whatever he hears. I was reminded of the animal life we have here when he recorded at least 3 different frog sounds round that part. Such a beautiful place to live.
    Not sure I know where the waterfall is, is it near the bridge heading out to the golf links?

    • There are so many frogs around there now, well I never see them, but I hear them. That would have been interesting. There always seems to be kangaroos sunning themselves in some paddocks down the road, whenever it is a nice day. We are very lucky.
      The waterfall is closer to Heidelberg, perhaps we can go for a walk around there and I will show you where it is.

  7. The little trickled waterfall on the left looks refreshing! Love the tiny flower buds coming out. How nice to meet up with a blogger – I did last year in the Netherlands, and it is as if you already have things in common:)

    • I am not sure the flowers are meant to be flowering, they do seem rather confused by it all. It was wonderful, I have done it a couple of times now and it is always wonderful, it is like you already know them. Thank you.

  8. Although the sunset was a knockout, I think that I enjoyed the pump tower best. The contrast between the machine and the natural background was very good.

    • Sunsets are sunsets, so I am with you, the windmill is pretty cool, and so interesting where it is. Thank you.

  9. Gorgeous photos! Loved the sunset, but also the ones with more muted fall/winter colors.

    • Thank you, hard to believe those colours are everywhere still, mother nature needs to catch up.

  10. How neat that you got to meet Julie! She’s a very nice lady that I’ve come to know through blogging.. Fabulous photos Leanne!

    • It was, it was fantastic, we had a great time together. You are right she is a great person, loved meeting her. Thank you.

  11. Hey Leanne … it was wonderful meeting you and spending time with you in those beautiful settings. Your photography inspires me so much. I can’t thank you enough. What a super experience.:)

    • Thank you Nora, I do, I enjoy it a lot, it is like finally meeting someone you have know for a long time face to face.

  12. You did well with the waterfall. I have some photos I took in Cowra where I rested my camera on a bridge but they still look a little fuzzy to me. :( Beautiful photos as always Leanne.

    • Thank you Suz, I was happy with it, though would be a lot better with a tripod. Bridges can be tricky they can seem to be solid but they often move with people on them.

  13. Your images of the gardens are so beautiful Leanne. I love them. Love the sunset and the one of the water falling over the rocks.

    • Thank you Colline, they are beautiful parks, I feel very lucky to live in an area like this some times.

  14. Grace says

    The colouring of the sky in the final photograph is incredible, almost unreal in its beauty. Gorgeous pics!

    • Thank you Grace, I did enhance it a little, but really only so you would see what I saw when I was watching it.

  15. Envy! You’ve got such a lovely subject here :-) ! I loved the water photos esp the little cascade! Beautiful post!

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  17. I love it when you show us your area, Leanne. There seems to be so many different things to see and it just looks so peaceful, even more so than the Fitzroy Gardens. Nice to hear Julie had a good time. From the photos, it’s very hard to tell that it’s winter in Melbourne. Love the sunset one, the cloud cover just made it more spectacular and warm.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend. It’s going way too fast.

    • Thank you Mabel, I am glad that people like to see where I live. There is so much to see, that is true, I have only just scratched the surface really. I am glad she had a good time too. The sunset was wonderful, so glad to have caught one at last.
      I have had a very busy weekend, lots and lots of photos, I suspect similar to yours, did you get your new camera?

      • I always thought Heidelberg was a small town, a regular suburb with houses and a train station. Didn’t know there is a waterfall and forest areas. Hope to head up when it’s warmer.

        I ordered my camera online on Thursday. Went into the shop on Friday and they had the wrong colour, so I have to wait a few days :( But I got a good deal on it with the lens. Was thinking of going up to Werribee Mansion tomorrow but its going to rain. So it’s good timing :)

      • Heidelberg is a very old area, and much of the farmland where has been retained and turned into parkland, it is quite amazing, and we are so lucky. There is so much around here, it sort of follows all along the Yarra River. You should come out when it gets warmer.

        That is great, so almost there, this rain, is driving me insane, I wish it would go away. I love the rain, in doses, but I am so over grey, grey, grey. Werribee Mansion is quite incredible.

      • Yeah, me too but the rain looks like it’s going to stay for a while. Rain doesn’t make walking on park lands and grass very fun. The Yarra River by the city sometimes overflows when the rain buckets down, don’t know if that’s the case over in Heidelberg. And with rain, it gets windy at my work in Docklands.

        Lol, I can’t wait for my camera. I’ll probably just wander around the city tomorrow on my day off.

      • It does look that way, unfortunately. Gum boots because a must for the parks around here, they are so muddy right now. I haven’t seen it flood around here, then again, the banks are pretty steep around here, not like the city. Docklands is terrible in that kind of weather.

        I bet you can’t wait, you are going to have so much fun. I have to start getting everything organised for my trip away.

  18. Sounds like you girls had a wonderful time and shared great company :) Really lovely photos… I love the country feel in these Leanne. Look forward to seeing Julie’s images too.

    • We did Robyn, it was fantastic. The country feel is definitely here Robyn, people are amazed when they first come here. I am looking forward to see the photos off the camera.Thanks Robyn.

  19. LOVELY SUNSET. I think I’m developing an obsession for reflections in water :-)

  20. I love the windmill one with the old fence in the foreground!

    • Thank you Cybele, I really didn’t realise what a photographic gem I had for so long, and you right, they do draw you in with their different moods.

  21. Glad you had a fun time and got some great photos as well. I wouldn’t mind doing a one on one photo session with you but not sure if my wife would want to tag along or not. I think she would probably like it best if you were along to take photos of us going around the area. I’ve told her about you and she thinks it’s cool that I am getting to know other photographers from other countries that we want to visit.

    • I did have a lot fun, it was very muddy and my feet were very wet by the time I got home, but it didn’t really matter. I haven’t done that, oh actually I did sort of do that for someone once. I would be happy to do that if you come to Melbourne, are you planning a trip? I do offer that service of taking photos of people around Melbourne in some iconic places. I love how we all get to know one another, it is amazing. I feel like my friendship group is world wide now.

      • I wish I was planning a trip in the near future but as things seem right now, it probably won’t be for a few years yet. I’m thinking my wife will want to visit Ireland and other parts of Europe before going to Australia. But it might be within the next 10 years. I know a lot can happen between now and then but I’m hoping to still be blogging and can’t wait until I’m counting down the days of that adventure.

      • I know that feeling Justin, there are so many places all around the world that I want to visit, no idea when. Well I am pretty sure I will be around for awhile yet. LOL

  22. Thank you for liking “Midsummer.” Your nature photos are wonderful! I especially like the sunset photo and the photo of the sun shining through the trees, but all of them are a delight to see. :)

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for coming back to see me as well. Thank you so much, I always love hearing which images people like. :)

  23. Lucky Julie :-)
    Such lovely Autumn crispness you’ve brought us Leanne , that spacious feeling with established trees in parks makes for some wonderful photos .
    Don’t you just love catching a shaft of light like that through the trees … seems it could be early morning OR late afternoon with those long shadows .

    • It is a very spacious area Poppytump. I do love it when you can capture light like that, hard to get sometimes, especially now, too much rain and too cloudy. It was late afternoon, gorgeous in winter. Thank you :)

  24. That sunset photo is amazing! The colors are so beautiful.
    And I may be one of the few people who likes to see waterfalls closer to how they are in nature, so I think your photo is great!
    Interesting about the less than warm sun in Denmark

    • Thank you LB, I have to make sure I get there earlier next time, it all seems to happen earlier.
      That’s great to know about the waterfall. I must find out more about it.
      Thanks again LB, how’s the bike going?

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